Bad Blood (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Feast or Famine

DECLAN: Previously on Bad Blood.
VITO: I want to legitimize our interests across the board.
Slowly pull back.
You work for the gangsters.
I work for the neighborhood.
Rizzuto? We're here to place you under arrest.
What the hell's going on? DECLAN: They're coming at us from all sides.
I'm talking about my son.
He's getting it out there that he's heir to the throne.
We have some business to discuss.
I told you I'm not paying anymore.
(MEN SCREAMING IN PAIN) The only way that people will be certain that Vito Rizzuto is still on top of everything is that if a Rizzuto is there to say it for him! (GUN FIRES) If I run away and hide, they're gonna think we're scared.
Don't you dare try to blame my son.
- You understand? - Yes.
Yes, boss! Yes, sir! Whatever it takes to remind you of your place.
Yes, boss.
I've heard of you.
I heard of you.
So, you're the guy? What guy? The guy! Mr.
Big Mafia Don! Look I think, uh, somebody gave you some misinformation to, um, confuse or embarrass you.
I don't know.
You don't want to push me.
I don't even know what we're talking about.
We're the only ones who can keep you safe.
(SCOFFS) Why is that? 'Cause we're the same.
You and me, we're the same? Oh, you mean, 'cause uh, 'cause we're white? Other than that I can assure you we are not the same.
We need to make arrangements with your people.
You're a smart guy, you know how this works.
Um, who should I tell them is calling? 'Cause, uh, you know, I forgot your name already? (LAUGHS) Luke.
Just Luke that's all you need.
VITO: Listen, Luke.
My friends, my very good friends from Chicago, New York, New Jersey Um They don't like to do business that way.
They don't like to be told who they have to work with or not work with.
You know, that's just the way they work.
And to be honest, I don't even know, you know, what they have organized.
But I do know this They have a long memory for anybody who hurts one of their own.
- Nice speech, old man.
- Yeah, I thought so.
BRUNO: It's obviously some kind of miscommunication and someone dropped the ball.
Do you understand how this makes us look? I mean, if we can't even protect our boss, what makes our partners think that we can protect them? My next question, this miscommunication problem do you, do you think it was a screw-up or a or a message? I don't think it was a move against us, but I can't be 100% certain.
Now, you find out! (BOTH SPEAKING ITALIAN) - Well, we need certainty.
- BRUNO: Yeah.
So, you want me to handle it? No, I'll take care of it, I'll take care of it.
Okay, let me tell you about my night.
So, I had to meet with the dear Inspector Aucoin.
Guess what he wanted to talk about? GILLES: Nico.
Nico's the problem right now.
DECLAN: Yeah, I know.
GILLES: No, no, you don't.
If you did that kid would be hamstrung and locked in a basement until Vito got out.
Can't exactly do that.
(GILLES SIGHS) You know, there's nothing more dangerous to an operation than to trust somebody who can't be sensible.
And that kid has no sense about him.
- It'll be taken care of.
- Ah, it better be.
Or someone else will take care of it.
(UPBEAT CLUB MUSIC PLAYING) DECLAN: And then, I had to talk to Jacques.
Guess what he wanted to talk about? So that little shit thinks he's the new boss, huh? The king dies so, he takes his throne.
- This isn't England.
- No.
It's not England and he is an obnoxious little shit! Stop making excuses for him like he's eight years old.
If he wasn't Vito's kid, he'd be dead already.
Hey, hey, you can't talk that way.
He's completely untouchable, that's right from Vito.
- Well, Vito ain't here.
- Yes, he is.
When you're talking to me you're talking to Vito.
- Do we understand each other? - Do we understand I don't work for Vito, I'm a goddamn partner so, you speak to me like I'm a goddamn partner.
Or you won't speak to me at all.
Take it easy.
Take it easy.
We're on the same page, Jacques.
Just because you repeat Vito's words doesn't make you a boss.
You gotta earn my respect.
It doesn't get handed to you.
Do we understand each other? Get him what he wants.
DECLAN: And then after Jacques, I met with the Haitians, I met with the Irish, so before I could go home and down a bottle of rye, forty ounce, and knock myself into oblivion, I get a call about the little prince himself.
(UPBEAT CLUB MUSIC PLAYING) - How you doing, Louis? - Good.
- Good.
- How you doing? - How long's he been in there? - All night.
(LAUGHING) - Hey, hey! - Hey! There he is! Do you know who this guy is? This is This is my father's favorite illegitimate son.
Hey, out! - Get outta here, beat it.
- MAN: All right.
- DECLAN: Hey, girls! - (GIRLS GIGGLING) Un, deux, trois, quatre.
Out! Out, out, out! - Louis help her out.
- Come on let's go.
- Oh, no, no, no, no - Out! Let's go.
Let's go.
- (LAUGHS) - Out.
(LAUGHING) What are you doing? This is my personal time! I promised your father that I would make sure no one else tried to kill you.
You didn't promise him no one would kill me, you just promised him that no one would try.
I spent the whole night with our partners, assuring them that you're not gonna cause any more trouble.
(LAUGHS) What kind of trouble would that be? Someone tries to kill you and you come to a club.
You need to be laying low at home, with your wife.
And your kids! Louis! See Declan out.
What are you waiting for? DECLAN: Louis knows who signs his checks.
No, no, no, no, no! Bullshit! Bullshit! No! Okay, you work for me personally now, I'm gonna pay you outta my personal account, okay? If you want that goddamn raise I'm sending five more guys to help you.
I want you to encircle him.
Every time he moves, pisses, takes a shit, you don't take your eyes off him 24/7.
Now, get him out.
We have two priorities.
Protect the boss, and keep Nico safe.
You understand? (DOOR OPENS) Well, I gotta say, you're smooth, pops.
You're in our way bro.
(LAUGHS) You don't want none of this, Luke.
Rizzuto, I brought you an extra Jell-O.
I heard you like the strawberry.
Thank you.
What's your name? Marlon.
You are not to worry about nothing from now on, Mr.
Nice to meet you, Marlon.
(COFFEE MAKER WHIRRING) Nico, you can't do this anymore.
You go out at night to nightclubs, you talk your head off.
Somebody's gonna hear something.
Nonno, I can't go out? No, you can go out, but you have a responsibility to your family, and you can't help them if you're dead.
I have to show them that I'm not afraid.
The only thing you're gonna prove by that is that you're stupid.
It is intelligent to be afraid.
I'm afraid, your father's afraid, your family's afraid.
(SPEAKING ITALIAN) What is this? I told them to come because you have to make peace now because like it or not, we are a family.
BRUNO: Nico, no.
We're all on the same team.
We have to work together here.
Well, you're just going to tell me what I need to do so why don't you get on with it already, Bruno? Go back to work.
Go live your life.
Take your kids back to their baseball games, your wife to a nice quiet dinner just the two of you.
Just keep your nose clean.
And that's it? That's it.
And if I say no? NICO SR.
: All right, now you're gonna listen to me.
When your father was here I made him boss.
He's gone now.
I have to make myself boss again.
And I write the commandments, and you're gonna listen.
I understand you, Nico, all princes want to be kings, but that's not the path I'm gonna let you take.
There is no one, who your father trusts more with his affairs than Declan.
There is no one he loves more than you.
And that's all you're gonna get and that's the situation.
There is nothing else to say.
I don't wanna hear one more word.
(SPEAKING ITALIAN) Get a drink, OK? Good.
You got what you wanted.
I got what we all wanted.
Most importantly, it's what your father wanted.
BRUNO: Come on.
DECLAN: So, Nico Jr.
finally got the message and he did the right thing.
He went back to doing real estate development.
Was he bored? Sure he was, but he was safe.
All was good.
For the next year, everything ran so smoothly.
Profits were up, no blood was spilled.
They were quiet and fruitful times.
City hall was happy, our partners were happy and we all just tried to keep on with our normal lives, until the day Vito would finally be home.
I need to go out.
I wasn't aware you couldn't.
No, I need a night out! With the gang.
You, the boys.
Dancing, bottle service.
I'm bored outta my mind.
Hey, I'm swamped right now.
My friends don't understand what I'm going through.
I hate being with them.
Yeah, I've met your friends, I can sympathize.
Oh, come on, Declan take me out.
Dinner and drinks.
(SIGHS) I miss him so much.
I miss my life.
It'll be good for you too! I got another call, baby.
So, if something clears up, I'll be in touch, okay? - (BEEPS) - Yeah? That's me.
Oh, hey! These boys have been terrorizing my son.
They beat him up a few times, but not like this.
The doctor says, "One more punch to the head could cause permanent brain damage.
" (SIGHS) My son begged me not to press charges, because he said it would only make it worse for him.
So, I went to see the father of one of the boys.
The leader.
And he wasn't as understanding as you wanted him to be? Monsters create monsters.
Some years ago, when I first met you, you said you'll work for me.
Is that still true? Can you help me? Open your mouth.
You know that kid, you beat the hell outta? That smart little Asian boy? If you ever touch him again, you will disappear.
If anyone ever touches him again, you will rush to his rescue.
You are now his guardian angel.
And because of you, from now on, his entire high school existence will be charmed.
Nod your head if you understand and agree to these terms.
- Uh-huh.
- Good.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How is Nico? He's walking the line.
He's going to work every day, go home for dinner.
- And business? - Real good.
We're up 8% across the board.
We've increased our legitimate holdings by 3%, not quite as much as I want, but we're gettin' there.
And the syndicate? Ah usual bullshit, but they're starting to get back into the groove now.
- Hmm - How's your protection? Tight.
- No one looks at me, no one touches me.
- Good.
How's Michelle? Bored.
- She seeing anyone? - Nah, not at all.
You still got a tail on her? Around the clock.
She's loyal that one.
She's a soldier.
If she was a guy she'd have your job.
(CHUCKLES) Anyway, looks like you've got everything under control.
Yeah, it's really peaceful right now, Vito.
Just the way you'd like it.
(SIGHS) My girlfriend's gonna take me home.
Okay, sure.
Did you have fun tonight? Yeah.
- No, you didn't.
- (BOTH LAUGH) Thank you for this.
I love you.
- I love you too.
- Yeah.
It's a good job, but it's a good thing your customers aren't very discerning.
I'd never smoke this crap.
Here you go.
- Move.
- (TIRES SCREECHING) (POLICE SIREN BLARING) OFFICER 1: Don't move! - OFFICER 2: Freeze! - OFFICER 3: Drop the gun, now! OFFICER 3: You're under arrest! How you doing, Declan? All right.
Who are you? I'm Renata.
Vito's lawyer.
And now I'm yours.
They, uh, offered me total immunity for me to flip.
I told them I didn't know what they were talking about that they could kiss my ass.
You do realize, you could get 15 years.
So? They'll come back to you with the same offer in a year.
Two years.
And five years.
Enough time, for you to start to wonder what it is you're doing in there.
While he's on the outside eating steak and getting laid.
I won't talk.
That's what Vito said you'd say.
Then he told me, and these are his words, I will not stop until he is out.
I will work as if it were my own son in prison.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) DECLAN: Vito was true to his promise.
They had given me 15 years, but he worked like hell, and got me out in four.
From that day on, I was a made man in the family.
You do any job long enough you can often predict the general ebb and flow of your business.
When you're a gangster, the only thing you know for certain is that things never stay quiet as long as you'd like them to.
(GUN FIRES) (DOG BARKING) (WOMAN SCREAMING) (SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) (MAN SPEAKING FOREIGN LANGUAGE) DECLAN: Then one day, some Irish recruits massacred three Haitians over a street corner beef.
It was the kind of amateur brass balls swinging move that starts a war when all was needed was a phone call to work it all out.
Which one of you am I talking to? - You know who I am? - Yeah.
Who told you to hit the St.
Henri crew? I don't know what you're talking about.
I checked with Mick already.
He said he doesn't know shit about this mess.
So, if you're working outside of the lines for somebody I need to know about this and he's gonna want to know about this too.
WOMAN: Somebody call 911.
(WOMAN SCREAMING) (GROANS) DECLAN: One bonehead move and everything we worked for was about to fall apart.
You killed an innocent civilian.
Dad, husband Oh, and he was from a missionary family.
So, I, I just want you to wrap your heads around that karma.
So along with the cops, I've got the church so far up my ass, all I've been smelling is incense all day long! You! And you! You guys have any idea, any idea, how bad this is for business? Because now we're going to have to stop moving all products for weeks.
- I wanna - Yes.
Yeah? And yes.
Okay, so then I'm really talking to the shit-for-brains behind you! Now you know what, I'm not gonna talk to this shit-for-brains behind ya, that's your jobs! I'm not gonna clean up your mess.
I cannot get you out of this, I can't help you.
City Hall They're so hungry for blood that they're gonna get fed somehow.
What are you doing? You call yourself a boss? You know what real bosses do? They take credit when credit is due, and they take the blame when the shit hits the fan.
Screw you, Declan.
- You're out.
- What? You heard me.
You're out.
You hit first, you're out of the syndicate.
You can't do that! - Why? - Because you didn't let me know before you let the animals outta the cage.
Declan, we should run this by Vito first I am Vito, right now! Declan Declan I'm just saying that this is a big decision with far-reaching implications.
It's a big decision.
Bruno right Peacemaker.
Okay, level heads will prevail.
Hey, Mick you say you're a boss? You show me what bosses do.
Boss, you can't be serious.
- What, you're gonna listen - Can I get a hand here? What? No! IRISH FRANK: Man he's made a mistake! Papa Lou, your guys had every right to retaliate, but you killed an innocent civilian.
And Inspector Aucoin, he's gonna want an arrest.
You're gonna give him one.
You understand me? - Good.
- Good.
(WHISPERS) Don't ever, unless it's family, do that again in front of anyone.
What you want is a business that's pretty much cash only.
You know like a laundromat, bar, parking lot.
That way you can run as much as you want through it.
You pay taxes? If you wanna clean the money, you gotta pay the taxes.
- That sucks.
- Yeah, it does.
Hey, watch that guy with the arm cast.
You gotta be shittin' me.
That cast is made of blow? MARLON: One of the prison docs in on it.
He gets a kilo a month to distribute inside.
Someone sets up a fight, needs a cast, Dr.
Feelgood is happy to oblige.
So, uh none of the guards notice that there's always someone in here with a cast? Guards get a cut.
They pay taxes, right? Listen, do me a favor.
I want you to find out about the prison doctor for me.
- (DOORBELL RINGS) - (DOG BARKS) Come on, Taco.
- (DOG WHINES) - DECLAN: Hey, Taco.
You Italian stallion.
How's work, Nico? Busy.
What do you want? I need you to call your father.
You need to call him at the usual time that you do.
After catching him up on, the family, you'll ask him how he feels.
He's gonna say he feels fine.
Then you're gonna say, "Dad, I hear you got a bad cough.
" He's gonna say it's nothing.
And then you'll insist that he goes to see the prison doctor given his past medical history.
You're gonna play the concerned son.
Is he all right? He's fine.
He's fine.
DECLAN: Vito's idea was crazy, but I was gonna do whatever it took to get him out.
Come on in.
We put all our resources into it.
We paid off doctors, we paid off nurses, X-ray technicians, orderlies, blood labs, shit, we forged our own medical records.
And if they wouldn't take the money, well, we had other tactics.
Okay, it says you have a pain in your shoulder.
What's this? Why do you have pictures of my family? You work at a prison, right? DECLAN: It cost us a not-so-small fortune, but a year and a half later, we bought ourselves a terminal cancer diagnosis, and an early release.
- DECLAN: To cancer! - ALL: To cancer! Nico, seriously, you handled the press like a pro! I mean, a grieving son trying to get his terminally ill father out of prison.
You're like an actor guy, like a natural.
(LAUGHING) Just glad it worked.
Took long enough, but it worked.
Do you know how hard it is to fake cancer? - BRUNO: How hard is it? - Really hard! To my son, coming home.
And me having the time to take care of my tomatoes again.
Salute, papa.
Now can I go out again, or am I confined to suburban hell? Let's wait until Vito comes home, he'll straighten everything out.
And, then we'll rent an entire floor at the Ritz Carlton.
Or an entire floor at oncology! - DECLAN: Oh? - (LAUGHS) Who's drinking? Who's drinking? You know it's not a question, it's not a question.
BRUNO: I don't know how you did it.
Seriously, just want you to stay in the down-low.
Okay? Until he gets home.
I promised your dad that I'd keep you safe.
That line works better with an audience.
Save it for them.
- NICO: Oh, here we go! - MAN: Oh, look at that? (INDISTINCT CHATTER) DECLAN: We get Vito out, so, things are great, right? You're not gonna believe what happened next.
Some journalists with nothing better to do for a couple years, release a bombshell report saying the entire city's construction industry was totally corrupt and controlled by the mob.
Which it was.
Construction was one of our biggest money makers, after all, We couldn't afford to lose that.
DECLAN: City Hall went into a crisis mode.
They tapped Quebec superior court justice France Charbonneau to head up a commission to investigate.
We all know what the standard playbook for political scandal looks like.
First, they'll issue a statement telling us that they take these allegations very seriously.
And then they'll hire a taskforce or a commission.
But nothing ever comes from it.
Because those groups always come from within the system.
This will not happen with me! Shit! DECLAN: The inquiry is mandated to probe long-standing allegations that firms have been colluding to win big roadwork and construction contracts, and that some provincial and municipal politicians have been on the take.
Let me make something very clear, I choose my own team.
There will be no parameters placed on me.
In short, I will be no one's friend in this investigation.
MALE REPORTER: The commission will delve into the last 15 years of construction contracts in Quebec, looking for any pattern of collusion and corruption in the way those contracts were awarded.
And that organized crime has its hand in all of it! If we find this to be true, it will stand no more.
Shit! Sorry to hear about your cancer.
You still owe me from the last game, though.
Double or nothin'? You would take money from a dying man? Hell, yeah! (CHUCKLES) (BOTH GRUNTING) (BOTH GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (GUN FIRES) (TACO WHINING) You're such an idiot! Bid a dollar, a dollar! Idiot! (CROWD CHEERING ON TELEVISION) (PHONE RINGING) - (BEEPS) - Hello.
Are you sure? (WAILS) BRUNO: It's gotta be the 'Ndrangheta.
I don't know, I don't know, that's a really big move for Toto.
That's what we said when we, when he had the Irish at the Haitians Not the same thing, Bruno.
You think he made some kind of alliance? He'd have to.
I heard a name.
Sal Montagna.
BRUNO: Holy shit! The Bonannos? Sal Montagna? - Who'd you hear that from? - I heard it.
Do you think he'd make a move up here like that? Make a move, on Vito from New York? - That's crazy.
- Sal is crazy.
Crazy enough, to, to make a move on a boss and whack his son? I don't know.
Bru? I don't know.
BRUNO: It's no secret they want our action for themselves.
If they controlled our ports, they'd make 10 times what they make now on drugs.
- Does Vito know yet? - No.
I called.
They're gonna tell him in the morning.
So, my boy told me a new joke! Knock-knock! - Who's there? - Interrupting cow.
- Interrupt - Moo! (LAUGHS) - What, you get it? - Yeah.
I get it.
Rizzuto, you need to come with us.
FEMALE REPORTER: At the Montreal General Hospital, doctors pronounced Nic Rizzuto Jr.
dead on arrival.
Experts say the brazen murder means there's a major power struggle in Montreal's underworld.
WARDEN: Mister Rizzuto, did you hear me? Mister Rizzuto? My son is dead? WARDEN: Yes.
My deepest condolences.
When's the funeral? In three days.
So, what do I have to do to leave? There is a procedure for that, but a lot of people have to sign off on it.
Well, get 'em on the phone.
WARDEN: It doesn't work that way.
Make it work.
Look, anticipating that you'd ask, I actually looked into it already.
It's not gonna happen.
You're not going to let me bury my son? It's out of my control.
Again, my condolences.
Is there anything I can do for you, in the meantime? You can have more phone time if you'd like, as much you You can shut your mouth, you useless piece of shit.
(EXHALES) (INHALES SHARPLY) (SOBS) (SNIFFLES) DECLAN: Next time on Bad Blood So, his plane lands at three, right, Gio? - What's going on? - Vito doesn't want you there.
DECLAN: Sal's here.
- RENATA: Well, who's Sal? - BRUNO: Sal Montagna acting head of the Bonanno family.
- (GUN FIRES) - (GLASS SHATTERING) I think the time for diplomacy is over.