Bad Blood (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

Home is Where the Gun is

DECLAN: Previously on Bad Blood Number one priority, taking care of my son.
You are my employee.
I pay you to take care of my family.
No more commission.
I just get a straight 10%.
I already have investors.
Not without the permits, you don't.
DECLAN: Some journalists with nothing better to do for a couple years, release a bombshell report saying the entire city's construction industry was totally corrupt and controlled by the mob.
If we find this to be true, it will stand no more.
Shit! I need you to call your father.
Then you're gonna say, "Dad, I hear you got a bad cough.
" And then you'll insist that he goes to see the prison doctor.
Why do you have pictures of my family? You work at a prison, right? - DECLAN: To cancer! - ALL: To cancer! To my son, coming home.
I am Vito, right now! All we have is our name and he is using it for himself.
I respect that name more than my own.
(GUN FIRES) (WAILS) When's the funeral? In three days.
You're not going to let me bury my son? (THEME MUSIC PLAYING) NICO SR.
: These are your plants.
I am gonna show you everything you need to know once.
Every day this summer, you're gonna take care of this plant, and for every one that dies I'm going to punish you.
But for everyone that gives you big, juicy tomatoes, I am gonna kiss you.
Now, sometimes you're gonna do everything right, exactly the way I say, and it's still gonna die.
And I'm still gonna punish you.
Now, you may not think that's fair, but that's why I do it.
It is so that you learn that someday when you are in charge, no matter what happens, there's an accident, someone makes a mistake, it is you who must take responsibility.
Your plants, your school, your family, your business.
It is all yours.
You understand me, Vito? Yes, Papa.
What's going on? Man needs time to himself.
Just lost his son.
The funeral's today.
I need a break.
There's got to be 150 people out there.
I hate funerals.
I know everyone hates funerals, but this is totally inappropriate.
I don't want this many people in my house on a happy occasion.
Just leave these poor people alone.
You know? Mmm-mmm.
You know the job in Lachute? Now we have a problem.
It turns out that the two guys - Bruno.
- Mmm? I don't want to talk about work.
It's a funeral.
MARLON: It's roast beef tonight.
You gotta eat somethin', Mr.
RACHEL: I have been checking these all night.
Roads repaired in Montreal cost 37% more than roads repaired in Ontario.
Okay, well, compile a list of every city engineer, permit approvals agents, and city council person attached to each project.
I guarantee you a pattern will emerge.
Oh, I also want a list of every company that bid on every job.
I know all the reports fingered Vito Rizzuto, but I'm not finding anything that connects us to him.
On paper, you won't.
We'll need to get testimony for that.
RACHEL: We're just getting into this and already finding obvious corruption.
How do these things go on for so long without being noticed? Payoffs, bribes These things just become the way of doing business.
We're looking for crooks, so let's start with the crooks.
Guy, I want you to pull up all records of anyone arrested for fraud or corruption over the last 12 years.
Then run those names against all construction company owners and employees.
There will be crossover somewhere.
We need to get someone on record and out in the press to scare people out of hiding.
Let's shake some bushes.
What was that file you wanted to show me? Yeah.
- (GUN FIRES) - (GLASS SHATTERS) NEWSCASTER 1: The shot came from this wooded area shortly before 6:00.
A bullet pierced the solarium, and then the patio door.
It hit Nicolo Rizzuto as he prepared dinner with his wife and daughter.
NEWSCASTER 2: Rizzuto may have been, at one time, a powerful mob boss, but he died the head of a very weakened family.
His grandson gunned down, his son Vito unable to attend the funeral as he serves out his sentence in an American jail.
And today there is not much left of what was once Canada's most infamous crime family.
So? It's like we thought.
- Sal.
- BRUNO: Yeah.
Well, who's Sal? Sal Montagna.
Acting head of the Bonanno family.
DECLAN: And The 'Ndrangheta? Probably doing Sal's bitchwork.
Wait, wait.
Who's this now? Calabrians out of Toronto.
They wanted our action for years.
Sal Montagna made an alliance with them to take us out.
I've gotta go, gentlemen.
I have got a meeting to attend.
Renata, before you go, did you read this? More shit on the corruption report.
Of course she read it.
The whole city's read it.
But did you see what they said about me? They said I have ties to drugs.
Everybody knows that I hate drugs.
This is a blemish on my reputation.
Can I sue them? No.
You can't sue them.
DECLAN: Seriously? That's what you are thinking about now? Just asking.
Why did they have to kill him, Declan? It ain't right.
It's a message.
Rizzuto name is done for now.
BRUNO: Poor Vito.
First his son, now his father.
When you step down, you're off limits.
- That's how it used to be.
- Yeah.
To the old man and Nico.
- Declan.
- What? Everyone's feeling nervous.
Jacques, Papa Lou, Mick Not to mention our friends in city hall.
All these murders and now this garbage.
It's a lot all at once.
I got no time to babysit.
They need to calm down.
That's what I told them.
Vito will be home soon, he'll take care of everything.
What is wrong with you? Seriously? What is wrong with you? What? Tell me, what? When you talk like that, Bruno, you send a message that we we're like, like, waiting for Daddy to get home to fix the sink.
I am in charge to the last day.
Right, you're right.
I apologize.
(SNIFFLES) I apologize.
Will it double our payouts? - To who? - Everyone.
It'll cost a fortune.
All Sal has to do is get it out there that he's gonna pay more.
We could lose half the boots on the ground.
Loyalty is in this room, and a few others.
Everyone else is bought or scared.
But that's a shitload of money.
- Just do it.
- BRUNO: I'll do it.
Just saying it's a shitload of money.
But I'll do it.
(VEHICLE BEEPING) This is a goddamn disaster.
- You know what? You reek of panic.
- (SIGHS) France is relentless.
Okay? She's incorruptible.
If Vito thinks he can buy her, he can't.
Or worse, if he needs to buy her, he's screwed.
These things, they take years, okay? I mean, why are you so turned out by this? You got a construction company I don't know about? Is that it? Everything's connected, Declan.
Tell me.
Has there been a construction project over the last 15 years you guys haven't been involved in, huh? All it takes is one guy, just one guy, in the chain to fold.
I'm gonna take care of it.
Can't imagine what he is going through right now.
Timing couldn't be worse, but he has got to take this very seriously.
That bitch is gonna dig up everything there is.
(SIGHS) And know this, Declan, you guys are gonna take a very serious hit on your construction rackets.
That well is dry right now, and that's gonna make you weaker.
Now, whoever it is who's making a run at you is gonna know that, and they are gonna keep coming and coming.
Vito is coming back to a shit storm.
Do you get that? I do.
You know, this commission has nothing to do with us or our businesses.
Okay? So just get that out of your minds right now.
All your business is our business, and vice versa.
Vito told us that once.
Mick, they're not looking for us.
They want politicians.
We keep our hands very clean.
Nobody deals directly with me or Vito.
When does Vito get out? Soon.
And he's gonna want everything in order when he does.
We were thinking of pulling back a little.
Just to be safe.
Everything stays the same.
Since Vito's been gone and I've been in charge, have any of you made less money? Had more problems? No to all of the above.
Is Vito in charge when he come back? That's the idea.
We want to see him as soon as possible.
We want to hear it from him that things are under control.
We're done.
- Oui.
- Yeah.
Hey, did you get the flowers we sent? Yeah, we got 'em.
- Boys.
- Hi.
Well, I'm excited.
Vito is coming back today.
So, his plane lands at 3:00, right, Gio? We don't want to be late.
What's going on? Vito doesn't want you there.
- What? - He doesn't wanna see you, Declan.
What are you talking about? He didn't explain himself to me, Declan.
Okay, well, you should get going.
(SIGHS) It's gonna, it's gonna be okay.
Just, you know, give him time.
(MUMBLES) (FOOTSTEPS FADING) (BUZZER SOUNDS) NEWSCASTER 3: Inside one of these unmarked cars, Vito Rizzuto discreetly left the Colorado prison.
The Mafia kingpin was immediately transferred back to Canadian soil, a homeland Rizzuto may barely recognize.
During the six years he served in the US for his role in the murder of three New York rivals in the '80s, the criminal empire he once ruled over in Canada evaporated in bullets.
- Welcome back, Vito.
- Thank you.
Good to have you back, Mr.
Thanks, Gio.
Everyone's at the house waiting for you.
I'm not going home.
- Where you going? - Hotel.
I'll call the house.
What would you like me to tell them? Nothing.
(INAUDIBLE) DECLAN: Vito locked himself away in a hotel.
No one knew where he was, and how to get a hold of him.
Me included.
He told Bruno and Gio he didn't even want to hear my name after what happened my watch.
I was no longer part of the family.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Do you know who I am? (STAMMERS) Yes.
I was told you gentlemen are the ones who wrote about me in the article.
You know, the one about the city corruption and all that? I wanna talk to you about it.
Is there somewhere we can go? How about in that office? Oh, that's the editor in chief's office.
That's fine with me.
You wrote that I am involved in drugs.
Actually, we wrote that you work for Vito Rizzuto, - who is involved in smuggling - Don't get smart.
Anybody who reads that in your paper, to them it means that I sell drugs.
I detest drugs.
Drugs destroy our neighborhoods, our children.
My friends, my family, people of respect read your paper, and now they think this could be true.
Okay, uh Is that all you came in to say? I want you to write that it's not true! Okay.
You want us to retract what we wrote? Retract.
- The whole story? - Nah, nah, the rest I don't care about.
Just the part about me and drugs.
That's my reputation, my legacy.
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Um May I ask you a few questions? Of course.
The Rizzuto family is widely known to be the most powerful Mafia family in the northeast.
See, that's where we have a problem.
You are men of words.
You are professionals in this department.
The words "widely known" is the problem.
Who widely knows? Not a court of law, not a judge or a jury.
Some degenerate who gambled away his kid's future told you Vito's a criminal so that makes it widely known? The secretary out there told me you guys are homos.
So now, it's widely known you are homos! Can I publish that in a newspaper? No, I am.
He's not.
I don't care about that stuff.
I just care about my reputation.
Now, I have another appointment to go to.
When can I expect that retraction? Where is he? I don't know.
Don't give me that shit.
You wanna come in? - You want a drink? - No, I wanna know where he is.
I don't know.
Why is he hiding from me? I'm gonna go to his house if someone doesn't tell me where he is.
He won't see me.
What do you mean? He won't see me.
I don't know where he is, what he's doing.
So, uh, you know, you can stop calling me now.
Nico was his pride and joy.
And then losing his father on top of that.
Getting through this is gonna be hell for him.
Yeah, I'm not really interested in analyzing Vito's state of mind.
So, uh, you want a drink? Help yourself.
Otherwise, I'll see you around.
Sorry I bothered you.
(DOOR CLOSES) BRUNO: Declan! How come you never invited me up here before? 'Cause I don't like you.
This is my alone place, Bruno.
You spend all your time alone.
You look like shit.
- Thanks.
So do you.
- Liar.
I look great.
How you been keeping? Yeah.
I tried talking to him, but he won't have it.
He barely talks.
He's in a coma half the time.
Want a beer? Yeah.
How's your family? Good.
This is a great property.
The house is a piece of shit, but what a view.
You should build yourself something nice.
No, I like it just the way it is.
(CHUCKLES) You know, I never thought it would turn out this way, but maybe you should be grateful.
- It's getting tense out there.
- (GUNSHOT) - (GUNSHOT) - Holy shit! Holy shit! - Holy shit! - Stay down.
- (DOOR OPENS) DECLAN: I see you have got new security.
Collins is over there.
No, thanks.
You look good.
I don't want to talk around things.
You failed me.
I know Nico wasn't easy.
He don't listen.
But I left you in charge.
When you're in charge whatever happens is on you.
So why'd you call me? They tried to wipe out the family.
Including you.
You're one of us.
Am I? I never doubted your loyalty.
You're asking me back? Yeah.
RACHEL: We got someone.
- Who? - Hank Fryman.
Him and his father own a major construction firm in the city.
He was arrested a few years ago for paying off a union official.
Bring him in.
- You can come in.
- (CLEARS THROAT) Thank you.
We have it from more than one source that you have been working with organized crime for years and paying off city officials to get contracts.
I will say that if you testify to everything that you know, it may help your other case.
But I can't guarantee that.
Okay, what? (SIGHS) I'll tell you everything.
I'm tired of this.
I'm not a criminal.
Go on.
Every single site out there is paying people off, skimming from the city.
The whole industry is a closed market.
No one, and I mean no one can do business unless you pay people up and down the line.
Talk me through it.
(SIGHS) A city contract is announced.
There's only so many firms that can handle big jobs.
We all took turns winning bids.
So you were in collusion with the other firms? 100% of the time.
And all those people at city hall who approved those bids? They were being paid off, too.
Then you paid 2.
5% of the entire cost to the Mafia.
And city engineers, politicians? You paid everybody.
Nothing gets approved unless a payout is made.
And all these people were introduced to you by the Mafia.
Who are the Mafia people you paid cash to directly? They were always different people and you never knew their names.
Did you ever meet Vito Rizzuto? Uh, I met a few of his guys at events, but I never met Vito, no.
(SCOFFS) The most famous gangster in the city and no one's ever met him.
- MICK: So, you're back? - Yeah.
Must have been one hell of an ass kissing session.
(LAUGHS) Where the hell is he? He's in Montreal.
Where he sleeps is none of your goddamn business.
MICK: Why isn't he here? Why haven't we heard from him? When he wants to show his face, Mick, he'll show his face to you.
JACQUES: My place on the South Shore was untouchable.
I could have served coke at the bar to 12-year-old girls, and no one would go near it.
Last night we get raided.
What's going on? MICK: Three of my corners got busted last week.
Come on, gentlemen.
You've been around long enough to know that the cops have to make a show of things every so often.
That's all it is.
It's circle of life in our jungle.
Everyone is saying he's scared.
I think they might be right.
You keep telling us Vito's back and in charge.
But, uh I don't see no one in charge.
The main reason we joined this syndicate was because Vito owned city hall and the cops.
It's not looking like that anymore.
He won't even talk to us.
Instead, he sends Laurel and Hardy.
(LAUGHS) (LAUGHS MOCKINGLY) So, what do we need this for? That's funny, leprechaun.
You're talking to people, Mick? Is that what you're doing? You find a different money train? You know what? I'll talk to whoever I goddamn want.
Oh, yeah? Yeah, you go right ahead.
BRUNO: Enough.
Enough! God damn it! Get that out of your system? Now, get your shit together.
This is how guys end up doing 25 to life! They get angry, and they get sloppy.
Vito is back.
He has weathered storms much worse than this.
Now, you've all had it so easy for too long.
You forgot what it's like to get slapped around a little bit.
Just, just stop your bitching.
Take care of your end.
Vito will call when it's time.
Get 'em out of here.
Get 'em out of here.
Get 'em out of here.
They're right.
I wouldn't say that in front of them, but you and I have to talk about this.
(SLAPS HANDS) He's gotta make an appearance.
He's gotta make an appearance.
If I was them I would have already quit.
I mean, he has been back for months.
He hasn't left his hotel.
He hasn't even seen his family.
I don't know I don't know if he still has it in him.
(STAMMERS) I mean It might have been too much to bear.
I wouldn't blame him if that were true.
But you and I are here.
We have to think about our survival.
Our livelihood.
I have a family.
The perception out there is that he is weak.
True or not, that perception invites attack and desertion.
What are you suggesting? If Sal Montagna takes us to war, we could lose.
I know.
So? So, I'm the peacemaker.
That's what I do.
Okay? DECLAN: Here's Sal Montagna.
Acting boss of the Bonanno crime family.
Sal was the new breed of capo.
You know? The means always justified the ends.
Sal recruited Toto Bianchi on our side of the border.
He ran the 'Ndrangheta out of Toronto.
Sal, thanks for coming all the way out here.
Like, I know it's far, but, uh, if we're gonna do this and make it work, we gotta be careful, huh? It's not a problem.
It's good thinking, huh? It's a problem for me.
I'm not coming back to this shithole again.
DECLAN: No matter who was in charge, you had to work with the bikers.
There was just way too many chapters to work around.
Discretion is important at this juncture.
JACQUES: For him it is.
Vito will cut your head off if he finds you.
Vito is not gonna be doing much of anything pretty soon.
His organization is going to fall apart.
Both of you already think this is the most likely outcome.
You wanna know how I know that? Because you guys drove all the way out here to this shithole just to hear what I have to say.
I don't want to build condominiums, and I don't wanna play golf.
We made a $100 million last year from drugs, bookmaking and protection.
Together we're gonna double that when we take over.
I'm not even gonna ask if you're in because I already know that you are.
DECLAN: Sal Montagna's here in Montreal.
I've been trying to I've been trying to arrange a sit-down, but I can't get an answer one way or another.
Why do you want a sit-down with him? BRUNO: To do what we always do.
To come to an understanding.
With all due respect, everyone is nervous.
They know you're back, but they haven't seen you.
Which is fine.
You do what you need to do.
But we are not at our strongest right now.
They could get us on all sides, the street, the product, even the commission.
They could force somebody to testify against you, who knows? I think it would be better to settle this peacefully, as hard as that may be.
God knows I want to smash that son of a bitch's head in, but the Bonanno's have money, they have influence.
We could lose this war.
If we do, we'll lose everything.
Find out where he is.
Thank you.
- Declan, talk to you later.
- All right.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) What are you thinking? I think we need to keep an eye on Bruno.
But I don't think that he's entirely wrong.
What do you think? I think the time for diplomacy is over.
No more partnerships.
No more handshakes.
I think Sal killed your son and Papa, and should have his eyes cut out.
But I also think it takes a conspiracy to assassinate a president.
I think we should take out every piece of shit that helped Sal.
We should take out every other piece of shit that thought about screwing us in any way.
I think we clear out anyone we can't see that is with us.
I think we should clear the whole goddamn board.
Kill 'em all.
No one left but us.
Hi Juan Won't be two minutes between the antipasto and entree.
Keep a timer in the kitchen.
I've done this many times before and I know that is the perfect interval for a dinner party.
Now, for the wine.
Please, don't let these heathens order off the menu.
Just keep bringing out the wine that I chose.
I could give half these guys Manishewitz and they wouldn't know the difference, but they'll order the most expensive one because they're not paying! Now, dessert.
Tiramisu first, then espresso, and then the cake.
But no candles.
They know how old I am.
DECLAN: Why are we stopping here? I wanna go for a walk.
- Jesus.
- Come on, it's a nice night.
It's fresh.
Rizzuto, where you been? I'm here now.
How does it feel to be out of jail, huh? - What do you think? - Hey, hey, hey.
How'd they know we were coming here? - Vito? Jesus.
- Relax, relax.
DECLAN: Right then at that moment, I got it.
Vito had tipped them off.
He was making an entrance.
He was letting everyone know, in the most public and cocky way, he was back.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) BRUNO: Vito, I'm honored you'd come to my birthday.
Oh, are you kidding? You are one of my oldest friends.
- I wouldn't have missed it.
- Thank you.
- VITO: Yeah.
Oh, I almost forgot.
Gio, you got the present? GIO: Yeah, it's right here.
Oh, Vito, please, you've already done too much.
Oh, come on, come on.
It's nothing.
It's your birthday.
That's for when you're sitting on the porch It's beautiful, thank you.
- smoking a cigar, yes.
- Thank you.
(LAUGHS) Sit down, sit down.
It's all right.
Don't thank me.
Do you remember when every house - in the neighborhood had one of them? - Yeah.
Big black ones.
They had their own stands.
They had ashtrays everywhere 'cause everyone smoked.
VITO: Yeah.
It's funny when one thing changes, all these other things change.
You know? When Nico and Pop were taken from me, it changed how I saw things.
It changed how people saw me.
I don't know.
I don't know.
Before it was always too many things to worry about, you know? What would happen if I did A and B and C, what would that affect? And what would it affect if I didn't do them.
Mmm? I can't do that anymore.
Now I can see only what I see.
Hmm? Declan Declan, he let me down, but, you know I can see that he's with me.
- Yeah.
- You know? And Gio, always, I can see that he's with me.
But you, Bruno, I can't always see you.
Huh? What do you mean? Of course I'm on your side.
I'm on your side.
No, no, Bruno.
You're a peacemaker.
You sit on the fence.
You take care of your own interests.
You know? You're not sure if I've got it anymore, so you gotta protect your survival.
Your livelihood.
Vito, please, I (GRUNTING) Happy birthday.
(VITO PANTS) Gio finish him off.
(GUNSHOT) DECLAN: Next time on Bad Blood - I got another one.
- (GUNSHOT) That's four shipments now in the past two weeks.
I just don't know how they're getting our drop points.
It's not how, it's who.
Chief of police is on my ass about all those goddamn bodies you guys are piling up, that bitch wants all our wiretaps, you're gonna talk to me about chocolate? But seriously, try one.
I want know what you think.
Vito is not himself these days, and that's what makes his friends nervous.
I say from now on, only you me and Gio know the drop-off points.
You cannot treat me like garbage because you feel like shit.