Bad Blood (2017) s01e05 Episode Script

When You Got Nothin'

Previously on Bad Blood We've increased our legitimate holdings by 3%, not quite as much as I want, but we're gettin' there.
I have read shocking reporting about the corruption that exists on all levels of our public works.
And that organized crime has its hand in all of it.
That witch is gonna dig up everything there is.
Vito is coming back to a shit storm.
Do you get that? You failed me.
I know Nico wasn't easy.
But I left you in charge.
(SILENCED GUNSHOTS) - (GLASS BREAKS) - (GUNSHOT) VITO: They tried to wipe out the family.
(GUNSHOT) Including you.
You're one of us.
- Sal's here.
- Well, who's Sal? Sal Montagna.
Acting head of the Bonanno family.
They wanted our action for years.
Vito will cut your head off if he finds you.
Vito is not gonna be doing much of anything.
His organization is going to fall apart.
I don't know if he still has it in him.
What do you think? I think the time for diplomacy is over.
(THEME MUSIC PLAYING) FRANKLIN: Top of the morning, George.
Good morning.
Coffee, George? You're the best.
Thanks, man.
The Canadiens beat the Rangers last night.
I'm done with hockey.
I'm watching tennis from now on.
You get five or six years, one guy winning all the time.
No disappointments.
Sports is all about the drama, George.
I have enough drama.
(CAR APPROACHING) Dude, do you hear that? What the hell? Go.
Take the bags.
(GRUNTS) DECLAN: They got another one.
At the farm.
They shot George and the runners.
I liked George.
That's four shipments now in the past two weeks.
I just don't know how they're getting our drop points.
It's not "how.
" It's "who.
" What's going on with Sal? DECLAN: I put Gio on it, but Sal, he is one slippery fish.
(CAR HORN HONKS) He changes cars like three-four times a day.
One tail's just not enough.
When we pick him up again, - we'll need five cars just on him.
- (GRUNTS) And guys are starting to switch to the other side.
Not many, but it's starting.
Good, good.
We're going to keep hitting them hard.
Big loads, small loads, it doesn't matter.
Whatever our source gives us, what's important is that we remain relentless.
Vito has a lot of friends.
Don't underestimate him.
I know.
But Vito's not himself these days, and that's what makes his friends nervous.
That's to be expected.
What should we do? We should win.
DECLAN: Things got crazy.
We went after everyone.
I'm gonna call it a rampage.
(KNIFE UNFOLDS) (GRUNTS) How's the steak? DECLAN: If we found out someone had talked to them, we took them out.
We took them out.
No one was off-limits.
We even took out some of our own guys who were hedging their bets, playing both sides.
In two months' time, we singlehandedly spiked the homicide rate 250%.
It was full-out war.
We even started to run out of places to hide the bodies.
GIO: I think we brought two guys here last week.
DECLAN: No, we took them to the impound.
No, not those two guys.
The other two guys.
From the massage parlor.
GIO: Oh, shit, you're right.
Hey (TAPS FORK) DECLAN: The only thing any of us was certain of was that this was gonna end up with only one man standing.
We just didn't know who that was gonna be.
- There you go.
- Hmm.
I brought that for Michelle.
It has bread.
She doesn't eat bread.
It's just gonna go to waste.
- You have a girlfriend? - No.
You should get married one day.
You know, companionship is a very important thing.
I read a study.
They said that loneliness is bad for your health.
You must have come close to getting married.
I mean, every man of a certain age has, you know The one.
Who was that for you? Heather.
I was I was 23-24.
We met when I was out in BC picking tobacco for the summer.
- Mmm-hmm.
- Yeah.
It lasted almost two years.
What happened? Well In the beginning, she said she liked me because I didn't talk that much.
You know, we sat around for hours, saying nothing, being totally comfortable.
I liked that.
And then, one day she says she don't like me anymore because I didn't talk enough.
Hmm I want to ask you a question.
I want you to be honest.
Yeah, of course.
What do you think I should do? Oh.
Um I don't know, but Maybe it's time to walk away.
Oh, yeah? Why is that? You remember back in the day? No matter how crazy things got, you still enjoyed the work.
You know, I could see that.
But now it just seems like maybe you're not enjoying it anymore.
Hmm - Good morning.
- Good morning.
In my office.
Back in 2006, the RCMP assembled a task force to investigate organized crime in the city.
Last night, I found out through a contact of mine that they are in possession of thousands of hours of wiretaps from this investigation.
I want those tapes.
What's the problem? Our mandate is to investigate corruption in the construction industry.
And we know the mafia has been dug into construction for decades.
- Yes, but - Something on those tapes might overlap with our work.
This commission was launched with more fanfare than the Olympics.
If they had something we could use, don't you think they would have offered it? Exactly.
If that had been my task force, the day this commission was announced, I would have shown up with the tapes.
"Here, see what you can find.
"Happy to help.
We're all on the same side.
" You know, enforcing the law, protecting the citizens, that kind of thing.
The fact that they haven't makes me want those tapes even more.
- Come on, let's do it.
- Yep.
Vito, you know I can't be seen coming in here.
Why did you insist on it? We just got this new candy.
It is chocolate caramel infused with marshmallows.
This is really good.
It's fantastic.
You should try one.
Chief of Police is on my ass about all those goddamn bodies you guys are piling up, that witch France Charbonneau wants all our wiretaps, and you're gonna talk to me about chocolate? No, seriously, try one.
I want to know what you think.
Oh, Jesus Vito, look, listen to me.
I have no idea what is gonna turn up on those wiretaps, okay? I need something from you.
Oh, you need something from me? (CHUCKLES) What, am I missing something here? Is this Goodfellas Candid Camera or something? Toto Bianchi and the Ndrangheta are backing Sal Montagna, - trying to go after my territory.
- Yeah, I know.
I need information from you.
What do you got? Toto gets all his juice from bookmaking.
He's got a place.
VIP Sportsbook.
Mostly in Ontario, but one right here in Laval.
Pulls in five to seven mil a month.
Okay? It's my turn.
I feel for you, and I know you want blood, but I need you guys to stop piling up all those bodies.
Fair enough.
What about the Charbonneau thing, hmm? I got to give her the tapes.
No, you don't.
At least, not just right now.
Why not? You're going to deny them access based on a legal argument.
I'll lay out exactly what you need to be telling your legal counsel.
VITO: Come on.
Try one.
It'll make you feel better.
(DOOR OPENS AND CLOSES) You are refusing our request? Excuse me, I'm in the middle of something right now.
- If you'd like to schedule a meeting - Who are you? He's in I.
- FRANCE: What are you doing? - He's setting up my Facebook account.
Get out.
So, you were saying? What possible reason could you have to deny us those wiretaps? It's not me, it's our lawyers.
- Cut the shit.
- Second those files, gathered for an entirely different type of investigation, fall under federal jurisdiction.
Your commission is a provincial inquiry.
- That is - Also We have thousands of hours of tapes.
To sort through all of that would require too much time, manpower and resources.
The cost of which would be enormous.
Our job isn't to help you catch guys who are overcharging to fix sidewalks.
Our job is to conduct actual criminal investigations every single day.
I'm sorry, would you like a coffee? You did some renovations on your house six years ago, right? Let me refresh your memory.
You paid about - What was it? - Eight thousand dollars.
Eight thousand dollars to renovate your kitchen and bathroom.
That's a hell of a good price.
I'm looking to renovate my kitchen, so I checked to see what company you used.
Interestingly enough, the contracting firm belongs to Vito Rizzuto.
You know, I do remember those renovations.
I remember I checked on the Internet.
And I found a company that had really good reviews.
I didn't ask to check their charter of ownership.
Now, when you go to the hospital for liposuction, do you research the doctor or the hospital's board of directors? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get back to this.
I'm trying to post a photo of my grandson's first crap in a toilet.
DECLAN: We tightened our operations.
We got rid of all our old stash houses.
We gave jobs to only our most trusted guys, and still, Sal kept ripping us off.
Don't move.
Easy, easy.
Okay, okay.
Just let 'em Let 'em take it, guys.
Go ahead.
Thank you, gentlemen.
VITO: Uh-uh-uh I wouldn't do that.
It's the only shot I got.
Yeah, I know, but you're not gonna make it.
You should bank that ball behind the yellow.
- That way, I've got no shot.
- All right.
Gio, give us a minute.
Yeah, okay.
They found another one.
Yeah, shit.
We're losing ground.
I mean We gotta find out who's talking.
I say, from now on, only you, me and Gio know the drop-off points.
I've made this impossible to screw up, even for you three.
The van is parked in the warehouse.
After you make the pick-up, just follow the GPS.
I programmed the route right to the drop point.
And give me all your phones, they're gonna stay with me.
Hey, what are you sitting down for? Now, get out of here.
- (SIGHS) - (DOOR CLOSES) What? Is this it? What the hell? There supposed to be somebody meeting us here? - There's three people.
- Holy shit! Whoa, whoa.
You know what? He's got a gun.
Oh, God damn it.
- (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYING) - (ALL CHEERING) Everybody, everybody.
Everybody, listen up.
Listen up.
I want to propose a birthday toast to the beautiful Michelle.
The beautiful, smart, sexy and intriguing.
- Oh! Good one.
- Hmm.
Happy birthday! Happy birthday.
Come on, raise your glasses.
(ALL CHEERING) (GASPS) Declan! Where have you been? It's called being fashionably late.
And there was a girl at the bar who wouldn't let me go.
Uh, you better be taking her home if it took you this long to wish me happy birthday.
Happy birthday, baby.
Aw! You shouldn't have.
Hey, look, if she's not going home with you, I have three friends who are just drunk enough to go home with you.
All right.
Thank you.
Declan and I gotta go talk, all right? - No business.
- Oh, no business.
You just can't hear in here.
No business, I promise.
Yay! Tell me everything.
Gio met with the guys, - just like you and I planned.
- (INAUDIBLE CONVERSATION) He changed the drop-off location on route, last minute, so only they knew where it was.
Then I filled Gio in on the rest of the plan, right? That we were gonna hide in a secret compartment.
(AUTOMATIC GUN FIRING) MAN: What the hell are you guys doing back there? (BREATHING HEAVILY) Holy shit.
Oh, thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, they were gonna kill us.
Yeah, they were.
You three were the only ones who knew where the drop point was.
Who's the rat? Oh, no.
- You? - No.
No, no, no.
We made the pick-up and followed the GPS.
- You? - Declan, Man.
Look, I swear.
I swear on my family.
How far are we gonna take this? All the way.
It was Gio.
It was him.
I should have seen it sooner.
I'm sorry, boss.
(ROCK MUSIC PLAYING) (WOMEN LAUGHING) Had enough? Hey, isn't she beautiful? Isn't Michelle beautiful? Gorgeous.
Give her a kiss.
Give her a birthday kiss.
Come on.
Is that what you wanted to see? Yeah.
(DISTANT SIREN WAILING) (SIGHS) Jeanne, would you mind bringing me a coffee? - Of course.
- Thank you.
Why are you still awake? You can finish Harry Potter tomorrow.
Daddy said you could stay up? I'll be here a few more hours, my love.
I'm sorry I know, I know.
I would have loved to read with you.
I have to get back to work, honey, okay? I'll see you in the morning.
I promise.
I love you.
Jeanne, I want every file on snow removal contracts - in the city and surrounding areas.
- Now? I would like them now, but unless you can break into City Hall in the middle of the night, that's impossible.
Thank you.
Go home, Jeanne.
Thanks for everything.
- Good night, Madam Charbonneau.
- Good night.
MICHELLE: I was at my mother's.
I needed some time.
That's fine.
Are you going out? I am.
Can we talk? Of course.
I have a lot of patience, Vito, but right now, I'm not patient.
I'm stuck.
I don't know how to talk to you about anything.
I feel guilty talking about my feelings because how dare I talk about myself after what you've been through? That's a lot.
You're not an average man.
You don't react in average ways.
(SIGHS) If you wanna burn the city to the ground, I'll still be here.
If you want to destroy yourself, or shut down completely, I will still be here.
I shouldn't, but I will.
I should have wanted more for my life.
I deserved more.
But I'd be lying if I said I would leave.
But You cannot treat me like garbage because you feel like shit.
I won't stay for that.
You know, when Nico was about one years old, he used to wake up at 3 a.
every morning, like clockwork.
And I'd get up and I'd go to his room, I'd get him, bring him back with me.
And he'd go right back to sleep.
And every morning, I used to wake up to the touch of soft little hands on my face.
I hadn't thought about that in a long time.
Now every morning, when I wake up, for half a second, I can feel those little fingers.
That half second is the only reason that I'm still here.
I shouldn't have embarrassed you.
I know better.
I can do better.
But that's all I got right now.
That's all I got to give.
(SIGHS) I gotta go.
(GRUNTS) (GROANS) I gotta go.
I hope you're still here when I get back.
So I tell him, start the engine and listen.
So he turns the key over.
Now, this sound.
This sound, like Like it ain't from this planet.
It's like a mon Like a monkey on fire.
I mean, biting the nuts off Hey, pardon my French.
So he goes over to the hood, pops it up, looks in, what's in there? Huh? A skunk.
A skunk is all wrapped up inside the engine.
The poor thing.
And the thing, the second he opens up the hood, it pisses and sprays What's going on? What the hell? Easy, guys.
I'm just here to talk.
Yeah, well, I don't wanna talk to you.
Well, you don't have to do much talking.
- Can I get you anything? - Piss off.
You picked the wrong side, Toto.
But I understand why.
You're an underdog.
Somebody gave you a gold medal.
And you're sick of coming in last.
People identify with an underdog.
You understand why? Because they can't identify with champions, they identify with losers.
But me, I'm not like that.
I like to pick favorites.
I think the best should win.
You got a couple of shipments, you pulled in a couple of defectors, now you think momentum is on your side.
But this ain't a movie.
David doesn't even get to load the slingshot.
Goliath just steps on him.
The VIP Sportsbook, that's what keeps you guys floating.
That's what makes you worth something.
I'm gonna let you keep it.
But you gotta break ties with Sal, and you gotta side with me.
You're gonna let me keep it? You're gonna be sitting on a big pile of ash in a couple of months, Vito.
I'm gonna let you keep it and I'm not even gonna take a piece of the action.
I'm gonna leave it as is.
All yours.
You know, I worry about you.
Something tells me you're not in your right mind.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) You should answer that.
It's gonna keep ringing.
It's your bar manager.
I'm staring at a bunch of cops outside.
I don't know what they want.
No one will talk to me.
In exactly one minute, I'm gonna pick up that phone and I'm gonna call those cops.
And I can tell the cops to leave and you can keep riding the money train.
Or I can tell 'em to bust in, stop your pipeline and shut you down.
(CELL PHONE RINGS) Yeah? Okay, that's it.
Everyone, let's go home.
(SIRENS WAIL) Maybe Sal will just pack it up and leave now.
Too humiliating for him to leave with nothing.
(SIGHS) He's gonna dig his heels in.
- You should call some reinforcements.
- Right.
- This ain't over.
- You're right.
Well, it's a bit out of the way, but it's a nice drive.
What is this place? I own this property.
Gonna build a gated community or a mansion? Not gonna build anything.
Got you a sandwich.
Declan, you mind giving us a few minutes? No, I don't mind.
- Your deli? - Yeah.
What can I do for you? I got cancer, Vito.
Liver, stage two, 50-50 chance.
I know the best cancer doctor in the city.
(CHUCKLES) I'm sure you do.
No, my doctor's an old friend.
I trust him.
But I didn't call you just to tell you that.
Even if I do pull through this, I'm retiring.
Of course.
You gotta take care of yourself.
I've been thinking about this for a while, Vito.
I can't do this no more.
Our partnership.
Too old, too tired.
Every time someone rings the doorbell, I think they're gonna take me away in cuffs.
The fact that it hasn't happened, just by the grace of God, has me questioning God altogether.
You'll be okay.
You're stronger than you think.
I want you to know that you can trust me, Vito.
No matter what, I will never rat you out.
Do I have your blessing to leave? We've known each other 30 years, Gio.
We're okay.
(SNIFFLES) (SIGHS) Thanks, Vito.
I will always think of you as a friend.
A friend that you can never see again.
Maybe you should retire, Vito.
Go live in the islands or something, you know.
Die a bored old man.
- Take me home.
- Hey, Vito.
- Let's go out.
Let's do something.
- I'm tired.
You're tired? Come on, you spend half the time in the house.
You never leave anymore.
Let's do something.
I'll do anything.
- I'll even play golf with you.
- You hate golf.
- I do, but I'd do it for you.
- Just take me home.
I've seen you swing.
Bet you 1,000 bucks I can beat you.
This is the most pathetic mini golf I have ever seen.
Yeah, the boy inside says the kids keep stealing the little houses.
They should bolt 'em down.
Well, the owner's a nice old religious man.
He's got faith in people.
Yeah, well.
Hammer and nails do a lot for effect, you should remind them.
- You think this Aucoin thing's a sign? - Oh, yeah.
Yeah, we're gonna have to fill his shoes.
I mean, you two, you moved up together.
And to forge a new relationship with someone that high up is not gonna be easy.
That's true.
If we act out on the original plan.
- What's that? - To go legit.
Keep everything above board.
Become pillars of the community.
Why? Well, because you told me, years ago, you had a vision.
Well, we can act out on that now.
There's no one left to come after us.
This can be the beginning of our legacy.
Legacy? My legacy is done.
I don't murder the families of schoolteachers or doctors, the pillars of the community.
Just gangsters.
DECLAN: You cheated.
- What are you talking about? - You cheated.
- No, I beat you - Took the only good putter.
You saw it, you rat bastard, - you're like a little kid.
- Took it right out of the rack.
Like a rat bastard kid.
Well, I can pay you Can't imagine what you were like.
- What? - What were you like as a kid? - A kid? - Yeah.
All right.
My, uh My mom If you can call her that.
She She left when I was six.
And my little sister was four.
She had bipolar manic depression, whatever you want to call it.
So, a couple of years go by.
And, uh, my old man hooks up with this woman.
She was a junkie.
And, uh She got him into the needle.
Hard, fast.
He He He was all in, doubled down.
And the girlfriend Couple of years later, nine, I was.
She said, "Get rid of 'em.
Get rid of the kids.
" And that's what he did.
He just gave us away.
Your father gave his kids away? Yeah.
Yeah, and I I couldn't even be with my little sister 'cause, uh, we were at different foster homes, you know.
What happened to your father? No idea.
I've never seen him since.
Goodnight, Declan.
(DOOR SHUTS) (GRUNTS) SAL: Everything's almost in place.
We're gonna come at Vito with a coordinated attack that's gonna make Normandy Beach look like a pride parade.
But I gotta say, that move he made against Toto (CHUCKLES) Classic Vito.
But you're right, you're right, good for us.
He'll think he gained some ground.
Keep him looking in the other direction.
You've really shown me something here.
Glad you're on our side.
You're smart.
there's no doubt about that.
When you're in charge, nobody's gonna mess with you after this.
It's one thing to cut a side deal.
Make some information.
It's another thing to take down a boss.
That last step is the big one.
It's the only one that matters.
Separates the proletariats from the king.
Are you ready to be a king? Absolutely.