Bad Blood (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Declan's Choice

1 (DECLAN): Previously, on Bad Blood All of you are now gonna buy your drugs from me.
I've been running contraband for over a decade.
I'm wondering if you're up for moving something other than cigarettes? - Who's that? - The 'Ndrangheta bosses.
I have a CI who told me about the meeting.
- I wanna know about the newcomers.
- They're cousins from Calabria.
Teresa and Christian Langana.
We want you to be our partner in Montreal.
I don't work for anyone.
- Get down! - We need to find Declan.
We need to end this.
Those twins kidnapped my nephew.
I want Reggie back alive.
I have 30 seconds.
You gotta help me.
- My son's been kidnapped.
- What? You think I'm gonna forget this? You should! This was me and you fixing their mess.
They're charging him with 2nd-degree murder.
A ball of fentanyl this size is worth $20 million.
We wanna talk to you about the fentanyl business.
I want you to get distribution up and running.
Wes! I wanna destroy those bastards! Every last one of them.
This detective told me if I didn't tell her stuff, she would tell you.
I know these people and their love of family.
The only way we win is to get them to rip themselves apart.
Val! What What did you do? I had no choice.
It had to be done, Enzo.
- How's the purity? - 90%, as always.
(SPEAKING FRENCH): For both of our businesses, we want you to take care of Declan.
What's up, Bobby? I now own the protection contract on Nats.
You're gonna walk right into the RCMP and turn on Teresa and Christian.
My brother's turning rat.
There's nothing I can do to stop him.
With Enzo's testimony, we have enough to bring her in.
Police! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (SOBBING) (ALEX): I found Declan.
And his girlfriend too.
- What do you want me to do? - Wait for me.
You two, go there.
(CROW CAWING) (CROWS CAWING, TAKING FLIGHT) (HORSES NEIGHING, GALLOPING) (GUN CLICKING) (ALEX): Put the gun down! If you wanna see your friends, you'll put it down.
(THUNDER RUMBLING) I've been wanting to bring you here ever since you got out.
Hey, little sis! I brought your boy.
When your mama died, I didn't have 2 nickels to rub together.
I stole a car so I could pay for the plot and the headstone.
I knew the guy whose car it was, so I eventually paid him back.
I didn't want that karma hanging over her.
(DECLAN SIGHING) - Do you come here a lot? - Ah You know, when I can.
Never as much as I'd like to.
Reggie, I bought the plot next to your mom.
It's for me, when my time comes.
It's all paid for.
You just have to make arrangements, okay? Okay.
Do you mind if we stay here awhile? No.
As long as you want.
I ate breakfast already, remember? We're not here to eat.
I bought this place for you.
This diner.
It's yours now.
It was run by an unsavoury element before, but they'll be gone soon.
You start from scratch, hire whoever you want.
- You bought me a restaurant? - Yeah.
You can make your breakfast day and night, 7 days a week.
(LAUGHING) I I don't know anything about running a business! Like, you gotta pay taxes and do the books and stuff.
You'll learn.
I got a guy who can help you with that.
I got guys for everybody.
This is yours now, Reggie.
Okay! Uh I got that 15 grand still, that you gave to me.
- All of it? - Yeah, I got it.
So I'm gonna give that back to you, and then whatever else, I will pay it back, as I can, with interest! I'm not gonna put a vig on my own nephew.
- This is for you, Reggie! - No, I want to, though.
I wanna pay it, so that it's really mine.
I I wanna sign papers, the whole thing, and I'm not gonna take it, unless we're doing it right.
I don't put my name on any piece of paper.
But I hear you.
- Come on! - Yeah.
(LAUGHING): I can't believe this! Thank you! Oh my God! Oh my God! Do you wanna run it with me? I No, it's not my thing.
But thank you! Come on, man! It's like that's a fresh start! You and me.
A new life, right? I want you to be around for a long time.
Aw, come on! Don't worry! I'm not going anywhere.
All right, I wanna buy you breakfast then, okay? - Yeah? - Really? - Buy you breakfast? - Sure! The other thing All I'm gonna do: build-it-yourself omelettes.
Choices paralyze people, Reggie, right? You gotta have a few specialized items.
- Small menu.
- Right? Yeah, I don't want to paralyze people.
Hey Hey! Declan bought me a diner! I heard.
Congratulations! I'm gonna name an omelette after you.
- (DECLAN): Nice! - The Rose.
- I'm honoured.
- Get outta here! It's good, right? (DECLAN): It's very good! Get outta here! - Morning! - Morning! How you feeling? Better than I should.
Got that shipment today.
Twix and the boys are on it.
You sure about doing this in broad daylight? No, I just thought I'd flip a coin and move in 20 keys of cocaine.
No, the water cops, they gave me their schedule, and they're only doing night sweeps this week, so - I know what I'm doing.
- I know you do.
And this is my last run.
I know the war's over, but someone else is just gonna come along, and it's just gonna start all over again.
And I got into this to take care of my family, and I can't do that if I'm dead or in jail.
I've already lost someone.
And I thought I could do this, but I can't.
Is that gonna be a problem? Well, you You know who you are.
I respect that more than anything.
This is Teresa Langana.
She's the queen.
Her brother Christian's already dead.
Her photo's been sent to all airports and border crossings across the country.
This is who we want.
Reach out to all your CIs, your contacts, your mother, if she can help.
Thank you! Where are we with Nats's transfer? Just waiting on the paperwork, but he should be getting in a van any minute.
And the deal with Enzo's lawyer? Is that all drawn up? Yeah.
Everything's ready.
Why so edgy? We got them.
Declan handed us what we do have.
A win's a win, right? You're the one that told me that.
All anyone cares about is the net result.
Yeah, well maybe I was wrong.
Everything good? We're ready to go.
Be back in a few hours.
My driver's right on schedule.
Keep your eyes open.
Got it, bro! I'm your guy! All right.
See you back here.
"Bro"? My brother has a bit of a hero-worship thing going with you.
All right.
Hang on.
- (CELL PHONE VIBRATING) - Yeah? - You got the shipment? - I said I would.
- It's coming.
- Good.
We have to meet somewhere else.
The cops have been around our spots.
I'll send you the coordinates.
All good.
Declan's delivering a new shipment to us this afternoon.
My guys will be waiting to take him out.
When Declan arrives, do not hesitate.
I want him dead.
I know how it's done.
And what about Nats and Enzo? Hmm? You said you would take care of that.
It's all arranged.
By the end of the day, they'll both be gone.
(MAN GRUNTING, NATS SPUTTERING) (NELLIE): How did this happen? I don't believe this! (SIGHING) What's wrong? Nats is dead.
He was stabbed, just as they were about to transfer him.
- Who did it? - They don't know.
If we tell Enzo, he's gonna walk.
I know! It's 5 more minutes, and they would've called saying he's on the road.
That would've been good enough to get Enzo to sign the papers.
Yeah, but he's not.
He's dead.
Nellie, it's a matter of minutes.
You gonna let him walk for that? You really gonna blow this whole case on a matter of 5 minutes? Well, is my son safe? Is my son safe? Your son is currently on his way to the country club as we speak.
- So, he's safe.
- Yes.
Okay, good.
First things first.
On the record, hand to God, my nephew Luca has had no dealings in our business whatsoever.
You're not to touch him.
Total immunity.
Don't even send him a text.
We already agreed to that.
It's in the deal.
Once you sign, Luca is no longer a person of interest in any of your affairs.
Also, your son cannot be charged with anything other than the murder charge he's currently waiting on trial for.
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm - And here.
- Okay.
Where do you want me to start? - Teresa and Christian.
- Ha! My pleasure! - A little one on one? - No.
Come on! Friendly competition, a little exercise I don't got the right shoes.
Where you going after this? I'll get a new spot in town.
I don't want to overstep or anything, but I kind of feel like you should stay.
I paid for my time here, Reggie.
I don't need to lay low anymore.
I know.
I still think you should stay.
(CELL PHONE VIBRATING) - Yeah? - Nats is dead.
- Who did it? - I don't know.
Well, Teresa's behind it, so find out who she's got working on the inside.
Hey, I'm doing the best I can.
Doing what you can? I hand-picked you from the academy, all right? I taught you everything, so figure it out.
So figure it out! What about Teresa? Any leads? Well, they sent her picture out to every cop in 3 provinces.
If we haven't found her yet, she's probably gone.
Listen If they got to Nats, they're gonna get to Enzo too.
Oh, we got him stashed in a motel.
He's safe, okay? Are you still hiding out at the reserve? Yeah, but not for long.
Find out who killed Nats! Okay.
Hey, Nellie, we should go to the prison to find out what happened.
It could've been anyone.
It's a prison.
Enzo turns himself in, right? We know it's Declan who twisted his arm, but with what? The one thing Enzo asked for in return from us is to transfer his son somewhere safe.
I think Teresa was behind it to shut them all up.
All right, if we find out who killed him, maybe it'll bring us closer to her.
All right.
Let's go, Tonto! What, so that makes you Lone Ranger? That's right, Ken! You know Tonto's not a politically correct nickname.
Okay, keep up, Gollum! Oh.
That's just mean.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) What the hell's going on? - I'm happy you're okay.
- Where's my dad? He told me we were gonna leave town, but I haven't heard from him! You don't have to go anywhere.
We have arranged for your father to leave the country until everything is settled here.
No, he wouldn't leave without calling me.
I'm calling you.
We are taking extra precautions until the situation is dealt with.
What the hell? What are you talking about? How are you gonna deal with it? Luca, you are in charge now.
You! If I'm in charge, I wanna know what you mean by that.
Take care of what? Luca, this is the moment we talked about.
Do you want to be a general, or do you want to stay a foot soldier? Where is my father? We will let you know when he is safe.
But I need to know, where are you now? I'm moving around.
I just want to make sure you are safe.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
Where are you? Don't lose this phone.
This is your only line to me, okay? I will be in touch.
I need to talk to my client alone.
Yeah, I know the drill.
Okay, listen, we don't have a lot of time.
Okay, just give me a second.
(DOOR CLOSING) Here! What? I taped it to me.
Get your mind out of the gutter! Come on.
Hurry up.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) - Yeah? - Luca? It's your uncle.
Enzo! Are you okay? No.
I'm going to prison.
Did your father tell you what's going on? Yeah, he told me.
Where are you? I'm at the farm.
Pop told me to wait here.
I gotta get the passports.
I got the cash.
I'm here but I haven't heard from him.
- You haven't talked to him at all? - No.
Teresa said they got him out of the country, but, I I can't believe that.
I mean He wouldn't leave without calling me.
You know him! Luca, you listen to me, carefully.
In the deal I made with the cops, I made sure you can't be touched.
You're free.
They've got nothing on you.
I got it in writing.
I couldn't do anything to help Nats, but I wasn't gonna let them touch you! You are to take care of Adamo now.
You're all we have left.
Keep him safe.
Take him away.
There's nothing left here for either of you.
I'll keep him safe.
I promise.
And whatever you do, don't trust those 2 monsters! - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) - Yeah, we just need another moment.
Hey, Luca, I gotta go.
What should I do? Should I Should I wait? Luca, you can't wait anymore.
Your father's not coming back.
Take Adamo.
He's at daycare.
Get him as far away from here as possible.
I gotta go.
Oh! I'm so sorry, Enzo! But you did a good thing for Luca and your grandson.
No, I didn't.
I made a whole life of bad things.
You'll be fine.
I'll get that thing taken care of.
And I will be in touch soon.
We are to go to Buenos Aires when we are done, because um, they will be looking for me back home, and that will bring, uh unnecessary pressure on my father.
Do you know what he said when I told him that Christian He said: "At least it wasn't you.
" (BREATHING SHAKILY) (SOBBING) - Everything good? - Smooth as silk! - Load up my car.
- Hey, let me do the drop.
- Uh-uh.
- Come on! I'll do exactly as you say.
- Let me be your guy.
- No.
In the car.
Hey, you're getting out.
But your brother, he's got a taste for it now.
It's not gonna be easy for him to back away.
You keep an eye on him.
(SIGHING) You know, it's not a good thing to take money from a man who's going to prison.
(KNOCKING AT DOOR) (WHISPERING): I'm not expecting anyone.
Get into the bathroom.
- Yeah.
I'm heading out now.
What are you doing down there? - Oh I got a leak.
- Oh! But I have to lift up the floorboards, so I think I need a crowbar for that.
I'll get it for you.
Where is it? It's in the shed.
Red toolbox.
Be right back.
- What's this? - I don't know.
What's this? What's that? What is that? I have I've - Are you skimming from me? - No! Of course not! Tell me the truth! I don't even know where that came from! From the shed! This is on your property! - You're stealing from me! From me! - No! I would never steal from you! I don't even go in that shed! That's Twix's stuff! Declan! Declan! Declan, wait! Declan! Declan! No! Twix! - Hey, what's going on? - (ROSE): No! No! - No! Stop it! - You stole from me? - What are you talking about? - You stole from me? Please don't do this! - Did you steal from me? - I'm sorry.
Why would you do that, big man? - Why would you do that? From me? - He's my brother! Please, Declan! He's my brother! What shipment did you take it from? - Only from the bikers.
- Ah! Goddammit! Theirs was the biggest.
I didn't think they'd notice.
Goddammit! This is on you, baby! What have I been telling you? He's with you.
He's your blood.
I brought you into this.
Maybe they don't know.
Well, if they did, then this buy is a trap.
- We'll give it back.
- You don't understand! You don't understand! This is on me.
It's always on me.
That's how it works.
No one walks from shit like this.
Ah! Don't! Please! Please! Declan! Please don't! Please don't You even think of running, I will hunt you down.
- You got it? - Uh-huh.
(NELLIE): First, let me offer condolences on the loss of your son.
What I'm working on right now is getting those drugs that killed your son off the street.
You were protecting Nats.
Now, we don't care about the protection racket.
I just wanna know how something like this could've happened under your watch.
Maybe you're getting pressured.
I can help with that.
Point me in the right direction.
I'm happy to tak some bad guys off the street.
(SIGHING) Bobby, I just wanna know who killed Nats.
That's all.
All right.
Declan told me he'd bring some licorice soon.
He needs to know who killed Nats, Bobby.
It was the bikers.
What'd you say to him? I thought I'd try something a little different and offer to get him a day pass.
Still got nothing.
We'll go to his reserve, see what we can sniff out.
Just give me a minute.
(SIGHING) (LINE RINGING) Hey, I got it out of Bobby.
It was the bikers.
And Nellie wants to come to the reserve to ask questions.
Don't let her come here! No one! - Do you understand? - Yeah! Yeah! (SIGHING) Nellie! Okay, so Declan must've gotten Bobby to work for him.
That's the only way to pressure Enzo or - Hey, Nellie! - What? Just leave it.
It's a dead end.
What do you mean? We'll go to the reserve, we'll ask our questions and get No.
What are you gonna find out? He's a guy who lost his son and runs protection to get by.
It's There's nothing there.
Look, when I worked in fraud, we'd follow a trail of money and numbers and bank accounts for months and months, and sometimes, it just goes nowhere, okay? That's just how the job is sometimes! Look, we got Enzo.
And we'll find Teresa.
Just take this win and go on to fight the next fight, but to kill yourself because you don't know every little detail, I mean You're gonna lose everything you worked for.
The captain loves you right now.
You get whatever you want, just Don't screw it all up, right? Just leave it.
We're going to the reserve.
Enzo was shot.
We're being ordered back to the station.
Son of a bitch! Aren't you supposed to meet the bikers now? The bikers are working with Teresa.
- How do you know? - Because I do.
And the buy is a trap.
You trusted me, and things screwed up on my end.
I take full responsibility.
So what can I do now? How do I make this right? You can't.
Tomorrow, I'm gonna leave here.
Then I'm gonna go to war.
Enzo is dead.
But Declan never showed up.
- Where is he staying? - At the reserve.
We do this my way now! You know what? You should let it go.
You have what you need.
We'll run your fentanyl operation and distribute everywhere for you in Quebec and I can't bury my brother because of this man.
I am not going anywhere until I know he's dead.
Well, Declan doesn't give up easily.
So you better put a bullet in his head yourself.
That's what I plan to do.
Siro, let's go.
Hello? Twix, is that you? (CROWS CAWING, TAKING FLIGHT) (HORSES NEIGHING, GALLOPING) (HORSE SNORTING) (GUN CLICKING) (GUN CLICKING, DECLAN GRUNTING) Put the gun down! If you wanna see your friends, you'll put it down.
Yeah, this is it, mon gars.
You're working with her now? (ALEX): I wouldn't have, but you broke your word.
You stole from me.
ON YOUR KNEES! All right.
All right.
Reggie, I'm thinking you might be regretting having found your uncle, huh? Not much good has come from it.
It's gonna be okay.
No, Reggie, it will not.
You call yourself a boss? Let them go.
They're innocent.
Come on.
Come on, let's settle this, you and me, like bosses do.
This is between us.
Between us all.
I came to tell you something before I leave, so you really understand.
When I was 6, my mother, she died.
A week after her funeral, my father, he sent Christian and I away to school.
He's an important man, so he didn't have time to raise us or console us.
To this day, my brother and I have spent one week a year with my father, only.
At Easter.
We had no mother, no father.
At school, we we would refuse to share a room with anyone else.
We raised each other.
I don't care.
But that explains a lot.
Hmm You took him from me.
So now I take from you.
(SNIFFLING) Choose! W-what? I will count to three, and then I will choose for you.
You, um Hang on.
Hang on.
You Oh, you are so gonna die.
Just like the way your brother did.
You are gonna die.
- One - Please Let them go! Come on! - Two! - Stop! - Three! - Just stop! Stop! Please! Please! Teresa, take me.
Take me.
Please, just take me.
Take me! They're innocent.
That wasn't the choice, so I will choose for you.
(DECLAN PANTING) Wait! - It's okay.
- Reggie, quiet! - It's okay.
- No, no! So be it.
Aaah! No! Aaah!! (ROSE SOBBING, DECLAN SCREAMING) (MOANING) Oh no! (SOBBING) (SCREAMING) Now you understand.
(PANTING) (ROSE): Ah! No! No, no, no! (ROSE SOBBING) Please! I won't say anything! I want you to know, I don't like this.
But I have no choice.
(ROSE GASPING) Ah! Twix! Twix! Twix! (SOBBING) - (DECLAN): Rose - Declan? (EXHALING) (DECLAN): Rose told the cops that her brother was stealing from the bikers, and that I had nothing to do with it.
She even hid the 20 keys of coke I had in my car before they got there.
That was the last time I saw Rose.
Some things just can't be forgotten or forgiven between people.
With everyone dead and no case to make, Nellie's division got shut down.
They transferred her to fraud.
Ken, on the other hand, got a promotion.
To what I say And if you do this, it'll help you some day Reggie told me once that fingerprints were formed by friction from touching the walls of the mother's womb, that one of the things that makes you distinct from every other person on the planet is set before you're even born.
Does that mean that no one can change? What about all the choices we make? The roads we go down, that we didn't mean to? Doesn't that change us? Or are those just variations on a path to the same end point? Maybe, maybe not.
I don't know.
You know what I think? None of that matters.
I am who I am, and you are who you are.
And all of this will be over when I say it's over.
And be a simple Kind of man Oh, be something You love and understand Baby, be a simple Kind of man Oh, won't you do this For me, Son, if you can Forget your lust For the rich man's gold