Bad Mothers (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 I wanna feel it on my skin I wanna wake that fire within Come on Light the fire, light the fire in me Light the fire in me So we gather that you were one of the last people to see Charlotte alive.
We also understand that you made threats.
Well, not like that.
I was I was upset.
I I've been really worried about my marriage, my husband.
Three nights ago at a fundraiser party, I found a phone in his jacket pocket.
I had reason to believe that he's he's been having an affair.
(MUSIC PLAYING) - Hey! - Ah, here's trouble.
- Hey.
- How're you doing? Mm, good.
Look, is there any chance of getting some free drinks? Ah, no, because it's a fundraiser.
Come on, like mate's rates! Bindy, you're pushing it.
As always.
Would you look at Anton? Why is he talking to those losers? No, there's no shots.
Do not let this one lead you astray.
(LAUGHTER) A drink, thanks.
Well, at least your husband's supportive.
Mine over there looks like he's being tortured.
You OK? Yeah, I'm fine.
- Yeah? You sure? - Yeah.
That was weird.
(LAUGHTER) Can you hear me? Yes? Can you see me? Yes? Welcome, Bedford parents, to my hopefully fabulous lucrative fundraiser.
Um, lots of hard work, I'm sure you can imagine.
But I couldn't have done it without my helpers from the Bedford Mothers Club.
- Round of applause.
- (APPLAUSE) Thank you, girls.
I love you guys so, so much.
I really I love you a lot.
- And to my Vice President, Sarah.
- Yeah? (APPLAUSE) She persuaded her husband to give us this beautiful restaurant.
- Anton! - Whoo! Ah, it was nothin', it was nothin', but it was my pleasure.
That was my pleasure, but it's wonderful to see you all.
Thanks for coming out tonight.
Ooh, honours.
Of course.
The lucky raffle.
Third prize is a 2016 bottle of Indigo Bay champagne.
And the lucky winner is number 53.
(GASPS) Oh, my god! - No.
- It's me! Argh! - What? - (LAUGHTER) - Ooh! - (LAUGHTER) Rigged! Oh, shut up! Well, we do have an up-close-and-personal relationship.
And if anyone is looking for a personal trainer, I work miracles with husbands.
(LAUGHS) But when the sun arrives, I see you in my Hey, babe, we need more wine.
We're not serving alcohol anymore.
I have to work in the morning.
I'm done.
Oh, my god, come on! It's only 11.
- And I have BYO.
- Seriously! Yeah! Come on! Don't act like old people.
It's time to call it a night, OK? Um, then go home.
(LAUGHS) Hey, Anton! Come and have a drink with us.
Come on.
You just stay away from my husband.
What are you doing? Oh, my god! Are you happy now? Who are you? - Are you kidding me? - What the hell is going on? - The fundraiser is over.
- Hey! Hey! - It's done.
- Sarah! What? What? What the hell's going on? Are you sleeping with that girl? Course not.
- Where are some of those quiches? - Right this way.
We are gonna cause trou-ou-ou-ou-ouble.
Are we gonna talk about this? For a start, you're never here.
You're always working.
I am running one restaurant and I'm opening another.
But you always have time to go to the gym.
So I don't keel over and die, yeah.
Alright, so what about this, huh? I found it in your jacket, but it's not your usual phone, and there are messages on How is this funny? A punter left this phone at work and I picked it up and I put it in my jacket pocket and I forgot about it.
Oh, come on.
It's nothing.
Sarah, you cannot think that I am sleeping with Bindy Burridge.
Sarah, she's practically a child.
Come on.
Besides, I prefer my women to be smart and sophisticated and crazy, crazy jealous.
And if you want me to get a new trainer, if that's gonna make you happy, I will get a new trainer.
I'll get a big beefcake steroid guy called Sven - Stop.
- No, I will, I will.
I just need to know that you believe me.
- OK, I believe you.
I believe you.
- Good.
- (BELL RINGS) - OK, kiddo.
- Alright, I'll see you later, baby.
- See ya.
Have fun.
Bye! Incredible.
You brought your own kid to school.
Ugh, Mum made me.
- Oh, poor you.
- You don't mean that.
No, and it's your fault my head hurts this morning.
Hi, lovelies! You're not hungover either? What can I say? Irish genes.
But look, this year's caring project.
- (CHEEPING) - Baby chicks! Great! Something else to look after.
Oh, my god, I wish London was in Mr Jasic's class.
You want a chick? No, Mr Jasic's hot.
Ugh, Mrs Perfect at 3:00.
What's her problem with you? She's threatened, obviously.
- And why would that be? - Um, younger, sexier, and tighter.
And you have shagged the odd client.
Yeah, but not him! Believe that.
You guys are meant to be my friends! - Bye! - Bye! Have a good day! I love you! Why do we even bother? Sometimes it feels like that.
What was going on with the loser mums last night? (SIGHS) Ah, just this thing with Anton.
You know when you get that feeling like something is not right? You're kidding.
There is no way Anton would go after that teenage slapper.
- Hey, they're here.
- Hey.
Yes, they are.
Fluffy, free-range and gorgeous.
Oh, hello! - They're very cute.
- Very cute.
- Kids are gonna go mad.
- They are.
- They're a little bit messy.
- Yeah? Ah, the ridiculous caring project.
I think it sounds nice.
Children caring for live chicks.
It's a bigger worry than Anton and some gym bunny.
Hey, this is Anton.
Send me a text or leave me a message.
- (BEEPS) - Ah, hi.
I just wanted to say I am sorry for being crazy last night.
Just seeing if you wanted to have lunch.
I'll try again.
(RINGING) - Anton's Bistro.
- Rebecca, hi.
Is Anton around? Yeah, I wish.
He's at the gym again.
Right, OK.
Three more.
Come on, you got it.
One more, one more.
Yes! I tell you what, since I'm feeling generous, we'll skip the burpees today, alright? But well done.
You did really well.
Can I help you? Is Anton around? I can't see him.
Unless you think I'm hiding him behind a weight rack.
Actually, you just missed him.
- So he was here? - Sure.
You know, have you ever thought about working out your butt and thighs? Because I do a really, really good discount for couples.
Oh, really? I don't think so.
- Well, are you sure? - Ah, yeah.
I mean, I'm not trying to say that you're fat, babe.
I mean, you're in pretty good shape for your age, but it could be a lot better, you know? (UPBEAT MUSIC PLAYS) Where did you go, who were you with? - Does everybody want to know? - Oh, my god.
I'm tired of the shape, the shadow you make When you're looking down the barrel What was the thing, who was the one? I'd tell you if I had the chance All over the city, the suburbs and towns I'm begging someone, please, look up Don't give up, give in 'Cause everybody wants to sin Everybody wants to sin Give up, give in Give up, give in Give up, give in Everybody wants to sin (BELL RINGS) Got your message.
Some sort of crisis.
Max, you alright? We've had an unfortunate incident.
Max's chick is dead.
His chick is dead.
Max has been rather distressed about it, haven't you, mate? I didn't do it.
No-one's blaming you, buddy.
It was just an accident.
- It was Lucy.
- Max, calm down.
Big breaths.
Yeah, according to Max, Lucy sat on hers, ah, and it died.
So the kids were left on their own with their chicks? Briefly at lunchtime, yes.
That was a bit stupid.
So, if Lucy killed her chick, what's it doing in your box? Well, Max claimed she swapped it.
She did.
Yeah, apparently Max's chick has two brown feathers? Two brown feathers.
So this is Lucy Charlotte Evans's daughter? Hi.
Your daughter has stolen my son's chick.
- What? - Lucy sat on hers.
Max's has two brown feathers.
- Whether that's true or not - It is.
Lucy's at ballet.
Max just wants his chick back.
But she's not the one with issues.
- I'm sorry? - Behavioural issues.
How dare you talk about my son like that! I'm so sorry.
I don't have time for this at the moment.
Quick, quick, quick, quick! Take, take, take take it! Take it! You literally stole Charlotte's dog? Oh, she's so soft! I see it more as a hostage situation.
She's cute! - Hey, handsome.
- Hey.
Hey why don't you take the doggie out the back and give her a drink? I guess.
Come on, squirts.
Have we got a dog now? She's mine.
Spoils of war.
Funny name for a dog.
You alright, sis? Apart from wanting to kill Charlotte Evans.
(LAUGHS) Fun in the playground, eh? - Yeah - You off? - Mm.
Night shift.
- Bye.
- See ya.
- Oh, my god! - Hey, Tom.
Hey! - Hi, Bindy.
Bye, Bindy.
Oh, my god, I have literally got the best gossip.
Guess who came into the gym all pissed off about her husband? - Mrs Doctor Perfect.
- Again? No, no, no, that's not the best bit.
OK, so she was looking for Anton, but he'd just finished his workout, and then he was outside with someone else.
Guess who.
You don't really want us to guess? Charlotte! I saw them drive off together and then Sarah went after them.
Her best friend is on with her husband? Reasonably good goss.
That's terrible.
- No, it's the best! (FIERCE MUSIC PLAYS) Feel you'll leave this path untried Where all of your plans have been denied Will you roll when the dice are loaded? Pay the toll for your soul and deeds Up on high like a comet rising Till you crash into me Won't you crash into me Sarah? Wow.
You're finally home.
What are you burning? - Your clothes.
- Sorry, what? Well, I thought it might be nice for us to get lunch, for me to say sorry for my crazy, jealous accusations.
And the restaurant said that you were at the gym.
Yeah, I was.
Then I saw you there with Charlotte.
Yes, we were discussing the wrap-up from the fundraiser.
Come on.
You had to go to the Austen Hotel to do that? - I'm sorry, did you follow me? - Yeah.
It made me feel like a stalker, humiliated.
- Shit.
- Yeah, you are.
No, the kids' cubby's on fire.
Oh, shit! I am so sorry you had to come out.
Yeah, well no matter what the circumstances, Doc, burning off is absolutely not allowed.
I I know.
I'm very sorry.
Well, I'll let you guys get to bed.
I should check on the kids.
Well, you take care, mate.
Thanks for coming out.
I'll see ya.
You and Charlotte? How long? When you suggested the restaurant for the fundraiser.
Charlotte wanted to get together to talk about the menu.
Sarah, honestly, I had no idea what she had in mind.
She's my friend.
Well, then you know exactly what she's like.
What does that mean? Charlotte's a force.
Charlotte doesn't take no for an answer.
So she threw you down and you were just helpless to resist? What about the kids? - Did you even think about them? - Of course I thought about the kids.
That's bullshit and you know it.
It was just sex, Sarah.
It was just sex.
Morning, troops.
Why'd you sleep in the office? Because the paperwork I was doing bored me to sleep.
(CHIRPING) - Who's this? - Oh, um, it's my chick.
Does it have a name? Ah, yeah.
It's a she.
Ah, Xena and Xave.
I like it.
Alright, come on, guys.
Get your bags.
We're gonna be late.
Come on, guys.
Well, we've had one fatality so far.
I know, but accidents happen.
Yeah, there have been other complaints.
"What about bird flu?" "Can I prove the chicks are free-range?" "And what happens to the chicks afterwards?" I'm working on it.
You've been great, really, but this is just getting so political.
Bedford Mothers Club are involved.
Yeah, they went over my head and complained to the principal and they want to shut it down.
Luke, I'm so sorry.
Oh, no, no, no, none of this is your fault.
Oh, don't worry, I know exactly who to blame.
Maybe she hasn't noticed? She's probably too busy shagging.
Charlotte bloody Evans needs to be stopped.
Um, can I see Lucy after school? No, not today.
- Lucy has taekwondo.
- Ah, that's Thursday.
Well, it's good to know you're all over my schedule.
While you're all over my husband? You have a good day at school, sweetheart.
Can we please not do this here? I'll call you.
Charlotte, wait.
Oh, my god.
Game on! Please, I wanna talk about this now.
For god's sake, Sarah, not at school.
You're meant to be my friend.
Hey! How could you throw yourself at him? - It wasn't like that.
- Then how was it? - I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Well, you did.
That's it? (ENGINE STARTS) (REVVING CONTINUES) Hey, you OK? I feel like killing her.
Join the club.
Dammit! - Are you OK to drive? - Yeah, I'm - Crap! - Hey, I can give you a lift.
- Really, that's not - Should you even be at work? - Fair question.
- Just call in sick.
I can't.
Look, your husband is banging your best mate.
I'm pretty sure that's a good reason for a day off.
- (PHONE RINGS) - And that's my boss.
Good luck.
It's alright, I've totally got this.
You've got cash, right? Or plastic.
Plastic totally works.
Come on! Drink up, girl.
You really didn't have to do this.
Look, I know all you Bedford mothers think I'm some kind of teenage slut.
No, we don't.
- When did you have your daughter? - 17.
- Wow.
- Mm.
Well, who's her dad? It's no-one.
It's just sperm.
Drink up.
Come on, it's the best cure for heartbreak.
- Apart from a root.
- (LAUGHS) Or - This.
- Bindy, no, hey! We're outside.
No-one's gonna smell it.
Yeah, but we have kids to pick up later.
Not me.
I've got childcare totally sorted.
- Wow, lucky you.
- I know, right? But you've got Anton, who is meant to be their dad.
- Oh, my gosh.
- What? Charlotte.
We are paying her back.
You should see me in a crown I'm gonna run this nothing town - Watch me make 'em bow - So good! One by, one by, one Oh, my god.
She definitely just saw us.
Sh (LAUGHS) One by, one by You should see me in a crown Your silence is my favourite sound Watch me make 'em bow One by, one by, one Great work today, ladies, as always.
You missed the meeting.
That's because you have your meetings when normal people are at work.
Leave the chick project alone.
The children love it.
It's a great way to teach them about caring Please, save it.
It's Luke Jasic you care about.
That's not true.
I'm married.
Happily married.
That's what they all say.
Oh, she's such a tragic bitch.
- We already knew that.
- It's alright.
I have a contingency plan to deal with Charlotte.
- Like what? - Actions speak louder than words.
And the Bedford Mothers don't rule the world.
- Oh, my god.
- Sarah totally dealt it to Charlotte today.
How was your outing with Perfect Mum? (LAUGHS) It was actually pretty good.
She's way less of a rich bitch than we thought.
- Bindy! - What? She's passed out? She's such a lightweight.
I can hear you.
We weren't saying anything that bad.
And you totally need to leave Anton.
He might be sorry.
They do it once, they'll do it again, and no amount of sexy underwear or interesting toys will change that.
My advice, go hard.
Get a lawyer.
And whatever you do, do not leave the house, or you'll find yourself a single mother in rented accommodation who hasn't had sex in so long she's forgotten how.
Or something along those lines.
Oh, the kids.
Nah, it's all good.
You made your ex pick 'em up.
Yeah, but I didn't let the school know.
I'm such a bad mother.
Welcome to the club! You have Bedford Mothers, we have Bad Mothers.
Cheers, guys.
So, what are you gonna do about your cheating husband? - Go hard.
- Correct.
What on earth am I meant to do In this crowded place, there is only you Was gonna to leave, now I have to stay You have taken my breath away Ooh, ooh, ooh Is the world still spinning around, spinning around What the frick is that? I don't feel like coming down - Jesus.
Where have you been? Just had some drinks with some friends, that's all.
Oh, shit, are the kids alright? Charlotte Evans has been in an accident.
Somebody saw you outside the school fiddling with her car.
Is she OK? Minor injuries.
She'll make a full recovery, no thanks to you.
Look, it was a prank, and I was upset.
Sarah, first there was the fire.
Now there's this.
And what the hell did you do to the dog? - What dog? - Charlotte's dog is missing.
Did you harm it? I haven't done anything to anyone's dog.
What the hell's gotten into you? - What's got into me? - Yeah! You're the one that's sleeping with my best friend.
How did you think I was gonna feel? I can't breathe in this house.
And I know you like things to be perfect.
I know you like 'em to be just so.
But there's no passion here anymore.
There's no spontaneity.
So that's how you feel? Well, why didn't you just say something? This isn't working.
You've gotta feel that.
Oh, my god And so I turn The pages over I'm one year older and wiser - But desperate to believe - Charlotte? I took a shot right to the heart Your lack of sympathy It got the best of me And no-one could relieve it Hello? No-one to relieve it Sarah.
Are you OK? Well, I cut my arm in the accident.
I'm sorry, I was desperate.
I'll pay for the damage.
It's OK.
It's insured.
I get why you'd be angry with me.
Have you seen Anton? He called, yeah.
We're We're considering our options.
I know that maybe he would be happier with you, but I'm asking you not to do that.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) I'm sorry.
It sounds a bit country and western.
Please don't take my man Bad taste.
You know, I used to I used to really love how smart and witty you were.
I actually felt lucky that you were my friend.
You're so kind and loyal.
Uptight, not spontaneous.
Not all the time.
Not when you're sabotaging cars.
It just feels like everything's been ripped apart.
For us, the kids.
Why do we have to put our kids first our whole lives? Even when things are Well, I didn't know things were so bad for you.
Well, I don't tell you everything.
But things with Kyle have been bad for a very long time.
Sorry to hear.
We were friends.
Our kids, they're still friends.
I know.
But in the end, our kids will leave us.
So our lives have to be about more than just being mothers.
Listen, Max, it's starting to smell.
We could give it a nice burial.
It's not mine! I know.
Yours has got two brown feathers.
VOICEMAIL: You've called Charlotte Evans.
- Leave a message after the beep.
- (BEEP) Hello, Charlotte.
This is Maddie Hicks from school.
I'd like to offer you an exchange.
One dog for one chick.
- It's genius.
- (LAUGHS) Hey, this is brilliant.
- Does the principal - She's with us.
Happy kids, happy hens.
What's not to like? Getting one over Charlotte, that's a bonus.
Hey, it's good of your dad to help us out like this.
Actually, that's my husband.
Oh, right.
Anyway, um Hi.
Shouldn't you be at work? Oh, I'm going in.
I just I didn't want to be drunk in charge of a cannula.
I want to say something.
I do want us to be happy.
I mean, we we used to love each other.
So much.
And we owe it to Eve and Xave just not to give up.
You're right.
I want us to try.
Ah Oh, hello.
You're home early.
Yeah, teachers had a meeting.
I was just looking for your mum.
We, um, found your dog.
Wondering where she was.
And that's for me.
(CHIRPING) Two brown feathers.
Max was right.
Charlotte, I'm just here to pick up the chick.
(BARKING) Doggie? - (BARKING) - Hey, doggie? (BARKING) Doggie? Charlotte - Mum? - Stay back.
It's it's Maddie.
God, just stay where you are.
(DIALLING) So this is morning and night with food, and take the whole course this time.
- Good to see you're feeling better.
- Thanks.
Dr Sarah Pooley? Ah, yes? Detective Sergeant Holland, Metro Homicide.
This is Detective Drake.
We have a couple of questions for you, if you don't mind.
Ah, what about? A body has been found.
You knew the deceased.
Is it one of my patients? No.
No, it's a personal matter.
We'd really appreciate your help.
Well, can you just tell me who it is? Charlotte Evans.
I'm a heavyweight I'm a left turn Hey, Sarah? You alright? How long is this gonna take? I have to get my kids.
I I can do it.
Tell you my lips Don't meet Heavy breath Sharp teeth At the park in the street light, coming undone Take a hit in a fistfight, coming undone In a cab on a weeknight, coming undone I'm coming undone, I'm coming un I don't wanna hurt nobody I saw Charlotte this morning and she was fine.
I promise you, I didn't hurt her.
(DOOR OPENS) Oh, god.
(INDISTINCT WHISPERING) Interview is now concluded.
Time is 1650.
- That's it? - Oh, for now.
We'll be in touch.
Oh, hey, look, Mum's Mum's here.
Hey! Oh, you guys OK? - Yes.
- Thank you.
I hope you don't mind.
I picked them up.
Oh, not at all.
No, I I appreciate this so much.
Alright, let's get out of here.
(GASPS) Oh, my gosh! Your chick has grown! I'm sure she has.
Ooh! You're doing such a good job.
- Dinner's on the table.
- Yay! - Xavier.
- (CHIRPING) How you doing? (KNOCKING) I'll get it.
Don't start.
Don't touch the wine.
Ah, what are you doing here? I told you everything I know.
Ah, we need to speak to your husband.
- What's going on? - Your husband.
I'm Detective Holland.
This is Detective Drake.
- Anton Pooley? - Yeah, that's right.
Anton Pooley, you are under arrest for the murder of Charlotte Evans.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney (CONVERSATION FADES) Where's Dad? Oh Darling, he's just helping the police.
Come on.
Let's have dinner, then a bath, and then a story.