Bad Mothers (2019) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

1 We gather that you were one of the last people to see Charlotte alive, but we also understand that you made threats.
I've been really worried about my marriage.
Stay away from my husband! [WOMEN GASP] There is no way Anton would go after that teenage slapper.
She's my friend.
Well, you know exactly what she's like.
- [CAR REVVING] - Charlotte's a force.
Your husband is banging your best mate.
I'm pretty sure that's a good reason for a day off.
We are paying her back.
- [HORN] - What?! - Shit! - [LOUD CRASH] I'm sorry, I was drunk.
It's OK.
It's insured.
I'm such a bad mother.
Welcome to the club.
You have Bedford Mothers, we have Bad Mothers.
Cheers, guys.
We used to love each other and we owe it to Eve and Xav just not to give up.
Charlotte! Anton Pooley, you are under arrest for the murder of Charlotte Evans.
They were saying Daddy just had to go away.
- Oh, he's helping the police? - That's right.
Guys, wait here, wait here.
- Good morning, Doctor.
- What is happening with my husband? He has been charged with murder.
- When? - Last night.
He had a lawyer.
There was all due process.
And we have a warrant to take possession of your husband's vehicle for forensic analysis.
We also have a warrant to search your home.
- Are you serious? - Yes, it's a secondary crime scene.
Now, we have your husband's keys, - unless you prefer to let us in? - Yeah, look, I have a lot to do.
I also have another question for you, if you don't mind Actually, I do.
I have to take my kids to school and now I have to see my husband.
Guys, come on.
Are you gonna move? - Stop it! - Ow, my arm! Hey, Xavier, stop! Stop.
Don't hit your sister.
RADIO: A 39-year-old chef has been charged with the murder of a Bedford [RADIO SWITCHED OFF] RADIO: Mother of two, Charlotte Evans, was found dead in her home.
Police have not released any other details at this time.
- And in sport - Thanks.
[FUNKY MUSIC] Hey, guys! Your father and I waited up for you.
We were meant to have a chat.
My bad.
I had a really big night.
I have to take London to school today.
You're volunteering? Well, she is my daughter.
Bindy We cannot miss out on the goss today.
There's something we need to talk about.
Is Anton alright? I haven't seen him yet.
Should your children be at school today? It'll be gossip central.
It already is.
[BELL RINGS] Um, yeah Hey, guys.
Come on.
We're taking today off.
Ah, here she is.
Dropping her kid at school again.
Mother of the year.
Is the chef that got arrested Anton? - Who else would it be? - My God! I can't believe I trained a killer.
Though, he's got pretty good core strength for an old guy, you know? Maybe too much.
There's no way Anton could be a murderer, though.
So you know more than the entire police force? I could find out.
I know people who know people.
We are gonna cause trouble.
We're having a special assembly to talk to the kids.
It's gonna be tough.
Oh, God.
Poor Lucy, losing her mum.
Are these hers? Yeah.
She's actually quite talented.
[CURIOUS MUSIC] God, they're pretty dark Mmm.
It makes you think, doesn't it? Would you want to meet up after school, maybe get a glass of wine? - I, um - [KNOCKING] Yeah, just a second mate.
Let's talk later.
Who's that? Oh, Lachie, mate.
How are you? [CAMERA SHUTTER NOISE] Hey, guys.
Looking good.
Hey, it's Sam, right? - Yeah, that's right.
- Oh, good, because I'm really good with faces and bods.
Especially bods.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] - But names, ugh, not so much.
And you're a cop, right? - Yeah.
- Oh, that's so cool.
It's just one of my clients, Anton, the chef, he's been arrested for murder - Oh.
- and it's so crazy, but I was just wondering, did you, like, arrest him or - Oh, me? - Yeah.
No, no, I just heard on the news.
Oh Oh, so you don't know anything about it? Well, when we start our shift, we might interview witnesses, go door-to-door, that kind of thing.
My God, seriously? That is so cool.
Do you think if you found something out, you could, I dunno, like, tell me? I'd be so grateful.
I probably can't, eh? Aw, that's a shame.
It's good to see you.
I don't understand this.
Like, what possible grounds do they have? The cops knew about the affair.
And they knew that I met Charlotte yesterday, before she was found.
Wait, when? I met her to call it off.
- I wanted to make a go of this - Why didn't you tell me that? Because I didn't want to worry you.
[SCOFFS] Oh, my God.
We talked, Sarah.
We talked.
That was it.
And I took her home.
Well, then why do they think that you did this? Because a neighbour saw us go into the house together.
They're saying that she was strangled before she fell.
The last time I saw her, she was fine.
I promise you, she was alive and well.
Please, I just need you to believe me.
You know, they should be looking at her husband.
- What, Kyle? - Yeah, Kyle.
- Why? - Charlotte was always saying how controlling he was, how angry he gets.
[SCOFFS] This is I wouldn't do something like this.
It's me.
It's me, I wouldn't do this.
I couldn't do it.
[KNOCKING] Time's up.
[SAD, PENSIVE MUSIC] Oh, Kyle, hi.
I'm I'm so sorry about Charlotte.
Yeah, we all are.
Hi, Lucy.
Hi, Julius.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Julius has got to give a further statement.
He found his mother.
Yeah, I heard.
Well, we'd better get on with it.
[TENSE MUSIC] - Sarah! Hey.
- Oh, hi.
Sorry, I don't want to bug you.
Um, how well do you know Charlotte's husband, Kyle? I know him to speak to at the odd BBQ.
What's he like? A bit distant.
Angry? Shouty? Not that I know of, why? Ah, I just happened to see these.
Lucy's pictures.
Don't they just scream angry? What if Kyle found out Charlotte was having an affair, you know, - flew into a jealous rage - I just have so much to deal with right now, lawyers, banks - It's OK, leave it with me.
- OK, bye.
It's a small place.
I know everyone.
Were the kids OK? Xavier was restless, drawing on the magazines.
I got Julia to take them to the shops.
That's kind of you.
I know I've had my differences with Anton, but murder? - Alleged.
- Well, I assume he'll get bail? The lawyer said he needs security, a million.
Well, your house would more than cover it.
Most of that is mortgage.
I have to see the bank.
Well, I've cancelled your afternoon appointments and I could drop the kids home later.
Thank you.
I am still your mother.
Dr Pooley.
You got time for that question now? I made an appointment.
Sorry, shoes? Yes, was the deceased wearing shoes like this when you saw her? Charlotte always wore high heels, except when she was running.
- And when you saw her? - I wasn't there to look at her shoes.
Sorry, why is this important? It's pertinent to the inquiry.
So you want answers from me while you're holding my husband? What does shoes have to do with anything? The deceased was found with only one shoe.
Her name was Charlotte.
Stop calling her 'the deceased'.
- She was my friend.
- Apologies.
We're trying to work out why she had one shoe missing.
I have no idea.
Thank you for your time.
Hi, Rebecca.
What is it? What are the cops doing here? It's a secondary crime scene or something.
- Anton met Charlotte here.
- How do they know that? The guy doing the kitchen re-fit, he was here yesterday.
He heard them arguing.
Yeah, now he's pissed, 'cause the cops won't let him back in.
What, to work? No, he wants to repossess some items.
He says Anton hasn't paid him.
Yeah, that's crazy, of course we have money.
So I checked with the bank and we have no money.
At all.
I knew we were mortgaged but not like this, and you raided You raided the kids' education fund.
That was meant to be short term, OK? Remember I told you about the investor for the new restaurant, said he was being an arse? Yeah, he pulled out.
Well, you didn't tell me that! I didn't ask you to raise the money for bail.
I told you that I would take care of it.
Yeah, because you knew, you knew I'd find out that we were broke.
I didn't want to worry you.
As a strategy, that isn't working and you need to start telling me the truth.
I'm sorry.
Time for court.
This is a disaster.
JUDGE: The prosecution is correct that this is a very serious charge, and since the defendant cannot satisfy the legislative requirements for bail, I have no choice but to refuse the application and remand him in custody.
The matter is adjourned.
No, no, no, wait, I can explain! Hey, Sam.
Did you Did you find something out, or Do you know that you have two bald tyres? Oh, I did not know that.
- [CHUCKLES] - Oh, my God.
Um But I actually meant about Anton, you know, the chef guy? Actually, I had to guard a crime scene connected to the case.
So what did you find out? Not much.
Then I got re-deployed to a traffic incident.
Hey do you want to go out? Maybe grab dinner? Maybe.
Do you think you could find out anything else about Anton? Well, I do have a mate in Homicide I can talk to, if it's just between us, I mean.
Sure, then I'd love to go out.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Hey, Danielle, hi.
[VIA PHONE] I don't want to bug you but I found out some stuff about Charlotte and Kyle's happy marriage.
What kind of stuff? Let's just say Kyle wasn't husband of the year.
Come over to mine.
- I'm not sure if I can.
- No, you have to.
Hi, Kyle.
What are you doing here? Is it alright if Lucy sees your boy for a minute? Why? I don't know, she's having a meltdown about it.
Are you sure that's appropriate given everything that's going on? Do I look excited to be here? Kyle Did you know about Charlotte and Anton? The affair? Charlotte didn't bother to hide it, so yeah, I knew.
And now that she's gone, I I dunno, I I've gotta deal with my daughter who says she's totally going to kill herself if she doesn't see your boy.
What's that about? It's not Romeo and Juliet is it? She's eight.
Yeah, look, forget it.
I'll tell Lucy your boy was too busy.
[DARK, BROODING MUSIC] Hey, hey, how was the day? Oh, bad? Yeah, kids kept asking where people go when they die.
- Oh, God.
- Yeah.
I could really use that drink.
I can't really do that.
Oh, go on.
You know you want to.
Look, Luke, I'm really sorry if I've given you the wrong impression.
- No, you haven't.
- I'm married.
Happily married.
To a guy twice your age.
That's not true.
Look, I'm flattered, I really am.
- It's very - G'day, folks.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You ready to rock and roll? - Yeah, yeah.
Oh, you're Francesca's teacher, right? Yeah, right.
- Tom Hicks.
- Luke Jasic.
Supermarket! Family that shops together Sage advice.
Let's go.
See ya.
Ah, here's Max.
Hey, Maxy.
- What are you doing here all alone? - Where's Mum? God, you two, I am so sorry.
- Don't stress.
- Maxy's fine.
He's on the computer.
Jesse is so bloody useless.
Help yourself, sis, you always do.
Blame Jesse for everything.
Danielle, someone here for you.
Oh, you made it.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Hi, Doc.
Oh, sorry, I don't want to interrupt.
Sit down, I'll grab you a drink.
Look, I really shouldn't.
The kids are with the neighbours and I've got to call Anton's parents but um Kyle came over to my place.
- He did? - That's odd.
He admitted he knew about the affair and the way he spoke about Charlotte, it was really cold.
Well, he does have violent streak.
How do you know? Have a drink.
This might take a while.
Mrs Grant's sister used to do the cleaning for Kyle and Charlotte.
Now, I thought she'd stopped because of her arthritis, but actually, she couldn't stand the fighting.
Charlotte never said it was that bad.
There are a lot of things she never told you, honey.
There was shouting, throwing, Charlotte threatened to leave him.
Seriously, is this any of our business? Anyway, Nicole, who I know from swimming, she works in the office at Kyle's construction company.
She says that he's way moody.
Apparently he had a fight with a tradie and the guy 'fell off' some scaffolding, and you know that Charlotte was rich.
Yeah, but she didn't make a big deal of it.
Babe, she was loaded.
Women Today from 2003.
'Hero Yachtie Marries Heiress.
' Charlotte was the one with money and that's a motive.
We know someone else who needed money, Anton.
That Kyle would stand to inherit.
Hey, it's been real.
You know where to catch me.
He's off to his man-cave.
Where his first love lives, his motorbike.
Seriously, what if Charlotte wanted to leave and Kyle got angry? I'm sorry, this is ridiculous! It makes complete emotional sense and it means that it's not Anton.
He's already betrayed you twice, the affair, the money - Maddie! - Look, look, OK, Anton can be thoughtless and impulsive, yes, but he's not violent.
[FUNKY MUSIC] To be honest, when you said fish and chips at the beach, I was thinking ew, so cheap.
- Cold.
- No, this is actually really nice.
But there is one thing missing.
Tada! You do know that's potentially illegal? But is it really? I mean, it's not like it's a spliff.
A person must not have in his or her possession any liquor other than liquor in a container with an unbroken seal.
So, Officer, are you going to arrest me? Uh [CHUCKLES] Mmm.
Have you got handcuffs? But, not on me! Maybe later then.
[ACOUSTIC GUITAR] [LAUGHS] [SIGHS] I've been wanting to do this for ages.
Ask you out, I mean.
You know, I've seen you around the gym and I've thought, you're dreaming, mate.
Oh, come on.
I'm not that scary.
You're totally kick arse.
[CHUCKLES] You must have the guys hitting on you all the time.
Oh, yeah, tell me about it.
Boyfriend? No way, no.
Actually, you're the first guy I've been on a date with that hasn't been a Tinder hook-up.
Isn't it? [ROCK MUSIC] Cheers.
We should probably just get this over with.
- Sorry? - You know, like, what you know, what I know, so that it doesn't hang over us and ruin the vibe.
You did talk to your mate about Anton, right? Oh, right, yeah.
So? What's the goss? [GRUNTS] Bindy, I really like you but, as a sworn officer, I'm obliged to maintain certain standards and yeah.
No, it's cool.
It's good.
Never mind.
[SIGHS] I can just order an Uber.
- It's all good.
- Wait, you're leaving? Yeah.
I just really wanted to help my friend because she's so pissed off that her husband's been arrested and no one's telling her anything about it.
And then I was hoping that I could screw your brains out.
But it's all good.
Fasal in a Honda Civic is three minutes away, so I will see you at the gym.
No, no, wait, wait.
I do know something.
So do you want me to cancel it, or Uh Yeah.
Are you ever coming in for bed? Why do you have to do this? Get involved in things? This is a police investigation.
It's not some kindy committee thing.
I'm just trying to help Sarah.
Who are those people to you, anyway? - 'Those people'? - Yeah, you know, rich, trendy, up themselves.
Sarah's not rich.
Well, not anymore.
Yeah, but you know what I mean.
They'll use you, then they'll drop you like a hot brick.
You trust her enough to be your doctor.
I just I don't want you to get hurt, that's all.
- I know what you're like.
- Nosey.
No, just too nice.
You're too kind.
You're sweet.
- Don't be long.
- Mmm.
- [DARK, BROODING MUSIC] - 'Well done, you've made it, Milo.
You've reached the home of Zee.
The little boy you've travelled so very far to see.
Together at last, Milo and Zee.
The end.
' Milo got his friend.
I know, it's great.
Can I watch TV? Uh, not tonight.
You guys need to know something about Daddy.
He's been arrested.
Why? Well, the police are saying that he had an argument with Charlotte and that she got hurt.
You mean he killed her? Daddy says that's not true and I believe him.
And you both need to know that he loves you very much.
I need to talk to Lucy.
Not now.
- I want to see her.
- Xavier.
Not now.
When will Daddy be home? [SIGHS] Not for a while.
[CHUCKLES] Morning, beautiful.
Hey, I had a really good time last night, but - Mm-hmm.
- I'm really late for work, so I've gotta go.
- I'll call you? - Great.
Kyle was abusive with Charlotte and other people.
Charlotte was threatening to leave and she had all the money.
Yes, we are aware of their financial situation.
OK, but when I saw Kyle, it was like he wasn't even sad that she's dead.
See, I admire your tenacity, Doctor, but I wouldn't tell you that someone with a runny nose was dying of pneumonia.
- What? - Areas of expertise.
We have this thing called evidence.
OK, so what exactly is your evidence against my husband? I'm not at liberty to discuss that.
Can you please not patronise me? I am not.
I know you care about your husband but you really need to leave this to us.
[ENGINE STARTS] [TENSE MUSIC] He wouldn't even listen.
It was like I was making it up.
- Hey, ladies.
- Hey.
Oh, how did you go with the cop? Oh, it was actually really good.
He's pretty cute.
Oh, but also, not good, they totally think Anton did it.
- What? - Apparently Kyle has an alibi.
- He does? - Yeah.
According to my cop guy, he was away all day - on some building site.
- No Wait a minute, you went out with a police officer to find this out? - Yeah, I slept with him, as well.
- Oh, my gosh! No, but it's all good, honestly, I'm just, I'm more sad for you because it means Kyle can't have done it.
But Oh, my God, no, don't look [TENSE MUSIC] What? Apparently you and your mates have been asking questions about me.
- I didn't - Look, I know Anton's a prick - but I expected more from you.
- Excuse me? I thought you had principles.
I thought you'd respect what my family and I have gotta go through since you were friends with Charlotte.
This is my life, alright? It's not gossip.
[TENSE MUSIC] [ENGINE STARTS] [CAR DRIVES OFF] Hey, are you alright? - Is there anything I can do? - No, no.
This whole thing has nothing to do with either of you, so please just stay out of it.
[GRITTY ROCK MUSIC] - How are the kids? - They're devastated.
I know this is hard, Sar, but none of this is your fault.
It is all him.
You're pleased that this is happening.
- No.
- Dr Pooley, you have a patient.
Julius, hi.
I've got an appointment.
Uh, yeah, sure, come in.
Well, your acne seems much better.
Your skin's not too dry? At least I don't look like a freak anymore.
Julius, I'm so sorry about your mum.
They say it wasn't an accident.
I know Anton's been arrested.
I know Mum could be a pain sometimes - She wasn't.
- She could be.
Your mother, she was strong and brave and beautiful and stylish.
She always had the best shoes.
I met your mum when I was in the maternity ward with my son.
I was just a mess and she showed me how to get through it, how to be a mum.
She already had a beautiful little boy who she loved to bits.
And that was you.
[SAD MUSIC] Look, I know you miss her.
I do too.
If you want to talk, I'm here anytime.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Sorry, I've Hi, is everything alright? Ah, Mrs Pooley.
Uh - Hey.
- We had a bit of an incident today.
Xavier tried to leave the school grounds at lunchtime.
What? Xavier? Why would you do that? Darling, hey, why did you leave? I wanted to see Lucy.
You wouldn't let me.
I didn't say that.
Yes, you did.
She's my friend.
I'm just looking for Max.
Oh, yeah, your partner came and picked him up.
You shouldn't have done that.
I didn't realise there were issues.
There are now! Jesse! [ROCK MUSIC PLAYS ON RADIO] Jesse! Keep your hair on.
Where's Max? Upstairs.
What's the problem? You didn't even let me know you were picking him up.
I texted! I'm pretty sure Jesse, you can't just play at being mum when you feel like it.
You walked out on us.
You've got no rights.
You don't pay maintenance, you're unreliable - Hey, Mad - Max! Hi, I'm Phoebe.
Yeah, this is Maddie.
It is so nice to finally meet you.
Jess has told me so much about you.
Funny, she's told me nothing about you.
Max, are you ready to go? Phoebe, look! I made the swan! - That is terrific! - [CHUCKLES] Kids like Max often enjoy origami.
What would you know about my son? Phoebe's a pre-school teacher, so she's up on this Max, get your things.
We're going.
But I want to stay.
Max, let's get your bag, shall we? Come on, buddy.
Do you have to be so uptight? [SCOFFS] No, no, no, you don't get to be the cool one after all the shit you've put me through.
From now on, you only get to see Max when and if I say so.
I'll be in the car.
[GRITTY ROCK MUSIC] What is this butt-ugly truck doing in our driveway? Bindy, we need to have that talk.
Yeah, can it wait? I really need to have a shower.
No, it can't.
We've been trying to talk to you for days.
We've sold the house.
[LAUGHS] No, you haven't.
We had an offer and we accepted.
And we've also bought the RV because we're going around Australia.
Mum! I can't just leave.
What about my clients? And London! She's going to miss all of her little friends.
You're not coming and neither is London.
Oh, my God.
Is this your sick way of trying to get me to take more responsibility for childcare? No.
This isn't all about you, Bindy.
Oh, my God.
[WHINES] Is it cancer? Oh, my God! Is Dad dying? No! We just want to do something for ourselves for a change.
I'm sorry I was so rude to you.
You've been so kind.
I know what it's like to have guys let you down.
- What, Tom? - Oh, God, no! Tom saved me.
I used to work in hotel management, work hard, party harder, and I had this boyfriend.
He used to lose it sometimes.
Anyway, one night, we had this fight and I escaped to the roof of the building.
I couldn't get down.
Then there was Tom.
My knight in a shining fire truck.
Really? He was so kind.
And his wife had just died.
He was struggling.
Romy was, like, six.
That'd be hard, taking on someone else's children.
Tom gave me everything I always wanted, a family, safety.
And I love kids.
To be honest, I'd kind of like to have another one.
I didn't think you and Tom wanted What? Kids? Has he said something to you, as his doctor? Maybe you should just talk to Tom.
MADDIE: Go see your cousins.
Now he hates me.
But I hate her even more.
What happened? Jesse decided to take my son when she almost never does and then I find out she's got herself a new squeeze.
Some 30-year-old kindy fairy! Well, she was bound to find someone else eventually.
Excuse me? Well, we're all dealing with shit here, Maddie.
Look, I know you're having a hard time of it, but hello, wake up, partners let you down.
Life isn't perfect and now you know.
I think I'm gonna go.
- You don't have to.
- [SIGHS] Kids, come on.
- That was mean.
- It's the truth! Look, I know Jesse can do what she wants now, but I always thought one day she might come back.
[SAD MUSIC] Oh, Mads.
[ROCK MUSIC VIA RADIO] - Tom - [MUSIC STOPS] Oh, sorry, love.
Is dinner ready? [SIGHS] Did Did you tell Sarah that you don't want to have another baby? Is that what she said? You told me to stay away from her because You told her things that you didn't want me to know.
- Can I just say something - You know how much having another maybe means to We talked about it! No, you talked about it.
You never asked me how I felt, because you don't stop for a breath long enough.
I went to my annual check-up and I asked her about having a vasectomy.
I asked her.
She said I should probably go home and talk to my wife.
Yeah, but you didn't.
Because I know how badly you want another baby.
And now I know you don't.
I just don't think I could cope with another kid.
But I can! - [SAD MUSIC] - I know.
Dinner's in ten.
[TENSE MUSIC] The kids send their love.
I'll bring them in when I can.
Great, thanks.
I miss 'em.
Look, you're gonna be here for at least a month until they decide whether there's a case to answer.
So I spoke to my lawyer and we can appeal the bail thing.
We have no money, Anton.
What did you argue about with Charlotte? The contractor at the new restaurant, he heard you guys arguing.
[DARK, BROODING MUSIC] Charlotte said that I was That I was gutless for ending it.
Did you ask her for money? I did, but it was more of an investment.
It was an investment.
And then I told her that it wasn't going to work because of you.
And if Kyle found out, he'd hit the roof.
I mean the guy's got a temper.
Well, Kyle also has an alibi and you don't, so who else could it be? I don't know.
But Sarah, I feel like someone has set me up.
Please, please, please, I just need you to believe me.
You've just told me so many lies So I honestly do not know what to believe anymore.
Xav? Sweetheart.
Look, I know you want to see Lucy.
I think it's great that you guys are still friends.
We'll sort it out tomorrow, OK? I promise.
Oh, hi.
Just been at my Grandma's.
Uh, is your dad home? Dunno.
[MYSTICAL MUSIC] Yeah, Dad's here.
Wallet and keys are there.
Your dad leaves his keys there every time he's home? Yeah.
[DARK, GRITTY MUSIC] KYLE: Thought I heard something.
You right, mate? How was last night? Grandma made me eat cauliflower.
Well, I told her to.
You love cauliflower.
I thought it best to keep the kids out of the house while the cops are going through the place.
Um, yeah, I I just wanted to say, I Xavier would like to see Lucy sometime.
Alright, yeah.
Why should kids have to suffer 'cause of their parents' crimes, right? [TENSE MUSIC] Keys and a wallet? Yes, when you saw Charlotte, were there keys and a wallet in the hallway in a big bowl? I don't remember.
Why is this important? Well, Kyle's alibi is that he was away all day on a building site, but when I saw Charlotte in the morning, his keys and wallet were in the bowl.
So he was there in the house? I'm sure of it and if he lied about his alibi, what else is he lying about? God, I was so right.
He did it! Damned if we do damned if we don't Damned if we let it go damned if we won't Damned if I leave, damned if I stay Damned either way.
You have to tell the police.
Not after last time.
I can't go back until I have proof.
Gosh, that'll be easy.
Hello? - Hey! - Finally.
You are not gonna believe what just happened.
So, my parents have decided to sell the house and become old backpackers and now I have nowhere to live and I have to look after London all by myself.
- Wow.
- Poor you.
You don't mean that.
Come on, you have had it pretty easy up until now! I pull my weight.
If that weight was a teeny-weeny feather.
Stop it, you two.
Guys, I'm homeless.
Why does everything have to be about you? Because I always have the biggest problems.
[CLEARS THROAT] Except Sarah, maybe.
- [LAUGHS] - And that wasn't funny.
Your life has turned to shit.
I know! Total implosion.
Here's to disaster.
And to selfish parents who take a dump on your life.
- Oh, my God.
- It's not all about you! I think you'll find that it is.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Look, I know what you did.
- No, you don't.
And if you were any kind of man, you would tell the police the truth.
VOICE-OVER: They're getting closer to the truth.
He is the killer.
Yeah, which is exactly why our play date with him is dangerous.
Well, that can't be good for business.
But the further they dig [GASPS] the more dangerous this game becomes.
- VOICER-OVER: The wicked new series - [LAUGHTER] WOMAN: How do you always manage to land on your feet? I know, right? If it helps Anton, it is worth the risk.