Bad Mothers (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 I've been really worried about my marriage.
- How could you throw yourself at him? - I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Well, you did.
- Hey, are you OK? I feel like killing her.
It's the chef that got arrested.
- Anton? - My god.
I can't believe I trained a killer.
The cops knew about the affair.
They're saying that she was strangled before she fell.
They should be looking at the husband.
- WOMAN: What, Kyle? - Yeah, Kyle.
Hey, do you want to go out? According to my cop guy, he was away all day on some building site.
You went out with a police officer to find this out? Yeah.
I slept with him as well.
- I'm such a bad mother.
- Welcome to the club! You have Bedford mothers, we have bad mothers.
Cheers, guys.
JUDGE: I have no choice but to remand him in custody.
Did you know about the affair? Charlotte didn't bother to hide it.
Charlotte was the one with money and that's a motive.
Kyle's alibi is that he was away all day on a building site.
But when I saw Charlotte in the morning, his keys and wallet were in the bowl.
And if he lied about his alibi, what else is he lying about? Cheers to disaster.
- Cheers.
- WOMEN: Cheers.
I'm tired of walking in a straight line Playing for the right side, baby, it's time I'm gonna laugh I'm sick and tired of fighting, trying to do the right thing Baby, it's time to come alive Ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh To come alive Ooh-ooh-ooh, to come alive.
I'm so glad I'm over the share-house phase of life.
Oh, come on - parties and sex with random strangers Flatmates eating your food, pawning your guitar.
- Always packing boxes.
- You play guitar? I didn't have to worry about that, seeing as my parents put all my stuff in storage.
- All your stuff? - Yeah.
Washing machine, dryer, kitchen utensils.
- Isn't that their stuff? - Wait, you play guitar? Well, that can't be good for business.
Who's gonna break it to Sarah? [CLICK] We are gonna cause tro-o-o-o-ouble "A killer.
" Did you call the police? What are they gonna do? They're gonna catch who did it.
It's vandalism.
Honestly, that is the least of our worries right now.
If you can just sign the power of attorney.
Could you please witness? - MAN: Sure.
- Thanks.
[SIGNS] I never thought it'd come to this.
Well, I have creditors calling every day.
We have to pay bills.
Unless you want to sell the restaurant.
- No.
- Well, Rebecca's doing her best.
But things are not good.
The restaurant is the one thing keeping me sane in here, Sarah.
If we sell it, it looks like we're giving up.
It looks like it's an admission of guilt.
Alright, look, there is one thing but I don't want to get your hopes up.
- Huh? - Kyle's alibi is that he was at a building site all day but I just I just don't believe him.
Why not? Well, there are just some things that don't add up.
[LAUGHS] That's good.
That's That's good.
Well, I haven't got any proof yet, so just It means you believe me.
We had plans today.
I took time off work especially.
Well, she wants to do the art incursion.
Bye, all.
- Bye.
- Bye, darling.
I'm gonna take this one off to holiday program.
- Yeah, and what about my plans? - Just enjoy some kid-free time.
I happen to like children, as you know.
Especially babies.
I do know.
Alright, let's go, Picasso, hey? Get this show on the road.
- I'll pick up dinner.
- Bye.
Yeah, I've just already explained that I won't be able to make the payment until the end of the month.
- [KNOCK AT DOOR] - Hey, it's just me.
Yeah, no, of course you will receive the payment.
But it just won't be immediately.
- Thank you.
- [HANGS UP] - Is this a bad time? - Oh, god.
It's just It's just It's just restaurant stuff.
Like, Anton, he's a brilliant chef but just no head for business and then I'm trying to get my head around it all and ordering schedules and inventory, covers I could take a look at it, if you like.
I used to run a restaurant.
I can go through the books.
- Are you sure? - Yeah.
- Really? - Yeah.
Alright, Xave, have you found your boots? - Could be muddy.
- Where are you off to? Oh, I've just arranged a playdate for Xavier at the building site where, um where Kyle works.
You what? Well, we know that Kyle was there the morning that Charlotte was killed.
Yeah, yeah, the keys in the bowl.
So, what if he never went to work? He is the killer.
Yeah, which is exactly why a playdate with him is dangerous.
It'll be fine.
I just need to see if the time frame fits.
Concrete work boots spring to mind.
A little workplace accident Yeah, but it's broad daylight.
There will be people around.
You know what, if it helps Anton, it is worth the risk.
Just be careful.
I will.
Xave, come on.
I'm counting to three.
- BOY: I'm coming! - I'll call you later.
One Two and a half Ah.
Sarah Pauley to see Kyle Evans.
MAN: Yeah.
Can I see your licence, please? - Really? - Mmm.
We log all our visitors on site.
Do you keep a record of everyone who's on site? Sure do.
How long do you keep them? - [KNOCKS] - Oh, my god - [LAUGHS] - Hello.
Good that you can make it this far.
Well, yeah, Xavier just loves diggers, so Great.
Well, come through and I'll give you a tour.
[KNOCKS] Hello? Excuse me.
Is anyone Oh, hi.
We're actually not open just yet.
- You're Rebecca, the manager? - Yes.
I'm Danielle.
I'm a friend of Sarah's.
The owner's wife.
Yeah, I know who Sarah is.
I just wanted to see how things were going.
Well, as I told Sarah, we're doing the best we can.
It's pretty hard to keep the place vibing without Anton.
I can imagine.
The bad publicity has hit us pretty hard lost two staff and it's just about killed our walk-ins.
Yeah, what is happening with the graffiti out the front? Well, I called a painter but he can't come till tomorrow.
It would be good to get rid of it before the lunch service.
Yeah, but I can't spare the staff and I'm too busy.
I can do it.
So, if if you've got some paint - Sure.
- Great! [MACHINERY CLANGS AND HUMS] - That's wicked.
- [LAUGHS] Yeah.
But don't get too close, alright? Just stay with me.
Can't have you being a hazard.
- What's that? - He means danger.
It's a very dangerous place.
Well, when the guys break for lunch, do you want to jump on one of the excavators? - Yeah.
- Yeah? Should we have something to eat first? - Alright.
- Can we get a pie? Sure.
It's not a real work site experience without a pie.
Well, actually, I have a call I need to make.
- It's this restaurant business.
- Alright.
I'll get Bronwyn to take them to the bakery for a pie and you can make your call.
- Thanks.
I'll catch up with you later.
- OK.
[WHISTLES] Rowan! Don't wander off, though, will you? MAN: Hey, you right there? Oh, yeah, great.
You know, I was just thinking, it must be so hard keeping track of all these people.
It's not that hard.
Well, the workers don't sign in.
No, just the visitors.
Well, how does that work? You're really interested in this? Oh, I run a business.
We're upgrading our security.
Unless, you know, it's it's some big secret.
[CLEARS THROAT] We have this app, you see.
It logs employees in and out automatically.
That's fascinating.
Maybe we could, um - I know they're just cast-offs but - No, they're awesome! Oh, but the gays have everything covered.
- The gays? - Yeah, Blake and Ganesh.
They're my new roommates.
They're so cute.
[CAR LOCK BLEEPS] Everything's brand-new.
And they pay for a cleaner twice a week.
Free cleaner.
- And the best bit - they never go out, so they're even happy to babysit.
How do you always manage to just land on your feet? I know, right? Don't you just love the gays? You're asking that as if I'm not gay.
Yeah, lesbians are different.
Well, you're just lucky you've got help.
I had to leave Max with a neighbour this morning, then I have to take him into work.
[TEXT MESSAGE BLEEP] Ugh! My boss could not find a file if it was nailed to his leg.
Couldn't Jesse just look after him? I refuse to let her swan in for the school holidays and be all 'fun mum'.
Mate, you're crazy.
I would just take the free babysitting.
Here's your redirected mail.
You can stop having it sent to my place now.
Thank you.
Oh, postcards.
My parents are so old-school.
Oh, no! This is police harassment.
Four parking fine reminders and a speeding fine, which I didn't even know about, so that's fake news.
I don't issue parking tickets.
Well, what about the speeding fine? It's from a camera.
Do I look like a speed camera? Look, I don't know how you're pulling this off but you are using the system to get to me.
Look, you're driving a car with bald tyres.
- I reported you for your own safety.
- No-one would give me roadworthy.
- Is that meant to be my fault? - Uh, yes.
You are so mean.
Look, I'm not persecuting you, OK, even if you do drive me nuts.
I drive you nuts? In a good way.
Right, well, you really annoy me too, so Mmm, mmm Uh, maybe not here.
- What? - Uh, what are you doing now? You.
KYLE: See you in a minute.
Kids are stuffed full of cheese and mince.
How's everything at the restaurant? Oh, um [GROANS] Yeah, not good.
Hardly surprising.
It's good food, though.
Charlotte and I had our anniversary dinner there.
Yeah, I arranged the table, back when it was hard to get a booking.
Boss is here.
Wait, I thought you were the boss.
Oh, my father-in-law, Patrick.
Oh, I met him once at one of Lucy's birthdays.
The owner of everything - you're looking at.
- [PHONE DINGS] Me included.
Um, do you need to catch up with Patrick? No, no.
We've got diggers to drive.
You know, you really didn't have to do that.
Oh, Sarah seemed pretty stressed.
She wanted some advice.
What are her concerns? Oh, she's a little worried.
You know, I'm doing the best I can.
It hasn't been easy.
You need to take a firm hand.
Chefs are chefs but they need some managing.
Do you have any idea how much I've gone through trying to hold this place together? They were just suggestions.
You know what, I love Anton but I don't need this shit.
Hey I was just trying to help.
I'm doing my best, OK, and if that's not good enough, then I quit.
Rebecca, you can't go.
Oh, sh He's lovin' it.
- Yeah.
- [PHONE DINGS] - Dad? - Sorry? - My turn, Dad.
- Yep.
- You have to take me.
- OK, OK.
- Um, just give us a second.
- Sure.
Well, um, thanks for showing us around.
Sure you don't want to go up the crane? I have to pick up Eve.
- Right.
- [STARTS ENGINE] - Take care.
- Thanks.
Matty, the woman who just left, what was she asking you about earlier? You've dragged Max into your office, where he'll be bored out of his brain.
He's perfectly happy.
He's playing with the photocopier.
He needs to be outside.
I can take him to the park.
Actually, he's having some bloke time with his uncle.
Oh, didn't think to mention this to me before? G'day, Jess.
Don't stop fighting on my account.
I'm just explaining to Jesse that if she wants to spend time with Max, she has to arrange it.
Trust me, I've tried.
It's crazy.
See you, Jess.
Nice timing.
You're being petty.
Don't forget vindictive.
She's just using Max to lure in her child-obsessed girlfriend.
Divorced blokes have been using that tactic for years.
Doesn't make it something to emulate.
Some women are just into kids.
You know Danielle wants another one, don't you? That shouldn't surprise you.
She's young, energetic, goes gaga over babies.
I would've loved a sibling for him.
But that ship sailed, along with Jesse and my withering ovaries.
I know the feeling.
You can go squirting out progeny till you're 104.
Well, I actually don't want to.
I know Danielle's not happy about it.
- But what if it's the clincher? - For what? Well, what if she gets fed up with me? You said it yourself - she's young, she's energetic.
Why are you still telling me this stuff? You two are meant to be my role models, happy, no surprises.
This isn't ideal uh, but I'm sure together, you know, we can pull it off.
Where are you going? Rebecca's gone.
It's over.
Anton will be gutted if you leave.
I know he totally respects you.
Who are you, exactly? Danielle.
I worked for Selas De Castro Hotels.
- I managed the Pine Hill Brasserie.
- Oh.
Never heard of it.
Well, it was a while ago.
I'm begging with you, pleading with you, to please stay.
Not for me.
For For Anton.
That was actually a really good workout.
I think something got bent.
Are you alright? - The bed slats.
- Oh.
[LAUGHS] Right.
- I'm so happy.
- Oh, me too.
And I'm gonna be so much richer now that I don't have to pay those parking fines.
What do you mean? Well, you're gonna wipe them for me, right? Like, in the policey thingy system Whew.
That's not how it works.
Wait, I still have to pay the parking fines? Yes.
After what we just did to each other? - Of course.
- Are you kidding? If you can't afford parking fines, then stop parking badly.
I don't park badly, OK? It's rock star parking.
No, no, no.
The definition of rock star parking is getting a legal park right in front of where you're going.
Well, you're not a rock star, so how would you know? Well neither are you, which is why it's just bad parking.
Bindy Bindy, wait! Why are you so upset? - You used me.
- You used ME.
And I don't park badly.
Bindy, don't be ridiculous.
Come on! Seriously.
Dad? Hello, mate.
- Any homework? - Done it.
Are you OK? Yeah.
I'm fine.
I think we've got a problem.
Uh, do you have a number for Eric? Yeah, no, I know it's short notice but, uh, I really need a chef and it's urgent.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Hang on a sec.
Not open for lunch Uh, don't worry about it.
Hi, Detective Holland.
It's Sarah Pauley here.
Um, I need to speak to you, so if you can get back to me, that'd be great.
- Can I have a chocolate? - No, too much sugar.
Uh, thanks.
Danielle, hi.
How did you get on with the books? Uh, OK.
Um, but there were some complications.
What sort of complications? Uh, the sort that are hard to explain over the phone.
Why don't we meet at the restaurant later? Um, OK.
Great! Uh, it's a date.
Oh, Nanna's here.
Are you having fun on your holidays? I went on a digger.
- [BEEP] - MAN: It's declined.
- Is there a problem? - Um, no.
No, let's just We'll just put a few things back.
- Oh, you can put it on my card.
- No, really, please.
- Yep.
- Can you just Yes, this should work now.
- [BEEP] - Great.
OK, great.
Thank you.
Say bye to Nanna.
Bye, Nanna.
- I'm not here to fight with you.
- Of course not.
- You here to give me roses.
- [CAR LOCK BEEPS] It just doesn't seem fair that you're punishing me.
- Punishing Max.
- He's fine.
He loves spending time with Tom.
- I'm his mother.
- His other mother.
And he's spent more time with Tom and his cousins over the past two years than he has with you.
- That's not fair.
- Accurate.
- OK, I know that you - Can we just wrap this up? Is this about Phoebe moving in? You have a right to see whoever you want.
I know that it feels sudden but we have we've been together for six months.
[LAUGHS] - Ages - Maddie Maddie, I wanted to tell you.
I just didn't want to upset you.
You were just waiting for the right time? Next Christmas? Next ice age? We really need to work out a better way to communicate.
- Do we? - Yeah.
For the sake of our son, yeah.
I'm getting your message very clearly.
You want to see Max.
I'll text you when it's convenient.
- See ya.
- [DOOR CLOSES] Not a solution! Tell me again why I have to witness this train wreck.
Moral support, in case Sarah takes a meat cleaver to me in the kitchen.
- Tell her what happened.
- It's not your fault.
Oh, it's totally my fault.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Hey, Mads.
- Wow.
- You certainly did some painting.
- It was awesome.
- Great.
- [LAUGHS] Are you going somewhere? Oh, yeah.
I'm gonna give Sarah a hand at the restaurant.
Oh, I just accepted a night shift.
Well, you should've told me.
No, it's not on the calendar.
If it's not on the calendar, it doesn't happen.
- I can stay and watch the kids.
- You are coming with me.
- Hey, you want to babysit tonight? - Nope.
- Triple rates? - What Triple what rates? - Those new jeans I wanted.
- You're on.
When did we start paying her to babysit her own sister? Deal's done.
Yeah, in a minute, babes.
Now, Mummy.
- Did you go to the toilet? - Yes.
- Have you chosen a book? - Yes.
Well, aren't you a super amazing little pony! Alright.
Trot into bed, then.
But, Mummy, I need to brush my teeth.
You know what I used to do when I was little? I would just turn the water on and then I would just stand there and turn it off again.
No, you're right.
We should do your little pony teeth.
- [MOBILE PHONE RINGS] - [SIGHS] Stop calling me, OK? - I don't forgive you.
- But what have I done now? Oh, my god, Danielle.
No, I thought it was Sam.
He keeps calling me.
Lucky girl.
Hey, do you feel like a free cocktail at Anton's? - It's on me.
- Tonight? Yeah.
Oh, my god, you are not gonna believe this but it's the gays' anniversary.
- That's a shame.
- I know.
And they never go out.
[SIGHS] So entitled now with all their legal marriage stuff.
I told Sarah that I would help out.
Shame you can't be here.
Well, don't have fun without me.
- Hey, look, I gotta go.
- OK.
Mummy, I've done my teeth.
Yeah, I'm coming to put you to bed.
I'm a big girl.
I can put myself to bed.
Yeah, you can, 'cause you are amazeballs.
Oh, yes, hi.
I'm trying to contact Detective Holland.
I've tried his mobile.
Why is he at a water polo tournament? Uh, yeah, I know it's school holidays.
I'll try again.
Rebecca's quit? I just dropped by to ask her some questions.
- Is that why she quit? - She got really defensive.
And she wasn't happy about me painting over the graffiti.
Wait, you did that? You want people to eat here, don't you? - Hello! - Hey! - Hey, guys.
- Oh, line up the free cocktails! I didn't think you were gonna make it.
I'm so glad I did.
Line them up No, please, hold on.
Hold on.
- We need to talk about this.
- What, the cocktails? No, not the cocktails.
Rebecca, Anton relies on her.
Hey, how was your thing with Kyle? - You know, alibi, concrete boots - Wait, what? - Nothing.
- Sarah has gone rogue.
- Oh, good evening.
Table for two? - WOMAN: Yes, please.
I have a beautiful spot right over here.
So, what's this about concrete boots? [UPBEAT POP MUSIC PLAYS] So, Kyle's alibi is that he was at work the whole day.
Don't you reckon 'alibi' sounds like a really weird word? Kind of sounds like 'lullaby'.
I'm sure you've sung thousands.
Anyway, Kyle's work has this app that logs in employees and on the day that Charlotte died, he didn't get to work until after 2:00.
Wait, I'm confused.
Kyle was at home in the morning because of the keys in the bowl but maybe he was there the whole time.
The app proves it.
He had time to kill Charlotte and then drive to work.
You know those security apps aren't that reliable? What do you mean? Well, we had a system at work.
It crashes all the time.
- You are supposed to be on my side.
- Yeah, yeah, we are.
Hey, can I please get another cocktail? Thank you.
Surely the police have checked all this out.
Cops can't be trusted.
They totally use the system to pick on innocent people.
[RINGS BUZZER] GIRL: Hello? Hello? Hey.
Does a lady called Bindy live here? Mummy's not home.
Bindy's your mummy? You can talk to her on this.
Oh, thanks.
I'll use my phone.
Hey, uh, it's cold.
You go back inside while I call Mummy, OK? It won't open.
I'm locked out.
- Who else is home, sweetie? - Just me.
- Who's looking after you, then? - No-one.
I'm big now.
Yeah, look, Rebecca, please, if you could if you could just reconsider.
Don't you just love this pudding? - Not bad.
- Ugh Why do you always have to be, like, "Not bad"? Can't you just be like, "Oh, my god, this chocolate is so good "I literally want to have sex with it"? More your line than mine.
[MOBILE PHONE RINGS] Are you gonna answer that? You've missed about ten calls.
It's stupid Sam.
- Trouble? - Rebecca won't come back.
She's already got a better offer.
Well, I rate my sister-in-law.
She certainly knows how to work a room.
Yeah, but it's a business.
It's not a party.
[MOBILE PHONE RINGS] Um, it's, uh It's the babysitter.
Hey, baby.
What are you doing up? Hey, I can't see you.
SAM: Where are you? What are you doing on the iPad? She threw it to be because you weren't answering your phone.
What are you doing in the house with my daughter? I'm not in the house! And, uh, here's a better question - what are you doing out of the house WITHOUT your daughter? [BEEPING] [LOW-LEVEL CONVERSATION AND LAUGHTER] It's been real but I've got to go.
Is London OK? Yeah.
No, um, just the babysitter had an emergency.
Thank you so much for the free drinks.
- What? - They weren't all free She has a tab.
I'll make sure she pays.
Good luck with that.
What happened? Are you OK, baby? She was locked out on the balcony.
Well, she was in bed.
She was fine.
Why were you on the balcony? Maybe to see who was at the front door.
Did you have to blow this up into a huge deal? Well, I tried calling, like, a dozen times.
And after her being locked out in the cold for an hour, I had to do something.
Look, she was asleep, alright? You disturbed her.
I could've been anyone.
A burglar.
And if you told me you had a kid, I wouldn't have come over so late.
Be honest.
You wouldn't have come over at all.
- It's a good thing you did come over.
- Don't you start.
Think about it.
What if a fire broke out? It wasn't a stranger and there wasn't a fire, OK? So you guys can go.
There's nothing to see here.
Bindy, we've attended, so it's official.
It's been reported.
OK? See you next time.
Oh They left an enormous tip.
Well, yes, that's fine, but this whole situation - Hey, Troy, how did we go? - Um, ran out of food.
- What? - Which plates? Fish special, lamb rump.
You've ran out of food and I've lost my restaurant manager? - It's a good thing.
- How is this a good thing? - It means we had lots of customers.
- Yeah, OK.
But what about tomorrow? Rebecca's gone.
And what's Anton gonna say about this? Maybe Anton needs a reality check.
- Especially now.
- Excuse me? Sarah, he's a brilliant chef but his overheads are too high.
He does sentimental deals with his suppliers and his staff are too enthralled to disagree with him.
I didn't make Rebecca walk.
I'm trying to help, but if you can't see that Danielle Why are you so loyal to Anton? Are you seriously asking me that? He's my husband.
He's responsible for this mess.
- Danielle's just trying to help - Yeah, yeah, fine.
Why is he calling you? Kyle? I have no idea.
Answer it! [SIGHS] Hey, Kyle.
How are you? Whatever you thought you were doing today, just stop it.
Uh I wasn't doing anything.
[HALF-LAUGHS] I thought we were having a playdate for the kids.
You came to my work to sniff around? Look, I know what you did.
No, you don't.
Oh, I do.
And if you were any kind of man, you would tell the police the truth.
You don't know what you're talking about.
I think I do.
And I'm gonna go now.
She's not gonna drop it, is she? I can't remember the last time we ran out of food.
You were great.
You weren't bad yourself.
[LAUGHS] Well, I doubt management's gonna want me back.
Hey, you can't walk out on me.
I can't do this without decent front of house.
You'll stay? Didn't you say it was my time to shine? [LAUGHS] We need to go.
- Bindy's in trouble.
- God, what's she done now? He was giving you the look.
Troy had a good night.
And we got through it.
Look, I know my brother's not the most exotic fish in the sea but he's one of the good ones.
[LAUGHS] What? He told me about the baby.
Maddie, I'm not about to sleep with him 'cause Tom and I aren't having a baby.
TOM: Hey, Suze, it's me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Oh, well, I better head back to the station.
- See you at home.
- Love you.
- Love you too.
- Thanks, Tom.
What were you thinking? How did this happen? I was stupid.
Why didn't you tell me? You could've dropped her off with Romy.
Yeah, or stayed at my place.
What happened? The police are calling child welfare.
I've never, ever done this before, I swear.
Because you're used to having your parents do everything.
Yeah, I know.
Oh [CRIES] But I just can't do this.
[CRIES] I'm so sorry.
Can we please stay here tonight? Of course.
Thank you.
I should get this little one to bed.
- I should get going.
- Yeah, me too.
- See you.
- Bye.
Hey, um, I'm really sorry that I screwed things up with Rebecca.
No, I'm sorry.
I'm just I'm just drowning with everything.
And you did a really good job tonight.
- You think so? - Yes.
Do you think you could keep managing it? Just till Anton's out.
Well, how long for? Six days, six weeks, six years I don't know.
I'll think about it.
Yes, of course.
Hayley? Hayley? [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hayley? - [SCREAMS] Oh, my gosh, Mum! - Sorry to scare you.
I just I just brought round the things that you put back at the greengrocer, just in case they were useful.
No, you didn't have to do that.
And when I got here, I found your babysitter dry-humping her boyfriend on the couch.
Well, Hayley, didn't mention that she was having her boyfriend over.
OK, I paid her and sent her home.
I hadn't realised you kept these kinds of hours.
Well, there was a problem at the restaurant and then Just a long, long story.
With a few wines along the way? Are you seriously judging me for having one night out? During the week? I'm here.
It's not like I've ever walked out on my kids.
I didn't come here to fight.
I hadn't realised things were so tight for you financially.
Yeah, they're hideous, but I'm not asking you to buy me groceries.
You know what would be great? More hours.
I know you're under pressure but drinking isn't the answer.
Well, I'm not the alcoholic, am I? [SIGHS] I'll see what I can do about extra hours.
TOM: Morning.
[SETS KEYS DOWN] Mmm What time is it? Early.
Did you girls have a big night? Poor Bindy.
She's just a baby herself.
Did you sort out that, uh, restaurant issue? Oh, maybe.
I'm gonna be working there, just temporarily.
Well, what about YOUR work? I can do both.
- It'll be fun.
- [LAUGHS] I'm gonna be on shifts.
You're gonna be working nights.
How's that gonna work? It's just until Anton's off the charges.
What, are you expecting a miracle? We can manage, can't we? Romy can babysit.
Maddie will help out.
You know Maddie used to own a guitar? [LAUGHS] Yeah, yeah, that was her hippie phase.
She couldn't really play it.
I pawned it one week to make the rent.
Never got it back.
YOU ruined Maddie's artistic career.
- Did the world a favour.
- [LAUGHS] Detective.
Did you get my message? I did.
By phone and by email.
Also with the text screenshot Well, you can't just ignore this.
Kyle alibi has to be investigated.
And we will definitely be checking that out.
- You will? - Of course.
It's my job, Doctor.
But you're sure? They're actually gonna look into it? I'm just cautiously hopeful, but yes.
[LAUGHS] You're amazing.
OK, now, the restaurant, you're OK with Danielle? Danielle, the woman that does facials? Yeah, she has some experience in hospitality and she has some good ideas.
What, a cafe for yummy mummies? Hey, she's worked at a place with a Michelin star and at least she wants to help us.
It's shit.
This is shit and it's my fault.
I'm sorry.
Well, it's temporary.
We can rebuild.
But I can't just sit on the sidelines anymore and just let you make all the decisions.
Danielle is in charge until you get out.
And that might just happen.
Live in hope, die in despair.
I'm going for hope.
Thank you.
I got your message.
So, is this to discuss my drinking problem? You do know alcoholism is genetically linked? But I have spoken with the other doctors and it appears I can offer you two more days.
That's great.
It's not gonna interfere with your other commitments? No, no, I'll take it.
We need it to get back on our feet.
Our feet? Well, yeah.
Don't write off Anton.
He might be out soon.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] You got a minute? What are you doing here? So, the police have been in touch to discuss my whereabouts - at the time of Charlotte's death.
- [LAUGHS] - Your alibi? - Yeah.
- Mmm.
- I told them the truth.
That you weren't at the building site? No.
I wasn't.
I was with my father-in-law at the time.
He's corroborated my statement.
What, and the police actually believe that? Oh, yeah.
They believe it.
Why would they believe that if you lied in the first place? The police are satisfied with my statement, Sarah.
You should be too.
I don't see why, when my husband is the one who is in jail.
- Because he's guilty! - No, he's not! I know that's hard for you to accept, but that's the truth.
Keep away from me, Sarah.
Stay out of this.
I just have this feeling that something is going on.
MADDIE: You do know the police are checking all this? [THROUGH PHONE] Can you just ask around? Just see what the gossip is? VOICE-OVER: When gossip leads to trouble I shouldn't.
You totally should.
lives get turned upside down Can I help you? Oh, god.
while some are torn apart.
We have to get you out of here.
MADDIE: Max? Max, where are you? Must see new drama.