Bad Mothers (2019) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 I've been really worried about my marriage.
How could you throw yourself at him? - I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Well, you did.
[DOG YAPS] - Mum? - Stay back! Charlotte? Julius, I'm so sorry about your mum.
They say it wasn't an accident.
Look, I know you miss her.
I do too.
If you want to talk, I'm here any time.
Anton Pooley, you are under arrest for the murder of Charlotte Evans.
Charlotte always wore high heels.
Why is this important? We're trying to work out why she had one shoe missing.
We were gonna try and make it work, when he was arrested.
- You really think he's innocent? - Of course I do.
He's a very lucky man.
Or you're deluded.
You've gotta be kidding me.
Are you joking? Please remain in your vehicle.
Well, it's a little bit late for that.
Are you aware you were doing 70 in a 60 zone? Yeah but it was for, like, a minute, OK? And are you aware that you are kind of harassing me now? - Ma'am, we're doing our job.
- [SIGHS] - Your daughter's not with you? - No.
I left London at home to play with knives.
Not amusing.
Yeah, well, neither are you, alright? - And you never called me.
- Yeah, there were reasons for that.
Well, what were the reasons? Sam, we've got an incident in Barker Street.
- What about the ticket? - It's her lucky day.
See? No harassment.
And I did want to call you.
- Then why didn't you, hmm? - Sam! We are gonna cause tro-o-o-o-ouble.
So, how are you feeling about court tomorrow? Wait a minute.
Um, Xav, why don't you go play? I don't want to.
Does that mean you get out? Well, tomorrow, mate, it's just a hearing.
So it's where they decide if I've got a case to answer or not.
Is that good or bad? Xav, your dad has a really flash lawyer who'll probably chuck - the whole thing out.
- We'll just have to wait and see, OK? Why Just go get Eve.
Go on.
I would prefer not to get the kids' hopes up.
Just accentuating the positive.
The cops have it in their mind that I'm guilty.
They're not looking at anyone else.
I made you a picture.
Oh, what is it? My puppy.
The one she wants to get you when you come home.
Oh, hey, mate! Uh, guys, can we please get back to my very important intervention? Oh, for god's sake! Someone needs to tell grumpy pants that it's not OK to sit at home all day, worrying about custody and doing Sudoku.
What's wrong with Sudoku? Babe, it is not a game if it's got maths in it.
She's just guilty because she's never in.
Do you want to know what her real problem is? - My annoying flatmates.
- She needs to get laid.
- Oh! - Oh, help me! Look! Look at how stressed you sound! And see how cool and calm I am? Babe, that's 'cause of sex! [LAUGHS] [WHISPERS] Oh, my god.
That's him! It's the cop that keeps trying to ruin my life! Oh, lord, here we go! - You must be getting off on this.
- Excuse me? You are literally stalking me! Uh, no, I was here to have dinner with a colleague.
Oh, right.
So then where is he? He cancelled.
I just got a text.
And just to make things clear, I did want to call you but But you wanted to run away as soon as you found out I had a child? - I thought you hated me.
- Yeah, I do.
Really, really annoying.
- So are you! - Yeah, well, so are you! [HAND DRYER BLOWS] Oh.
Do you know any lesbians? Um, why? Well, you're a cop.
The police force is meant to be crawling with them.
Well, there's a massive cliche, about cops and lesbians.
[SQUEALS, LAUGHS] Oh, my god.
I mean, I do know one or two, uh Wait, are we talking about a threesome? No! No, it's for Maddie.
For my friend.
One, two, three.
Ooh! Uh, wait - you're not just sleeping with me to get a date for your flatmate, are you? No So are we back on? Whoa.
We were never on.
We could be, uh I'd like to see you, you know, exclusively.
Oh, my god.
Slow down! - I'm just putting it out there.
- OK.
Find me a lesbian and then we can talk about it.
OK? Whoo! [LAUGHS] - Come on! - I'm OK.
- You want some more? - Go on.
Go on.
[CLEARS THROAT] Wait, we weren't doing anything bad.
- What are your names? - Oh, uh, I'm 18.
Show us some ID and I'll believe you.
- Come on.
- Come on, mate.
- Hey, hey! - Hey, hey, hey.
- Give me that, eh? Thank you.
- Behave yourself.
That's enough.
- Behave yourself.
- Come on.
On your feet, mate.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Oh, my god.
I got here as fast as I could.
Are you alright? She's been getting pissed at the cemetery.
Disturbing the peace.
An old couple reported them.
Said they were disrespecting the dead.
Oh, Dad, we weren't doing anything bad.
Underage drinking in a cemetery? Wagging school? That's not bad? - She was there for me.
- Hey.
You've said enough.
And my mum is buried at the cemetery too.
Your mum? Um, Romy's mum passed away when she was young.
I'm her stepmum.
So the vodka was your idea, was it? No, Dad! Look, I understand you're going through a rough time - but that doesn't mean - Hey, lay off 'em.
- No, mate, this is not on.
- Yeah, I'm aware of that.
Well, your son is making my daughter drink excessively and wag school! You come into my house and tell me my son took your daughter to the cemetery? Are they getting charged with anything? They're lucky this time.
But you two are on notice.
If I see you behaving like that again, you will be charged.
Oh, she's very sorry and she won't.
Come on.
You stay away from her.
What's 'wagging'? It means your sister's in big trouble.
Go upstairs and get changed and you can help your dad make pizza.
- Don't talk about food.
- Yeah, serves you right.
I'll get you some water.
Drink it.
Very slowly.
I still don't get this.
You and Julius seem close.
We're just friends.
What were you even doing in the cemetery? His mum's there and then we went and found mine.
And how would she feel if she knew you were missing school and drinking alcohol? Tom, just I feel sick.
Go to your room.
I don't think I'll go back to work.
Oh, she'll be fine.
She just needs to sleep it off.
You go.
I've got this.
It's alright.
Maybe put out a bucket.
- Ah.
- Thanks, doc.
- [MOUTHS] Is that your - [MOUTHS] Yes! That's the third time he's come in for a testicular examination.
- Claims he has a lump.
- Does he? Just the usual ones.
Can he please see a male doctor next time? It's not funny! You can't afford to be picky.
It'll be over soon.
Will it? I mean today, at the court hearing.
I'll see you there later.
What, you're gonna support Anton? Well, according to your father, we both need to be there to support you and I'm paying for the QC.
Dr Pooley? Oh, my Julius, hey.
Are you OK? [SLURS] I have to see you.
I've done something bad.
What have you done? - It's really bad.
- Have you been drinking? OK.
It could be something else.
- What? - Julius! Call an ambulance.
So, he came to your work? Yes, but did you see him this morning? Just briefly.
I mean, he said he was too sick to go to school.
And he was talking, just not slurred? Just the usual.
I don't know.
That could be good.
The later he took the pills, the better.
He's here.
I'll talk to his doctor.
- What are you doing here? - Working from home.
Oh, sick! So you can pick up the kids later.
- Again.
- Yeah.
Got this client who's trying to lose her tuckshop arms before the wedding - wish me luck.
And then I said I'd help out Danielle.
While I take care of your child, yet again.
A little gratitude, babe.
I'm totally getting you a date.
- You're what? - Yeah, with a hot lady cop.
- I don't want that.
- Oh, if it's the one I've seen, you definitely do.
And cops have all the fun stuff, you know? Like batons and handcuffs and stuff.
Just go.
- Before I throw something at you.
- I'll take that as a yes! How is she? Still in bed, with the hangover from hell.
Serves her right.
Has Romy been talking about her mum lately? No.
We haven't been to Cathy's grave in ages.
Oh, I still bring flowers.
I keep it tidy.
It's not like I've forgotten about her.
Just doesn't get brought up much.
I know.
I'm I'm just worried about her.
[PHONE RINGS] - Hey, lovely.
- SARAH: Hey.
Is Romy OK? Uh, she's a very sorry soldier but, um, thank you for asking.
Look, I just wanted to know if she talked any more about what she and Julius got up to in the cemetery.
Like, if he talked about any plans to self-harm.
Is Julius OK? We used to be so close.
You know, when he was little.
But then he and Charlotte became a bit of a a club and I've just never really been a member.
Oh, I try to talk to him about it but it just makes it worse.
It's obvious that he's grieving, Kyle.
That and I've been a shit-house father.
We don't really talk.
Hey, it's OK.
Thanks for being here.
[DOOR OPENS] You'll be pleased to hear that Julius is conscious.
Oh! He's still pretty fragile but we're cautiously optimistic.
Um can I go see him? Um, actually, he asked to see Dr Pooley, alone.
- How are you feeling? - Sick.
You know, your dad's here.
He's so worried.
I don't want to see him.
He's worried sick about you.
He really cares.
- It's wrong.
- What is? What's wrong? Your husband.
In jail.
What do you mean? I killed my mum.
No, that's not possible.
I made her fall.
It's my fault she's dead.
Charlotte? OK.
I'm just gonna get your dad.
Oh, no, no.
Promise me.
Don't don't tell him.
- Julius - Don't tell him.
You're telling me that you killed your mother.
Hey, Jules.
What'd he say? Um He's just saying some really odd things and I You need to talk to him.
I have to go.
Is Julius gonna be alright? We hope so.
Darling, did he tell you what he was planning to do? No.
Is there anything that we need to know? Sweetie, if you're unhappy or you're having thoughts like Julius, - you know that you can tell - I'm not suicidal! Did anything else happen at the cemetery? You were talking about your mum? Mostly we talked about Julius's.
Well, did he say anything else about that? I need a shower.
Hey, Romy, just Romy! Don't hassle me! Please! - But the kid said he did it.
- Yeah but, Dad, I just don't know whether to believe him.
- You need to tell the detective.
- Yeah but he loved Charlotte.
- I mean, they were really close - What does it matter, hey? - This could get Anton out.
- Yeah but he's a kid.
He's a kid who's clearly suffering and what if it's not true? Come on.
Do it.
Or I will.
Oh, my Hello, Doctor.
Detective, uh, my daughter needs a word.
Someone's confessed to killing Charlotte.
And it's not Anton.
- [LAUGHS] - Mmm.
You're amazing.
It's incredible.
It's just a 24-hour adjournment to look into new information.
It's good to see you.
Think, I could be home.
I could be home soon.
Well, let's just wait and see what the police say once they examine it, because Julius, you know, he could be delirious.
But the kid was there when the woman found the body, right? - Maddie.
- Yeah.
Who? Yep, Maddie's the name of the woman.
She's become a friend of mine.
But finally there's an explanation and it makes sense.
Yeah, I suppose.
What do you mean, you suppose? You don't sound thrilled.
Well, even if it's true, I mean, Julius He he tried to kill himself.
I hate to think what he's been going through.
Yeah, no, you're right.
- He'll get help.
- Yeah.
I haven't told you enough I love you so much.
I think you're amazing.
- Sam? - Hi.
- Hi.
- Uh, I'm just on my way to see Bindi.
She's out.
- Yet again.
- Oh.
- That's a shame.
- Yeah but not unusual.
Uh, you're Maddie, right? Her long-suffering flatmate, who does everything while she is not there.
I never know whether she's going to be in or out.
She does exactly as she pleases.
And I'm left holding the baby, literally.
Did you want to tell her something important, or? Actually, it was about you.
She wanted me to help you find a date.
Oh! The minx! Wait - you didn't know about this? Well, she did mention something.
She thinks I'm old and grumpy and boring.
Which I am.
There's nothing wrong with Sudoku.
What's so bad about Sudoku? It's nearly as bad as my love of country and western.
Wait - you like country music? All of it.
Alt country, trad country.
Even dabbled in urban cowboy.
I used to play guitar in a bluegrass band! Oh! Mmm, my sweet Tennessee! You are wasted on Bindi! Thanks! I was wondering where you got to.
Ooh, look.
You're eating.
Like a human.
Don't laugh at me, Dad.
I'm sorry about your friend.
At least he's still with us, eh? Oh, I'm I'm not gonna hassle you but I just want you to know, that if there's anything going on for you, you know you can talk to us.
I do feel a bit bad.
Yeah? What about? Mum.
I feel like I hardly remember her.
What I do is all fuzzy.
Just moments.
She was, uh, smart, kind She always spoke her mind.
Always spoke her mind.
She loved music.
Loved bands.
But it had to be vinyl.
She had to have vinyl.
No CDs, no cassette rubbish.
- It had to be vinyl.
- Vinyl.
I don't remember her being sick.
Your mum didn't want you to see her in pain.
She fought it right to the end.
I'm sorry.
We did knock.
- And you are? - We're detectives.
From Homicide.
We'd like a word with your daughter, if you don't mind.
Oh, my god.
It's the hot teacher.
- DANIELLE: Hey, Luke.
- Hey.
Hey! Um, you're Mr Jacek, right? I think we've met before.
I'm Bindi.
I have a child at your school.
That's that's great.
Hey, um, Danielle? I never got a chance to talk about my plans for changing the world.
You know, with the kids in the, um Yeah, no, no.
I'd still love to hear it.
Uh, well, I was thinking, some kind of garden-to-table type thing.
- You know? - Sounds great.
Um Uh, can you can you give me a minute? Would you like a beer? I'd love one, thank you.
So, he has got a huge crush on you.
- Go away.
- No, he does! He's making it so obvious! I have to go home.
Um, the cops came to see Romy.
What? Uh, Luke, I'm really sorry.
Maybe another time? Sure.
Wait, what, does this mean that I'm in charge now? Uh, no, it does not.
- Bye, darling.
- Bye.
What did the cops want? Was this about the drinking? They were detectives and they had a hundred questions.
Some weird thing about Julius and his mum.
And what did you say? Nothing.
Do you know something? Romy, I understand that you want to be loyal to Julius, that he's your friend.
But whatever it is, you really need to tell your dad and I.
This is important.
He had something.
That belonged to his mum.
He said he had to give it back to her.
[DOOR SLAMS] - What the hell have you done? - Kyle I've just had the police in hospital, trying to question Julius! - Yeah.
Well, what did he say? - Nothing! I wouldn't let 'em anywhere near him.
I told them to piss off! The doctor agreed with me.
He's a sick kid and you tell him he's just killed his own mother! Please.
I just felt like I had to report what he said.
Didn't you think you should come to me first? I couldn't! I had to leave, and I'm sorry but this is before the court.
He just tried to take his own life! First you think it's me, then you think it's Patrick.
Now, what - you want to throw Julius under the bus? No! No, that is not what I want I thought you actually cared about my family.
- I do.
- It's a funny way of showing it.
I am not making any of this up.
This is I felt like I had a duty to report what he said.
If you had any integrity, you would have come to me first.
- Kyle - Obviously, you'd do anything to get your husband off the hook.
That is not true at all.
Please I think it'd be great for the kids to be growing their food, you know? And then have the opportunity to cook it in a real restaurant.
And so you can see more of Danielle.
- Maybe.
- [LAUGHS] Mate, you've so got it bad.
I mean, I get it, though.
You know, she's really gorgeous and she's so nice.
I'm a teacher.
At her kid's school.
And she's married to Tom, who she obviously loves, even though he's, like, a thousand years old.
[LAUGHS] Savage! Yeah, I know.
You're right.
I do have it pretty bad.
Nah, it's the same with this guy that I'm seeing at the moment.
He's, like, totally into me and he really wants to be exclusive.
- And you don't? - Well, no.
I'm, like, a nine, nine-and-a-half.
He's, like, six? And that's what's important to you, is it? No, it's just I don't want any strings and expectations, you know? OK.
I really need to get over it.
And you seriously need to get over Danielle.
How do I do that? Well, first it starts with more drinks.
And then? We could have sex.
I mean, it's a great idea.
We can't do it at mine, so we'd have to do it at your place but we could think of it as therapy.
I'm gonna go get some more drinks.
Oh, my god.
- Oh, is this the guy? - Yep.
- G'day, mate.
- Hi.
So, you are stalking me again? Uh, no, I'm not.
But you are? Oh, well, I might, uh, shoot off, then.
Uh, but it was good talking and thank you for the advice.
Hey, mate.
She, uh she likes you.
You are such a traitor! I never said that.
So, how'd you find me? Maddie told me.
You've been at my house? Actually, we went to pick up the kids.
I came to see you because I did what you asked.
About the date for Maddie.
Oh, my god! That's amazing.
Did she go for it? Uh, the The point is, uh [SIGHS] Look, I I like you.
A lot.
And, uh, if you don't like me and there's no future, just just tell me.
No, Sam, I do like you.
But? I mean, why do you have to go all serious on me? Can't we just have fun? Uh I get it.
You don't want to be exclusive but, uh That's what I want.
That's what I need.
So, uh So See you, Bindi.
Oh [SIGHS] Well, I'm glad that's all clear, then! I know these things are tough but you had an impossible choice, - to put your patient first - Or my husband.
Well, actually, the law.
Thanks, Mum.
And these things are a little more important than Anton.
- DANIELLE: Hello? - Oh, hi.
Uh, I'm not even sure if I should be here.
I got this, um I think it might be important.
Julius had it at the cemetery.
Oh, my god.
That's that's Charlotte's.
The police were looking for this.
KYLE: Where'd you get that? [SIGHS] Julius had it.
That went missing from the crime scene where Charlotte was found.
I don't understand.
Me neither.
Let's see what Julius has got to say about it.
What, and you want me there? You want the truth, don't you? He's not talking to me anyway.
I took it.
When? Charlotte? I was with that lady, who found Mum.
Saw the shoe was broken and I picked it up.
Why did you do that? I used to, uh try on her I used to try on her shoes.
Sometimes her clothes.
I broke the heel and, uh I tried to fix it but But that must be why Mum fell.
It's my fault.
But did you see her before she fell? Were you there? Did you have a fight with her, mate? Dad, what are you talking about? It's important.
You know what? I'm gonna leave you guys to it.
I think you're being really, really brave here and I think it's great that you're talking to your dad.
What are you gonna Are you gonna take this to the cops, or? You know I want to help Anton but You're right.
He's your son and you can do whatever you want with that.
It's completely up to you.
I'm sorry.
Maddie? Ah! She returns at last.
- Sam was round here? - Yeah.
He's a lovely young man.
You know you sound like my grandma when you say stuff like that.
I'm not ashamed of my age.
Or Sudoku.
Or my taste in music.
And you have to take care of the kids tonight, because I'm off.
Wait, you are? You were right.
I do need to get out more.
Finally! You acknowledge my genius! So, where are you and the hot lady cop going? Actually, I'm meeting Sam.
Eww, why? Because he asked me.
Wait Sam asked you out on a date? I think we've established that.
But you're gay! And he's, like, straight.
He's, like, super-straight.
I'm not planning on sleeping with him.
Unless he plays his cards right.
I go out for literally two minutes and you steal my boyfriend.
He's not your boyfriend, because you don't want him.
- Oh, my god! - You got what you wanted.
Free to do as you please.
Sleep with half the universe.
Sam's had a lucky escape.
Oh, and there's sausages for the kids' tea.
You just need to google how to cook them.
I texted Julius but he still hasn't gotten back to me.
He will.
When he feels better.
Hey, thank you for telling us.
You did the right thing.
Just please, no more secrets.
You are a very good friend to him.
Oh! For the last time, there is nothing going on! Julius is probably gay, or something.
What, he doesn't know? These things are fluid, Danielle.
And I'm not gay.
In case you were wondering.
Oh, my god! I know that you think that I'm nosy but I just miss talking to you.
And I feel bad that I'm at work all the time and I'm not here.
Oh, stop it right now.
Am I the only feminist in this house? And If you were here, Dad might not have talked to me about Mum.
Well, it's good that he did.
You're still my favourite step-monster.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, I know you guys think I only keep rubbish out in the shed but Oh! This is so good.
Dad! This was Mum's! Yep.
Now it's yours.
Along with her vinyl collection.
Oh! You know what? There's something I think we should do.
['WEIR' BY KILLING HEIDI PLAYS] Old friend of mine We will never lose the time That we've shared all these years, these years Old friend of mine We will never lose the time That we've shared all these years, these years Mmm, mm-hmm, yeah Will you make it in the end Through all the twists and bends? Will you fulfil your dreams? Not as easy as it seems Lovin' friend of mine We will never lose the time That we've covered in our tears, in our tears Lovin' friend of mine We will never lose the time That we've covered in our tears, in our tears I'll let you sleep.
Do you hate me? Why would you say that? I love you more than my life.
You think I'm a freak.
Whatever happens, whatever you do, I'd understand.
You're my son.
I've got a good feeling about this.
Like one of your horse bets? Yeah.
I've got a nose for these things.
But you never remember you lost Stop, stop! - Hey, doc.
- Hi.
Ruining my life again.
I have a family.
I like to see them occasionally.
I also like to be satisfied that the work I do is accurate.
What do you mean? We followed up on that boy's confession.
We also received some evidence from his father.
You did? That, uh, shoe that I was asking you about.
So? What have you decided? The police don't believe it's Julius.
They didn't even want to try.
They say it can't be an accident because of the evidence of strangulation - and Julius had no idea about that.
- No.
No! Look, there are witnesses placing him at school at the time.
Then I'm sunk, Sarah.
No, no.
It's just a step.
It's not over.
The cops have got their case and it's gotta be me.
They do.
It's me.
It's Anton.
And they refuse to look at any alternative.
They do and it's bullshit! Why can no-one see that I'm not this person? - Hi.
- Hi.
Are you stalking me now? So, how was your li'l date with my housemate? Oh, you know what? She's really great.
Very interesting.
Yeah, I bet.
I would know that as well, you know, 'cause she's my friend, so Oh! Are you jealous? So, um I've thought about it and I can be exclusive.
But with a 30-day cooling-off period.
Like gym memberships.
- 30-day trial.
- Mm-hm.
I can work with that.
Oh, my god.
You are still really annoying.
Oh, yeah? How annoying? - Bye.
- Hey.
- Can we go get Julius soon? Sure.
Go get ready.
How is he? Yeah, he's better.
They're gonna discharge him.
He's seeing the psych team.
That's great.
He's gonna be alright.
Look, I thought it was really big of you, going to the police.
- Well, I had to.
I mean - Well, you didn't.
For Julius, I had to.
I didn't want him thinking that it was his fault.
I kept the details of, uh of Charlotte's death from him.
I was just trying to spare him.
But you weren't to know.
I just kept thinking that after everything he'd been through, you know, he couldn't come to me.
I am I'm so sorry for my part in this.
I shouldn't have lost it with you.
No, that was fair enough.
It's not like you haven't been through enough shit of your own.
Well, you know, it's This has been hard on everyone.
But I do really care about Julius and about your family.
I know.
Daddy! I'm coming.
I'd better not keep the boss waiting.
SARAH: How's Romy? Yeah, she's good.
That's good.
How are you doing? Yeah, I'm fine, for a monster.
Hey! No.
I was willing to believe that a 15-year-old boy killed his mum.
Because that would have been good for Anton.
He's still your husband.
I've tried to support him.
I really have, Danielle.
But whatever way I keep looking at it, there's just something - there's this truth, just staring me in the face.
He must have done it.
Anton must have killed Charlotte.
Did you do it? VOICE-OVER: It's the big mystery Did you kill Charlotte? .
that has the Bad Mothers Wait! .
spiralling out of control.
I could lose my child.
A night of Australian drama No! .
that will take your breath away.
Max! Bad Mothers.