Bad Mothers (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

1 I've been really worried about my marriage.
Charlotte's a force.
So, she threw you down and you were just helpless to resist? How could you throw yourself at him? - I didn't mean to hurt you.
- Well, you did.
- Mum? - Stay back.
Charlotte? Anton Pooley, you are under arrest for the murder of Charlotte Evans.
Hello, wake up.
Partners let you down.
Life isn't perfect.
Now you know.
Phoebe and I have been talking to a lawyer.
We're applying for full custody.
Max is my son.
I'll be seeing you in mediation or in court.
We were gonna try and make it work when he was arrested.
You really think he's innocent? - Of course I do.
- He's a very lucky man.
Or you're deluded.
The cops have got their case and it's gonna be me.
And they refuse to look at any alternative.
They do.
And it's bull shit! Whatever way I keep looking at it, there is this truth just staring at me in the face.
Anton must have killed Charlotte.
You're alright, mate.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, Xave.
Hey, hey! Hey.
What's going on? Kids are being mean to him.
How? They're calling me Murder Boy.
Xavier, these idiots have got nothing better to do, mate.
Who are they? I'm going to speak to Mr Jasic.
No, please don't.
You'll make it worse.
You know what the best thing to do is, mate? Just ignore it, and if the idiots keep bugging you, you tell em Lucy's Dad'll come after 'em, right? I've got a big nail gun, man.
You wanna come around, hang out with Lucy? If it's OK with Mum? It is.
You don't wanna argue with the boss.
Come on, mate.
What time, ahh? Um I'll come at 5:30.
Bye, Xave.
Anyways, I will see you later.
Be good, OK? Have fun.
- See ya, guys.
- Bye, guys! Sam organised a sleepover so I don't have to deal with stupid pupil-free day.
That is very sweet of you.
No worries.
Hey, I'll spot you later.
I love having an exclusive boyfriend.
Hi, Max, darling.
What are you doing here? Well, Max said he was winning a class award For his leaf collection, I know! Actually, can I have a word? Just a minute.
You can keep showing me.
I want to see it.
You've changed the mediation date again.
I know.
My boss is really pissed off.
We noticed when we were giving Max a bath that he has a big bruise.
He fell off his bike a few days ago.
Oh, right, and you just didn't think to tell us about it Well, it's hardly life-threatening.
- I see.
- What do you see? - Oh, just - No, no, no, don't try and Get off! Oh, shit! - Oh, my god.
- Max.
Argh! We are gonna cause trouble.
Well, the radiologist has confirmed that nothing is broken, but I would like you to keep it immobile till the swelling goes down.
I'll prescribe you some anti-inflammatories.
Oh, it's OK, I've got some at home.
- What about painkillers? - I'm fine.
I've taken up enough of your time over a stupid accident.
Just Maddie being unreasonable.
Well, she's just stressed.
Aren't we all.
I just wish this custody thing was done.
I know the feeling.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
So, who is this Riley kid? So, she has very cool parents.
Baby sister.
- Ohh.
- And a rabbit.
I love how you know all that stuff.
I mean like, how many guys your age would actually care? Uhm, his mum and his dad, I guess? Come on, it will be good to meet him.
Make sure he's OK with me being around.
His opinion doesn't matter.
He's literally no-one.
He's just sperm.
That isn't actually possible.
So, you really want to know the story? Yeah.
So when I was in high school, I was seeing this guy called Kelson, who was super boring.
So he's the Dad? No, let me finish, OK? Don't interrupt.
I'm telling you the story.
So I went to a gig with this really hot guy that we all knew back then.
He was called JJ, but he was also a little bit of a dealer.
- What, a drug dealer? - Yeah.
So we ended up banging down the side of the stage at the gig.
So JJ, he's the Dad? No, uhm.
Because the night before, me and Kelson, the other guy, we'd already, you know Two guys in 24 hours? It's not like I was in an exclusive relationship with anyone.
Anyway, and then Kelson really got into his studies and I just didn't really wanna see JJ anymore.
And you didn't tell either of these guys? What was the point? Mate, London is lucky to be here.
I was gonna have an abortion.
Anyway, you get it now? He's literally no-one.
You want to borrow against the house? Short term.
That's all.
I just need security for the bail.
We can't afford a bigger mortgage.
But with the restaurant, we could pull it together, and I can get Hey, we could lose our home! We're not gonna lose the home.
I just Sarah, I just need your help.
I just need your help.
You keep telling me that and I keep trying to believe what you're telling me.
Did you do it? Did you kill Charlotte? [TENSE MUSIC] If you did and you didn't mean to, I can get my head around it.
But I need to know the truth.
I've told you the truth.
Every time.
Sarah, wait! Wait! I can't keep doing this.
Thanks for having Xave over, again.
That's OK.
You guys have a lot going on.
Hi, Julius, how are you? - Really good, thanks.
- Good.
Oh, yeah, Mum, look at this.
A ship in a bottle.
Kyle gave it to me 'cause I said I liked boats.
Well, it was Lucy's idea and she's got a plan to take you out to our secret pirate spot.
- When? - This weekend, if you're up for it.
I'll verse you in table tennis.
I'll take you both on.
I bet you can't.
Just go easy with 'em, alright, man? I'll try.
We'll see.
This is just so generous.
It looks like an antique.
I thought he'd like it.
Xavier said this name calling's been going on for a while at school.
Yeah, he didn't want to go to soccer practice last week.
Well, kids are always looking for someone to tease.
None of this would have happened if Anton hadn't It's like just when I feel like I'm getting on top of things, something else just comes, and just knocks me back down.
If there's anything I can do No, it's alright.
I just have to make changes.
Like what? Nothing.
I wanna give my notice.
I have a friend who has a practice and she's been on at me to join her.
Practice where? It's in Queensland.
Well, when were you planning to do this? We're going next week.
Are you insane? No, I'm not.
No! I've made up my mind.
You are insane.
[SIGHS] [DRAMATIC MUSIC] Why do you like leaves so much? I like the colours.
You did so well to get that award.
I'm so proud of you.
I'm sorry I missed it.
Don't mind me, just making a cup of tea, if anyone wants one? Ahh, I'd love one.
Um, you'd prefer a cup of tea to me? No.
It's the two guy thing I'm just You didn't tell him? Yeah, well, he wanted to know.
Well, look on the bright side.
At least it wasn't two guys at the same time.
Like, why are you always judging me? I've got a lot to work with.
Look, I don't understand what the big deal is.
Look, if I'd fathered a child, I'd wanna know.
I'd feel like I'd have a right to know.
Right, so this is about the man's rights? - Oh, come on! - So what about women who literally rip their vaginas in half and then are left holding the baby? - I thought your mother held the baby.
- [KNOCKING AT THE DOOR] No, not all the time.
- And stay out of this! - This is actually about London.
She has a right to know who her father is.
Well, she's better off as she is.
I'll get that.
I don't understand why he's getting so worked up about this.
I told you not to tell him.
I've done nothing wrong.
Maddie, this has got nothing to do with him.
Ahh, this is Constables Ridgway and Murkos.
And Ingrid is a family support worker.
What? There's been a family violence intervention order.
- Oh, this is ridiculous.
- Jesse? - What a lying bitch.
- She's not getting away with this.
Under the terms of the order, you may not approach Ms McKinnon.
You can't be serious.
Actually, they're just following the court's orders.
- Sam! - Right, so you're taking their side? No, I'm just trying to explain how this works, OK? Ingrid is here to take your son to his approved caregiver.
There are concerns about Max's safety.
Max? - Max is in bed! - I know - No! - You don't have a choice.
- Maddie! - No! Just, stay back.
You've just assaulted a police officer.
[DRAMATIC MUSIC] How come I have to go to Jesse's? It's just what we have to do for now.
It's OK, OK? [SAD STRINGS MUSIC] Come on Sam, you're a cop.
Can't you just go in there and tell them all that it's bullshit? Bindy, I tried, OK? But I can't overrule the court.
That's not how it works.
Oh my god, babe, did they treat you OK? - Fine.
- Maddie, I-I'm really sorry, but - You know you can fight this? - Like that makes it better.
I missed a call from my lawyer.
Excuse me.
You know what, I'm gonna head off.
No, no, please.
You can't go OK? I mean, although you're literally no use, Maddie's going through hell.
It's not about Maddie.
Wait, this isn't still about the dad thing, is it? I just can't get my head around it.
Yeah, but it's literally got nothing to do with you.
I just find it strange that you're OK with it.
Like it doesn't even seem to matter.
I just think we're too different.
Yeah, OK.
Alright, call me back when you can.
I think Sam just dumped me.
And I thought I had problems.
And I just can't keep up with you You've got to be kidding me.
I'll make sure that you're signatory to all the accounts.
That's not the point, lady.
You can't just bail on me.
- Hi.
- Yep.
Sarah is leaving us.
- What, she's not staying for a drink? - No, leaving for good.
- Can I come with you? - What? Jesse just got Max taken away from Maddie.
And she got charged with assaulting an officer.
- Are you serious? - Yeah.
I'm now a criminal, and the court believes I'm a danger to my son.
But that's not true.
I now can't have any contact with him now Jesse's got him.
She's got an intervention order so - I can't go within 150m.
- Oh, my God.
I so want to give her a punch in the tit.
Don't do that.
What, there's no protection order against me.
But what happened today was an accident.
Well, yeah, she told me that when I was treating her.
Like, I'll let the police know.
Try the courts.
I'm now guilty until proven innocent.
I have to defend myself to even be allowed to see Max.
- This is appalling.
- Well, when will the case be heard? I thought you were skipping town.
This is all gonna kill my case for custody.
- Oh, hi.
Look, I know you're not happy with me.
Hey, look, I just got a call from Anton's lawyer.
Apparently Anton wants to see the accounts? Something to do with bail? Look, can you just deal with it? Why is this my problem, exactly? Well, you know about the business, and I just don't want to see Anton.
Well, that's your choice, but, I only got involved in the restaurant to help you.
- Yeah, but you're great at it.
- Oh, please, don't.
Look, I understand that you're going through a bad time, but tough it out.
It'll get better.
Can you just deal with the accounts, please? God, you're putting me in a really difficult position.
And you're being a shit friend.
Why are you using my computer? Because you gave me your password.
And, I'm looking for dirt on Jesse.
Oh, don't do that.
No, we agreed she's hurting you.
So you need to hurt her back.
Stop it.
Oh, my God, you have got gold here.
Exhibit A.
Evil ex with a bong.
Oh, yeah, she used to like a bong.
Oh, my God, she's so drunk there.
Her brother's 30th.
You should post these.
She's got like a bazillion friends on Facebook.
Unlike stupid Sam.
Not seeing the connection.
I went on his profile to see if he changed his relationship status, but he never posted one to begin with.
Well, we're not exactly in the same position, Bindy.
You know what? Jesse says you're dodgy, but she's way worse.
And people do not get to judge us and get away with it.
What have you done? Now all her friends can see what she's really like.
You should not have done that! What? I'm supporting you.
This is not a game, Bindy! Don't you get it? I could lose my child.
OK, I'm sorry.
And Sam has a point about London wanting to know her father.
Well, at least I don't have to worry about some random arsehole trying to take her away from me.
Please, just grow up and try and sort out your own problems.
[PHONE RINGS] What are you doing calling me? I thought you were meant to be afraid for your life? JESSE: I've just seen the posts online.
I didn't do that.
Right, you had the photos, Maddie.
I haven't done weed in years.
Online harassment is still harassment and a breach of an order.
This is all complete rubbish and you know it.
I have to go.
I'm sorry, I was running late.
- I had to see my lawyer.
- All good.
You take as much time as you need.
We've been reviewing best use of resources and well, we've decided we should no longer have part-time positions.
I'm the only part-timer.
Look, I know I'm short with you sometimes, as I am with everyone, but I do a lot of after-hours work Look, you'll get a good reference.
And do feel free to come pick up your things.
All I have is a dead pot plant and a nasty mug.
Well, this will give you more time to concentrate on your custody issues.
[SLIGHTLY MYSTERIOUS MUSIC] Shit! - Where are the kids? - Upstairs.
Why do I feel like I'm about to get in trouble? - Now Sarah, this leaving idea - Oh! If you were having problems, you should have come to us.
Us? There hasn't been an us since 1993, is it? Well no, but I've always been there for you, Sarah, even if she hasn't.
If you need a break, we can organise something, stress leave - No, Mum I've already said - You are still under contract.
Well calm down, calm down.
Now the kids.
They have a right to be near their father.
You are the last people to give me advice about staying put.
She takes after you.
Out the door, first sign of trouble.
Yeah, you take after Anton.
- OK you guys, just stop.
- Reckless? - Reckless, arrogant - Can you stop? Stop! Stop! Look, if you wanna help, just stop bickering and please just sort yourselves out.
[FUNKY MUSIC] Well, you stuffed that one up.
Sam's treating me like I'm some sort of criminal.
I'm still holding.
That's a shame, babe.
You really liked him.
No, I hate him.
And London doesn't need a dad.
Well, kids need to know where they come from.
- Not you as well.
- Well, it's true.
Oh, yes.
Yes, Danielle Hicks.
No, look, I just need the current balance on the account.
You know what? If she really wants to know, I can find them.
Boring Kelson and druggy JJ.
Yeah, OK.
Oh, my God, I found Kelson.
Oh, he's lost all his hair.
Well, it does happen.
He's an auditor.
What is that? Ahh, it's like an accountant, but more scary.
OK, find JJ.
Well, that's not him.
Oh, yes.
Oh, thank you.
Oh, great.
Babe, are you even paying attention? No, of course I am.
I'm just I'm also trying to deal with all the problems that Sarah's dumped on me.
Hey, why aren't you at work? I need a drink.
A big one.
Why, what's Jesse done now? - I just got fired.
- What? You're right, it is her fault.
I took a part-time job so I could be there for our son when she didn't want to be and now because of the crap she's served me, my work think I'm a liability.
Oh, babe, I'm so Can I have my sympathy - on the rocks, please.
- Yeah.
I need to get hammered.
Luce, grab a snag for the car.
- Hey! - Lucy! - Hi, Xavier! - Hi.
I can't come today.
- Why not? - I just have a lot to organise.
Like what? Ah, real estate agent and a removalist and We're moving to Toowoomba.
Well, that's all the more reason to come, isn't it? I mean, you can't see the water in Toowoomba.
Well, it's meant to be lovely and Eve can get a puppy Is this a lifestyle change or something, is it? Does Xavier know? No, not yet.
It's probably the last change he's going to get to spend the day with Lucy.
Do you really want to deny him the opportunity to say goodbye to his best friend? You are so evil.
I'm not going to take no for an answer.
And I'm not above kidnapping you.
[GENTLE MUSIC] - Got everything? - Yeah.
You're such a clever monkey making cupcakes for me.
They're for Sam.
I'll tell you what, how about we give one of these cupcakes to Maddie.
We need to be extra nice to her today, OK? [QUIET, DRAMATIC MUSIC] Hey, Mad.
It's only us.
We're just You saw the state of her last night.
What if she does something crazy? Oh, she wouldn't.
That's her car.
Oh, God.
I can't run in these heels! Jesse, we were wondering Is Maddie here? No.
Why would she be? Ahh, no reason.
- Um - Danielle? We're so sorry to bother you.
- What's going on? - Nothing.
We, ahh Bye.
Maddie's here.
I love that you've lined them up in all different colours.
These are all the same inside.
Are they? They all have chlorophyll.
I love that you know that.
I love you.
Miss you.
It's OK, Mum.
I like being here.
Maddie! She's breached the intervention order.
I know.
Should we call the police? I just wanted to see Max, that's all.
I'm going.
Bye, Max.
This is so beautiful.
It's not really much of a secret, I've gotta say.
[LAUGHS] When Lucy was little, she saw a picture of me from the sailing days.
- She thought it was a pirate.
- Ahh.
I kinda was, I guess.
You know, free and untethered.
Do you miss it? Yeah, I do.
It's all I ever wanted to do.
Sail, and race boats.
So, Toowoomba.
What's in Toowoomba? A chance to start over, where I don't feel like everyone's judging me and the kids' father isn't a murderer.
Look, I can't I can't just keep waking up, knowing that the kids are getting bullied because of what he did.
And somewhere where no-one knows us just feels a lot Easier.
I've definitely thought about sailing away and leaving it all behind, too.
Why haven't you? I guess I found some reasons to stay.
Do you want a cup of tea? No.
Hey, London made cupcakes if you want one.
[TENSE MUSIC] Come on there's gotta be something that I can do for you.
You've done enough.
Leave me alone.
Hey, Dannielle, can you please call me back? I'm really worried about Maddie.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I'm just on my way to see Maddie.
Thought she might like this.
That's nice of you.
That's really thoughtful.
So what about me? You don't wanna see me.
Yeah, because you're not even sorry.
For what? You know what? When I got knocked up, everyone at school called me a slut because there was no dad.
And then I said screw it, OK? And I had London, and I thought it was gonna be all cute and dress ups, but it wasn't.
My friends stopped coming around and I had to drop out of school.
I really wanted to be a physio or a marine biologist, you know? And then one day I just couldn't get out of bed.
That's .
Why are you laughing? I just I thought nothing got to you.
Yeah, well, then my Mum started helping out and things got better.
I'm sorry I raised it.
No, you're right.
London's gonna want to know about her Dad eventually.
I'm actually going to go and pick her up now if you wanna come.
[CREEPY MUSIC] It's good to meet you again, properly.
Ahh, you've been doing a great job, running the bistro.
Thank you.
You wanted to see me about the accounts? I did, yeah.
It's about security for the court, so I can make bail.
I need to say the restaurant's worth $1 million.
OK, ahh, look things have been picking up If we can show projected earnings are high enough, then we can swing it.
I wanna help, but I can't lie for you.
You sure? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to be out of line here because I know you've been a great friend to Sarah.
Thank you.
But she's She's rejected me.
She doesn't believe in me anymore.
I don't quite understand what's going on.
For the record, I think what she's doing is crazy - and I've told her that - Sorry, wait.
Wait, wait, what's she doing? She hasn't told you.
Told me what? - How's lunch going, boss? - Good! I should help them.
No, no, don't, don't.
She won't appreciate it.
She's making a traditional pirate sandwich.
Baked beans, cheese, bit of sand.
Look, I just don't think it's fair that you turn your life upside down for something that wasn't your fault.
Just something has to change.
You don't need to go anywhere for that to happen, though.
I mean, why punish yourself? There are people here that care about you.
[HARRY HUMMING] What are you doing? Ahh, it's a castle for dolls.
It's mediaeval.
What do you want, Harry? It's called a truce.
To stop the snarking and the blaming and We've still got something pretty special.
I am not sleeping with you.
I'm talking about our daughter, Liz.
I just think we need to be united to, you know, show her we care.
Well, I think we need a less sentimental approach.
- Oh.
- I mean, part of the problem is Anton being on remand and she's stressed about money.
- So? - Well, I did have a practical thought.
It's not a very pleasant one, but it might just do the trick.
DANIELLE: Hello! Oh, I was just I'm just looking for Sarah? She's out.
- Ahh, where? - Ahh She's with that Kyle Evans, against our advice.
Oh, my! Can I stay at Lucy's for a bit? Yeah, course you can, mate.
Course you can.
- Oh, sure.
- Might as well make the most of her while you're still in town.
- Sarah.
- I'll be inside.
Um, hi.
Great, you've been out frolicking with a murderer.
Can you shoosh? He's not a murderer.
Meanwhile, I've been dealing with your husband, who had no idea, by the way, - about your plans to run away.
- You told him that? - I didn't realise - Why? - .
it was a secret! - It is Oh, my God.
Anyway, we have to go.
Maddie's a mess and she really needs us.
Maddie Leave me alone.
Don't be silly.
Go away.
It's over.
What are you talking about? I've got no job.
I'm gonna get a criminal record.
A rubbish mother.
Max is happier with them.
He is not.
And you can't just give up.
Look, you have been treated appallingly.
But Max loves you, and he needs you and you're his mum.
And we will help you.
And you can turn this around.
- I can't.
- You can.
She's won.
She's won.
Just leave me alone.
How's the shoulder? Oh, it's fine.
Look, I know you lied about Maddie assaulting you.
You said quite clearly to me that it was an accident.
Sorry, did you ask me here so you could threaten me You said that you wanted this all to be over.
- Yeah.
- I know she can be hard work, but I just don't think that you wanna destroy her.
And if that is what you wanted, you have done it.
I just can't believe that you are actually that type of person.
[INTENSE MUSIC] Poor Maddie.
Hey, you've done what you can and this is important.
I mean, who knew JJ's name was Jack? [MESSAGE NOTIFICATION TONE] Oh, my God, Kelson's got back to me.
You've already been in touch? What'd he say? That he's not prepared to bear the expense of a DNA test, because he denies that he's London's father.
What a prick.
I'm glad he lost all his hair.
You know what? You still got JJ, and you only need one set of DNA, so if it's not JJ, it has to be Kelson.
Yeah, I get it.
I'm not stupid.
I so could have been a marine biologist.
I know.
Oh, my god.
Bindy Boats.
- No, you still look great.
- Oh, thank you.
So do you, JJ.
Or is it Jack now? My mates call me JJ.
Um - I'm - What's up? Ahh, I actually have something really important that I need to tell you.
Yeah, sure.
So you remember that time we went to that gig together? Sure do.
Um, ahh, um I got pregnant.
I had a baby.
She's six now.
So, you're saying that I'm the dad? Well, if you did a DNA test then we could prove it.
- Well, hold on - It's really simple Hold on, if you're so sure about this, why do I need to take some test? Look, no way.
- It can't be me.
- JJ.
Look, I don't need this in my life right now.
See you.
Your friend came to see me.
The doctor? I feel bad about going to the courts but you were being impossible, Mad.
Phoebe just thought that Yeah, blame your girlfriend.
Very brave.
Well, the way I go on about you, she'd got it into her head that I was still in love with you and it just, I don't know, it just got out of hand.
Well, it doesn't matter.
I've got no cards left.
He's all yours.
That's not what I want.
I'll withdraw it.
All of it.
I do still care about you.
I can't help it.
This is very romantic.
Hey, I wanted to thank you, really, for your kindness and for your advice.
You're welcome.
Did I convince you to stay? It's not about staying or going.
You know, I have to change things so it's not all about Anton.
And you know what? I have to make my own decisions.
That was a good decision.
Do you want to come inside or I can't because my Mum is coming over for dinner.
- Right.
- I know, I know, that hardly ever happens, so Well, have fun.
I mean, that sounds lovely.
See ya.
Sarah, you're wonderful.
Hey, what happened? She saved me.
Whatever you said to Jesse, you worked a bloody miracle! Oh, no, I just told her the truth.
And you can't give up, OK? But you can? We do have to look out for each other.
- I said that.
- Well, I'm not going anywhere.
See? You listen to me and everything works out, guys.
- Always.
- No-one messes with Bad Mothers.
We're agreed.
But if we can be a little bit flexible about weekends, just, if I'm working You know me.
Always flexible.
And currently unemployed.
Ahh, you'll find something.
They were idiots to let you go.
Glad you think so.
Actually, there's something I need to say.
I was a dick for leaving you.
I know I said all that stuff about you, not knowing how to love Yeah, I'm only a tiny bit emotionally scarred.
I said it about you, but actually I was restless and afraid to commit and just scared of .
I don't know what.
Anyway, I I asked Phoebe to marry me and she said yes.
That is great.
- Ironic.
- No, no, no.
It's fantastic, really.
[GENTLE MUSIC] - Ahh, here she is.
- Are we having a party? More of a welcome home.
Here comes the tickle monster! Oh, I'm gonna getcha! Yes, I can! Yes, I can! [TENSE MUSIC] Anton made bail.
[TENSE MUSIC BUILDS] Dad, come in the pool! Ahh, yeah, after lunch, mate.
- Come on, Dad! - I've just gotta get a drink for Liz.
It'll be wasted on her.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
How did you do this? - I put my house up as security.
- Mum.
It was the price I was willing to pay to keep you here.
My patron.
Yeah, you better believe it.
Best behaviour from now on.
You know it.
Stop giving the children beer.
It's called a shandy, Liz.
Oh, it's called alcohol, Harry.
You were much more fun when you were on the piss, you know.
Your parents are hilarious.
They have their moments.
[TENSE MUSIC] Look, I know things have been difficult.
But they're gonna be different now.
You'll see.
I saw the way he looked at you.
There's something going on.
Nothing happened.
VOICEOVER: In the final weeks I have feelings for him.
Wait, like, slutty feelings? VOICEOVER: .
all their darkest secrets will be exposed.
I'm not your mate.
You murderer.
VOICEOVER: There's passion I don't want to feel the way that I used to about you.
heartbreak No! VOICEOVER: .
and a honeytrap.
You're gonna have to work with him a little bit.
Sleep with him, if you have to.
VOICEOVER: Will catch a killer.
The unmissable final two weeks of: Bad Mothers Next Monday.