Bad Papa (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1; Episode 2

1 I'm not a bad person, but I am a bad dad.
- What just happened? - Oh, no.
No, what's going to happen to him? As a husband and as a dad, I have made many mistakes.
What's worse is that it seems like I won't have a chance to redeem myself.
This woman is a bigger problem.
This woman is not my wife.
And that girl is not my daughter.
That's why I can't die here.
Even if people criticize me for being a jerk, I must survive and make it out alive.
I must survive.
(Episode 1) Hey, we just got a tip that the monk opened up a gambling parlor again in Bongsu-dong.
Detective Yoo, go dig some information on that.
Why is it me again? This is so annoying.
Hey, hey.
Tell Detective Cha to join you.
Okay, okay.
I'm on my way.
Gosh, this again? Hey, monk.
Hey, gambler.
My goodness.
It's you, Corporal Yoo.
What brings you here? You punk.
Why would a detective come to a gambling parlor? - Make a guess.
- Then you came to the wrong place.
It's been so long since I switched industries.
Do you see all these clothes here? Now, I'm in a clothing retail business.
- Here's my business license.
- Anyway, come with me.
Hey, where did the monk hide? I heard that he got clean and went into the mountains.
- What's that? - The warehouse.
- Move that.
- Sure.
Please go in.
- Hey, you jerk.
- What? It's too dark.
This is just a warehouse after all.
- Okay.
- Okay.
This car is falling apart.
Gosh, I barely managed to close the door.
- Detective Yoo.
- What is it? Please enjoy these drinks.
- Have a good day.
- Hey, what is this? Why is he being overly friendly? Like my heart has been dented Like I have been cut by the tears This darn junk.
Gosh, what a piece of junk.
(Emergency Dispatch) My heart is definitely dented.
Anyway, forget that.
50 dollars' worth of No, no.
Scratch that.
Do 30 dollars' worth of repair that you charge 50 dollars for.
30 dollars.
I said, 30 dollars.
Anyway, just fix it with the bare minimum.
Okay? You sure will be a rich man.
Yes, I want to become a rich man.
I really want to.
- Share the drinks with me.
- This? Hey, isn't he that jerk from the other day? Where is he? Should I make a U-turn? I'll turn now.
You stupid jerk.
Do you still not know about the law after being in the slammer? You violated the law when you bribed me.
Are you trying to ruin my career? Anyway, I'll return this right away.
You wait there.
Are you going to be okay? This is a covert operation anyway.
I don't have any other options.
I'm lucky if they don't find out.
Well, right.
This is a covert.
Then should we go inside now? I don't care if you get a good hand or not.
Just do your best.
With this, let me bump up my performance rate.
I lost.
- This is called winning.
- This isn't fair.
- Come on, hurry up.
- This one is going all out.
You're not supposed to do that.
- This is the room.
- What do you want me to do? Have you gone mad? - I got this one.
- Monk, it's me.
What are you going to do? It's a pair of sevens.
My goodness, am I getting lucky or not today? What's going on? - Are you here, honey? - For six months - Who are you? - This isn't what it looks like.
- This is Sorry.
- Honey! Honey! - This one always keeps going.
- Stop.
- Why are you sorry? - Well, listen.
- Come here.
I'm going to kill you.
- No, no.
Why are you wearing a jacket? It's hot out.
- I'm a cop.
- What? You're a cop? What? That's my room card.
How dare you? Hey, run! Run! Hurry, run! Hurry up.
- Where are you going? - My gosh.
- My hair! Let go of my hair! - You come here.
Hello, Detective Cha.
- Have a nice day.
- You come back here! Good job.
Hold them down for a bit.
- Got it? - Let go! You're hurting me.
Why is he so fast? That jerk.
Is he Usain Bolt or what? Are you all right? It was a red light.
Why did you run to the street? I'm fine.
Just go on your way.
I'm fine.
Just go.
Gosh, that scumbag.
Yoon Soo.
- Look at you.
- Hey, hey.
Hey, Yoon Soo.
What a small world.
You little runt.
"Dongui Life Insurance, Chief Kim Yoon Soo.
" Are you in insurance now? If you can, change your trade.
Unless they're as stupid as I am, no one will buy anything from you.
Ji Cheol.
As a matter of fact, when things got better, you were going to be the first call I made.
You're no better than a camel's hump! Hey, you.
Look at this, you jerk.
Do you see this? Because of you, I became dirt poor, but I never resented you.
Why? Because you were my friend.
I thought you would be in a worse shape than I was in.
But two days ago, my wife saw yours at a supermarket.
Your wife was driving a foreign car that costs way more than the deposit for our house.
That day, my wife treated me like I was the stupidest man alive.
Because of you, I lost all of my savings! She divorced me a long time ago.
She took the kids too.
After having financial problems for five years, she changed.
It's as if the deity molded his back.
The place that he excites me the most is there.
His soft hand spreads the butter.
His veins wriggles as if they're about to squeeze out everything.
It's getting heated as if it's about to melt down.
At last.
He completes all of my senses.
(Landlord) I have to raise your lease by 30,000 dollars.
(Paid Novel, "Hot Kitchen") - It's too weak.
- It's not sexy at all.
The writer must be an amateur.
Then you people can write your own.
Darn it.
You work part-time by the day and write by the night.
And over the 10 years as you have done that, did anyone give you any awards or money? This field is different.
You can make a lot of money with your talent.
Writers who get their big breaks in this field can make up to 10,000 dollars a month! (Comments) Hey, writer, has it been long since you've done it? After that, we created a new medicine called SF-3.
SF-3 helps the brain secrete much senitine.
It can treat Lou Gehrig's disease I'm sick of curry.
I can't eat this anymore.
I feel like I live in India or something.
SF-3, it will be the biggest miracle you have witnessed in this 21st century.
Hey, do you still write? I don't write anything.
Then why do you always sleep in the smaller room? I get lonely.
Stop talking nonsense.
You were so confident before.
Did you manage to get this? I didn't borrow that.
Give it to me.
What is it, then? Is this your slush fund? I really didn't borrow that.
Give it back.
What is it? Mom, I need money.
I need to get a new backpack.
What? A facial pack? For your skin? What? No.
Pops Backpack.
Everyone has that except me.
You said everyone has that.
Why do you want it too? That doesn't make you unique.
Come on, Mom.
It's all right.
You won't die from not having that.
Look at this.
I carried this around for two years.
Of course, you will.
Why would you need to change it? You really tick me off.
What did you just say? I'm too embarrassed to carry this around.
My gosh.
What are you doing this early in the morning? You should eat, though.
- I'll buy you the backpack, so - You should pay me back first.
Honey, Young Seon is being weird.
She must be stressed out.
She's talking nonsense What? You borrowed money from me.
Young Seon, stop.
I'll buy that backpack for you when I get paid - next month.
- You always say that.
In my next life, probably.
- Young Seon.
- Young Seon.
- Young Seon.
- You should eat.
- Hey.
- My goodness.
My gosh.
She shouldn't leave without eating breakfast.
And she said she wants to study.
A backpack couldn't cost that much.
Just get her one.
Why? - What is it? - Her backpack isn't that important.
(Landlord) We need 30,000 dollars for lease.
How much did you get? Well, I This isn't everything, is it? - Well, that's also - Are you crazy? Are you kidding me? We can't help it, then.
I'm sorry.
I'm really sorry.
Let's not renew the lease.
(Divorce Form) - What is this? - Sign it.
You won't need to work hard to make money if you do that.
This isn't the first time you fooled me.
You don't want to go ask anyone for help, so I somehow manage when you just sit around.
That's it again.
But not this time.
There is no one else I can borrow money from anymore.
If we have nowhere to live together, we need to split up, right? Sign it.
Don't tire me out from the morning.
Tire you out? I've been tired for 17 years ever since the day I met you.
(Landlord) Okay.
I'll make sure I somehow find the money.
Okay? And I didn't borrow the 1,000 dollars! I have to give it back! My gosh.
This is bad.
You get stressed out a lot, but you can hear well.
You aren't a picky eater.
And you sleep about six hours a day.
Are you taking any medicine? I don't.
But is there a particular problem? It can be just from overworking, lack of sleep, and lack of nutrition.
It may go away after a little.
But think about your age.
Why don't you take your time and get a comprehensive medical examination? You should prevent any diseases you can get.
Doctor, how much will this cost? Does he think everyone has 5,000 dollars? (Jangsoo Hospital) - My gosh.
- You can't leave this here! (New Drug Testing, clinical trial candidates wanted) "Free medical examination"? They pay me too.
But I can't find that much time.
How How much? - Go! - Hey, stop it.
My gosh.
My gosh, this is unbelievable.
Why do you like seeing guys fight in their briefs? Do you want to go watch it? It's better in real life.
It's not awesome.
They're just covered in sweat.
Come on, come with me.
I don't want to.
Why? I'll buy the tickets.
Hey, Kim Se Jeong.
Are you pretending to be rich? - Do you want to come too? - Then I don't want the ticket.
It'd be really chill if you could get me that.
It's so hot now.
A student should dress like one.
My gosh.
You sound like an old man trying to teach me.
- So are you getting the tickets? - Yes.
But you need to watch this and learn the rules first.
So focus, okay? Hey, wait.
My stomach hurts.
No, you have to watch this.
- No, it really does.
- No way.
You're just acting.
Watch this.
(I love how you dance.
You are my dancing queen forever.
) Where have you been? Why are you so late? Stop picking a fight.
I've been working hard to keep the safety of our people.
Why is it so quiet here? Everyone is out working.
Chief Park.
I need four days off.
I can't give you four days, but you can go away forever.
I shouldn't have asked.
Chief, we got a tip-off about the gambling parlor in Seongbae-dong.
Is it Jangsoo Gang? My gosh.
These vermin always get in trouble.
Darn it.
Let's see.
Why did you bring so much money? I'm betting everything on you.
Are you here for the game or to gamble? Pick one.
It's buy 1 get 1 free, killing 2 birds with 1 stone, and serving two ends at the same time.
You called me after five years and dragged me here.
Where's your conscience? Sang Chul, I've got that something.
- Sixth sense.
- What? Sixth sense, my foot.
Hey, look.
Look at you.
You are something.
- The player is coming in! - All right! - All right! - Go! - Get him! - Go fight! - Go! - Go! - Go, Sang Chul! - Keep it up! My gosh, there you are, my dear pushovers.
Let's go.
Do it! Let's go.
- You can do it.
- Yes.
Go! That's right.
That's it.
Keep punching.
Let's go.
Punch him right there.
Boss, the police are here.
What? - 2, 1 - Gosh.
Why did this happen when the boss isn't here? Let everyone out.
Is anyone here? We're the police.
The police are here.
Put the money in the bag.
- Okay.
- Let's go.
Hey, wake up! The police saved us.
Let's go.
Are you here to promote yourselves? Don't move and guard here.
I'll steer them from the back.
Why did they lock the entrance? I would have climbed over it right away back in the old days.
What is that? You! Hold on! Yes, this is the place.
- Hey.
- Gosh.
Come here.
You came out from this house, right? Us? - No.
- Your face says you played hwatu.
- No.
- What? We are backups of the national team.
We're late for training right now.
By any chance Why? Why, punk? It's nothing.
Keep working.
Let's go.
What was that? We announce that Yoo Ji Cheol, who abandoned sportsmanship, will be expelled permanently from this moment on.
Yes, that place is a gambling place.
But it wasn't a place where they played hwatu or poker.
I went inside and checked everything.
Wait a minute.
Stop the car over there.
Anyway, I'll tell you in detail when I go back.
Do you have any money? - Let's hang out.
- She can't.
I can't believe we can't hang out together.
Let's hang out without Young Seon.
Young Seon.
- Is that your older brother? - Hello.
Yes, hello.
You're always hungry when you go to school.
You must have come with your older brother.
- Enjoy the food.
- Thanks.
Did you see that? I can't hide my handsomeness.
You must be happy to hang out with your older brother.
Why did you come to my school so early during the day? Gosh, what is this? What could this be? Ta-da.
No way.
This is really expensive.
Really? I went to the department store and it was there.
- I just bought it.
- Dad I can't believe it.
This is really amazing.
- Are you happy? - Gosh.
What do you mean, the development is discontinued? Of course, they're all false rumors.
Congressman, just trust me and bury it.
Of course, I know that.
Don't worry.
I'll develop a good drug and help you get advertisements.
Sorry? I said I would help you, not my father.
It's okay.
I still have a long way to go to catch up to my father.
You piece of trash.
Like father like son? Does he mean that I should die like my father or what? Darn it.
Director Park? No matter how many times I come here, I don't feel comfortable.
Maybe it's because people die here.
The toxicity is still too high to carry out a clinical test.
It's a new drug because it has toxins.
Why would you do a clinical test if it doesn't have any? It's still not ready yet.
They say that good medicine tastes bitter.
It's okay.
I like high risk and high return.
If you could just give us a little more time I already gave you 10 years.
How much more time should I give you? Is 20 years enough? People are talking nonsense that the development is discontinuing.
Aren't you too laid-back? We have to hurry and pass the clinical test to release it in the market within this year.
The stock price could plummet in an instant at this rate.
If it was your father, he wouldn't have hurried like this.
Why do people keep talking about that old man today? It's been more than 49 days since he died so why bother? Doctor.
Let's just forget about those who died and worry about the living.
Instead of thinking about the people who died unluckily from your drugs, think about the countless people who will be saved by your drug.
And you should also think about your only daughter.
(Nobel Prize Physiology of Medicine Nominee, Doctor Cha Seung Ho) ("I Offered My Life to Medicine") How is it? It really feels good, right? It's amazing.
This is really nice.
How much is it? - Yes? - How much is it? If you buy this product, you can pay 29 dollars and 90 cents monthly with an interest-free installment.
- You're here.
- Oh, my.
Oh no.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
Let's go.
You little I can't believe this.
Cheer up.
I haven't sold anything yet either.
Seon Joo! Hey, guys.
What are you still doing here? - Hurry, Seon Joo.
- What is it? - Come on, hurry.
- What's going on? The signing.
The fan signing event.
Follow me.
Hurry up.
Everyone, you've been waiting for a long time.
Do you want to see Mr.
Lee Min Woo right now? - Yes! - The man of the hour today.
Before I introduce him - Come on.
- Gosh.
Let me introduce the CEO first.
Please give it up for him.
(MMA Fighter Lee Min Woo's Book Signing) ("Lee Min Woo's MMA Training") Thank you.
I sincerely thank all of you for coming to the book signing to celebrate his publication.
Hey, I'll cover your corner too.
You can take your time and enjoy the event.
- I'm going to go now.
- Forget it.
Let me introduce Mr.
Lee Min Woo.
- You look handsome! - I'm a fan! - You're good-looking.
- Goodness.
Awesome! Before bringing him in, three people were chosen to take photos with him through an event.
You'll have the honor to take photos now! Come on out.
Lee Min Woo prepared a lot of surprises and presents today.
Min Woo, you became a hot shot fighter now.
No, I'm not.
How's Ji Cheol? He's good.
He's doing well.
Yong Dae, have you gone mad? - Why are we here? - What? What do you mean? Are we on the wanted list? Did we commit a crime? No, it's not that.
- This isn't a place we belong to.
- No, it's not.
But some people don't belong here any more than we do.
Look who's talking.
- Here he comes.
- Give me back my money, jerk.
- What? - You borrowed money months ago.
- The detective from yesterday? - Yes, he is.
What on earth are you plotting now? Plotting? No, I'm just his fan.
I'll call you later.
It's out of my pure support as his fan.
And starting now, this gets slightly personal.
Who did this? Why would anyone try to steal from this piece of junk? What is this? Hey, Detective Yoo.
Ji Cheol.
Why didn't you answer your phone? - What have you been up to? - What are you talking about? I'm talking about the money.
Why did you take the money? No matter how hard I try to weed this out, it won't work.
This is crazy.
You had disciplinary actions twice because of money.
You were suspended for a month based on use of excessive force and violation of the police conduct rules.
After your salary got seized, you were suspended for a month for degrading respectability of the police.
Let me explain about the lien.
That happened ages ago.
Why are you bringing this up now? People tend to take bribes when they're financially struggling.
You took a bribe, didn't you? I really thought they were just beverages.
Will you keep denying it? You opened it.
You must have seen the money inside.
Yes, I opened it.
When I saw the money, I was going to return it right away Too much time had passed to use the phrase, "right away".
I put the money in my jacket.
And my wife Is your wife involved in this too? What did you just say? How dare you blurt things out like that? - Don't stop me.
- Are you involved too, sir? No, no.
Then is Detective Cha involved too? I think you will be suspended for three months at the minimum.
Three months? That would be enough for us to starve to death.
You know what? If you were going to take a bribe, you should've made sure no one knew! I wasn't trying to take any bribes! Will it explode? Darn it! It's going to explode! It's going to explode! Gosh, his life is full of twists and turns.
Here's the money for the car.
- Gosh.
What an awesome bag.
- Gosh.
What an awesome bag.
Can I borrow your bag when I go on a blind date? Why would you take a bag to your blind date? I shouldn't? Hey, if I like the guy, I should put him in the bag.
Yours looks just like mine.
- You can have this.
- Really? I'm annoyed because apparently, anyone can carry this.
No, this is different from mine.
Unlike mine, the stitching on your bag is sloppy.
I guess this is a knock-off.
I've never seen one, but it looks just like mine.
- How interesting.
- Stop your nonsense.
My dad bought this at the department store.
Is your dad a good liar? Or are you just a fool? Your ears are turning red.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Are you embarrassed? - You little witch.
- Hey! - Hey! - Hey.
Oh, no.
- Young Seon.
Hey, Young Seon! - Young Seon.
- Are you okay? - Young Seon.
- Young Seon, wake up.
- Oh, no.
- Wake up.
We meet again.
Aren't you the thugs from the gambling parlor? (YD Promotion, CEO Kim Yong Dae) - What's this? - Do you want to work with us? I can recognize faces like an expert.
Especially people like Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol I can never forget.
Take your time, think about my offer, and call me, please.
What is it? What? Where are you now? Bye.
Young Seon! Is she in the ICU? Young Seon.
Young Seon! - Young Seon! - Goodness.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Are you all right? Let me see.
Gosh, what are you doing? Where are your legs? Where did her legs go? - Her legs - Hey.
She has her legs.
What's wrong with you? You just made our daughter legless.
Why are you making a fuss? She just got a cast on her arm.
Hey, then you should have explained this thoroughly.
And she has a cast on her arm.
Do you think this is a minor injury? Do you think this is minor? Why are you getting mad at me? Young Seon, are you okay? - Hello - Go easy on her.
- My gosh.
- Are you hurt anywhere else? - Let me see you.
- I'm fine.
- My goodness.
- Long time no see, Ji Cheol.
Why are you here? It was a coincidence.
One of our fighters is hospitalized here too.
I see.
One second.
Yes, sir.
The game is next week.
Min Woo got us this VIP room too.
I didn't ask.
Lie down.
- Why? - Lie down.
I heard that she just pulled a ligament.
How can they ask for 10,000 dollars? "She just pulled a ligament"? Sang A is a future idol star who will make her debut soon.
She's a great talent who will represent our school.
She's completely different from kids like them.
"Kids like them"? That's a bit too much.
My goodness.
They never study, never listen to their teachers, get in trouble, and dishonor the school.
Sang A is completely different from kids like them.
Isn't that too much? Oh, is it because she is the chairman's granddaughter? - Hey.
- What? Hey, what if something bad happened to Sang A? Pushing someone down the stairs is like an attempted murder.
It's a huge crime.
I can't believe what you're saying.
Aren't you going overboard with the girls here? How can you say that in front of them? What did you just say? What? "An attempted murder"? Is that what you just said? I thought you were their teacher.
Is that something a teacher should say? People like you need to learn to be a decent human before you work as a teacher.
Okay? - Honey.
- Right? Honey, let go of him.
No! Let go of me.
Let go.
Look at how her dad is.
What do you think she learned from him? Sir, please calm down.
We should go and talk.
Don't worry.
Okay? We'll figure something out.
Anyway, I'll find some money.
Wait here.
And don't ask Min Woo for any money.
Why not? We can't nitpick over whose money we take right now.
Seon Joo.
Why? Are you embarrassed? Is it that again? Can you still feel embarrassed? Okay, let's say that you can.
Is that more important than your daughter? Don't you feel sorry for Young Seon, you irresponsible fool? I shouldn't blame you.
I'm the idiot for marrying someone like you.
We should figure it out together when things are tough.
Do you think it's normal to hand over divorce papers because I couldn't find money for the lease? Is that family? I'm sorry.
Come to think about it, I'm the jerk.
It's the worst to run away when there's trouble in the family.
But you know what? I learned that from you.
(Divorce Form) Young Seon.
Don't worry about school, okay? I'll find a way to figure everything out.
So just trust me and get your rest.
You have to rest, rest, and keep resting.
Got it? Trust what? That bag was a fake too.
I went to the department store, but they were all sold out.
But it looked like you were in a rush, so I just found whatever I could.
Forget it.
I'm sorry.
My gosh.
- I'm so embarrassed.
- What's with you? Young Seon.
What do you want to be when you grow up? All of a sudden? I'm not an elementary school kid.
Nothing in particular.
Come on, think about it.
What do you want to be? Nothing.
What about you? What do you want to be? Me? What can I become? I'm already your dad.
I'm Young Seon's dad.
I'm the guy who called.
Yoo I mean, Kim Yoon Soo from an insurance company.
Darn it, why is it raining? It's not like we're meeting in secret.
Kim Yoon Soo? (Confidentiality Agreement) I have no idea what this means.
(Signed by Choi Yong Woo) Is that the medicine we'll be taking? What is it for? Cold? Headaches? You may not ask any questions.
Grab a seat.
I will.
But still, you are paying a hefty amount, and you covered our eyes and all.
I mean, we signed the confidentiality agreement, so we should at least know what the medicine is for to feel a bit relieved.
It's a nutritional supplement.
A multi-functional one.
A nutritional supplement? Oh, they do tests for nutritional supplements? It's a new product that is highly effective.
This field is all about confidentiality.
- Please do understand.
- You should have told me before.
I got scared because I thought it was something serious.
Then let us begin by taking your blood.
What should I do? Do you want my arm or my bottom? - Your arm, please.
- Okay.
We will decide on the subjects after the examination today.
Wait, does that mean some of us could get eliminated? It's just a nutritional supplement, but we can't test it on those with health issues.
If you are unwell, please let us know now.
What are you talking about? All I have is this healthy body.
You can already tell that I'm the healthiest one here.
(Kim Yoon Soo) This way, please.
(8 hours later) I'm not sure, but I think getting selected as a test subject might feel similar to getting selected for the national team.
They'll give us 40,000 dollars next time we go there.
40,000 dollars.
Yes! It's quite a lot of money for you too, isn't it? Where could you earn 3,000 dollars? Just be satisfied.
This is far from enough.
You should have taken care of your health until now then.
They can't do a clinical test on you when you're in poor health.
You're right.
Isn't this the drug from earlier? I was selected as the test subject.
They gave me this to take care of my health.
They said it's a highly-effective supplement.
It's here.
I'll get going.
Cheer up.
You can do it.
Why isn't the bus coming anyway? Nutritional supplements.
Okay, nutritional supplements.
Gosh, what is wrong with me? Aren't you getting in? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Kids can do that.
- Oh, my.
- What should we do? - What happened? - Did you make a report? - What are we going to do? - Are they okay? What is happening? My money.
No, my money.
What's wrong with him? Don't do that.
I found it.
Mom, wake up.
Mom, wake up.
Mom, wake up.
Hey, you should get out first.
I'll take your mom with me.
- Get out right now.
- I don't want to.
- Get out right now! - Mom.
- No.
- Mom, wake up.
I'll come back a little later, okay? Mom.
- Oh, my.
- What should we do? - That is amazing.
- What is? There are people inside.
- Look.
- Oh, my.
My money.
3,000 dollars.
- My money.
- Where are you going again? - Oh, my.
- Are you okay? Hey, are you okay? - Look at that.
- Are you okay? - What should we do? - Look at that blood.
Who is he to do such things? He must be her dad.
You did a great deed.
You're really amazing.
He's a hero.
He really is a hero.
Since the past until the present, I never wanted to become a great hero for you all.
I just wanted to become an ordinary head of a household.
I wanted to become an ordinary hero who could make his wife not worry about money and buy everything his daughter wanted to eat and have.
The energy is great here.
(11 years ago in Yokohama) Yoo Ji Cheol.
The stadium is full of Japanese fans right now.
Of course, it's a home game for Japan.
The jeering of the audience is really severe.
- There's his opponent.
- Yoo Ji Cheol won't be shaken.
He's the pride of Korea and the people's hero.
That's right.
This kind of jeering doesn't matter.
In the blue corner, there's a fighter from Japan.
In the red corner, there's a fighter from Korea.
Yoo Ji Cheol.
Just like those days, all I want is to become an ordinary dad.
(Bad Papa) Not only does the subject have factors that induce toxins, but he definitely has factors that can also break down the toxins.
- What is that? - I had to check something so I did.
Did you just accept that without asking? Now, you can't make a single cent.
So what? How will you solve this? Hey, give me money! You're working at an illegal gambling parlor! You stupid fools! Hey, he and I are in different weight classes.
I can't believe an underground fighter scared Yoo Ji Cheol.