Bad Papa (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3; Episode 4

1 (Episode 3) The fifth round has begun at last! It's a match between Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol and Fighter Fugimoto.
If Ji Cheol from Korea keeps up what he's been doing, he'll definitely win this match.
Gosh, look at Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol.
His name is being chanted throughout the stadium in Yokohama.
Indeed, this is a touching moment.
Even the gamblers in Las Vegas predicted that this would be Ji Cheol's win by a landslide.
Let's take a look at the winning dividend.
If you bet 10 dollars on his win, you win 10 cents in return.
- He's down.
- He's down.
Go, Fugimoto.
Why isn't he counting? - What's going on? - Come on.
Is he saying that Ji Cheol hit his testicles? - Come on, that's not right.
- Well done.
- He's coming at you! - What is Fugimoto doing? - He can't do that! - What is the referee doing? That jerk.
He's down.
He's knocked down.
- What on earth just happened? - Honey! Our national hero is down.
Ji Cheol, get up.
Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol.
- Is he going under now? - One.
- What? There's no way.
- Two.
I'm sure Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol will get back up now.
He must get up and fight again! Right now, Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol can't seem to get up.
He has to get up! He has to get up right now! My goodness.
Darn it.
(Hongye University Hospital) You weren't asleep yet? I What's wrong? Are you sick? Your voice is gone.
Is that you? Mom took care of it.
Mom did? I won't get kicked out of school, so don't worry.
I had no idea.
Me? What do you think? I'm working.
Yes, I'll be back soon.
Get a good rest.
Where did she get the money? (Yoon Ho's hand slid down her back) Down her back My cheat sheet.
("55 Shades of Grey") Did she say 10,000 dollars a month? Fine, I'll make that.
You're home.
Hey, what's with your face? Where did you get the money for the compensation? Did Min Woo come and give it to you? And did you just take it? No.
He didn't come.
I went to ask him for money.
You really are something.
You're too embarrassed to ask anyone for money.
Then what? I need to step up.
I told you that I'll find the money.
I said I'll take care of it! You said you were fired.
You can't make a penny anymore.
What will you do now? How were you going to take care of it? Are you going to be a thief? What did you say? What? Darn it.
My gosh.
Why is there a flower pot here? Move.
It's too dangerous.
Be careful.
My gosh, you're bleeding.
Do you think I do this because I have no pride? This is our busiest hour.
What are you doing? - I'm sorry.
- Can't you see that we're busy? Come and get a massage.
Do you want to try it? Do you want to try sitting here? (Electricity Bill) (My pocket money, 100 bucks!) (Field trip and lunch money, 165 dollars and 2 cents) Yesterday at around 7pm, a bus hit the divider and turned over as it was crossing Jeongsong Bridge in Chuncheon.
It was an awful accident, but no casualties are reported.
We met with the passengers.
Do you want to work with us? I can recognize faces like an expert.
Especially people like Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol I can never forget.
You said you saw the hero who saved the mom and the daughter out of the bus right after the accident.
He was truly awesome.
He took out the woman and the kid like a hero.
Isn't that amazing? Hero, my foot.
One day, I'm called a hero, then I'm garbage the next day.
What on earth am I? My gosh, that man is amazing.
There should be more people like him in this world.
- Sir.
- The video of his heroic act - got 300,000 views online.
- Don't believe such news.
- You're rather naive.
- More people are wondering about who this hero is.
Why did he just leave? He could probably receive a lot of money as a reward.
They are giving out flyers Well, I doubt he did it for money.
Right? I can also tell that he wouldn't do that for money.
What reward? So how much is the reward? Are you saying that you're the hero? Yes, I'm the hero.
You tried really hard.
Can you show me your teeth? - Here.
- My gosh.
You aren't him.
How can I not be him? That's me.
See? - Can you see that? - Yes.
I look exactly the same.
That's me.
I'm here to receive my reward.
I'm the hero who saved them from the bus.
Okay, sure.
This is the 15th so-called hero.
You were the 14th.
There's the 13th.
Do you guys have a hero club or something? You can say hi to each other.
Nice to meet you.
My gosh.
Fine, I'm not the one.
I lived like such a fool I lived like such a fool I lived like a fool, like a fool King Sejong.
I think this is as far as we go.
Go, now.
I won't see you off.
Hey! Give me some money! I've done something good! Give me some money, you jerk! Jerk.
Give me some money, you jerk.
(There is nothing more precious than money.
) This is correct.
Darn it.
(Your family has left you.
) (You are completely useless.
) (Completely useless) (You are completely useless.
) (You are completely useless.
) I lived like such a fool (You are completely useless.
) (You are a much needed person.
) The virulence factor that causes neuromyopathic diseases showed up quite high for this subject.
As you can see, the figures are high enough that it wouldn't be strange if he couldn't move at all.
But seeing that he doesn't have any abnormal symptoms, I'm sure that this subject not only has a virulence factor, but also a factor that can break down toxins.
If we find that out, we could take care of this new drug's toxicity.
You're being too optimistic.
What if the toxins aren't being broken down, but are just taking time to appear? - But - His muscle damage would have already started then.
Before long, his respiratory organs will be paralyzed, - and he will die.
- That's it.
If he's going to die like that eventually, he should participate in this test even more because of that.
SF-3 is a drug to save patients like him.
You're also taking after CEO Jeong.
You're the only one whom I want to take after.
(Kim Yoon Soo) "Kim Yoon Soo"? Was this person also chosen as a test subject? No.
According to the first test results, it was confirmed that he had no tolerance at all to the new drug's toxicity.
People always talk badly about those who aren't present.
Director Park, do you also do that when I'm not around? - We'll get going.
- Okay, good luck.
Do your best today.
Detective Cha.
This is Cha Ji Woo, and this is Lee Hyun Soo.
Get along with each other from now on, okay? Get some coffee from the vending machine with your new partner.
I'm a little busy right now.
I'll go and buy it.
What would you like? I said it was okay.
She's a little sensitive because her partner quit not long ago.
- I'll do a good job.
- What? Wounds from a breakup usually heal with the help of a new relationship.
Isn't that right? This is my desk, right? Yes.
Reporter Park.
You're dressed like that because it's your first day, right? Of course, I'll help you write your article.
- Let's meet.
- I always dress like this.
Isn't it better to dress neatly instead of dressing in a way that says, "I'm a detective from the serious crime squad?" I'll go out and buy some coffee.
Vending machine coffee isn't my style.
It's my 1st time seeing a character like that during my 20-year career.
All of your partners are peculiar.
Is it because you were born with a peculiar fate as well? Chief, would you also like a peculiar fate? I'll decline that offer.
What are you working on so hard? What case is it? You should also try it.
It relieves stress.
It makes me feel like I became a pianist.
(Korean National Anthem) What is wrong with you too? How did that police know where to find us? Boss, a person who lost money must have snitched on us.
You crazy punks.
Go print the list.
I'm going to kill them all.
How will you make a living if you kill all of your customers? - Boss.
- Boss.
Do you know why we keep surviving when others can't? - Why? - Gamblers don't remember that they lost 10 times.
They only remember winning 1 time.
- That's right.
- But you dare to say that you'll kill those thankful customers? But still, some punk must have snitched on us to make that happen.
- Don't you think so? - Jong Doo.
- Yes? - Little brother.
Had you kept guard properly, this headache would've easily been avoided.
They were doing a good job, so I didn't bother.
We were going to move anyway, right? Isn't this better in the end? How many times did I tell you to end things properly? How many times? I'm sorry.
Do you know what a successful conclusion is? A successful conclusion? What does that mean? I don't know.
- Gosh.
- I really don't know.
Listen to me carefully.
You're not working at an arcade.
It's a gambling place.
It's a confounded, illegal gambling place where money flies everywhere.
You idiots! Do you know what a successful conclusion is? No, I don't know.
I also don't know.
Me too.
Why is he asking me about that? (Sweat never betrays.
) That's a lie.
Sweat only stinks like urine.
It's a very foul stench.
I told you not to come here! You failed.
Right? You failed.
What will you do when you don't have any people here? What about you? How are you going to live? I'm going to eat to live.
What else? If your situation is that difficult, you should visit him.
Who knows? He might let you do errands for him.
He respected you the most in the past.
Before you acted recklessly.
Why talk badly about something in the past? I'm not.
I only talk badly about successful and famous people.
Why would I talk badly about someone like you? Even if you acted recklessly like that in the past, it's all in the past now.
People don't recognize you now.
You're not someone like him.
Everyone recognizes him.
I know it from experience, but it's a really annoying and exhausting thing.
You can't even go to the sauna because there's so much attention.
Who cares if you can't go to the sauna? Money, money.
He lives with money piled up like this.
Do you know how much he makes per match? Did Min Woo come and give it to you? He didn't come.
I went to ask him for money.
Do you think I do this because I have no pride? You punk.
You wasted all those good times.
I'm exhausted.
You said you're not talking badly about me, but you're a hypocrite.
It doesn't cost money to listen to you blabbering.
Swear as much as you want.
It's okay.
Lee Min Woo and Jin Yong Won are fighting right now.
It's quite a match.
- That's good.
- Yes.
- That's right.
- He made a kick.
His kicking skills have improved.
Jin Yong Won is attacking first.
He grabbed his opponent.
- It's a knee kick.
- It's a knee kick.
Keep close to him.
It's a flying knee kick.
When someone does that, it means that they are showing their confidence to their opponent.
They're saying they'll win no matter what.
Okay, he escaped.
- He's down.
- He's taking a lot of damage.
It's an enormous amount.
He's using ground-fighting techniques.
Jin Yong Won should escape quickly.
He has to.
He has to stand.
- Jin Yong Won escaped.
- Okay.
- He has little energy left.
- He's staggering now.
He should still It's a high kick.
- Good.
- He did an amazing high kick.
I can't believe that someone who used to be a boxer can kick like that.
It really hurts.
Goodness, it really hurts.
- We'll get going now.
- Bye.
Darn it.
I'll take it now.
One Come here.
Sir, hold on.
Wait a second.
You're a monk.
Why aren't you reciting the Buddhist prayers? I didn't even ask you questions.
How dare you run away, punk? At least tell me who ratted me out.
Don't be nervous.
I'm not going to arrest you now.
- I'm not a detective anymore.
- Then what? - You're rude.
- Sir.
I'm just one of those unemployed people.
Why did you run after me then? Sir? I just needed to check something, so I did.
That jerk.
Hey! What took you so long? Mister, you showed me your hand.
Let us teach you a lesson for good.
- You'll get hurt.
Get out of here.
- Hey.
Darn it.
3 minutes and 12 seconds.
It's about three minutes.
Wait, hold it, mister.
I'm sorry about that.
It's an endless uphill.
This will be the death of me.
Why are you staring out the window? This is your neighborhood.
So what if it is? A married woman doesn't get to dine at places like this.
I should look at it all I want while I'm here.
You can come here with Ji Cheol.
You think he'd bring me here? Really? Gosh, no way.
- Then I'll bring you here.
- Dear me.
Thank you even if you didn't mean it.
Eat up.
Okay, let's eat.
Gosh, this is a steak.
- What is this? - Do you like it? It just melts in my mouth.
I guess expensive meat does taste better.
Young Seon likes meat.
I should take some of this home.
How is she? Is she doing better now? Yes.
She takes after her dad, so luckily, she's very healthy.
It's a problem that she has his temper too.
I think she has yours.
You beat up many students when you were in school.
Remember? Hey.
When did I Seriously, Lee Min Woo.
Should I tell people that you got beaten up when you were young? "An Unexpected Past of Champion Lee Min Woo".
That would make a good headline.
- I don't remember that.
- You don't? Seriously.
Do you still write? Gosh.
I'm busy enough to make ends meet.
I don't have time for that.
I thought you would be a famous writer.
Your writing was really cool.
You became this famous fighter instead.
And you became very handsome too.
It's all good then.
Isn't that Lee Min Woo? No Way.
Isn't she Han So Ra? The actress he had a scandal with.
- They're talking about you.
- I think she's someone else.
Just take photos.
Oh, my.
He looks so much better in person.
Min Woo, you're a hot shot now.
My goodness, look at the time.
I should get going.
- Already? - Yes.
I'll ask them to box this up.
(Episode 4) (YD Promotion, CEO Kim Yong Dae) I told you that I'll find the money.
I said I'll take care of it! You said you were fired.
You can't make a penny anymore.
What will you do now? The body! Hit him on the body! You have to get the lower body for his legs to give out.
- My gosh.
- Hey, man.
- So obvious.
- My gosh.
You should go and fight him yourself.
You're all talk.
Only if he hit his body, it would have Let me show you.
- What? - This side.
He has to find a chance to get his body.
I'm going to kill you tonight.
Come here.
One second.
Darn you.
- Hey, stop.
- You have a lot of missed calls.
Hey, wait.
Let go.
Wait, one second.
- Yong Dae, someone's calling.
- Hey, please.
- Your phone.
- A call? - My arm.
- That call saved your life.
- Who is it? - I don't know.
It's not saved.
Yes, this is CEO Kim Yong Dae of YD Promotion.
I didn't know you would really show up.
I didn't know either, you punk.
That's the funny thing about life.
You never know what will happen the day after.
You're too young to talk about life.
You red-blooded cell of an idiot.
I don't think it's good manners to call me an idiot.
If we're going to work together, shouldn't we respect one another as partners? I have no respect for gamblers.
And you.
If this isn't the dress code, I'll kill you.
Y-Cat, are you gone? When will you upload your next video? Come back quickly.
(Y-Cat, are you gone? When will you return?) What is this? He'll release webs from his wrists.
You said you'll bring a fighter.
Isn't this a thief? This is his concept.
Stop that nonsense and take that off.
Hey, you know.
Hollywood movies all have characters, right? There are guys in bandanas, capes, and nothing but briefs.
This is the guy in a mask.
I'm sure the audience will love him.
Look at him.
He has 1, 2, 3 holes.
This is definitely new, right? - Hey, take that off.
- Okay.
- I told you to stop, you jerk.
- Why not? That sounds fun.
It sounds pretty cool.
The Masked Thief.
The Masked Thief? I love that name.
The Masked Thief.
Hey, come around.
- Hello.
- Hello.
That's 1,000 dollars.
It's him.
What? He's huge.
He's a heavyweight fighter.
Do you want one in the same class, age, blood type, and zodiac sign? This is a gambling joint.
You said I'll get 10,000 dollars.
There are a lot of customers, so you'll definitely get that.
Of course, only if you win.
What did you say, you idiot? Were you going to lose then? I'll have to fight him.
The great fighter Yoo Ji Cheol got chickened out by a street fighter? That's disappointing.
Take this.
- Go! - Fight him! - When was your last fight? - 11 years ago.
You still have your game.
You suddenly look handsome too.
This is why you should make a living with your specialty.
I'm not here to make a living.
- I'm here to get money.
- Same thing.
- What are the rules? - The same as boxing.
Just a little tougher.
Hey, make sure he wears a glove on his head.
Float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee.
That's it! That's it.
Great job.
You've done well.
That was awesome.
Stop making a fuss.
That was just round one.
Why are you panting? Try saying that when you're my age.
Have some water.
- No, forget it.
- No? - Darn it.
- Go.
You can do it.
Keep it up like this, okay? That was awesome.
Go! - Fight! - Fight! That's good.
That's it! Yes, keep punching him.
Don't stop.
My gosh.
Come on! My gosh, come on.
I knew it.
Hey, get up.
Get a hold of yourself.
- Yes! I got three.
- My gosh.
Come here.
Are you my girl or Mom's girl? - Your girl.
- Yes, you're Dad's girl.
What can I become? I'm already your dad.
You can't make a penny anymore.
What will you do now? I've been tired for 17 years ever since the day I met you.
Sign it.
You won't need to work hard to make money if you do that.
- Six.
- Hey.
- Seven.
- Wake up! Hey! I've seen him before.
What? I've never seen him.
Isn't that Yoo Ji Cheol? No way.
He's probably a lookalike.
No, that is him.
Hey, come here.
What's wrong? You've done so well.
What's wrong? I'm too old.
My gosh, thank you for that awesome piece of information.
I can't lose.
Not again.
I can't lose again.
You can do it.
That's what I want.
You can do it.
You can win.
Come on, you can do it.
You can.
You can do it.
You can do it.
You can! What's wrong? Hey! Just end it.
Yes! Darn it! Great job.
You won.
You won! The total of your dividend and fight money is 18,000 dollars.
You should treat us.
Gosh, I can't believe you made money today.
This is interesting.
I'll get going.
How did you scout Yoo Ji Cheol? He's not Yoo Ji Cheol.
He's someone who looks similar.
I'll get going.
I'll take two out.
- Is this the guarantee? - Yes.
- Okay.
- Where are you going? Why, punk? Why are you taking all of this? Gosh.
This is 16,000 dollars.
You made a 7 to 3 deal with me.
You get 11,200 dollars, and I get 4,800 dollars.
Let's round it up neatly so you get 11,000 dollars, and I get 5,000 dollars.
- This is correct, right? - Did you calculate this correctly? How could you doubt me? You're a degenerate scum.
This is correct, right? The game was so good today.
I didn't do it to get complimented by you.
When should I fix the next match? There won't be another one.
What? You should see the end to it since you started.
See the end with a punk like you? It's not like someone will invite you to a special ring in Las Vegas.
Call me when they do.
(Champion, Lee Min Woo) My wife is perfectly healthy, but she's a little deaf.
I told her I would get the money soon.
I'm sorry about that.
And don't do things like this from now on.
Okay, Ji Cheol.
I did it for Seon Joo because she was so worried.
Why are you worried about my wife? Seon Joo is my friend.
Before being your wife, she's my friend.
Friend? I'm just talking about the chronological order.
Seon Joo and I were friends since we were young.
- Min Woo.
- "Min Woo.
" Just get to the point.
Only those who are close call each other by their names.
In this world, there are three types of punks that can't be hidden.
What kinds of punks? Poor punks, rude punks, and punks who fall in love.
How old are you to still be embarrassingly obsessed with your first love? I'm curious about something regarding our match.
How much money did you receive? How much was it for a champion to do something disgusting like that? I still can't understand even after 11 years.
You manipulated the result of the match.
You're going to die if you mutter one more word.
Why didn't you kill me then? Why did you do something useless like that to make me feel uncomfortable even after I won? If you can aim, punch me if you want to.
We're living in a law-governed country.
I can't do that.
Beat me legitimately then.
Let's fight each other properly.
Don't do something embarrassing this time.
You want to die today, don't you? I'm curious about who will die.
Excuse me What is it? The publisher called again because of your autobiography.
Should I reject them? No.
Tell them I'll do it.
But make us choose who the writer will be.
If you download this application and follow what they say, you'll be fluent in English in no time.
Of course, you will do good at school exams.
If you're going to send your daughter to study abroad or on a trip, this is essential.
You don't need anything else.
It will be perfect if you select this course at the bottom, "Escaping the loser course".
It's 39 dollars and 90 cents monthly with an interest-free installment for 12 months.
I'll give you 30 more days since it's you.
Your daughter's English skills will increase enormously if you just try it for a couple of months.
I know that, but my daughter doesn't study at all.
I'm sorry.
She doesn't study.
What will a student do if she doesn't study? Even if she doesn't, you should make her.
Gosh, you shouldn't save your money on those things.
Aren't you even sorry to Young Seon, you irresponsible jerk? Who am I blaming? (Min Woo) It's because I really need you.
Of course.
Okay, I'll tell them to organize it and call you.
By the way, Seon Joo.
Thank you.
Who was that to make Lee Min Woo act so sweetly? My first love.
I had forgotten about her, but someone told me about my first love.
Who is she? Is she pretty? Does she have a boyfriend? She's married.
Should we make our relationship official? You don't have to worry about it.
My target is her husband.
Do you know what time it is? What could you do? You could study.
Anyway, come home quickly.
Why are you saying things you've never said before when she's going through things? Is it wrong for a parent to tell her child to study? Young Seon's light bulb is out.
Her light bulb is out.
I'm going to quit my job.
- Why so suddenly? - I got another job, so don't worry.
I didn't worry.
- What job? - A writing job.
Writing? Did Did something come in? You're really amazing.
What are you writing? What is it? An autobiography.
- An autobiography? - What is this? What's wrong with the fridge? That happened because I fell.
I fell, not the fridge.
What are you talking about? What did you do in the kitchen for this to happen? There was water on the floor, so I slipped.
I really thought I was going to die.
But what autobiography is it? It's Min Woo's.
He's giving me 30,000 dollars' worth of down payment.
- Are you serious? - I'm going to pay the rent when I receive the pay.
You boasted so much, but I took care of it again.
I won't expect you to help me from now on.
So please don't do anything stupid outside.
Do you have to embarrass me like that? Stop talking about being embarrassed.
Stop talking about being embarrassed? Yes.
Will you let Young Seon live carelessly since you're embarrassed? What do you mean that she's living carelessly? How is she living for you to say that? Didn't you hear what her teacher said? She's not studying nor listening to her teachers.
She's just doing things that require settlement money.
Do you think she's living a good life? I'm not blaming only you.
We're both to blame.
We used money as an excuse and didn't support her enough.
We both don't have the right to be parents.
I'm going to send her to private lessons, get her a tutor, and send her on a trip too.
I'm going to let her do everything the other kids get to do.
If you can't help me, I'll do it alone.
So if you can't help me, just don't mess this up for me.
Do you remember me? I called the other day.
The position has been filled? (Help Wanted: Housekeeping) Could you give me a call if a position opens up? Yes, yes.
Thank you.
Darn it.
(Manual Demolishing) Why is this gambler calling me? Decline.
Gosh, what am I doing here? (Landlord) Don't you think this is unreasonable? When you asked for 30,000 dollars more for the lease, my wife She's not answering my calls, so I called you instead.
Stop torturing us.
We'll send you the money.
No, there's no need now.
- What do you mean? - The house will be auctioned off.
What What? You know the deposit, 100,000 dollars? That was all I could get from the bank! I'm sorry.
I tried to resolve this problem, but I couldn't.
If you want to secure your deposit, you should buy it from me before it gets auctioned off.
Do you think that's so easy? Is a house easy to buy just like we buy pizza or fried chicken? How am I supposed to buy that house now? Is this a scam or what? To keep my deposit, I need another 100,000 dollars? Am I trying to buy money with money? This is driving me crazy.
What's wrong with this jerk? Why aren't you answering your phone? I called you so many times.
What's the matter with you? How did you find me here? I'll answer that later.
Let's go.
We have to get going now.
I told you that was the only time.
Can you not understand Korean? I'm not taking you to the gambling parlor.
I have a job for you.
A proper job.
My goodness, look at this view.
The view from here is breathtaking.
It sure looks pretty from up here.
You're already here.
I should have at least served you tea.
I enjoyed your match.
I wasn't there to gamble.
Please don't get the wrong idea.
Given the nature of this industry, sometimes, I see talented fighters in the underground scene.
I have several successful cases in which I mainstreamed those fighters.
I'm going on and on about myself.
I sound like a con artist.
No, you don't.
All right.
I'll get to the point.
I would like to work with you.
Not at the gambling parlor, but on the real ring.
I will tell you the particulars of the contract later, but here's 500,000 dollars for the signing fee.
This signing bonus will require you to fight in seven matches.
Isn't that too much to buy just an old dog? In other words, you want me to go up there and get beaten up until I die.
That's what you want to see.
It won't end after seven matches for you.
I know that.
You weren't supposed to face such an end.
He's knocked down.
Ji Cheol, get up! One.
- Get up! - Two.
- Three.
- Come on, get up! Four.
- Ji Cheol, get up! - Six.
- Get up! - Seven.
Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol got up! There you go! Fight.
Come on, keep going! (Victory to Yoo Ji Cheol the Invincible!) Here's his punch! One.
It's over.
It's Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol's win! - He's truly invincible! - Yoo Ji Cheol! Yoo Ji Cheol beat Fugimoto with a knockout in the fifth round.
No one can defeat this perfect fighter.
Put me down.
Seon Joo.
I would like to work with you.
You weren't supposed to face such an end.
(Bad Papa)