Bad Papa (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5; Episode 6

1 He's our everlasting champion.
(Episode 5) - Thank you.
- Yoo Ji Cheol.
Thank you.
(11 years ago) - He's awesome.
- He's the best.
- He's amazing.
- Move away.
- Isn't he the best or what? - He's unbelievable.
Gosh, I must have come on too strong.
There's no pressure.
I didn't mean that you aren't allowed to lose in a match or anything.
Even if you lose all seven matches, the money is still yours.
Seven games.
You just need to fight in the cage for seven matches.
We'll see what to do next after those games.
You'll receive bonuses for each win after the games.
Depending on how you play, your winning bonuses might be more than the money in front of you.
Gosh, this is awesome.
Hold your horses.
My fighter isn't feeling well right now.
You saw him getting a blow to the head yesterday, right? Have you gone mad? I'm not asking you to become a champion like in the old days.
If being the strongest or winning is the only thing that matters, don't you think the world would be a cruel place? Are you telling me that you're running a charity? I'm a businessman.
To be more precise, I'm a businessman who's certain that you're worth that much.
My old body is worth this much? Are you sure? Could you have miscalculated? Goodness.
I didn't understand you.
It's not that you can't trust me.
It looks like you can't trust yourself.
Don't downplay your potential like that.
I'm too old to talk about my potentials.
Because of that number, I almost didn't recognize you.
Don't pay too much attention to that number.
Well, numbers are precise, but they can be quite vague too.
I'm precisely 43 years old.
There's a number that's even more precise than that.
The money you can earn.
This is the only number the head of a family must consider.
Seriously? Bye.
Ji Cheol.
(A Number for the Head of a Family) I have never seen that much cash in my life.
With that money, I can buy a new car, a house, and everything else.
Why don't we think about that one more time? I get that.
Given your past history, you might be uncomfortable to stand before the crowd.
But no one gets to do only the things they like in life.
Don't you worry.
I'll stand right next to you.
Ji Cheol.
Our teamwork is better than I expected.
Why are you getting all hyped up? It's a bit embarrassing to say it myself, but since you asked This is happening all because of my sharp eyes that recognized you.
I'll keep the ratio as 7 to 3 for all the matches.
Okay? Wait, wait, wait.
Let's go with 8 to 2.
I'll only take 20 percent cuts.
Gosh, this is special treatment.
If you want to secure your deposit, you should buy it from me before it gets auctioned off.
Ji Cheol.
Are you leaving? I should've gone with 10 percent.
I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
My daughter's label was furious when her debut was delayed because of this distasteful incident.
The label said they'd sue the assailant for monetary damage.
I'm sincerely sorry.
Anyway, since we settled, that's fine.
Long time no see.
You used to be so pretty when you were young.
She's still pretty.
Oh, right.
Look what happened to my daughter's bag.
She can't carry this bag now.
I think we need a new one.
Okay, I'll pay you back for the bag.
It's 1,200 dollars.
You're shocked, right? Genuine ones are expensive unlike knock-offs.
I see.
Right, Young Seon.
Can you throw this out for me? Or you can use it if you want.
Mom, let's go.
Young Seon.
Young Seon.
Young Seon.
Young Seon.
- What? - Do you want to go eat something delicious without your mom? Forget it.
Come on.
Remember that place? That great fried chicken place.
They served mean fried chicken.
I told you to forget it.
You're scaring me.
What's going on? Do you know what really annoyed me? Did you do something to their mom? Or is she a queen of a country somewhere? Why couldn't you keep your head up high? Fine, I guess it's because I caused a trouble.
But you are always like that in front of Mom and me too.
It's as if you did something wrong.
I hope you can be a bit more confident.
Young Seon.
Cheer up.
Kids these days are like that.
There are a lot of kids like her in my class too.
My kid isn't like that.
Min Woo, go easy on them.
It's as if you're about to have a match.
Get me a match, then.
Why? Is there someone that you want to beat up? No.
There's someone that I want to kill.
I love this about you.
You don't act all noble just because you're a champion.
Who is it? Should I really give it a shot? Yoo Ji Cheol.
- Min Woo.
- I don't care if it's unofficial.
I don't care if it's the stand-up rule or if it's just boxing.
Can you get me that match? That makes absolutely no sense.
You should fight against Tyson, Ali, and everyone else.
That sounds fun.
What's with you? Keep it up.
Hey, Min Woo.
You're here.
I brought his old interviews and videos of his matches, this and that.
And let me know if you need more.
Okay, thank you.
It'll help you to watch this whenever you have time.
Sports news of the day.
A former boxer, Yoo Ji Cheol, is returning on the ring as a fighter.
Yoo Ji Cheol signed a contract with ZD Promotion and have stated his desire to return on the ring.
("Former Boxer Yoo Ji Cheol Returns as a Fighter") He was the world champion - and the nation's hero back then.
- Min Woo, I have to go.
Oh, are you leaving? However, he got involved in a scandal - and was expelled forever, - Goodbye.
then went off the grid.
(Former GBA Champion Yoo Ji Cheol's Debut Press Conference) - CEO Joo Gook Seong of ZD - Hey.
What's going on? It doesn't seem very impossible now.
Min Woo, you have a knack for guessing these things.
He has expressed confidence in Yoo's ability.
Yoo Ji Cheol, the former boxing champion, - It's the monster guy.
- is now debuting to DFC League with ZD Promotion.
It's that idiot.
What kind of a scheme is he planning on to come back out here? - That jerk.
- He isn't a jerk.
Of course, you wouldn't know.
He wasn't a hero.
The video of a hero who saved the passengers from the burning bus hit 600,000 views on the internet, raising many curiosities about this unknown hero.
Yes, that's a true hero.
That's right.
What are you up to? Mom, the monster guy was on TV.
- People have speculated - The monster guy? that he is a firefighter or a police officer.
However, the police said he has not been identified.
Do you want to go now? An automated motel.
- Automated motel in Susaek Station.
- An automated motel.
- An automated motel.
- An automated motel.
There are thugs everywhere.
Wait, it's the same guy.
Why is he wearing a leather jacket and drinking hot coffee in this weather? Honey.
(3 days ago) Wait for me! - Come on.
- Come this way.
Dad! - Goodness, my son.
- Dad! Did I keep you waiting? Young Hoon, I'm sorry that I'm late.
It's because your mom is a bad driver.
Let's go.
Buckle up.
I got it with an installment plan.
I made my wife's life so hard after I went bankrupt.
So I had to go out of my way to get that car for her.
Daddy is over there.
Hi, Dad! I'm sorry.
I should have paid you back first.
Hey, my kid is watching me.
Smile, you jerk.
I'm a real jerk and a bad guy.
Yes, you are.
You're a real jerk.
You really are.
But who cares if you're a jerk and a bad guy? You're a good dad.
Right? Have a great life.
Let's go.
I didn't know I would see you again so soon.
(Z-Drop Fighter Contract) (Z-Drop CEO Joo Gook Seong, Z-Drop Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol) (Z-Drop CEO Joo Gook Seong, Z-Drop Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol) If you do as well as how you have done last time, you'll get a lot of fans.
Don't feel burdened to win every single match.
I will win all seven matches.
If I decided to do this, I'll get the bonuses for winning the matches too.
That's the only number the head of a household should be concerned about.
(Back to the present) (Calling, Eldest Daughter) Hey.
Have you gone insane? Where are you? Where are you right now? I'm on my way home.
- I'll be there soon.
- Shut it.
You have to quit immediately.
Okay? Hello? Can you hear me? Hey, you! Did you Did he just hang up on me? Do you know what the problem is? He has more than one problem.
No, not him.
Your problem.
- What is it? - "Shut it.
" "You have to quit immediately.
" It sounds like you're talking to an elementary school kid.
He wouldn't get a hold of himself if you're that nice.
You need to be meaner.
You need to sound really mean so that he will despise you.
Then he'll come to his senses, and if he doesn't, you can choose to divorce him.
There is no use in making a few pennies.
What if he gets disabled from fighting? You'll have to clean up after him for the rest of your life.
Can you deal with that? Do you think I'm crazy? You're going to clean up for him.
You're still together with him because you're like this.
You shouldn't blame Ji Cheol.
You're the one who let all of this happen.
I told you not to marry him in the first place, didn't I? I knew it when you just liked him for his money.
Sun Young.
When did I like him for his money? What about you? Did you end up this way after you married that playboy because he was handsome? Why are you talking about that scum? I divorced him because of that.
Seon Joo, you should get divorced this time.
That will be better.
You lived with him long enough.
Young Seon is old enough so she will understand.
This is the right time.
I can feel that.
- What are you doing? - Leave.
- What? - Don't call me for a while.
You're too mean to your only sister.
Young Seon, you're home.
Is she still in puberty? Okay, see you then.
I'll take my seal with me.
Have you lost your mind? She must have lost her mind.
Hey! Hey! You! Move.
It got scratched.
Do you know how much this is? Did you do that to buy something like this? I bought this to drive Young Seon every morning.
You don't even know anything.
You're so funny.
Yes, let's have some fun now.
Let's have some fun in life.
Did you already forget what you suffered from? We announce that Yoo Ji Cheol, who abandoned sportsmanship, will be expelled permanently from this moment on.
Why would they give that much money to you? It's because they want to see you ruined and broken one more time.
They're doing that to make you a spectacle.
Don't you know that? Don't worry.
I'm not going to make you worry.
That won't go as you wish.
What if you become a spectacle in front of the people and get hurt from that? What will you do then? That will happen if I lose.
But I won't lose.
- I'm confident.
Don't worry.
- Gosh.
Are you in puberty again? What is wrong with you? That's enough.
It's not too late now.
Let's go and return the money right now.
What will you do about our house then? I told you that I'll write Min Woo's autobiography.
I'll take care of it.
Seon Joo.
This situation won't be solved with just 30,000 dollars.
I got a phone call from the house owner.
Our house will be put up for auction.
What are you talking about? What about our deposit? Don't worry.
We can buy the house before it gets sold.
Let's stop worrying about this tedious house now.
Everything will be solved if I just do this job.
I'll just live my life worrying about the house.
That's better than seeing you do such things.
Don't you know why I'm doing this job? I don't want to do it either.
After my body and pride got ruined, I really don't want to do this.
Quit then.
You don't have to do it.
You should be the one who quits writing such things! What? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't mean that your writing is bad.
I'm asking why you'd be bothered to write for that scumbag.
It's better than writing about someone like you.
Why did you call me from the morning, punk? We need to do road work.
Since it's the first time for you in this area, I'll provide the best staff for you such as a trainer, a manager, and even a jiu-jitsu trainer.
A jiu-jitsu trainer is necessary.
No, I need Kim Yong Dae.
He's the only one I need.
Don't over-react.
I even came up with a training schedule.
Don't over-react.
You're really going to be in a match now.
It's not a joke.
You won't win if you do it half-heartedly.
Shouldn't you do it properly since you started it? I told you that I would just do it.
I never said I would do it properly.
What's the difference? I mean that there's no need to do your best.
You should just do enough to get your money's worth.
You're more calculative than you look.
You should just concentrate on doing your job well.
You should just give me my drugs on time.
You don't have to mention it.
I brought everything with me.
You shouldn't miss these since you're getting old.
I got every supplement in the market that is good for your body.
Don't worry.
I picked everything after checking that they are irrelevant to doping.
I might not look like it, but I'm quite meticulous.
To be honest, my only wish is that you wouldn't get hurt.
Honestly, I receive the same amount of money regardless of whether you win or lose, right? Okay, punk.
Since you brought these for me, I'll just receive these.
Thank you anyway.
Are you able to say things like that? Kids or adults, regardless of their age, are weak for gifts.
Yes, I'm talking about this.
This product is very popular among students these days.
- Would you like to have a look? - Yes.
No matter how hard I try, I can't tell the difference.
Genuine ones are expensive unlike knock-offs.
It's a little expensive, but you use a good bag for a long time after you buy it.
Don't you have a better one than this? What about this one? You can store more things in this product.
I'll get scolded if I buy a black bag for her.
What's the best product here apart from this one? I'm looking for the most expensive and the most popular bag among kids these days.
I'm talking about the bags in trend these days.
It rises.
It's fascinating.
What's her size? I think it's a little small.
Do you have a size 40? Is this the size for a 17-year-old girl? Can I lie down here? I can't buy this because we use separate rooms.
Are these luxury goods? I'm sure that your wife will like this because it's a timeless style.
This is nice, but I keep thinking about this one for some reason.
This is also a luxury good, right? I think my wife will like this.
Please give me one of this.
Ji Cheol.
Sun Young.
What? One One million dollars? Take 1 more.
It's cold-hearted to give just 1.
Put honey on this when you eat, okay? I didn't know that.
Why? It's nothing.
My gosh, Ji Cheol.
I knew that you would hit the jackpot one day.
You know that I'm a big fan of yours, right? Yes, you were always my fan.
I strongly persuaded Seon Joo when she didn't want to marry you.
Sun Young, you know how many bags I bought you, right? Anyway, are you seeing someone these days? - Not yet.
- You're not seeing anyone? You? You're so pretty, so a good man will appear in front of you just like they always did.
Cheer up.
Anyway, thank you for buying so many things for me.
These are really expensive.
It still breaks my heart because I couldn't buy you more.
Didn't you buy anything for yourself? Dads usually don't have anything.
Did my sister save a country in her past life? She saved several countries.
No, she must have saved dozens of them.
No, hundreds of them.
No, she saved thousands.
(Gym that Fostered the World Champion, Lee Min Woo) Jab.
- Don't try to punch him.
- Hey! Hey! Don't be greedy! If you get greedy, your opponent will figure it out.
Let go of your greed.
Let it go.
Start with a jab.
That's it.
There you go.
That's what I'm talking about.
That was nice, you see? Good, good.
Jab, jab.
That's it.
Please take this.
Take it.
Coach, take this envelope from me.
What is this? There was only one time when I got really scared during my fighter days.
It was during the East Championship.
What was his name? Louis.
It was Louis.
I thought that I really might die from fighting him.
But you fought with tooth and nail and won.
Remember? - You didn't want to die there.
- Did you have to put it that way? I wasn't afraid of dying on the ring.
Dying in debt.
I hated the thought of it.
Goodness, back then, I gave everything I got to my life.
It didn't matter if people criticized me.
You know what? Come to think of it, living a good life isn't that hard.
Taking care of your loved ones around you.
Doing people favors and asking people for favors.
I think that's all part of living a good life.
As for me, I need to pay back my debt.
I'm paying off my debt to you.
If you say so.
My goodness, you've changed.
"You punk.
" "Why would you go back there when you know it's awful?" I thought you would say this and swear at me.
Don't let what they say get to you.
No matter what, money is the best.
Since you decided to come back, do it with a good heart.
Don't be greedy.
Do it with a good heart.
Don't you pull that stunt again.
Gosh, this is delicious.
It's melting in my mouth.
I'm craving drinks today.
- I'm not that bad of a person.
- Of course not.
I know that too.
You could destroy your opponents with just your jabs.
If you have a bad intention, your jabs can't be that strong.
This time, I'm going to make my mark.
I'm serious.
(This one is genuine.
) Gosh.
(Episode 6) - What are you doing? - Gosh, you scared me.
What's up with this pile of books? "Gandhi".
"An Jung Geun", "War Diary of Admiral Yi Sun Sin" - Are you reading these for - No.
I was just Well, did the publishing house say anything about this arrangement? - What do you mean? - I mean Did they ask you why you asked a nameless writer? You have a name.
- Choi Seon Joo.
- That's not it.
What was that? You know your book about training? You sold many copies of that book.
They must have high expectations, but The editor-in-chief said I must include my childhood stories.
That way, the readers can feel more connected to the story.
No other writers know about my childhood as well as you do.
Is that why? And you'll be a famous writer soon.
My gosh, how could I? You're right.
The world isn't ready for me yet.
In 10 years, you won't be able to hire me even if you wanted to.
When that happens, I'll be busy with my writing and getting awards.
Think how busy I will be.
I'll be worth a lot of money.
Since you're my childhood friend, I'll let you hire me for a cheap price.
Anyway, please help me a lot, Writer Choi.
Writer? Thank you, Min Woo.
So this is what friends are for.
Well Can you spare me two days? - Why? - We should go to Gangneung.
Gangneung? - Keep punching.
- Go for it.
- Keep going.
- That's it.
There you go.
- Yes! - That's it! - Nice! - Awesome! - Okay.
- That's what I'm talking about.
Kick him! - That was amazing.
- No way! Come back! Okay, okay, okay.
My money! Darn it.
You're no good at picking out fighters.
But I did pick out a big one.
I'll buy you a meal.
Isn't tomorrow your big guy's weigh-in? Are you not going? It's his weigh-in, not mine.
Let's go.
I heard that Masked Thief went to the big league.
News travels fast.
You would've made a fortune if you held onto him.
That's too bad for you.
That's why you should bring in guys that are in your league.
Why do you bring in either big ones that you can't handle or small-timers? It's a secret, but I'm his trainer.
Crazy jerk.
I can see through your lie.
He is a crazy jerk, but he's not lying.
He said only Yong Dae could train him.
Hi, Yong Dae.
No, I was just leaving.
- Let's go.
- Good day.
That rude punk.
He's lying, right? Why would Yoo Ji Cheol work with him? Maybe he needs something from Yong Dae.
Or Yong Dae has something on him.
- Here it goes, 8804 - Here it goes, 8804 - Hey, I bought this.
Pay me first.
- Okay.
- Pay me, then you can use it.
- Okay, okay.
Hey, I think this is Young Seon's dad.
- What? - Let me see.
- What? - What is it? Hey, she's right.
("Former Boxer Yoo Ji Cheol Returns as a Fighter") - Gosh.
- 1, 2, 1, 2.
- How dare he show his face? - He must be thick-skinned.
- He probably ran out of money.
- He rigged the games.
Kick him out.
He's unsalvageable.
- What a loser.
- Shameless jerk.
I guess he makes a lot of money.
- Stop it.
- Will he wear tight underwear? - Gosh, he'll be in his underwear? - You're right.
My dad can't even dream of it.
He has a beer belly.
- I didn't need that picture.
- Her dad is young.
- He's handsome too.
- Hey, hey.
- What? - Look.
- He's hot.
That wasn't an insult.
- Young Seon, wait up.
A total of seven matches.
What's wrong? This is genuine.
I never asked you to buy me this.
Young Seon.
Hey, this one is more expensive than Sang A's.
What's the problem? The color? My gosh, that's what it is.
I heard the sound of my daughter's cries, her tiny, little heartbeats, and her fragile body.
Yes, something noble began to fill my heart.
How we can breathe and stay alive were very natural, but they all felt very different.
She must mean an incredible amount to you.
Yes, she truly is incredible.
Even though she never listens to me.
You have done a lot to this day, but I'm sure you have some future goals too.
I don't have any specific goals.
("An Interview with Doctor Cha Seung Ho") I just want to protect the patients who are in pain, and my family, my beloved wife and daughter.
If the medicine I develop can do that, then yes, I will be very happy.
I really admire you, Doctor Cha.
That was Doctor Cha Seung Ho.
(Test Subject Information) You were doing so well.
Why are you doing this? Do you want to mess up a perfectly good project? He isn't just any guy we can find.
You also agreed that there is a high possibility with this test subject.
But still, the drug is way too dangerous.
Doctor Cha, do you not get why that great medicine of yours cannot seem to get developed? No pain, no gain.
High risk, high return.
How many times do I have to repeat myself? The chairman said this.
Why do you keep mentioning that darned jerk? That no matter how tall and grand a tower is, - if it's built sacrificing people, - Shut his mouth.
- it will end up collapsing.
- Shut his mouth! I stuck to that Sacrifice? Do you think he has the right to say that? Doctor Cha.
Do you know what drives me the craziest? That I was once like a tadpole that was swimming inside of his prostate.
When I think of that time, it makes me disgusted.
Do you understand? Goodness, I'm sorry.
I took that way too far.
My gosh.
It's really bad to see a child talking badly about his parents, right? But the one who is the most tormented is the kid who is talking behind his parents himself.
That's why I really envy your daughter.
She has such a respectable father.
Doctor Cha, you should make this medicine, get the Nobel Prize, and make sure your daughter never gets troubled in her lifetime.
(Intellectual Crime Team) Darn it, I'm bleeding.
Are you okay? Let me see that.
My gosh, there are a lot of germs on nail clippers.
I'm fine.
No one died from clipping their nails.
You're such a drama queen.
You're right.
Goodness, I hope nothing happens today.
If you can't stand it, you can always quit.
I don't want to.
I like my partner, so I can stand it thus far.
Today is the first match for Yoo Ji Cheol on the DFC.
He's up against Jeong Sang Hun.
What do you think? Jeong has won three previous matches, but I'm sure his shoulder injury still has an impact on him.
Then do you think Yoo may have a chance? No, not at all.
Jeong is 24 years old, but Yoo is 43 years old.
What more can I say? It's obvious.
Do you think it's just an event for us to see an old fighter back on the ring? It's a show they put on because they think the audience is a joke.
He created a huge scandal during his boxing days, and he wants to put on a show now? Even dogs will tell him off My gosh.
There are so many people with sharp tongues nowadays.
Think of it as a price you pay for being famous.
Not anyone can get bashed.
Hey, you idiot.
I told you to come by yourself.
Why did you bring your gang? Did you hear that? He only wants me around.
Just me.
My gosh.
Do I get changed into this? Yes.
My gosh, I was kind of frightened the last time I was here.
But I guess I got used to it.
I feel kind of relaxed today.
I sleep and eat well no matter where I am.
That's what we thought.
My gosh, this is driving me crazy.
- Don't you have it? - I don't.
It's not like you can't fight without it.
Let's go.
No, you idiot.
Goodness, you are so picky.
Sang Chul, go.
You want me to drive again? Then can you go? I didn't bring my driver's license.
Hey, take this, you idiot.
You should go.
You're the youngest.
How dare you order them around? Come.
I have to stay by your side My gosh, I should try to age faster.
Why are you tying me down? It's a safety precaution.
You may get a bit excited.
- It must be a powerful supplement.
- Oh, yes.
It's very effective.
My gosh, this is driving me crazy.
Where is it? It's not here.
My gosh.
Found it.
My gosh, he has a jinx and a lucky charm.
He really loves superstitions.
Who are you? There's nothing to take around here.
Are you Mr.
Yoo's daughter? Oh, I work with your dad.
I mean it.
Your dad told me to bring something.
He said this old watch is his lucky charm or something.
Study hard.
And listen to your dad.
My gosh, she's really strong for her build.
Father-daughter fighters? That's an awesome combination.
Excuse me, do you weigh about 47kg? I doubt anyone can win against you in your weight class.
- Do you want to work with me? - Go away, you pervert! Okay.
Jeong Sang Hun versus Yoo Ji Cheol.
Yoo Ji Cheol versus Jeong Sang Hun.
The return of Yoo Ji Cheol was - the scandalous talk of the town.
- Yoo Ji Cheol and Jeong Sang Hun - It will start soon.
- That'll be interesting.
If they repeat walking and crawling for 1km, their babies are there.
Why did you do that? Why? Will he be able to fly again? I'll tell you this on my honor as a commentator.
He will never be able to fly.
If Yoo wins, I'll eat my hands.
- All right.
- I'll cook my fingers and He says that this junk is his lucky charm or something.
Let's go in.
- Okay.
- Okay.
It's about to start.
Take this.
You made such a fuss.
Why don't you wear that for the match? That's against the rules.
You should keep this.
- We can do it! - Let's go! What is this? It must be against the rules.
An accident happened and the media reported that.
The TV showed extremely good sides about the military.
What's the occasion for you to buy me a meal? I think I talked too severely that time.
Would you like to order? - Please give us two meals.
- Okay.
You need money, right? That's not it.
Did you buy that? It looks expensive.
This? Yes, someone bought it for me.
- A man? - I guess so.
Sun Young.
You should judge a man's character properly before you date them.
You should stop seeing only their appearance and money.
That punk really came out.
We will start the match.
Blue corner, - Yoo Ji Cheol.
- He must need the money.
Still, he's really shameless.
It'll be embarrassing to get hit by someone young enough to be his son.
How dare they? They're right.
That fool.
I tried to stop him so many times.
Come on, you should understand him - since he started it anyway.
- Yoo - Ji Cheol is entering.
- Ji - Cheol.
- Go, Ji Cheol.
Yoo Ji Cheol, Yoo Ji Cheol Okay, let's gather You should just quit.
- Red corner - His body is better than it looks.
- It is.
- Yes.
Your ex-partner was an amazing person.
The wolf on top of the cage, Jeong Sang Hun.
(Jeong Sang Hun will win.
) I'm here! I'm going to bet on Jeong Sang Hun.
What about you? Me too.
I'll bet on Ji Cheol.
- What? - Let's have a bit of a variety.
That's good for me then.
- Look at him.
- You can do it.
That young guy is so rude.
Don't get nervous.
Don't get nervous.
Don't show that you're scared.
Be calm and composed.
Here comes the referee.
Get ready.
- Hurry.
- I trust you, okay? Fight.
The game has started.
Yoo needs to end Jeong's winning streak.
He should use the cage to his advantage.
That's good.
Let's start.
You might feel a little bit of dizziness, but nothing will happen.
You will have symptoms of excitement for three minutes.
You only have to wait a bit.
Good job.
That's it.
Left, left.
- Good job.
- That was good.
- He's the best.
- Jeong's moving fast.
- Escape.
- Don't do that.
- Yoo is getting hit.
- What is he doing? Jeong has to continue accumulating damage to him.
They could have ended the match like this.
Why are you all applauding? Excuse me? Am I done? Excuse me? Is it over? After this game, Yoo will regret why he set foot - Ji Cheol.
- in martial arts.
The first round has ended.
The bell saved Yoo.
- The bell rang for Yoo.
- It's over.
We should eat now.
Jeong attacked quite actively in the beginning.
Yoo is avoiding his attacks quite well.
That's not avoiding.
That's escaping.
- He shouldn't escape.
- It will be on the internet later.
I'm good.
You should go eat.
A meal isn't important.
Don't you have a sense of loyalty? I didn't know you had any.
The toxicity reaction is increasing.
Excuse me? My heart feels too hot.
Ji Cheol.
- It's okay.
- Hurry.
- You did a good job.
- That punk.
Everyone is so cruel.
It seems that no one is on your side.
I have someone on my side.
You, you idiot.
Give me some water.
- What? - Give me some water, you idiot.
Okay, water.
- Okay.
- Do you understand? Okay, ground.
- We have to start.
- The third round has begun.
You have to hold out, okay? Hey, stop it! Sir.
Sir, sir.
Are you all right? Look at Yoo.
He seems very exhausted.
See that? No matter how hard he tries, he can't beat his own age.
I'm okay.
It's just a nutritional supplement.
(Bad Papa) As we speak, - Ji Cheol just - What happened? Can anyone overcome the toxin of this drug? Is there anyone? Get the body first.
I need to check something.
Stay away! People keep saying that your dad is trash or something.