Bad Papa (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9; Episode 10

1 (Episode 9) Are Are you okay? I was in an accident.
I see.
- What is it? - Can you take me to a hospital? Yes, get in the car.
Did you call 911? I lost my phone.
I'll call them for you.
It's okay.
Don't you have a black box? What? Black box? I keep saying I should get one, but I keep forgetting.
(The Ultimate Dancer) My goodness.
You didn't pass.
What? Dancing is my dream.
I think it will be better for you to draw a line between dreams and delusions.
Please leave.
Can you crush a student's dream like this? This is so unfair.
I'm sorry.
Just give me one more chance.
There's a reason why she is a front-runner.
There aren't a lot of current idols who have neat dance skills like her.
- Do we have to watch this? - She's not good either.
People will be upset.
- Sorry? - What will the other participants do if you perform so well? - They'll have to go.
- Yes, they'll have to go home.
I'll give you a pass.
Thank you.
It was a neat dance that made the viewers naturally want to dream.
Thank you.
I wasn't that bad compared to her, was I? - You've done well.
- Right? - They don't know anything.
- What are you talking about? - Why did they drop me, then? - Because you dance like - Like - Like what? All right.
You have chosen to dance to "Swan Lake".
- Yes.
- Wait, are you here to do ballet? I just need to dance well no matter what it is, right? Go ahead, then.
("The Ultimate Dancer") Hey.
Has Young Seon always been that good? - No, I had no idea.
- She's amazing.
Oh, really? I'll talk to Writer Choi.
Yes, thank you.
They finished reading your novel.
It's a little rough here and there, but they think it'll work if they polish it up a bit.
What do you They want to publish your novel.
Oh, gosh.
- Really? - Yes.
It must be a good read.
What's the title? Oh, the title is "You Who Came Spilling Blood".
Oh, is this a zombie novel? That's pretty trendy nowadays.
I know that.
No, it's not that.
It's a story of a high school girl.
Like a coming-of-age story.
Oh, anyway.
Writer Choi, will you finally debut as a novelist? Come on, don't call it a debut.
This feels really weird.
Hey, you still have to finish writing my autobiography.
Yes, of course.
I took the job, so I'll finish it too.
Wait, I need to calm down.
Anyway, have you decided on the title of your autobiography? "Two Dreams".
"Two Dreams"? What do you think? I like it.
It's pretty sentimental and not so bad for a title to show off yourself.
Show off myself? Doesn't that mean that you have achieved both of your dreams? I guess you can take it that way.
It's all thanks to you.
If it wasn't for you, I would have never had any dreams.
Boxing, I mean.
You told me to try it out.
Right, I did.
If I didn't listen to you, where would I be right now? You definitely wouldn't be preparing an autobiography.
You're right.
And you would have never met Ji Cheol.
Get in.
Hurry up and get in.
Min Woo, did something happen? Ji Cheol and Seon Joo didn't look so well.
Min Woo.
You know You are seeing Seon Joo only because of the autobiography, right? Of course.
- Why do you ask? - I mean, you're busy, but you seem to be meeting her quite often.
- Is that bad? - It's because of Ji Cheol.
I know it's because of work, but he still wouldn't feel too great to leave his wife alone - with another guy.
- Then I should see her more often.
Min Woo, it's all in the past.
I thought it was too.
But writing an autobiography is a very uncanny thing.
It makes you remember everything.
Happy things, things that made your heart flutter, and even dreadful things.
You didn't give it your best as the game went on.
You didn't even want to fight.
You know me, you idiot.
You know that I had to try very hard Very hard to hold out to the end.
This isn't a victory.
(Register of Real Estate) Why did you lie to me? I knew you were going to be angry if I told you.
And if you did I'm really sorry that I didn't tell you the truth.
Then you need to quit right now.
My work isn't a joke.
I can't quit something that I already accepted to do.
Tell him that something personal came up and that he'll have to find another writer to do it.
Would you be able to say that? Fine, I'll go tell him that.
"Something personal came up, so I can't fight anymore.
" "Find another fighter.
" If you quit first, I'll think about it too.
Will you stop being unreasonable? Fine, look.
We got this because I was in that darned fight.
Do you know what would have happened to us without this? That darned fight is making It's making you Forget it.
I have to go.
I'm late for my shift.
Hey, you know what? You should You should quit this job immediately too.
You only make a few pennies after standing around all day.
Things have been tough for you until this day.
You can relax now.
I'll do the dirty work.
This is my job.
Do you think my jobs are ridiculous just because you make some money now? Why do you take it like that? You know that's not what I mean.
And think about it.
I'm the joke here.
You lied to me because of - that nobody's book.
- But that is my job, okay? No matter how much I make or how I write a nobody's book, they are all my jobs.
My jobs What do you think you've done well to be so confident? No, I haven't done anything well.
We both haven't.
So let's stop meddling in other people's business.
That's the only way we can go on.
What? "Other people"? Wait, did you just Hey, how can you address me like that? We're a family! We're a family who lives together! - What do you want? - You have to be honest with me.
The medicine you keep in your water bottle isn't for your headache, is it? Did you come up with the choreography yourself? - Yes.
- I said that Sang A's dance made people dream when they watch her.
But when I saw your dance, I could see the reality.
My gosh! I could see how each of your joints move around desperately to make your dream become a reality.
Thank you, Young Seon.
You passed.
Thank you.
You aren't so bad.
I'll give you a pass too.
Thank you.
- My gosh! - Oh, my goodness! Young Seon! Great job! My gosh, I knew it.
- Goodness.
- Open the door, please.
My gosh, she has done so well.
That's my friend.
Young Seon.
That was nice.
You did so well.
Stop making a huge fuss.
She just passed the first audition.
Come here.
Let me give you a hug.
Come here.
Great job.
- Unbelievable.
- Why are you such a good dancer? I had no idea either.
I've never seen you dance like that.
Hey, if you win, you have to say my name.
Okay? "My dear friend, Hye Ji.
" "I wouldn't have been able to win if it weren't for you.
" You know what I mean, right? - "I love you! You're my bestie!" - Hey.
Why are you her best friend? - Then who's her best friend? - It's me, of course.
No way.
Our moms are really tight.
Hey, what do moms have to do with this? My goodness.
- Don't you know that - Stop it.
You two, stop it.
Where is Seul Ki? - Seul Ki? - Seul Ki? She lost it.
Don't pretend that you know her.
It's not for your headaches, right? Then what do you think it is if not for my headaches? Isn't it for your blood pressure? Do you have high blood pressure? Hey, you should just go.
My head already hurts as it is these days.
- It hurts, right? It feels stiff.
- My gosh.
- Don't you get dizzy? - Come on.
High blood pressure.
Let's just forget about this.
Yes, let's forget about this.
Let's do that.
I'll go my way, and you'll go yours.
That will do.
No, Ji Cheol.
If you keep it up, you'll be in trouble.
You're like a zombie.
You were all about biting me in the neck to make money.
Why are you changing your stance? You used to be the evil force that sucked blood out of people! How could you think so? What do you mean I sucked blood? Fine, I did.
But it wasn't much anyway.
You're so petty.
Do you think I'm worried about you because I like you? What if you die during a match? Who'll take the blame then? Stop worrying about such things.
Go on.
Keep walking straight.
If you keep this up, your health will be completely ruined.
Even if it does, I'll take care of it, you punk.
Why are you butting in about my decisions? What about your family after you die? Is that the end? What about me? You're so irresponsible.
Because of you, my blood pressure keeps going up and down.
My body doesn't have enough water.
I'm about to turn into a mummy.
Should I fight like this in a match? Is that what you want, you jerk? Then - Are you really okay? - You little runt.
You can't see it, can you? That's normal, you punk.
Then are you really taking pills for your headaches? Hey.
If you don't trust me, go check yourself.
You should take one to see if it's for headaches or not.
Why aren't you taking it? Take it now.
Do you want water? Should I go get water for you? Why are you so angry at me? Seriously.
Since your blood pressure is normal, let's go get you trained.
Were you born in the Year of Leech? Beat it! Gosh.
Should we go? For our training.
Wait up.
Let's go start your training.
Athletes must get their training.
It sounds nice, and you look nice.
Doesn't it feel so nice to train? Train as if it's a real match.
Give your all in a real match.
Aren't you sweating? Your sweat will never betray you.
Try to rip that apart from under.
Yong Dae, Min Woo won't even be his match.
Shouldn't you try to book him a title match right about now? You think he can be a champion because he can throw a few punches? This won't be enough to get close to Lee Min Woo.
Min Woo isn't that big of a deal.
He can get close if he wants to.
You think winning the championship title is a joke? Don't you agree, Ji Cheol? You're such a chatterbox.
Get out.
Wait, am I wrong? If you keep training, I think you'll be able to beat Min Woo.
Seon Joo is my friend.
Before being your wife, she's my friend.
And think about it.
I'm the joke here.
You lied to me because of that nobody's book.
All right.
The mitt is Lee Min Woo.
Picture his face on the mitt.
Let's see if you can He deserved that.
- You jerk.
- My goodness.
You talk too much.
I'm training here.
- My arm.
- Goodness.
It hurts.
Die! - It hurts.
- Hey, look.
- What's going on? - Yong Dae, go easy on the guy.
No matter how much I think about it, I really think he did that on purpose.
Don't you think so? Mark my words.
I'm going to get back at him.
Die! The body found in the trunk of the car at the scene of the accident hasn't been identified.
Due to the shock from the accident, the body has been severely damaged.
It's hard to identify the body with the face.
It's hard to check for fingerprints as both hands were cut off.
This is the release the police have made.
You are stiff as always.
I have mood swings.
But as for you, you are stiff even when you're in a good mood or in a bad mood.
That's why I can trust you.
But you're infuriating me today.
Director Park.
I guess you weren't being stiff, but shameless.
Think about it.
If you ruined the situation this badly "Darn it, I'm doomed.
" Shouldn't you at least pretend to be sorry? I'm sorry.
You're not sorry.
You just ruined it.
We drew blood from him, drugged him, and poked the test subject's body.
That same body is in the police's custody.
It's about to cost the future of my company.
Do you not understand the gravity of the situation? The police won't be able to identify the body.
That's what the news is telling you.
His face was marred to the point where no one could identify him.
Since Choi Yong Woo doesn't have any priors, his prints won't be in the database.
And I brought this just in case.
Since I was in a rush, I took care of it on my end.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't be sorry about this.
This is fun.
This is why I like you.
Putting that aside, how did you get into a car accident? I mean, how could I let you drive? I wouldn't feel at ease.
It doesn't matter if we planned it or not.
It's on the news.
You're sure there were no eyewitnesses, right? Okay.
I'm sorry, sir.
Forget about the things that you can't fix.
When can we start the next clinical trial? - Doctor.
- After a month, I think I would be able to lower the level of toxicity.
Go ahead with the clinical trial when it's ready.
Chairman Jeong has to approve of it first.
I didn't ask you to get his approval! I asked you to execute the trial.
Completing SF-3 is also my dream.
- However, right now - Stop talking nonsense.
My dream was shattered a long time ago.
Bring me the materials on the test subjects' responses to the toxicity for the past three years.
We can't identify the body yet.
We can't use his face since it's severely damaged.
None of his belongings were at the scene.
- And no fingerprints.
- What do you mean? When his body was found, both of his hands were cut off.
- What about his DNA? - I checked the database.
No match, either.
Did you find anything in the car? It was registered under a borrowed name.
The plate number was fake too.
What about the autopsy report? The estimated time of death is 5 or 6 hours prior to the car crash.
Right here.
His facial and bodily injuries did come from the crash.
But they seem to be postmortem injuries.
It means that the accident happened when they were trying to move the body.
Then what's the real cause of death? They said they needed to run a thorough evaluation.
This case screams disasters from every corner.
I have a hunch.
Is that so? You said your hunches were usually correct.
What is it? I have a hunch that this case will become a cold case.
You're making it worse.
Any eyewitnesses? They think they saw the driver's face.
So did they see the driver or not? Which one is it? They probably sort of glanced at the driver or something.
Is this a joke? Is it? I was just telling you my personal opinion.
Is that your personal opinion? No way.
Seriously? What? What is it? Did they find a lead? It's not a lead.
It's a dancer.
Pardon? (Yoo Young Seon) And she's an amazing dancer too.
Hey, this is awesome.
This is totally awesome.
Your dad must be elated.
What? You didn't tell your dad yet? No way.
What about your mother? I didn't tell my mom either.
It'd be embarrassing if I didn't make it.
Hey, they'll be so sad.
What? - Look who's talking.
- What do you mean? When you were young, you took the exam to join the police force.
You took it behind your dad's back.
Hey, that's different.
What's so different about it? Is this one of those things? Where when it's you, it's a romance, but when it's me, it's an affair.
What? I didn't say anything to my dad because it was obvious that he would scold me because he was against it.
If your dad knew, it's obvious that he would happily cheer for you.
Why would you hide it from him? I can let you do everything you want now.
You don't have to be jealous of anyone at school anymore.
You don't have to think about the circumstances.
Do everything you want to do.
I'll let you do everything.
I'll let you do everything.
When I first saw this, I thought it looked amazing.
But after seeing it a few times, I think I could also do this much.
- I'm sorry.
- Did you laugh? It's so funny.
Is it funny? Do I have to show you? - Was I funny? - You were funny for once.
That's not it.
- My back! Wait a minute.
- What are you doing? Are you pretending not to know, or do you really not know? Your writing was never popular before.
Why do you think it's suddenly popular now? That's because people who acknowledge my writing have finally appeared.
You know, you need to meet the right person at the right time.
Seon Joo.
The right person for you is Ji Cheol, not Min Woo.
Tell me the truth.
Did anything happen when you were in Gangneung? Hye.
Are you drunk? I went to Gangneung to work.
What would happen there? Min Woo chased you a lot when you were young.
All of that happened when we were young.
He shouldn't treat me like that now.
I don't have anyone to tell my story to anymore.
I'm so frustrated.
Seon Joo.
They say men can never forget their first love.
Do you know why? Compared to women, men are You need to stop reading those romance novels first.
That's why your real-life romance isn't working out.
What's wrong with romance novels? I heard that from a doctor, not a romance novel.
A doctor? Are you seeing a doctor these days? What? Isn't this Young Seon? (The Seoul preliminaries of "The Ultimate Dancer") This is Young Seon, right? That's right.
It's my niece.
Look at her.
When did she practice this? She was so good at ballet when she was young.
She's finally done something outstanding with it.
Her only aunt should've gone to cheer for her.
You should have told me beforehand if there was something like this.
You knew about this, right? You should be the one who has to mature.
You're ignoring your daughter's dream because of yours.
You have a long way to go to become a mom.
Don't think about it too seriously.
Nothing good comes from fighting with others, but it's abnormal not to fight as a married couple.
Isn't that right? Honestly, it's enough if you don't cheat.
It's completely the husband's fault if the wife is having a hard time.
I also think that way.
You shouldn't just stop at thinking and not do anything.
You should compensate her.
I guess the insurance company will compensate her.
That's when a car accident happens.
When your wife is having a hard time, you should compensate her.
Of course.
But whom do we get compensation from? I guess you have me.
I'll compensate you.
Why didn't you tell me beforehand? It's just embarrassing if I don't pass.
Young Seon.
Why would you be embarrassed in front of me? Does Dad know too? Dad? That is Dad? Anyway, congratulations.
I was so surprised to see you dance.
What about the next match? I mean, when is the next performance? There's still some time left.
They have to do preliminaries throughout the country, and the passed participants will go through another round.
We will have to go through several rounds.
I'm not sure if I will continue to pass.
It's really big.
Yoo Young Seon, you're amazing.
I'm not amazing.
I only passed the first round of the preliminaries.
I'm sorry.
I let your talent rot for so long.
You have to tell me next time, okay? Your aunt also wants to go cheer for you.
I think it will be better if she doesn't come.
Why did you cook so much stir-fried octopus? Because you like it.
I'll put this in the fridge.
Eat this in the morning.
I have to leave early in the morning because I have to write.
I haven't passed the first round of the preliminaries yet.
I'm not sure how far I can go, but I'm going to do my best until the end.
(Episode 10) Was your dream originally an actor? Are you talking about dreams after talking about your first love? What is wrong with you these days? There's no special reason.
I'm just curious.
My dream? I don't think about things like that now.
People who dream about something are like glass.
They look strong at a glance, but they're actually really weak.
That's why they're perfect for other people to use.
- Is it from experience? - You're right.
I suffered properly.
My emotions were played with because of my dream, and people played tricks on me to use that.
They want to publish your novel.
Oh, gosh.
Really? I feel so bad.
Really? Do I stir up your protective instinct? Yes, of course.
Let's make our relationship official then.
I don't want to meet you secretly like this.
I don't care.
I'm going to tell a reporter I know to release an article.
People don't like stories of good men and women living happily ever after.
Look at the first most-searched keyword.
It's always about people causing trouble, getting criticized, failing, and dying.
It's human psychology to be happy from seeing someone else's misery.
Look at you acting like a psychiatrist.
How do you know that? Actually, I'm having a lot of fun these days, imagining someone become miserable.
You punk.
You little Go away, you scumbag.
Go away! Gosh, this is killing me.
I should get up.
Young Seon.
Gosh, your bag is blinding me.
My gosh, it looks great.
I can't look at it.
It's blinding me.
Are you eating breakfast? What is this? Did Mom make everything? Do you think I did? Did the sun rise from the west? My gosh, what's with her? The busiest person in the world made all this? Hey, look at this.
It's octopus.
Is this really octopus? This is what it looks like.
It's salty and great.
My gosh, Young Seon.
I told her that she could quit her straining jobs because we have enough money now.
But she wouldn't listen to me.
My gosh.
This is really great.
Right? Young Seon, what are you doing? Hey, stop.
Don't get any water on your hands.
I'll do the dishes at once after I eat.
Don't ever get any water on your hands, okay? - Dad.
- What? Did Mom tell you anything? What about her? Nothing.
If she said nothing, never mind.
Oh, right.
That thing.
You need pocket money, don't you? You can just ask me.
That's not so hard, is it? - It's not that.
- Of course, it is.
How much? How much do you need? Is this enough? Here.
Do you want to get something? Then I'll stop by your school and It's not like that.
My gosh.
Let me know what you want so that I can get it for you.
Young Seon! My goodness.
Young Seon.
Yoo Young Seon! - What? - Look at this.
Isn't that Yoo Young Seon? She was on "The Ultimate Dancer".
- Right, that good dancer.
- Yes.
- Let's get her autograph.
- Go.
Excuse me, are you Young Seon? - My gosh.
- It's her.
You're such a rad I mean, you're really good.
Young Seon, may I have your autograph? I don't have an autograph.
Then can you at least write down your name? Please? My gosh.
Thank you.
We'll keep rooting for you.
- Keep it up! - Keep it up.
- My gosh! - My gosh! Gosh, what if Young Seon becomes a celebrity? She's already a celebrity.
My gosh.
Don't make a huge fuss over passing the preliminary audition.
You have no idea how it feels to have your dream shattered.
Seul Ki, it's about time you got over this.
That's enough.
Gosh, let's go.
It's okay.
- My gosh.
- Goodness.
My goodness.
Yong Dae, don't you think he's overworking himself? Practice more.
You don't even have high blood pressure.
The bell rang, you idiot.
I'll get pleurisy if I work out after the bell rings.
That idiot has no common sense.
Ji Cheol.
(Yoo Young Seon) Isn't this your daughter? What? Goodness.
Oh, hello, you must be Sang A's mom.
Why are you here? Did Young Seon hit someone again? No, I have some business.
You let Young Seon audition for "The Ultimate Dancer" too.
We didn't ask her to.
She auditioned on her own.
Well, I guess she's okay.
She should try hard.
She'll be Sang A's rival later on.
Rival, my foot.
- Pardon? - Nothing.
Anyway, don't you think you went over your budget? People who are car poor are becoming a social issue.
- Ma'am.
- Yes? I didn't go over my budget.
How much could a car cost anyway? You seemed like you were too worried, so I'm telling you.
Oh, right.
I see.
Goodbye, then.
I have a meeting with the principal.
Goodness, she's so annoying.
When she was born, she probably cried, "I'm annoying!" Come on, eat up.
You have to eat a lot when you grow up.
And Young Seon, you made me really sad.
How can you not tell me about that? Don't be sad.
I just passed the preliminary audition.
What do you mean, "just"? This is a huge deal.
You pass the 1st, you go onto the 2nd, and more.
"Step by Step" by New Kids on the Block, you know? I don't.
I don't know.
Goodness, my girl.
You brought honor to our family.
We're shining brightly.
Stop making a fuss.
It's nothing.
Hey, how can you call that nothing? Aren't you on the internet? Everyone is going crazy over Yoo Young Seon.
Your fans are everywhere.
My fans? I don't have any.
My gosh, you're making this fan of yours really sad.
I've been your fan for a long time.
Channel Y-Cat.
You're Y-Cat! That's you, right? I know it's you.
How did you know? Goodness.
Who else would say such an old phrase like, "She's the bomb"? Gosh, you wouldn't have known if I said something like, "She's so chill," right? I really wouldn't have, right? There's something else that I noticed about you.
Why do you know so much about me? What is it? That righteous man on the bus.
That's you.
How did you know? It definitely looked like you.
Right? You can tell, right? - Don't worry about it.
- Sure.
- Goodbye, then.
- Goodbye.
What is this? What is this? How can I get my car out? What are you doing? Do something! Okay.
My goodness, what am I going to do? If you become a bestselling author, will you cut me off? Stop getting my hopes up.
I'm way up there already.
Ji Cheol is happy for you, isn't he? His wife got to achieve her dream.
I'm sure he's proud of you.
Isn't he? Yes, of course.
Take this.
- What is this? - Mr.
Park said that a fountain pen is the best present for a writer with a good occasion.
Nowadays, this is the new fountain pen.
You must be touched.
Min Woo.
What is this? This is too much.
Hey, it's my way of rooting for you, not burdening.
- Rooting for me? - Yes.
I'm glad I can root for your dreams now.
It would've been better if I could have done it earlier.
Rooting for me.
I'm sorry.
I let your talent rot for so long.
You're right.
I should have done that before.
Did you buy your friends something delicious? Did you? They rooted for you on the top of their lungs.
You should be thankful for them.
Young Seon.
Having someone standing there rooting for you is something to be very thankful for.
I can't root for you, but I won't stop you.
From what? Your working that job.
I won't try to stop you anymore.
What's with that face? Just don't get hurt.
I won't get hurt.
I'm always healthy.
I'm Hulk.
Look, I'm Hulk.
Gosh, you're overdoing it again.
(A fresh performance by a 17-year-old high school student) (Contestant Number 41, Yoo Young Seon) I'm home.
That's Young Seon's show, right? She likes dancing that much.
Was I not aware of that? Or did I pretend to be clueless? But what a big relief.
She has a dream of her own.
I'm so proud of her.
Did you get a new laptop? Yes, the old one broke down.
Good job.
You should've bought a new one sooner.
This one is much better.
Goodness, your old laptop smelled too.
I could have used it longer, but Listen.
It doesn't cost much.
Don't save money on those things.
We don't have to do that anymore.
And after you finish writing his autobiography, don't keep in touch with Min Woo.
His autobiography isn't a movie.
There won't be sequels.
Hey, Seon Joo.
You should stay home, write anything that you want, and live a comfortable life.
You don't have to make money.
Just spread your wings.
Go after your dreams all you want.
Do everything you want.
If it's not profitable, it's not a career.
It's just a hobby.
You don't have to do things you don't want to do for money.
Don't worry about money.
I'll support you.
Don't worry.
Do you have nothing else to talk about except money? - What? - Think about it.
All you ever talk about is money.
You sound like money solves all of our problems.
Why would you say that? You said you needed money.
You don't care about these bills, do you? The money we spend every month excluding the money for food is more than your paycheck.
Even if I work 2 or 3 jobs like a madman, our monthly expenses Look at this loan.
And these utility bills.
Everything is money.
It feels suffocating when our bills are due.
I enjoyed your performance, Young Seon.
You passed.
I did nag you to make more money because with money, we could avoid the worst situations.
But you make it sound like money is the best.
I wanted to make it up to you.
Because you married someone like me, you and Young Seon went through a lot and had a hard time.
I hated that and was always sorry about that.
I wanted to make it up to you.
(This student went beyond genres and combined ballet and pop dance.
) She's good.
The winner of today's match is Yoo Ji Cheol.
- She seems to be at ease.
- She's very confident.
- She's brimming with swagger.
- You passed.
- I enjoyed your performance.
- You passed.
You passed.
Keep punching him.
- Keep going! - He won! He won! (I'm sending you the final revision for Lee Min Woo's autobiography.
) - He escaped the grip.
- He escaped.
He escaped! Yoo is strangling him! I passed! (Your email has been sent.
) He won! He's amazing.
Yoo is indeed amazing.
- My goodness.
- How could he pull that off? You're watching Fight Night's 140th match.
It was a bloody battle between two old fighters.
The victory goes to Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol.
- Yes, he won! - Yes! My gosh, Ji Cheol is one phenomenal fighter.
At that rate, he might challenge you.
Hey, you've got to be kidding.
He's not even Goodness.
You said you wanted to have a match with him before.
When did I say that? I just said that I wanted to beat him up.
But I don't have to beat him up with punches.
Yes, it's me.
About the project I asked, please start it now.
("You Who Came Spilling Blood") Writer Choi.
Sign a contract with us for your first novel.
You don't know who did it.
You couldn't identify the victim.
The autopsy report from the NFS said the cause of death was unknown.
Is there any possibility that you can actually solve this case? Well, we're trying our best, but Sir, let's grab a meal.
- Hey, hey.
- I know a killer cartilage place.
- Detective Lee.
- Do you want to die? Hello? Dad.
Why are you calling at this hour? Today? I don't think I can.
Come on, don't worry now.
(I Urge You to Find My Missing Husband) If the winning bonus is 300,000 dollars, isn't that too much? The more money there is, the better it is.
Why? Do you not like money? No, it's not that.
It's just that there's a separate cash prize for this match.
Don't worry, buddy.
I went through my numbers.
I assigned it to you because it's good for you.
I told you.
I said I would make up for your hard work.
Did it bite? (Name: Choi Seon Joo) Congratulations on signing the contract for your first novel.
Thank you.
I hope to continue our collaboration.
(Name: Choi Seon Joo) Take a look at the garden.
This house is similar enough, right? Yes.
It is.
How happy must your wife be to live with such a romantic man? Excuse me for a moment.
Isn't this the house you've been talking about for a long time? This is really nice.
Isn't it nice? I kept telling you since last time.
I think we should make Young Seon's room here.
Let's decorate the room nicely.
I want to make a flower garden in the yard.
What should we plant? Let's plant tomatoes.
Writer Choi, congratulations on your debut as a writer.
What's wrong? Aren't you too calm for a person who just realized her dream? Do you remember what I always told you when we were young? What? I told you that I would become a writer at any cost.
That was my only dream.
While I was talking about that, it felt like I became someone who realized that dream.
That's why I did that.
I just wanted to feel that.
Honestly, I wasn't confident.
That's why I always had excuses.
I blamed my dad, poverty, and other things about the world.
I always told you that when I just made excuses.
That's why it took me 20 years to get this.
This is because I was lucky to have a good friend.
You just didn't have enough time.
You told me that dreams need time.
You got married at 20 years old.
You should have dreamed, studied, been in love, and had fun at that age.
I became a mom at that age.
20 years went by quickly while I was struggling to live.
Do you regret it? Who doesn't? People all live while regretting like that.
Let's start.
- 1, 2, 3, and 4.
- 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Look at me dance.
I used to dance like this.
Dad, people don't dance like that these days.
You have to dance more energetically.
- Like this? - What are you doing? Follow me.
I'm so tired.
- Look at him.
- Dad, you're good at this.
I keep moving forward.
- Let's move forward.
- I'm moving forward.
Your wife will be satisfied enough with this, right? Yes.
My wife will really like it.
Ji Cheol.
You must be having a good dream.
Get some more sleep.
There's no one to disturb you.
The mood is nice.
(Yoo Ji Cheol) Okay.
Your wife is in deep sleep after a long time.
You will be a bad husband if you wake her up.
Will it be more fun if he sees with his own eyes whom his wife is smiling and dreaming in front of? (Yoo Ji Cheol) (Bad Papa) They will be waiting for you.
You should go to sleep now.
- What did Dad say? - I didn't tell him yet.
Who is he? He is either a person no one is looking for or a person whose identity should never be revealed.
He made 100,000 dollars in 10 minutes.
It takes 1 shot.
It feels like yesterday when he came looking like a petty thief.
Young Seon, I love you.
Let's continue to be together for more matches.