Bad Papa (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Episode 11; Episode 12

1 (Episode 11) 34? (Management Register of Drugs) The owner will return to Korea soon.
You can pay the balance then.
Will it be okay? Yes, there's no problem.
Okay, thank you.
- I'll get going.
- Yes, drive safely.
Go home safely.
I dozed off for a moment.
You must have been really tired.
I couldn't sleep because I was writing all night.
Let's go.
Ji Cheol will be waiting.
What? You have to tell him the good news quickly.
That's right.
Pork belly is the best with soju.
I'm reducing my weight.
You said you wanted to have a drink.
Something good happened today, so I wanted to get drunk and feel good.
You're not making sense.
How could you get drunk if you don't drink? Strangely, I get woozy and drunk without drinking any alcohol when I meet you.
You punk.
Am I that easy to you? Hurry up and eat.
I said I had to lose weight.
Should I buy you a hearing aid? I'm just going to eat five pieces of this.
You should eat a lot.
Look at this punk.
How successful will you be that you're counting your meat? Coach, don't you remember the old times? "Punk, do you think reducing weight is a joke?" You made me wear a sweat suit and put me in a sauna.
I almost became a mummy because I was so dehydrated.
That's when you were young.
How long will you continue to do the thing you're doing right now? I'm not sure.
I don't know either.
Do you also want to become the best there after winning a few times? Come back to your senses, punk.
It's cool for a man to dream about becoming the best in life.
But that's useless.
But can you say that I'm the best again? The cage or whatever it is is a really scary place.
- Not there.
Another place.
- Where? My home.
Home? What nonsense is that? I want to become the best dad and best husband, not the best fighter.
If I have a wish, I just want to act like a dad and husband properly.
That's my wish.
Why? It's because I'm so sorry to my family.
You're doing a good job.
I'm not.
I still have a long way to go.
Whether it is fighting or becoming a good dad, you should do it in moderation.
Even if it's a really good thing, it will become poisonous if you do too much.
Coach, did I say that I would cheat or gamble? Why are you criticizing me when I'm trying to become a good dad and husband? For everything in life, doing too much will never be good for you, you punk.
I told you I was reducing weight.
Let me pour it for you.
We thought Yoo Ji Cheol was a hero in history.
Contrary to everyone's prediction, he continues to win.
Today's match is another one of those.
Kim Yoon Soo? Once a fighter, always a fighter.
Take care, sir.
Yes, it's Yoo Ji Cheol.
Gosh, he's so tiring.
I paid him to work, but all he does is drink.
Hello, sir.
You didn't even notice me.
What were you doing? - I'm sorry.
- Don't do things you'll be sorry for.
You must see this, sir.
Since when was this? It's been a while.
(I Urge You to Find My Missing Husband) They're very funny.
Cut their wrists off so that they won't do it again.
Like last time.
Why? Are you scared this time? - Is he not identified yet? - No.
There's no DNA sample that matches the missing person.
Who could he be? I don't know.
Sir, this is what I think.
It's 1 of the 2.
No one is looking for him.
Or he's someone who must not be found.
Is Dad home yet? He still has some work to do.
Is it because of me that he can't come? What? Of course not.
Don't worry.
Wait a little longer.
He'll be back.
The sun will rise again What's this? Why is this car blocking my way? What's this? They didn't even have the decency to leave their number.
I should get it towed.
Yes, I'm exhausted.
I'm almost home.
Talk to you later.
- Get home safely.
- Okay.
- Seon Joo.
- Yes? I'm helping you at least a little.
Right? Of course.
That's needless to say.
I'll call you.
(Messages) (Lee Min Woo) (- Do you like the laptop? - Yes, thank you.
) Look at them being so lovey-dovey.
(Editor-in-chief) Young Seon.
Yes, I'm up.
- Really? - Yes.
What's it about? Is the male character attractive? The male character? I'm not sure.
Buy the book and read it when it's published.
Come on, you're so mean.
I'm your daughter.
I paid to watch you perform as well.
I got it.
You're so cheap.
I'll buy your book.
Either way, congratulations.
It's too soon.
I only passed the first round.
That's a big deal.
What did Dad say? What? Right.
I haven't told him yet.
- Is Dad still sleeping? - I don't know.
I need to go.
Finish your food.
Excuse me.
It's you.
It's you, right? It is.
Have you been well? - Yes.
- By the way, I have some questions for you.
About the medicine How about we go for a meal? No.
Next time.
I can't now.
Where are you headed? I'll give you a ride.
It's mine.
It's mine! That was such a strange dream.
Why can't I remember his face? (Divorce Agreement Application) (Divorce Agreement Application) (Choi Seon Joo) You're still here.
You're late.
Why are you still here? Shall I do it for you? I'm good at sewing.
It's okay.
You're not Seo Taiji, but you always refuse.
It's okay, it's okay Won't you be late to school if you do that? - Shall I give you a ride? - I said it's okay.
Hey, hey.
You're bleeding.
I told you that I'll do it.
Try to stop the bleeding.
Where's the medicine? Young Seon.
Where's my pay? A kiss on my cheek.
Listen, Young Seon.
You need a new uniform.
- I have another one.
- Don't you want a new one? Should I get seven for every day of the week? No, all you need is five.
You don't go to school on the weekends.
Wait a minute.
What now? Young Seon.
By the way, here you go.
Buy something delicious.
I have money for food.
It's not just for you.
You should treat your friends too.
Then you can be the leader.
Are you and Mom still What about her? Did she say something bad about me again? No, bye.
Young Seon.
Be good at school.
Listen to your teacher too.
And don't fight with your friends! Study hard! No, just study hard enough so that you won't get stressed out.
Young Seon! I love you! Okay? Okay? My gosh.
When will that guy who draws the composite get here? I'm sorry, there was a delay Do you think I don't have better things to do? Sir.
Someone was just found to be dead.
You should cooperate - Detective Lee.
- I'm about to die too.
If I don't get that delivered to Busan by night, I'll lose my job.
- I'm sorry.
- I'm not a criminal.
Why do you ask me to come again and again? I'm a victim too.
Darn it.
I've been having nightmares after I saw something that awful.
Gosh, darn it.
You should go for today.
We will call you again.
I apologize.
Give me a pen.
Pardon? I'll draw him myself.
I used to be good at drawing cartoons when I was young.
- Colored pencils.
- Oh, colored pencils? Are these enough? - This is so good, right? - Yes.
Why did you take both of them? Hey, why aren't you eating? You guys can eat.
It's because I can't eat more when I see our sugar mama sitting around not eating.
Hey, stop lying.
Then stop keeping food in both of your hands.
Drop this one.
Why? - I'm trying to eat.
- You don't want to drop this? - Another wing? - Come on.
Don't you think Min Woo is really cool too? I just looked him up because you liked him so much.
You're the only one who likes that old jerk of a guy.
Hey, stop calling him old guy.
Well, he is an old guy.
I can't call him an old woman.
Lee Min Woo? - Ms.
Lee Min Woo! - You're gross.
- Shut your mouth and eat.
- How can I do that? Of course, you can.
- What? - You're so disgusting.
Excuse me, can I have one chicken to go? Sure.
You won all four matches.
Gosh, this is really sad.
We're already halfway.
- Pardon? - I mean, you played 4 matches out of the 7.
We're already halfway.
- You're right.
- You insisted on not joining.
What do you think about working with me now? Are you some kind of charity? Do you think this is what my old body is really worth? Are you sure? Well So-so.
If you regret it, just call it off.
There's no need to do that.
People just live on even if they regret the choices they made.
But things are getting better financially, right? Yes.
More than enough.
Thanks to you.
That's not more than enough.
You can't stop there as the head of the household.
Let's not end things after those three matches.
Let's keep it going for more matches to come.
I'm not 33.
I'm 43.
You come off as about 23 on my calculator.
Your calculator is broken.
Don't be such a baby.
Let's keep working together, okay? Don't worry about it.
I'll find an easy fight for you just as I always have.
Let's grab a drink later and catch up on everything else.
- How's that raw fish place? - Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm not feeling well today.
Can I take a rain check? That's disappointing.
It's the best to drink with you.
I can't force you, though.
You aren't feeling well.
Gosh, this is so good.
You're such a great girl like Sim Cheong.
Gosh, you got me chicken for dropping you off at school? This is a huge win for me.
This looks so good.
- Dad.
- Yes? Are things pretty bad between you and Mom? No, we're doing great.
Why? Did Mom say something bad about me to you? We aren't that free.
Well, figures.
You're a huge celebrity.
You must be busy.
Do you have anything else that I can do for you? A practice room? We can have marble floors Wait, no.
You might break your head.
I'll make it with wood.
I'm all right.
You need to treat Mom better.
You know, think about what she wants, what she needs, or what she likes.
She's not a kid.
She likes getting things on her own instead of my getting it for her.
Getting something for yourself and someone else getting something on your behalf aren't the same.
Hey, did you see how she got a new laptop? See that? She got that because she needed it.
What if I got her a weird laptop? (- Do you like the laptop? - Yes, thank you.
) She would have been so angry and done this and that to me.
- It'd be really bad.
- You really are hopeless.
Young Seon, I realized that you need to have some money to be relaxed and to have a peace of mind.
That's how it is.
But to be honest, I like seasoned chicken better.
- Then stop eating.
- No, no.
The autobiography will start to get printed tomorrow, so it'll be out on the market around next week.
How was it? I'll be honest.
It was really fun.
Can you write part two? My gosh, you startled me.
I'm so glad you liked it.
I did.
I really loved it.
Really? What specifically did you like about it? One second.
(My Daughter) (What are you doing?) (I'm working.
Why?) Young Seon.
Apart from the fact that I'm your dad, objectively speaking, you will come first place.
You already won.
Stop making a huge fuss.
The real audition hasn't even begun.
I don't even have to watch it.
It's obvious.
I know.
If you win the audition, do you want to make a bet and buy me whatever I want? Whatever.
What should I ask her to get for me? Young Seon, how much is the prize money? I have no idea.
You need to tell me how much it is for me to decide on what I'll ask for.
I don't care about the prize money.
How can the first-place candidate not care about the prize? Come on, how much is it? I don't care.
- What? - I'm not doing this for money.
What's with you? Do you think everything is about money? Well, I I was just joking.
Stop making such jokes.
It's not funny.
You always talk about nothing but money around Mom and me.
Do you think money solves everything? Do you have nothing else to talk about except money? - What? - Think about it.
All you ever talk about is money.
You sound like money solves all of our problems.
(- Let's eat out later.
- Okay.
) Put your clothes on.
We're going out.
Why? No.
Go get washed up.
You look so shabby.
I took a shower this morning.
Go take a shower.
My favorite part was about when I won the National Sports Festival for the first time.
Really? That's a surprise.
I thought your favorite would've been about your success as a champion after you moved onto mixed martial arts.
The National Sports Festival was the best.
Is that so? I had no idea it meant that much to you.
I'm sorry.
If I knew about that, I would have covered that more in detail.
I guess so.
The most important part was left out so it was a little disappointing.
Did I leave something out? About what happened after the National Sports Festival ended.
After the National Sports Festival? - What happened? - Do you really not remember? That's surprising.
There are times when my memory is better than yours.
They say that men don't forget about things like that.
Things like their first kiss and first love.
Min Woo.
It was really cold that day.
Don't you remember? My lips felt so numb.
Young Seon, this is overreacting.
I'm not going to a wedding.
This is really overreacting.
You should have bought some clothes in the meantime.
What use is there if you only have a lot of money? Gosh, you dressed me up like this, but you're dressed so comfortably.
You're dressed so freely.
I have to go practice later.
You're leaving? It's been a long time since we ate out as a family.
You should just take the day off.
Your stomach will be upset if you dance after eating delicious food.
I'm not going to eat.
I have to go right away.
You should go on a date with Mom after a long time.
What? What do you want us to do? Go on a date? It's been a long time since I laughed.
Mom and Dad don't like to slice steak like this.
You might not like to, but Mom does.
You don't know about your mom that well.
Do you know what your mom's favorite days of the year are? Chobok, Jungbok, and Malbok.
Why? It's because she can eat something that warms her heart.
You're the one who doesn't know her.
Mom is also a woman.
You're right.
Seon Joo was also a woman before she became a mom.
Come here.
Remember this clearly.
This, this, this, and this.
You should order them.
I searched it earlier.
They said this was the usual and the most delicious option.
Don't sit in a strange place.
Sit by the window where you can see the view well.
You should do a good job.
I'm going.
- Are you really going? - Would I fake it then? Young Seon.
Young Seon! A date? Oh, really? We'll go right away since I'm with Writer Choi right now.
- Why? - It's the editor-in-chief.
There's something that needs to be fixed urgently before printing.
They want us to come.
Oh, my.
Is something wrong? It's probably nothing.
Let's go.
(I think work will end late today.
You should eat with Dad first.
) (Episode 12) The number you have dialed is not available at this moment.
I called many times, but she won't answer.
"I'll be late," or "I'm on my way.
" She should let me know.
Happy birthday to you Try some of this.
Here you go.
Honey, I'm sorry for being late.
I called you so many times.
Why didn't you answer? I was running.
You can't pick up the phone while running? I'm sorry.
What is this? You never apologize.
Is it so that I won't get upset? Now that you apologized, I'm sorry too.
This place is in our neighborhood, but I never brought you here.
It's nice.
I'll bring you here often from now on.
You must be hungry.
You've aged as well.
You've worked hard, Seon Joo.
You take care of me and Young Seon.
I'm sorry.
I'll mature up soon.
Okay? I'm so hungry.
By the way, you look pretty today.
Is it because we're out? But then again, you were always pretty.
I forgot because I've been so busy.
I won't forget from now on, okay? Thank you.
Thank you for being with me.
Don't I look handsome today? Do I look good? Here.
Let's order some wine.
Let's get some wine.
What do you think about this? - Instead - Right.
It's a little abstract.
Can you type it? - How is this? - This is better.
A date? Whom am I kidding? I'll just one shot this wine.
It's strong.
Young Seon.
Are you done already? Mom can't come because of work.
Really? Gosh, I'm so lucky today.
I got to see you three times today.
It's like samgyetang.
You aren't witty as always.
Did you order what I told you to? Yes, I did.
- Are you hungry? - Famished.
If I didn't come, you'd have eaten them all.
I can't eat anything since I'm on a diet.
Go on and eat.
All of these are for you.
Go on and eat.
I can't do that.
I'll turn into a pig.
Then shall I turn into a pig for today? Then we're father piggy and daughter piggy.
- Let's eat.
- Try this too.
I haven't eaten real food in a while.
- It's delicious.
- They're tomatoes.
Don't do that! You must be crazy! Do you have this kind of saw? - Yes.
- You do? - Then - They sell it over there too.
You can get it at any hardware store.
That car.
Can we see where it came from? I don't think we can.
Detective Cha.
You sold this car, didn't you? - No.
- It's not from your shop? No, it isn't.
It's you.
Open your eyes widely and show me your teeth.
- What? - Do it.
- Where did you get that scar? - It's not you? - It's not him.
Let's go.
- It's not me.
I swear.
What did I say? It's going to be a cold case.
I really want to solve it.
But it's just a waste of manpower and time.
Let's just give up and bury it.
Are cases dog bones to you? You can't bury them.
Well What should we do then? No matter how much we bite at it, there's no flesh.
If there's no flesh, shouldn't you at least chew on the bone? Well I get it.
Why Why would you glare at me with such pretty eyes? You're scaring me.
Drink it.
It's my treat.
Well Where do I start? Smile, please.
Let's go.
Please smile.
Smile naturally.
Put on a big smile.
I can't zoom in? Then I'll just come closer.
- Move freely.
- Be free.
1, 2, 1, 2.
Good! Yes.
This is the last shot.
Gather all your energy and take your best pose.
All right.
Cheese! Let's go to the gym.
Why? You want to train? What else do you think I want to do there? Play? I'm all worked up.
Don't try to stop me.
Come! Hurry up.
It's been a long time, Detective Cha.
We haven't had breakfast together in forever.
You're so busy.
I think you're busier than me.
But it's not like I get anything done.
Why? - Is a case not working out? - Well Kind of.
I hope you're not working on a dangerous case.
Don't go anywhere dangerous.
Do you think I'm still a kid? That's what a daughter means to a father.
I'll always be worried about you.
That's why for all dads in the world, a police officer like me should go to dangerous places and catch dangerous guys.
Can't you leave the police and live an ordinary life? Dad.
Why don't we respect each other's work? You work for the health and happiness of mankind.
I'm very proud of you.
So can't you respect my What's that face? What I mean is, you don't have to worry about me.
Just focus on developing effective medicine.
Aren't I the nicest and most understanding daughter in the world? What I'm most concerned about is not mankind or medicine.
It's you, my daughter, Cha Ji Woo.
- Dad.
- No matter how old you are, you'll always be a little kid to me.
Dads are worried about their daughters all their lives.
They're programmed that way, you little brat.
The problem is, daughters give their dads headaches all their lives.
That's the way they're programmed.
We may be stupid and put up fights that we'll lose, but don't take away the right to worry about you.
- Eat.
- Okay.
Let's eat.
Try some meat.
Min Woo is so cool.
"Two Dreams".
The final product looks pretty good.
You even had your autobiography published.
You're amazing.
It's no big deal.
Min Woo, the picture looks great.
Hey! Me? Choi Sun Young! - You remember me? - Hey! Hey.
It's been such a long time.
You look even better in real life.
Stop it.
Fighter Lee Min Woo.
It's real strawberry juice.
- Thank you, old man.
- No problem.
Sorry? The place looks great.
Then again, I knew you'd become successful even as a kid.
I don't believe that.
You didn't even want to say hi to me when you were little.
That's not true.
By the way, why are you still not married? What? Well I just happen to be single.
Are you still not over my sister? - What? - I heard you're going to publish her book too.
That's just because her writing was good.
- The editor-in-chief said - Come on.
You can be honest with me.
The world has changed.
Don't think she can't be yours.
You're still silly.
Are you married? Once.
You'll meet someone nice soon.
Someone nice? I don't think he exists.
I'm here.
Right here.
- Look.
- Yes? Do you have a crush on me? Yes.
Me? - No way.
- Then what's with that look? Me? Did I do that? What do you mean? I was just asking.
Min Woo, I have to be somewhere.
You can continue.
See you later.
What's with that fatty? He's my boss.
Why? Are you interested in him? Hey.
I'm Choi Sun Young.
1 of the 4 queens of Incheon.
I know.
You're Choi Sun Young.
I know that.
But he's very romantic.
He's a nice person.
You can have him.
Work with him for the rest of your life.
I have a meeting with Seon Joo regarding the book.
Want to come? Forget it.
I came to see you.
There you go.
He just grabbed him and put him down.
It's over.
- What's with this guy? - That's enough.
- Stop.
- That's enough.
Gosh, that brat (Green Real Estate) The phone call saved you.
What? We can move in next week? The sooner, the better.
Thank you.
I have to go.
Did you win a lottery or something? What? Lottery? Lottery, you say? You're so cute.
Come here.
Sang Chul I mean, Yong Chul, you brat.
Take him to the hospital.
I'm Yong Dae.
Are you slacking off again? I said I'd be busy for a while.
Why would you be busy? I'm doing an important business right now.
What trouble are you getting in? Where are you? Whatever.
I'm busy.
I have to go.
What are you What am I up to? I'm trying to find that dog.
Find out where Jong Doo is.
Find out where he is.
How? Should we report? ("Two Dreams") (Special thanks to Writer Choi Seon Joo for her help) Hey.
Why did you write this? It's my book.
I get to do whatever I want.
That's just one line.
Your novel will be published soon too.
- What are you going to do then? - What do you mean? What is Yoo Ji Cheol doing here? Min Woo's book got published.
That's great.
("Two Dreams") My wife worked so hard for this book.
I know.
Wife? So Lee Min Woo is seeing Yoo Ji Cheol's Unbelievable.
If you're done, let me take my wife.
Let's go.
- Where are we going? - You'll see.
I might be able to grant your wish.
- What wish? - A rematch.
Isn't that your wish? Ji Cheol.
After catching a few minnows, you seem to be getting overconfident.
Do you know who she is? Yoo Ji Cheol's wife.
If it's his wife That's right.
Min Woo's senior's wife.
Who is this girl you're so nice to? My first love.
Does she have a boyfriend? She's married.
Actually, I'm having a lot of fun these days, imagining someone become miserable.
The dating rumor must have been true.
I can't believe that jerk.
He should be grateful that you're dating him.
How dare he cheat on you? He doesn't know how lucky he is.
I don't need it, So Ra! Is Young Seon coming? - No.
- Then where are we going? How dare you take her somewhere we've been together? Sorry.
It just happened that way.
I'm going to spread the photos and videos tomorrow.
If you want to, you can do that.
- Don't you think you'll regret it? - Everyone regrets something.
So go ahead and spread them.
Let everyone see.
Of course.
That's not the only medicine we're developing.
Please give us a little more time.
We'll bring good news.
Gosh, why is this scumbag so impatient? We're busy here.
(Yoo Young Seon) (Yoo Young Seon) (Vote by texting the contestant's number.
) The vote.
I should vote.
I'll definitely vote for Yoo Young Seon.
(Number 41, Yoo Young Seon) Give me your phone.
You can vote only once with the same number.
Yoo Young Seon.
(Number 41, Yoo Young Seon) She's so pretty.
Whose daughter is she? Her dad would be full even without eating anything.
Right? If I had a daughter like her, I'd be so happy.
I really enjoyed it.
Is there any way? We've seen many of her performances, and it seems like Young Seon is good at all genres.
Never mind.
Thank you.
All I've ever learned from my dad is how to beat up your own child.
I don't deserve to be a dad.
The second stage It's a terrible idea.
I can't wait.
All right.
Let's do this.
How many subjects did you collect? Well We can't collect any subjects? We're not completely prepared for the toxicity of the drug yet.
You're the one who wanted a clinical test! The chairman is occupied with Dr.
Yoon's project too.
Our drug killed a subject.
Are you saying he died in vain? Are you? If we stop here, we'll just be murderers! No matter what it takes, we have to complete the drug development now, okay? We need to hurry.
Recruit them first.
- We can't do that.
- I'll talk to Chairman Jeong directly.
It seems like the drug got out.
What? What are you talking about? Does Chairman Jeong know? No.
From researchers to security guards, check everyone.
Find out what they've been up to.
See if anyone has talked to another pharmaceutical company.
Check their relatives and bank accounts too.
Go through everything.
It's just a headache for us, but for someone, it might be a chance to make good money.
Come here.
Hurry up.
What do you think? - Isn't this house nice? - It looks fantastic.
Who lives in this amazing house? Is it CEO Joo Gook Seong? Did he invite us to dinner? - What? - I'm sure.
This is his house, right? No.
It's our house.
It'll be ours soon.
Do you remember the house you wanted to live in? Look around.
Doesn't this house look similar? The lawn We could plant some chili peppers too.
You remembered? Are you happy? He's doing an arm bar.
An arm bar and He's amazing.
He's escaping.
He escaped.
He goes for a choke.
A choke.
What is he doing? - The game is over! - The game is over! It's over.
The winner is - Yoo Ji Cheol! - Yes! Tens, hundreds, thousands 100,000 dollars in 10 minutes? Who would have known? It seems like yesterday when he showed up here looking like a rat.
His life is so smooth now.
- Isn't it? - What's the point of having money? What's the point? You have nothing to worry about.
Gosh, look at the oil on his face.
His face is burning.
It's sweat, not oil.
You have no idea.
What? You can't judge a book by its cover.
What do you mean? Background search? I already did it.
There's no need for a background search.
I'm telling you to find out more.
Our player shouldn't be distracted.
He needs to concentrate on his match.
Yes, sir.
I need to protect my player.
(Unidentified Body Left Abandoned) - Detective Cha.
- Yes? Do you work part-time at a kindergarten? Come on.
What kind of composite is this? I have no idea.
The face is covered in blood, so it's unrecognizable.
The body is huge.
- That's all.
- We can't find the suspect with it.
- This will be a cold case.
- What do you mean? - Why are you saying that? - What did you find on the body? There's nothing except a brain tumor.
- A brain tumor? - During the autopsy, they found a huge brain tumor in his brain.
If he went to the hospital before getting murdered, he would've been diagnosed as terminally ill.
Then it's obvious.
It was an act of suicide.
You're not as keen as before.
My goodness.
I should pour you some drink.
I'm not done yet.
Hold on.
If it was an act of suicide, why were his hands cut off? It's because someone killed him.
My goodness.
The world is full of hideous people.
Make sure to catch him.
Put him in prison.
He needs to learn some lessons.
He had a tattoo.
It's hardly visible.
It looks like an animal.
If it's an animal, it's simple.
It's either a tiger or a dragon.
Sometimes, it's a crane.
It's not like that.
It looks like it's from a cartoon.
Is it a rabbit or a bear? His skin is damaged, so it's hard to recognize it.
My goodness.
I've never seen a rabbit tattoo in my I know.
The tattoo looks like it's from a cartoon.
What do you think this is? It looks like a bear or a rabbit.
It's obviously a bear.
You're so dull.
A rabbit tattoo? Goodness.
These are supplements.
They're very effective.
Do you live in Huam-dong? You're Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol.
Aren't you? Oh, should I call you Kim Yoon Soo? (Bad Papa)