Bad Papa (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Episode 13; Episode 14

1 (Episode 13) We will choose the test subjects after today's test results.
Excuse me.
Then do you mean some of us won't be selected? This is for nutritional supplements, but we can't run our trials with sick test subjects.
If you're sick, please let me know in advance.
What are you talking about? I have nothing but my healthy body.
It's so obvious that I'm the healthiest one here.
(Kim Yoon Soo) This way, please.
- This way.
- Okay.
(2 hours later) They drew too much blood.
Was your name Kim Yoon Soo? People must have told you that you resemble Yoo Ji Cheol.
- You look just like him.
- I'm not interested - in that darn jerk.
- What's so bad about him? I have no other wish than to live his life for a year.
I mean, his career ended on a bad note, but he did have quite an impressive career.
He's much better than someone like me who's been a thug all along.
I'm certain that he must have his reasons for losing the last match.
Don't you agree? Think about it.
Why would a champion lose the match on purpose? I told you that I wasn't interested.
I'm not interested in anything else other than getting paid from this place.
I get it.
We're at a crossroad whether we'll get a 40,000-dollar gig or not.
I shouldn't care about others now.
You have a good physique and seem well.
They'll certainly choose you for the test subject.
I'm not sure.
It's fate that we crossed paths here.
Let's make a lot of money and go.
What would you do with that money? What do you think? I'm going to buy my son something delicious.
- How old is he? - He's seven.
My son is seriously one of a kind.
Take a look at this.
Look at this.
What do you think this is? What kind of an unclear tattoo is that? It looks like a bear and a bunny.
My goodness.
What are you talking about? It's obviously a bear.
Your eyes aren't sharp at all.
My son drew this.
Get this.
He doesn't know how to multiply, but he can draw this.
He did a pretty good job, given that he's only a kid.
Regardless of his age, he's really talented.
You've never read comic books, right? I know this from years of reading them when I was young.
My son is going to be a famous cartoonist.
If you get paid, you should register him at an art school first.
That won't be the end.
I'll send him to Europe too.
I'll support him the best I can.
Gosh, you do love your son dearly.
My love for my son isn't a match to my son's love for me.
He's really attached to me.
My neighbors even ask if I breastfed him.
Goodness, I'm jealous.
I'm jealous of your relationship with your son.
Gosh, my stomach.
Hey, I'm going to use the restroom, okay? Goodness, what's wrong with me? Let me use the restroom.
On a day like this, I would love to have some kimchi stew.
I don't know.
I'm not sure what I'm going to get.
- Come.
- I don't want to eat that.
- Why not? - I just don't want to.
Kim Yoon Soo Kim Yoon Soo.
Choi Yong Woo.
(Choi Yong Woo) (Kim Yoon Soo) (Choi Yong Woo, Kim Yoon Soo) (Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency) (Please help me find my dad.
My dad is a brain tumor patient.
) - Mom.
- Yes? If we do this, is Dad going to come back? Of course.
Why are you crying? What if he doesn't come back? He will.
But if you cry like this, Dad will be too embarrassed to come back even if he wanted to.
I won't cry.
Gosh, that was a great meal.
Was it? Anyway, I guess money really is great.
I can't believe you bought me a drink.
I'm sorry.
I'll keep buying you drinks from now on.
Ji Cheol, if people change too suddenly, it means they'll die soon.
Okay, I'll live long and keep buying you drinks.
You finally learned how precious your junior is.
You should have treated me better while you still could.
Hey, what can I say now, then? Exactly.
Will you treat her better now? Who on earth is he? I've heard a lot about you from Detective Cha.
I'm her new partner, Lee Hyun Soo.
The troublemaker? Treat her well while she's around.
- Bye.
- Bye.
See you again.
Excuse me.
Are you following me around? It's a coincidence.
But people do say it's destiny if coincidences keep happening.
Detective Lee, are you high? Gosh, Detective Cha.
You and your jokes.
I'm high from my masculinity.
Kim Yoon Soo? You live in Huam-dong, right? Aren't you Yoo Ji Cheol? Should I call you Mr.
Kim Yoon Soo instead? Why are you suddenly working as a chauffeur? Doesn't your company pay you a lot? When someone pays you a lot, they have a good reason for it.
I'm sure they made you do all the dirty works for a big sum of money.
Anyway, you are quite amazing these days.
You won four times in a row against young fighters.
Any secrets? I don't have any secrets.
I just get beaten, hit them back, and hold out to the end.
We're around my neighborhood now.
You can pull over.
I'll drive myself.
You'll go under again if you do that.
You're a famous guy.
You shouldn't drive under the influence.
Over there.
You can stop the car here.
Is this your house? Yes.
The really tall guy who was there with me before You know, the talkative one.
Did he return? I'm not sure.
It's been a while since I quit.
What kind of a composite is this? The face is covered in blood, so it's unrecognizable.
The body is huge.
That's all.
That quickly? That's a pretty tight deadline.
I'll work hard to meet the deadline.
Yes, it'll be great for me if the book gets published faster.
I can do this.
(Sun Young) What is it this time? How can Min Woo do this to me? What's with him? What about him? I'm really disappointed in him.
Do you think this makes any sense? What does he think of me? Seon Joo, are you listening to me? Yes, I heard you.
So what's the problem this time? Don't you like him? ("The Champion, Lee Min Woo's Great Smile") Goodness, what's with the picture? I've met him a few times before too.
He looked like a great guy in person.
Then you can date him.
Seon Joo.
It's me, Choi Sun Young, 1 of the 4 prettiest girls in Incheon.
That's why you married 1 of the 3 cutest guys in Incheon.
Why do you keep bringing that jerk up? I'm telling you to stop judging people by their appearances.
Let me explain.
He has a rather round face.
He looked like a nice guy in person.
What's with the photo? Does he have small eyes? Is someone talking behind my back? Gosh, if I had bigger eyes, I could have been pretty cute.
You You are pretty cute now too.
Anyway, when you look at a guy's eyes, don't just look at the shape.
Try to look into the guy's heart through his eyes.
You can't see the insides anyway.
You can slowly see what's inside as you date them.
I got fooled over what could be seen.
You can't see someone's heart.
I can't trust that.
But Min Woo recommended him to you, right? I'm sure he had a good reason.
Is everything that Min Woo says the truth? Is this because he published your book? Hey.
He didn't publish my book.
How many times do I have to tell you? The editor-in-chief loved my novel, so that's how I got this far.
Gosh, this is so annoying.
I'll tell Ji Cheol all about this.
I can't believe how cheeky you are.
Do you think he's your punching bag? Are Ji Cheol and I machines that relieve you of your stress? I can't stand this anymore.
You come and badmouth Ji Cheol whenever you feel down.
Okay, fine.
- Don't be so angry.
- Sun Young.
I'm sparing time to listen to you in the midst of my busy day, okay? You should learn to behave better or just leave.
You always tell me to leave when I'm barely starting.
Okay, fine.
I'll leave.
Good luck.
I can't take out more loans now.
Can you just come back? It's really tough to live alone Honey, don't get angry.
Your blood pressure will go up.
Okay, I'll find some money.
I have to go.
Why do you look so worn out? She had a drink last night with her old partner.
She left me out.
Ji Cheol suddenly said that he'd buy me a drink.
I saw her walk out of a famous ribeye place.
You know, the one in the intersection right out front.
My only wish is to get a taste of that Ribeye? Gosh, what happened to that cheap guy? He can do so much more than buying some ribeye for his beloved ex-partner.
I saw before that he gets several hundred thousand dollars for every game he wins.
It's like a cartoon drawing.
I don't know if it's a rabbit or a bear.
It looks like a bear and a bunny.
My goodness.
You know, the talkative one.
Did he return? It's been a while since I quit.
There are countless people in the world who have arm tattoos.
It makes me feel uncomfortable for no reason.
Why is he calling me suddenly? - What? - Where are you right now? Where would I be? I'm at home.
I heard you ate ribeye with Detective Cha yesterday.
You're such a cheap punk.
You only take care of her and leave me out.
I didn't leave you out.
You're not a kid.
Why are you acting so immaturely? I just saw her because our schedules fit when I was nearby.
I'll also buy you something good if our schedules fit as well.
I'll buy you pork belly.
That's enough.
Just prepare a grill.
I'll buy the ribeye.
Are you going to come to my house right now? Why? I want to see Seon Joo and Young Seon after a long time.
I also have something to tell you.
- Die, die, die.
- Wait a minute.
- Someone's calling you.
- No.
- I'm not going to take it.
- Take it.
Hurry up.
Take it.
Just take it.
Hello? Your daughter's meal? Why would I take care of that when it's not even yours? She said it's a really important stage tomorrow.
Prepare a lot of good things, okay? My daughter is really sensitive.
Don't bother her for no reason, okay? Gosh, okay.
Okay, I understand.
I'm also sensitive.
She might really advance to the next round.
- Are you recording it? - Yes.
- I don't want to disappoint her.
- Me too.
She's so pretty and she's even good at dancing.
You should get first place! - This one's pretty.
- Gosh.
- Hey.
- You should calm down.
There isn't a consolation match.
It's over for you.
You're out.
You failed.
They can't end my dream like this.
She keeps acting like that.
People can never end my dream unless I give up myself.
You should just dream until late at night and wake up late.
Okay? - I wake up early.
- Hello? - Hello.
- A surprise from Young Seon's dad! Hello.
Thank you.
What is your blood type? It's type A.
- I knew it.
- You're just like me.
- Be quiet.
- She's type O.
- I'm - What about your height? Height? 186cm.
- Really? I'm 168cm.
- I knew that.
- Your shoulders are so broad, - You like tall girls, right? - and you're handsome, right? - You don't like short girls, right? What is your ideal type? I like cute girls.
- That's me.
- That's me.
- I can't eat hot food.
- I can't eat hot food.
You should eat first.
- Who is prettier? - Open your mouth.
You should eat first.
I'll eat by myself.
- One more time, okay? - You're so bothersome.
Her dad asked me for a favor, - Try this.
It's good.
- so why is she irritated at me? Thank you.
The face is crushed, the hands are missing, and I can't even make out the tattoo.
This brain tumor is Gosh.
Can you stop sighing? You're going to get rid of every ounce of luck we have.
(Please help me find my dad.
My dad is a brain tumor patient.
) I'm getting a feeling that this is destiny.
A dead body isn't important.
We need DNA samples of the missing person to do something.
There must be a used toothbrush or a strand of hair, right? There aren't any.
They say that he came 1 or 2 times a year to give them some money and then disappeared again.
The last time he came, he said that he had a brain tumor and wouldn't be living for long.
He lived irresponsibly and received punishment for that.
When he left, he said he would prepare his son's tuition.
But he didn't come back after that.
Was he going to sell his organs illegally? What about his son's DNA? Did you look it up? His wife doesn't want to do that.
What? Why? Beats me.
Well Ji Cheol.
Why? Why are you calling me so sadly and making me nervous? - This isn't why I came - Hold on.
Wait a minute.
Let's see.
- What's your Chinese zodiac sign? - The year of the horse.
- Were you born in 1966? - Yes.
It's money then.
You're here for money, right? How did you know that? It's written here.
"Ji Cheol, I need money.
" "Ji Cheol, give me some money.
" Fine.
How much is it? How much do you need? Ji Cheol, you're the only one I have in my life.
You're overreacting.
Just sit down.
I'm not giving you the money because I like you.
It's because you're a dad.
I don't want you to become a bad dad.
Don't worry.
I'm going to repay you at all costs.
How could I not repay a miser's money? You don't have to.
It will take too long.
I'll probably die while waiting.
You don't have to repay me.
The only thing I want is for you not to be neglected by your wife and kid because of some money.
What are you doing? - What is wrong with you? - I had a feeling.
Let me organize it for you.
He lived recklessly his entire life while neglecting his wife and kid.
But when he was about to die, his fatherly love suddenly came out.
It's a story like this.
What use is there if he grows up when it's too late? He wasn't competent enough to make money, and he didn't have any inheritance to leave for them.
The only way he could use his body to make a large amount of money was to sell his organs.
The possibility of this person being him would be slimmer then.
There aren't any open-surgery wounds.
His organs are all intact.
We might have speculated too much just because he had a brain tumor as well.
Did he not sell his organs then? I'm sure it's not a speculation.
They're the same person.
What makes you so confident? My hunch has never been wrong.
It's almost like superhuman abilities.
I'm also scared of myself at times.
Ribeye steaks are the best.
Seon Joo is quite late.
I wanted to see her face after a long time.
Young Seon isn't here too.
They're busy these days.
Fathers who live apart from their families and those who live with them are just the same, pitiful dads.
I'm not pitiful.
That's ridiculous.
It's like that for me.
I may do anything for Young Seon, but I'm never going to send her to study abroad.
After seeing you, I don't think that's something people should do.
What, you punk? You're such an outdated idiot.
What is a family? It's a group of people you have to live nearby whether you like them or not for the rest of your life.
You don't know anything.
You're the outdated, old man.
Yes, I'm an outdated, old man.
I'm a super-outdated, old man.
I'm still going to live while holding both Young Seon and Seon Joo's hands and live happily for the rest of my life.
- Gosh.
- Those are mine.
Seon Joo, it's been a long time.
What brings you all the way here to our house? - He was going to leave.
- I was going to leave.
- I was going to leave.
- I told you we should eat outside.
- It stinks in here.
- All right.
Don't touch this.
I'll clean this after I come back, okay? Leave quickly.
- Goodbye.
- Yes.
If you pass tomorrow, you will go to the live broadcast show, right? You're good at dancing.
That's really nice.
But, look.
Your facial expressions.
If you pay a little more attention to your facial expressions, I think it will be a lot better.
You should feel the music.
I'm not a professional, but that's what I think.
Why? People would think that you're my manager.
You're right.
I'm not sure if I'm your manager or your dad's.
But you two are really similar.
Was he the one that danced? He's of no use.
You should get some sleep.
You must be tired from dancing.
I'll wake you up when we arrive.
Now, I can breathe again.
Your filming is tomorrow.
Why did you practice until so late? Will you be okay? If I pass tomorrow, I'll advance to the finals.
It's the live broadcast.
You'll do great, sweetie.
Where's Dad? Chief Park came by.
They went out together.
You must be tired.
Go inside, and get some sleep.
My filming starts at 1pm tomorrow.
- Please wake me up at 9am.
- That early? - I should go early and stretch.
- Right.
I'll wake you up exactly at 9am on the dot.
Don't worry, and sleep tight.
Good job, today.
- I'm going to bed now.
- Don't worry, and sleep well.
- Okay.
- Goodnight.
Hey, Yoo Ji Cheol.
You punk.
You walk on eggshells around your wife.
What are you saying, old-timer? I don't walk on eggshells.
It's not that.
I'm being considerate toward her.
Don't you know that writers tend to be really sensitive when they're working on their books? They're like the kings and queens of sensitivity.
Wait, wait.
What book? I must have not mentioned it.
My wife became a writer.
She fulfilled her dream.
A while ago, she signed a contract for her first novel.
Hey, hold on a second.
A famous novelist is Hemingway.
- Will she be just like him? - Right.
It did take her a long time.
It did, indeed.
Goodness, my Seon Joo.
She got lost a lot along the way to fulfill her dream.
Then will your wife become a best-salad writer later on? Will she become one of those best-salad writers? "Best-salad"? What a successful family.
How great is this? My daughter has a dream.
My wife also has a dream.
How awesome is this? Goodness, we're all busy for good reasons.
You don't know a thing.
They treat me like I'm a petty money-chaser.
Do you think I'm pitiful? No, I'm like a majestic salmon.
I go against the flowing current.
I'm a salmon who has to defy the current.
Do you know that? In the flowing stream - Just like those salmons - Just like those salmons ("You Who Came Spilling Blood") ("You Who Came Spilling Blood" written by Choi Seon Joo) Writer Choi, please finish your manuscript quickly.
I don't have time.
("You Who Came Spilling Blood") Why is everyone buying that book? I can't hold it in.
I'm going to read it too.
Me too.
Me too! Amazing.
I really like this book.
This is too touching.
Why are you crying? My goodness.
Hey, Writer Choi.
What took you so long? You're late.
I am? No, I'm not late.
As if.
You're so late.
- You're late.
- You're late.
Writer Choi.
Young Seon! Young Seon! Get up.
Wake up.
- It's late.
- What time is it? It's 11am.
Get up, okay? Honey.
Did he not come home? What should I do? Please.
Please pick up.
Did you see your dad coming in? - I don't know.
How could I know? - Wait.
Let me call you a taxi.
It will be here in no time.
- He scared me.
- What? What is it? - What? - Dad, what are you doing there? I'm about to die.
Get me some water.
You slept here? Whenever I drink with him, it's never a happy ending.
Get me some water.
What time is it? Okay.
Hey, why are you still here? Hey, aren't you late? You reek of alcohol.
You can't drive in this state.
But she's You had this on when you went drinking? What is this? - Hey, it's me.
Give me a ride.
- What is this? Yes, right now.
Who is that? - Who is it? - Who? My goodness, you know.
I'm a very busy man, but you're making me drive you in the morning.
Hey, Se Jeong.
I'm on my way.
How long will it take? - About 35 minutes? - About 20 minutes.
I'm in the neighborhood.
I'll be there soon.
Tell them I'm almost there.
- Am I your personal driver? - Just drive fast.
What? Drive fast? Kids watch too many movies and dramas these days.
Young Seon, people say that only in movies.
If I do that in real life, I'll get a ticket.
I'll get into an accident.
You can't order around someone older than you like that.
If I'm late, you'll pay for it.
Just drive fast.
I'll get a ticket then.
What if she's really late? Then should I fill in for Young Seon? I can wear a mask, you know.
A bunny mask? Or a cat? Try to make some sense.
Do you think you make sense at all? (My Daughter) What should I do? You're ignoring your daughter's dream because of yours.
You have a long way to go to become a mom.
Next up is Yoo Young Seon.
Yoo Young Seon is next.
She'll be here in five minutes.
Can you wait a bit longer? I don't care.
If she doesn't get ready now, we have to skip her turn.
- Sir.
- Sir, can you wait just this once? Then should I go in there to test the waters? - I'm really good at dancing.
- Gosh, I don't have a choice.
I think we have to skip Young Seon.
I can fill in.
I can do it.
You can switch her turn with mine.
Hey, Kim Sang A.
I'm ready to go in right now.
Are you sure? Hey, we're switching the order.
Sang A is going in.
It's Kim Sang A.
- I'll pass you.
- Sang A, I'll pass you too.
- Same here.
- Thank you.
Young Seon.
You're talented, and I look forward to your next performance.
But not making mistakes is a part of your competence.
You do not pass.
I looked forward to this, so it's rather disappointing.
I cannot let you pass either.
I agree that not making mistakes is a part of your competence.
Goodness, this TV is way too tiny to see you dance on the show.
Young Seon, I will get a huge TV for your new place.
I'll let you watch the next episode on a bigger TV, okay? Okay? Hey.
(She suddenly falls during her audition!) Oh, no.
It's okay.
That can happen.
(Everyone is shocked, but Yoo Young Seon gets right back up.
) You can breathe.
What? I said, you can breathe.
I made it.
Really? Of course.
If someone with my talent doesn't pass, who can? You're talented, and I look forward to your next performance.
But not making mistakes is a part of your competence.
You do not pass.
I agree that not making mistakes is a part of your competence.
However, it'll be a problem if you make the mistake again and again.
I think it's okay to make one mistake.
I actually liked how you continued to dance to the end.
So I will use my wild card.
See you at the main competition.
Thank you.
She made it! I knew it.
I told you so.
- My gosh.
- Why are you crying, Mom? It's okay.
Don't cry.
Don't cry.
It's okay.
I woke up late and didn't even take a shower, but my talent shined through, right? I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Of course, I made it.
- My gosh.
- Goodness.
You're so good.
I knew you would pass.
- I was shocked too.
- Can I have some space, please? It should be hot in summer, and it should be cold when the weather gets cold.
That's what seasons are.
Forget it.
Hey, Kim Sang A.
You don't have to thank me.
What was that? The show will be live next time.
What does that have to do with you? It's not for you to worry about.
How can I not be worried? It's my chance to expose who you are to the whole country on live TV.
That you are not my competition.
I can't let you run away this quickly.
You're the one who shouldn't run away.
How can she be that awful? Is she competing in the Worst Brat Competition? Let her slide.
You got through that thanks to her anyway.
- Let's go.
- Gosh.
Let's go.
Yes, you can go ahead and do the third printing.
The book is received very well.
I'm glad.
How's Writer Choi's book coming? We're speeding it up just like you asked.
- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.
When we get one, we must give one.
I hope Writer Choi's book will be received well too.
I highly doubt that.
She writes well, and the book is meaningful.
But it's not something that readers nowadays like.
If she gets her friends and family to buy it, I guess about 200 to 300 books might get sold.
I'll buy all 1,500 copies of the 1st printing.
Make sure you let it continue on to the second printing.
Yes, I'll do that.
By the way, are you going this far to help her because - Because of what? - I heard Writer Choi is married.
She is.
She is, but what's important is the order of events.
Why are you worried about my wife? Seon Joo is a friend of mine.
She was my friend before she became your wife.
Writer Choi is an old friend of mine.
You're making your old friend's dream come true.
That's amazing.
We should go.
- I have to be somewhere.
- Okay.
I got yet another one.
(Han So Ra) - Look at that tough skill.
- That's not tough.
- Go on.
- Let's go! - That's it.
- You have to hold out! - Push him down.
- That's it.
- Keep it going.
- Watch it! Yes, that's it.
Did you see that? No matter what the situation is, he will never back down.
He always shows what he has.
Why can't you win at least once? You can't win against him.
He's not his competition.
- Are you here to spy on me? - To spy on? Me? On you? If you have something to say, just say it.
I'm busy.
Seon Joo will publish a book soon.
A good writer can publish a book.
What's new about that? Oh, is that so? Don't act up just because you let her write your autobiography.
It's all because my wife is a great writer.
What if it's all thanks to me? Do you have a lot of time? If you do, go talk to him.
All he has is time.
I just gave her a hand because she wanted some help.
It wasn't very hard.
I wonder why you haven't helped her with something so simple to this day.
You've become one childish guy.
You used to be pretty serious.
I'm the guy who made your wife's dream come true.
The least you can do is thank me instead of calling me childish.
I'm disappointed.
Should I just call off the deal on Seon Joo's book? Do you wish that badly to fight me again? You're the one who's childish.
How could we fight? An adult and a powerless child cannot fight each other.
It makes no sense.
Ji Cheol.
I'm the real champion.
You are nothing but a toy fish.
Why? Are you scared? Do you think I will let you win again? Someone give him a mouthpiece.
What's the title of this match? Two professional fighters can't fight without a title.
Whatever you want.
What about this as a title? Choi Seon Joo.
My gosh.
You classless jerk.
Come up here.
How interesting.
Very interesting.
Oh, my.
What is the champion doing here? What about this as a title? Choi Seon Joo.
Ji Cheol.
I'm the real champion.
You are nothing but a toy fish.
You're Choi Seon Joo, right? Sorry? Dreams are nice.
It's nice that you're realizing your dream belatedly.
But don't you think it's a little too cheap to use a man to do that? Use? What do you mean? If you're shameless, you should at least be frank.
- I can't believe this.
- Excuse me, I'm I have something interesting.
Do you want to hear it? I hope Writer Choi's book will be received well too.
I highly doubt that.
She writes well, and the book is meaningful.
But it's not something that readers nowadays like.
If she gets her friends and family to buy it, I guess about 200 to 300 books might get sold.
I'll buy all 1,500 copies of the 1st printing.
Make sure you let it continue on to the second printing.
(Ji Cheol) Dad, did a burglar broke in? No.
I was I was trying to find something.
Where did it go? Young Seon.
Did you Never mind.
I need to go somewhere.
Wait a minute.
What, punk? How could you just leave like that? You weren't answering my call.
I was worried about you.
Let's talk later.
The CEO wants to see you right now.
I said we should talk later! No, not me.
The CEO wants to talk.
Gosh, punk! Yong Dae, what if he's on his way to find Min Woo? Just let him get beaten up.
Why is he angry at me? Why is he angry at me? It hurts! What do you mean that you won't publish the book? We're not sure.
She just said so.
I'll persuade Writer Choi.
Proceed with the publishing according to the plan.
You should buy him a game machine.
What is this? Do you like this? - Yes.
- Isn't it so nice? They want to publish your novel.
- Really? - You just didn't have enough time.
You said that.
Dreams need time.
It's nice that you're realizing your dream belatedly.
But don't you think it's a little too cheap to use a man to do that? But it's not something that readers nowadays like.
If she gets her friends and family to buy it I'll buy all 1,500 copies of the 1st printing.
Make sure you let it continue on to the second printing.
Seon Joo.
Come here.
Come here.
Do you really not know where it is? I really didn't see anything like that.
Where did it go then? It's not like it has feet.
Did you really have to come here and be like this just because a bottle of supplements disappeared? There are many pharmacies around.
Can't you just drop by and get one? Gosh, let's just forget about it.
Why bother talking to you? I'm leaving.
If you have something to say, tell me before you leave.
You have a lot of complaints against me, right? You would have hated the sight of me because I was writing a book for Min Woo, whom you hate so much, to make 30,000 dollars.
When did I say that? What is wrong with you? Don't worry.
I'm going to quit everything.
What are you talking about? Why would you quit? Why? I'm the guy who made your wife's dream come true.
The least you can do is thank me instead of calling me childish.
I'm disappointed.
Should I just call off the deal on Seon Joo's book? That scum.
Supplements Supplements I also know everything.
I know that you also want to blame me and find faults in me.
I'm a bad mom who doesn't even pay attention to her daughter, and I'm acting foolishly just so that I can realize my dream.
You also want to criticize me for that, right? Just criticize me if you want to.
What is wrong with you? Seon Joo.
Did something happen? It's just that I feel so sorry for Young Seon.
I don't know.
I just wanted to do a good job at everything.
I really did.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You're doing a good job.
We succeeded in decreasing 10 percent of the toxicity.
Do you think that's enough? Please recruit test subjects.
Why don't you just do something about the dead body at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation? You don't have to worry about that.
Currently, no methods exist to confirm the components of the SF-3 left in the test subject's body.
Doctor, you're also similar to Director Park.
You start talking big first when you don't have the ability to take responsibility.
You're the one who instigated this! Yes, I did.
But Doctor, you were a scaredy-cat that was afraid of everything no matter how much I pushed you.
So what makes you so confident to cause a fuss now? This is the time for you to stay quiet.
You shouldn't get all fussy.
Do you understand? They say that people are about to die if they change so suddenly like this.
Be careful.
You might get in big trouble.
You came here to meet Reporter Hwang because of this, right? - Who are you? - Please don't release the article.
- Is this Min Woo's doing? - Not at all.
This woman is my fighter's wife.
You got me wrong.
I'm going to release the article.
There are a lot of reporters even if it's not Reporter Hwang.
My fighter had a difficult time returning to the scene.
He can't get hurt yet.
That's your problem.
He's not my fighter.
The public will be really entertained if they find out about your past of working at an illegal gambling place.
- Hey.
- You're surprised.
But people will be more surprised than you and will be fascinated.
After that, they will start talking about you.
Why did you cancel the publication? Why are you looking at me like that? I'm not going to publish it.
Why so suddenly? I don't think there's a need to waste other people's time and money to realize my dream.
It was just about my personal stories anyway.
They're stories that other people don't really need to read.
Just because the stories are personal doesn't mean that they're valueless, right? It was only valuable to me.
It was only valuable to me 20 years ago.
I should grow up now too.
When I told Ji Cheol that I was writing your autobiography, he hated that.
I'm sure.
But do you know why I didn't give up until the end? I started to see the real side of me that I had forgotten about for 20 years.
Not as someone's mother or wife, but as the real Choi Seon Joo.
I couldn't save up 30,000 dollars no matter how many jobs I held down.
I thought it was a chance for me to earn that money with my writing.
I thought I could fulfill my dream and become a cool woman who could do her best for her family too.
I thought I could.
I had no idea that it was being greedy like a fool.
I couldn't support my daughter's dream as I was too busy with mine.
All I did was hurt my husband's feelings.
After I came back to my senses, I realized that I was being foolish.
You're not the foolish one.
It's Ji Cheol.
Instead of helping you with your dream, he put you through a lot.
If it weren't for him, I would have given up on it 20 years ago.
Can I get the bill, please? Sir.
Yes? It's about Dr.
Cha's new drug.
If we find a test subject who shows no toxic reactions, will we be able to finish developing the drug? Why? Do you want to take one yourself? Come on.
What are you talking about all of a sudden? Director Park.
Are you suddenly interested in the drug? His CEO is here.
I'll give you two some privacy.
My fighter, Yoo Ji Cheol, wants to have a match with you.
I know.
He can't be your match.
That's why I'm asking you not to provoke him.
I'm asking you not to bother him.
A promoter's job is to set up fights.
I didn't know they also prevented fights.
- I should if need be.
- Why? Are you afraid that your player will be injured and useless to you? Why would I worry about that? Martial arts fighters do get injured during matches.
Or worse things can happen to them.
You know, that's how it is with fighting dogs.
Dogs? It's just that I don't want my dog to participate in a match that will bring me no entertainment or profit.
It's a waste, you know.
I put my effort into shaping him.
I didn't invest all that money so that he could be your meal.
My point is, stop barking at my dog that I raised.
Got it? Let's not end things after those three matches.
Let's keep it going for more matches to come.
Okay? I'll go talk to that tiresome man now.
(Bad Papa) It's about your husband who went missing.
Does he have a noticeable feature on his body? Like tattoos? Are you telling me that my husband is already dead? Should I taste the soup? - Try it.
- Gosh.
Did you find your supplements? - You don't need to see it.
- Let me see.
("Lee Min Woo Is Seeing a Married Woman") I want to go up against the current champion, Lee Min Woo.
What's the percentage of your winning against Lee Min Woo? I'll win.
By all means.