Bad Papa (2018) s01e15 Episode Script

Episode 15; Episode 16

1 (20 years ago) (Episode 15) (Episode 15) - What happened to all my books? - Do we have kimchi? - Where are my books? - I threw all of them out.
The room is already tiny.
We don't need a pile of books.
I can't afford to send you to college.
You'd only get upset if you kept reading those books.
Did I ask you to pay for my tuition? Writing wasn't enough? Were you going to apply for law school? What do you mean? That book.
You annotated every page of "Crime and Punishment".
There's a saying, "You reap what you sow.
" Look at me.
How would you be able to go to law school? Take this chance to get over yourself.
What did you do to my notebook? It was on the desk over there.
I threw out all the dirty books.
It's hot! Hey, you.
Have you gone mad? I should ask you that! Gosh.
("Crime and Punishment") "'Poverty is not a vice.
'" "That's a true saying.
" "However, if you become penniless" "and if all you have left is your fist," "then it's a vice.
" "In poverty, you may still retain" "your innate nobility of soul.
" "But in beggary," "you will lose your innate nobility of soul.
" "You will feel right to" "be humiliated as garbage.
" "When in complete beggary," "I am ready" "to be the first to humiliate myself.
" Mom, I'm hungry.
You're early.
("Crime and Punishment") ("You Who Came Spilling Blood") After finishing the matches listed on the contract, I will retire.
I have to take my age into consideration.
Be honest with me.
You're hiding something from me, right? Is there another agency that will pay you more? - It's not that.
- You can be straight with me.
I'm more than happy to top whatever offer you got.
You'll get the best salary in this industry.
Don't I value you the most in this world? Right.
I'm well aware.
That's why I want you to book the remaining three fights with fighters of high rankings.
And for the last match, the current champion, Lee Min Woo.
Book a match with him.
I think this time, you must have miscalculated.
Do you believe there is even a one-percent chance that you can beat him? I will.
- By all means.
- Calm down, now.
Do you really think you're in your 20s? I thought you were level-headed.
I'm disappointed.
Is it because of the incident 11 years ago? I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have brought that up.
You're right.
I lost back then.
You lost to him even in your heyday, so how will you beat him now? You're already on a downhill, but your opponent is having the career of his life.
Don't be so stubborn with your pipe dream.
Why don't we go up against fighters in your league? Back then, even if I wanted to win, I couldn't for a reason.
However, now, even if I want to lose, I can't for a reason.
I don't know why you couldn't beat him then, but I think I know why you can't lose to him now.
Isn't it because of your family? And it's for the money too.
Do those two things mean the same for you? Yes, Young Seon.
Dad, did you eat? Did I eat? No, I didn't yet.
Why? - Mom cooked.
- Is that so? I'm almost home too.
- Are you almost here? - Yes.
I'll be there soon.
Let's eat together.
- Hurry.
- Okay.
By the way, I must have scared you in the afternoon.
- I was looking for something.
- Looking for what? It's nothing.
Anyway, I'm sorry.
I'll be home soon.
Isn't it because of your family? And it's for the money too.
Do those two things mean the same for you? Anyway, seeing how I can't understand this with my logic, it's either my brain is malfunctioning or you have gone mad.
It's 1 of these 2.
Back then, I couldn't see it.
And now, I can.
My family's dream.
Don't worry about the balance.
There won't be any problems.
I will send it to you before we move in.
Yes, goodnight.
I don't have to stay in this house anymore either.
Goodness, this blue crab stew is amazing.
Young Seon made it to the finals.
I wanted to celebrate.
Let me try the broth now.
Try it.
My goodness, it's so refreshing.
I feel like I'm in Alaska.
When it comes to crab stew, you cook the best crab stew, Seon Joo.
I don't know why restaurants can't make it like this.
Right? I'm sorry about this afternoon.
I was a bit stressed out.
I'm a bad mom who doesn't even pay attention to her daughter, and I'm acting foolishly just so that I can realize my dream.
You also want to criticize me for that, right? Just criticize me if you want to.
Don't be sorry.
I'm the one who should be.
I shouldn't have bothered you at work.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Did you find the nutritional supplement? Oh, the supplement? I found something similar at the pharmacy.
About your missing husband Does he have any characteristics on his body that you can recognize? - Pardon? - You know, like a tattoo.
Oh, one second.
Detective Lee.
No, he doesn't have a tattoo.
Really? Are you sure? Yes, as far as I know.
But why do you ask? It's nothing.
I'm sorry if we offended you.
We thought we could somehow help you.
("You Who Came Spilling Blood" by Choi Seon Joo) ("You Who Came Spilling Blood" by Choi Seon Joo) Not as someone's mother or wife, but as the real Choi Seon Joo.
After I came back to my senses, I realized that I was being foolish.
You're not the foolish one.
It's Ji Cheol.
Instead of helping you with your dream, he put you through a lot.
If it weren't for him, I would have given up on it 20 years ago.
("You Who Came Spilling Blood") ("You Who Came Spilling Blood") I gave you my husband's picture and his resident registration number.
That's all you need.
What more do you want? Security cameras are everywhere.
I saw on the news how you can easily find people with them.
So why can't you find my husband? Ma'am, it's not easy to find his whereabouts with them.
So we're asking you for a little more cooperation Stop making excuses.
Do you think you wouldn't have found him if he was someone powerful? You aren't doing your best to look for him because he's a poor nobody.
We need your son's DNA to find him more quickly than now.
Hey, are you Are you saying my husband is dead or something? No, it's not like that.
It's to make the investigation more effective That's why you've been asking me for his DNA.
It's nothing difficult.
We just need to swipe the inside of his mouth with a cotton swab.
- Mom.
- Jun Young.
You need to go.
You would have found him already if you did some work.
Jun Young.
Let's go back inside.
Come inside.
Wait, what did you say? I don't think I heard you correctly.
Are you having difficulty hearing already? Do you need a hearing aid? No, before that.
Darn it, kid.
You really found your chance.
Thank you for bringing Young Seon home before it was too late.
Happy? Wow, I thought you would never say that again.
One more time, please.
Okay, fine.
Let's move onto your apology.
You should be sorry about something.
Remember? What should I be sorry about? Oh, you don't know? You don't remember? How can you be so brazen? You pushed me, made me fall down, so I got hurt.
I was busy then.
Why did you stop me? You'll kill me next time when you're busy.
You're a persistent jerk.
This is why I never talk to you.
- I won't talk to you either.
- You young, little brat - need to stop talking back.
- I'm not a brat.
Why do they always have such a grand entrance? What do you want, jerks? - My gosh.
- You tell him.
Why are you telling me to tell him? - You do it.
- What? What is it? - What? - I said I wasn't going to show him.
You idiots.
It's probably nothing.
Give it to me.
("Lee Min Woo Is Dating a Married Woman!") Oh, well.
You need to think rationally.
What are we going to do? What if it's all thanks to me? I just gave her a hand because she wanted some help.
It wasn't very hard.
I wonder why you haven't helped her with something so simple to this day.
What about this as a title? Choi Seon Joo.
Do you have anything to say? Please say something.
- Say something.
- Mr.
Lee! - Since when did you two date? - Does Yoo know? - Tell us something! - You need to go! - Have you been two-timing? - Just go! My gosh, this is driving me insane.
What are we going to do? Just step on it.
- Say something! - Darn it.
You need to move! I'm going to drive! Mr.
Lee! - Does Han So Ra know? - Mr.
Lee! - Follow him.
- Mr.
Lee, say something.
- Learn how to drive! - Don't get off, okay? Ji Cheol.
I think there is a huge misunderstanding.
- Move.
- Ji Cheol, I can explain.
Why did you beat up an innocent guy? I always wanted to know how you'd look when you heard this.
It's nothing much, though.
It's not very fun.
Do you want me to make it fun? - How? - I am going to die here today.
Do you want to die that badly? Do you? Poor Seon Joo.
She lived such a tough life, then her husband started making money, but he wants to die now.
That's exactly why she suddenly married you when our relationship was going so smoothly before.
Your money.
I guess you didn't know.
When she was young, all she had was her dream.
She was dirt-poor, and her dad died after only causing her trouble.
A dream is only great to talk about.
Once you get started on it, it requires so much money and time.
So what can she do? The dirt-poor girl with a huge dream chose to break up with a penniless guy like me and decided to get married to the rich hero.
So if you want to die, you should leave a lot of money behind.
If you don't, she will be eager to get a fresh start with me.
Of course, I'm not looking for that.
I'm not crazy.
She's the one who left me.
Ji Cheol! - What is he doing? - Wait a minute.
- Ji Cheol! - What are you doing? - Ji Cheol! - Why? Wait a minute.
Stop! - Hurry! - They left! - Hurry! - Follow them! Seon Joo.
He will be okay.
Don't worry.
Where is he? He's sitting over there.
- Honey.
- Seon Joo.
Did you realize your dream? Did you realize your dream? I couldn't help you, and I just made you go through a lot of trouble.
I wanted to do a good job.
I was a poor, incapable head of the household.
Even now, I thought everything would be okay if I only made money.
I was like a fool.
- Honey.
- I'm sorry.
(Consensual Divorce Intention Confirmation Document) (Husband: Yoo Ji Cheol, Wife: Choi Seon Joo) You can go now.
Still, how could you do this? It's illegal to collect DNA without permission.
I went through the trash all night for our great cause.
You're too mean.
(Onsite Evidence) We had a wonderful time.
I'm good.
Yes, I'm good too.
You look really happy.
Your fighter must be feeling really bad right now.
What's bad? - It's nothing.
I'll call you.
- Okay, see you.
- Good.
- Bye, bye.
CEO Park, take good care of your fighter.
What happened to his face? Champion, why did you get beaten up? That's why all the pigs are coming at you.
A champion should act like one.
You released it, right? The photos of me and Seon Joo.
What are you talking about? He's really funny.
Why? Do you find it too difficult to handle after releasing them? Is that why you're framing an innocent person? You're not an innocent person.
You're someone capable enough to do that.
Seeing how you're behaving, it looks like you should step down from the championship soon.
- CEO Park.
- Yes? Make money as much as possible when you can.
In my opinion, he won't last long.
Sir All kinds of pigs are coming at me now.
- This is interesting.
- How dare you? Oh, my.
It's what you told me earlier.
Min Woo.
Sir, I'm sorry.
Min Woo's in a bad condition.
Please excuse him.
I'll find the right pig who will drag him down from his championship.
I'm sorry.
Go along.
I'm going.
Young Seon, about the I don't believe things like that.
But is Dad Never mind.
I'll be back.
Okay, have a good day.
Yoo Young Seon! Do you want me to guess what you will say? "Can't your family go a day without a fuss?" That's boring.
I knew it.
I knew she was pretending to be nice.
Leave her alone.
Human nature doesn't change that easily.
Just ignore her.
It's okay.
Did Ji Cheol give this to you again? Why is he fussing over something that's untrue? Is this an event that happens once every 10 years or what? You were the only person who believed in him when it was the toughest for him.
He can't do this to you.
Seon Joo, think about it.
Honestly, what did Ji Cheol do for 10 years? You went to work, raised Young Seon, and acted as the head of the household.
What did Ji Cheol do? He only did stakeouts.
He didn't even come home.
The more I think about it, the madder I get.
Anyway, don't let him off this time.
Why are you so weak? You're making me upset.
Come back to your senses.
Let's eat something.
You're making me upset.
You're making me cry.
What's wrong with you too? What's wrong with him? He's worried that he might lose his job.
I don't know.
I don't know.
I don't know.
- Yes.
- Yes.
You know you're moving in today, right? - Yes.
- I didn't hear from you.
I'm on my way.
All you have to do is live happily with your wife in the house she wanted so much.
Feel free to call me at any time when something bothers you.
Hello? Is this Mr.
Yoo Ji Cheol? - Yes.
- I'm here for a delivery.
No one is at home right now.
I'm on my way now.
Please hurry.
We have your TV, refrigerator, and other furniture.
(Episode 16) You moved into a nice house like this.
No housewarming party.
No calls.
You're about to hurt my feelings.
Take a look.
I'm not completely settled in yet.
By the way, everyone is late, I guess.
I guess.
This is nice and comfortable that only the two of us are here.
Have you been busy lately? I guess you must have been busy lately.
Were you too busy to even go online lately? I don't have time for that.
I must catch my culprits.
Why do you ask? Nothing.
It's nothing.
By the way, you're a good husband.
What? You're a housebound.
Someone who unites the family.
All you have left to do is to bring everyone together at this nice house.
Hello? Yes.
I did everything you asked me to do.
Yes, of course.
Hey, if you're that worried, come take a look yourself.
Anyway, your dad seems to be doing fine here, so don't worry too much.
Sun Young, I'm sorry.
I am.
I'm the CEO.
I failed to keep Min Woo under control.
You should have done a better job at that.
Don't cry, please.
Why are you crying? My sister was crying in front of me.
I've never seen my sister cry.
How could I not cry? I'm sorry.
Hold on.
- Where's that scumbag, Lee Min Woo? - "Scumbag"? I won't let him get away with this.
I'm going to crush that jerk.
That piece of trash.
Sun Young, hold on.
I'll talk some sense into him as his CEO.
Please calm down, and go for now.
- Let go of me.
Let go.
- Sun Young.
Darn you.
Seon Joo cried because of me? Yes.
Please be careful.
I didn't know she could cry.
(Special thanks to Writer Choi Seon Joo for her help) I said, "No cutting.
" "Stand at the back of the line.
" You said that to the seniors? I was mad.
I was waiting there before them.
- Does waiting cost money? - Yes, it does.
My uncle said that time was the most expensive thing in the world.
I guess there are times when he actually acts like an adult.
Every now and then.
When he doesn't drink.
You're lucky.
There's no "every now and then" for my dad.
Stop acting like a baby.
Did you eat instant noodles? No.
Is that homework? - No, it's my draft.
- What's that? I'm going to be a writer.
- Then you have to go to college.
- It's not mandatory.
I just need to read a lot and write for a long time.
For how long? For about 10 years? I see.
That is a long time.
You can only fulfill your dreams when you invest - your time.
- That must cost a lot.
Time is gold.
What about you? Do you have a dream? - I don't have such a thing.
- Then you should box.
Box? All of a sudden? Just because.
If you box, you won't get beaten up like this, at least.
Lee Min Woo.
What's this? Did you drink this all by yourself? You're crazy.
It's not even night yet.
I can't believe you picked this up from your uncle.
Hey, you're an athlete.
You shouldn't be drinking.
What were you thinking? - I can't believe you drank it all.
- Seon Joo.
I won.
Were you celebrating by yourself here? Even so.
How could you drink as soon as the match was over? An athlete must stay in shape.
Hey, you did a great job, by the way.
So this is how a trophy looks like.
Seon Joo.
What are you doing? I'm sorry.
Do you want to go out with me? I'll win the championship and help you reach your dream.
You helped me find mine.
Min Woo.
Win the championship no matter what.
I will root for you to the end, but this isn't right.
Do you have another friend who's as close to you as I am? Do you think I do? If you do this, we can't be friends either.
You won just once.
You have a long way to go until you become the champion.
Wait and see.
I will make sure I become one.
The best marathoner of Korea, Lee Bong Ju, left for Milan today to participate in the 2001 Milano City Marathon.
Lee is currently training to participate in the Boston Marathon next April and is attending this marathon to get back in shape and to come up with a strategy.
Come here.
Are you here to put up a show? Are you here for that or to train? I'm here to train.
If you want to box, you'll always have to be lonely and troubled.
That's when everything begins.
You'll sweat, shed tears, and even pee in your pants.
This ring knows how much effort you have put in.
Don't get into a bad attitude, and keep training with a kind heart.
Learn everything one by one starting with jabs.
Understood? Yes.
- Go.
- Okay.
Do it carefully one at a time.
Drop your shoulders.
Relax your shoulders.
Your movements are too big.
And keep your feet steady.
Get some rest.
Hey, Min Woo.
You're here.
Oh, she wanted to see me practice.
Hello, my name is Choi Seon Joo.
Who is she? I'm his friend.
A childhood friend.
- Go back.
- Okay.
Keep it slow.
One at a time.
Go! Keep your balance.
Take your steps slowly.
Take each of your steps carefully.
(The pride of Korea! Yoo Ji Cheol!) (World Champion Lee Min Woo of Korea) ("Champion Lee Min Woo's Secret Love Affair!") Ji Cheol, into your position.
Ji Cheol, head to the ground, you idiot.
Come on, I'm 40.
Head to the ground! Sure, fine.
Do you just jump out of that ring when the game seems tough? Then will it be over? You got through the toughest moments in there.
But you just ran out because you couldn't stand this? You idiot.
You may have been pretty good in this ring.
But you have a long way to go as a husband, you fool.
Ji Cheol.
You are not a boxer who can fight just four rounds.
Not just six rounds either.
You have to hold out until all 12 rounds are over, you punk.
Even if you run out of breath, even if you have no money, even if life is like garbage, you have to just hold out to the very end, you fool.
Get up and go.
I heard from Sun Young.
Has it been about 17 years? You two lived together for long.
It looks like your divorce is much easier than publishing a book.
- I'm glad I never got married.
- Min Woo.
I think you're mistaken.
We are never going to get divorced.
- Don't make a rash judgment.
- Don't try too hard.
Love is something that gets cold and changes.
You really don't know because you're such a kid.
A family is not something that is made up with such shallow love that you know of.
Shallow love? When something tough happens, we get in a fight, hate each other, then hold out.
We do not turn our backs on each other in that solid trust.
That's family.
You really are a writer.
Ji Cheol may want a divorce, unlike you.
You saw that picture too.
Men become vulnerable with what they see.
And you know how awfully proud he is.
We spent a tough time together as friends 20 years ago, so I thought it was right to keep that friendship for my life's sake.
But I don't think I need to do that anymore.
Goodbye, Min Woo.
(DNA Analysis, does not match) Good hunch, my foot.
This is weird.
I really had that hunch.
How is practice going? It's okay.
- Mom.
- Yes? Nothing.
Dad will come back.
When? One day.
Don't worry about it.
I feel really nervous.
- About what? - About our family.
I'm scared that we'll have to keep living apart.
You are worried about nothing.
It's not nothing.
Dad holds grudges for a long time.
People like you and me get angry whenever we are angry and act irritated when we get annoyed, so we can forget about it after we vent.
But with people like Dad who always smile and hold their emotions back, they'll hold their grudges for a long time.
Goodness, he's not a teenager.
He won't do that.
Should I make spicy stir-fried octopus tomorrow? I'll go get some fresh octopus at the market.
I'm the only one who's worried.
How can she be so cool? Is she really hiding something? ("To do list", "Shopping list") ("Don't delay the utility bill", "Plan a budget on the 3rd") ("I can do it!") ("You Who Came Spilling Blood") ("You Who Came Spilling Blood") It seems that he allowed it too easily.
He's bleeding too much.
They should give up to protect the fighter in this situation.
Give up? What do you mean? Yoo is a rookie, but I know that he wouldn't give up just because of that.
But he's in a really bad condition.
I think the bench should seriously consider it.
One more time! Back step, back step! They stopped the game, and the coach came up to the ring.
In this situation, giving up is the right thing to do to protect the fighter.
He's in a really serious condition.
I think he might give up.
- Do you think you can do it? - It seems that Yoo wants to continue.
Fortunately, the game starts again.
(Yoo Ji Cheol versus Ji Kang Min) Yoo has excellent skills and he is willful, but it seems that it's not enough to beat Ji.
The game is not over until it's over.
He will fight until the end.
Ji Cheol! Lower your head! 1, 2! 1, 2! He continues to punch! - He's continuing! - 1, 2! He needs to continue to punch.
- Yoo is continuing to punch.
- 1, 2! - 1, 2! - Uppercut! - He's down! - He's down! Yoo did it! - He's amazing! - I can't believe this! A new boxing star is born! That's right.
He didn't give up until the end.
Even though Yoo was in a difficult situation, he didn't give up.
He won in the end.
It's the result of his hard work.
A scary rookie is born.
(Yoo Ji Cheol Victory) (Title, "You Who Came Spilling Blood") - Yoo Ji Cheol! - Yoo Ji Cheol! We don't have to look.
- We don't have to look.
- 63.
- Okay! - Okay! Blue, Yoo Ji Cheol, 63.
71kg! Pass! - Good job! - Good job! Next is the "King of the Ground", Jin Sang Goo.
You can do it! 65.
32kg! Red, Jin Sang Goo, 65.
32kg! Pass! You can do it! Fighters, please pose! Show it in a cool way.
Act cool.
During which round should I end you? Which bones should I break? Maybe it's because you gave up, but you don't get angry easily.
Do you even have the strength? - Hold it in.
- This is boring.
- Let me go! - Stop him.
You should act boring like that during the match too.
I can't believe this.
I think you came to the wrong place.
I'm sorry for what happened at the weigh-in.
It's an honor to have a match with you.
What are you doing? It's almost time for me to retire, and my popularity is decreasing.
I had to at least show a sense of showmanship.
Please understand.
Are you trying to make up after what you did? You shouldn't do this.
You're making my fighter feel sorry for you before the match.
That was thoughtless of me.
I'm sorry.
I'm going to act like before when we're outside, so don't worry.
Thank you for letting me learn from you during this match.
I respect you.
I'll also do my best.
I'm looking forward to an amazing match.
He's strange.
Don't be fooled.
It might be his plan.
What did you say, punk? Can't you see that he's doing that to make a living? Can't you see that? You're a heartless, young punk.
Go, punk! Even if Jin Sang Goo's character is like that, he's really skilled.
He's the best in Korea when it comes to ground skills.
Lee Min Woo also tries not to fall on the ground when he's against him.
Don't worry, punk.
I'll take care of everything.
I'm sure that you will take care of everything like you always do.
- Hello.
- How do you feel? Were you talking behind my back? - No.
- No.
You said something about Lee Min Woo.
Lee Min Woo? He wanted to fight against him.
You punk.
I have to go against him.
I'll climb up slowly and then go against him.
You should beat Jin Sang Goo, the third-in-line, first.
That way, you will have the right to go against Lee Min Woo.
Is he in a good condition? - He's in his best condition.
- Yes.
Who are you? I'm your dad's friend.
Do you know where my dad is? Your dad took my medicine.
Where did he put it? Ma'am, it's me, Detective Cha Ji Woo.
Where - You have to get out of it! - You have to get out of it! - You have to get out! - Your arm will break! - Get out of it! - What is he doing? You got through the toughest moments in there.
But you just ran out because you couldn't stand this? Hold out to the very end, you fool.
Even if you run out of breath, even if you have no money, even if life is like garbage, you have to just hold out to the very end, you fool.
Come out.
You can come out.
No, no.
What will happen to Dad? He'll be fine.
He'll be okay.
Your dad will get through it.
I know that.
The game is not over until it's over.
He will fight until the end.
1, 2! 1, 2! - He continues to punch! - He's continuing! He needs to continue to punch.
- Yoo is continuing to punch.
- 1, 2! - 1, 2! - Uppercut! - He's down! - He's down! Yoo did it! - He's amazing! - I can't believe this! - Yoo Ji Cheol! - Yoo Ji Cheol! (Bad Papa)