Bad Papa (2018) s01e17 Episode Script

Episode 17; Episode 18

1 (Episode 17) Just give up! He'll be okay.
Your dad will get through it.
He will.
Gosh, it's over now! Ji Cheol! Oh, no.
Gosh, look at you, Ji Cheol.
The water bottle.
I sent Sang Chul to get it.
Hey, you were supposed to bring it.
No, that's not important right now.
You're in no condition Stop talking back to me.
Hurry up, and find it.
Let's just give up this time.
Aren't you my second man? You idiot.
You're my second man.
Stop talking nonsense.
He can't use his left arm.
You can finish him easily.
I doubt he'll be finished easily.
Make sure you end it early when the next round begins.
- You can do it.
- Go, Dad! Dad, you're the best! You can do it, Dad! Dad! - Go! - Go! Come on! I will hold out as much as I can.
Go find it while I hold out.
How can you hold out anymore? Let's just withdraw now.
Yong Dae! I found it.
It was dropped on the floor.
But there was no water in there.
Forget it.
Give it to me.
Give me water then.
Keep it up, okay? Go.
He will be knocked out at this rate.
Is Yoo really injured? There sometimes is a moment when you get a rebound of strength, but this is unbelievable.
This isn't just his strength.
This is his willpower.
Go, Dad! Dad! - No! - No, his arm! - No! - Watch your arm! - Your arm! - No! - Watch out! - No! Did you just see that? What on earth is happening? Was that a counter, or Rocky's punch? This is an amazing twist.
That wasn't sheer luck.
That means his mind has taken over his body.
You're right.
Dad! Dad.
- Hit him! - Punch him! You have to end it now! - Mr.
Yoo, just hit him! - Go! - Go! - Just one more punch! What are you doing? - Oh, no! - What just happened? Yoo must be extremely tired.
He missed a great opportunity.
All right.
Today's match of the two veterans received a lot of attention from the start.
Jin Sang Goo versus Yoo Ji Cheol, Yoo Ji Cheol versus Jin Sang Goo.
Both players have shown the best match unlike what we expected because of their age.
We have nothing more to say other than expressing our respect for them.
Sir, who do you think will win today's match? Today's match is not about the result.
- You're right.
- I would like to take this moment to apologize to Yoo.
Yes, Yoo What? What do you mean? The same goes for Jin, but Yoo has shown the best fighting spirit I have ever seen in any of his matches.
I'm deeply ashamed of getting suspicious of a fighter who has such a spirit to this day.
Yoo, I am sorry.
I truly apologize.
I think you might be the first commentator who apologized to a player during a match.
- Sir.
- Yes? Don't you have any apologies for me? Hey, I was serious.
Stop joking around.
It's not that I'm joking.
You said you swear that he I didn't say that I swear anything.
I said I needed air.
It's all recorded, you know.
DFC's fight night in Seoul! The main event of the 146th match.
I will announce the winner.
The judges came to a unanimous decision.
The winner is in the blue corner, Yoo Ji Cheol! Yoo Ji Cheol! Yoo finally made his comeback! The best boxer.
The best fighter! He is back! - Sir, please calm down.
- Yes.
- You did it! - You won! You did it.
- All right.
- Let's go.
- Go.
- Ji Cheol.
Ji Cheol.
Why didn't you end it? I just did.
Do you think I didn't know? You could have knocked me out during round four.
Why did you go to round five and make the judges decide? You also could have ended it in round three.
I think there's a misunderstanding.
I wanted to end it, but you didn't let it end.
Anyway, why did you hold out for that long? It could have been really bad if something went wrong.
What if your arm broke? Dad.
- Dad.
- Dad.
- Did you two have fun? - Yes.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
- Go! - Wasn't that good? There's no reason when you hold out.
You just do it.
Like you.
May I just hold it once? - Give it to me.
- You should go to a hospital first.
He should get an X-ray of his arm.
I didn't know that you still had a side like that.
You were amazing today.
I mean it.
Well, he's really hurt.
You said you wanted to grant your junior colleague's wish, right? - He's over there! - Hurry! - Wait a minute! - Please answer my questions! Let's go against each other again.
If you fight just like today, I really won't have another wish.
I'll wait for you.
- Hurry! - Wait a minute! - Gosh! - Please answer my question! - Please give us a comment! - Please stop! - Stop it! - Yoo Ji Cheol.
Do you have any intentions to fight against Lee Min Woo again? - Are you okay? - I'm okay.
Let's pack quickly and go.
We're from the Anti-Doping Agency.
We'll gather some of your blood for a dope test.
Excuse me He's not in a good condition, so you can't just draw his blood like that.
It won't be a problem since we will draw only a small amount of blood.
Your dad took my medicine.
Where did he put it? Ma'am, it's me, Detective Cha Ji Woo.
Jun Young! Hello.
What happened? A friend of my dad came by.
Jun Young! Jun Young! What are you doing right now? Can you just come to someone's house like this because you're the police? - No, it's a misunderstanding.
- No, it's a misunderstanding.
- We just came.
- That's enough.
Just leave.
- It's a misunderstanding.
- Just leave! - Gosh.
- Wait a minute.
Jun Young! There must be a misunderstanding.
We didn't do this.
- It's a misunderstanding.
- Just leave.
How could you just come inside when a child is alone? - You're mistaken.
- I told you to leave.
- Just leave! - Detective Lee! That's not it.
What's not it? They didn't do it.
Jun Young, did you draw this? Yes.
My dad complimented me saying that I did a good job at drawing this.
That's enough.
Just leave.
Wait a minute! Jun Young.
Did your dad's friend who just came by look like this? Let's go up.
He likes his dad better than me now.
Usually, it's a one-sided love for the parents.
But I'm sure that there won't be a son who has a one-sided love for his dad like my son.
Jun Young doesn't even know that he isn't his biological dad.
Maybe that's why he always wandered outside.
That's why you refused turning in Jun Young's DNA, right? Yes.
I was afraid that Jun Young might get hurt if he finds out.
Still, he always came home once a month, played with Jun Young all day, and bought him good food to play his role as a dad.
Maybe that's why Jun Young is waiting for his dad more.
Anyway, is there no other way to find Jun Young's dad? Is there a chance that he might have any grudges or financial problems with someone? Well, I already told this to the police.
I think he took some illegal private loans.
I'm sure that it was those punks that made a mess at my house.
His dad's friend? They're so shameless.
Even if they looked for it, there isn't anything to take.
Ma'am? Never mind.
He might be dead somewhere already.
We haven't heard from him for several months, and he hasn't appeared either.
I also think that it's possible.
Still, my child is waiting like that.
I must also want to believe that he's alive somewhere.
That's why I'm always going to the police station.
If not, my son will be disappointed.
Let's stop playing now.
I can't blast his hopes.
Ma'am? Mom! He said he will find dad's friend for us.
Dad's friend said he knew where dad was.
If we just find him, we will know where dad is, right? Yes, of course.
We will be able to find your dad.
Isn't that right, Detective Cha? ("Yoo Ji Cheol beat Jin Sang Goo, The winning streak of a veteran") ("He lasted until the end, He showed the best fighting spirit") Kim Yoon Soo.
Was he also chosen as a test subject? No.
According to the first test results, he doesn't have any tolerance to the toxicity of the new drug at all.
What? Do you think dad will be okay? You should contact him first if you're worried too.
But how did you know that dad would win? I knew it from his face.
His face? In my eyes, I wouldn't be surprised if he died soon from his face.
I saw that face from somewhere.
Oh, that time? - What? - Mom.
Are you sure that you're separated? I'm just saying.
You watch the match of your husband who left home.
You also said, "I know" "that your dad will hold out.
" I'm going to practice now.
Aren't you going to finish eating? Young Seon, you should finish eating.
I'll get an upset stomach if I eat too much.
I'll get going.
Let's go against each other again.
("DFC champion Lee Min Woo challenged Yoo Ji Cheol") If you fight just like today, I really won't have another wish.
I'll wait for you.
We only obtained a short footage, but you can feel the competition sparking between them.
No wonder.
Recently in the tabloids, there were suspicions of a scandal between Lee Min Woo and Yoo Ji Cheol's wife.
Lee Min Woo is the best fighter, but if the suspicions are true, I think it will be very disappointing.
How could you be in a relationship with your senior colleague's wife? Yes.
- Please calm down.
- Yes.
You always get excited whenever you start shooting.
Anyway, they were the best rivals in the boxing world in the past.
Will they be able to fight again inside the cage? It is true that Yoo Ji Cheol showed an amazing fighting spirit, but I think that a match against Lee Min Woo might be realistically difficult.
Well, Yoo Ji Cheol beat Jin Sang Goo, who is third in rank in the featherweight division.
It's not realistically impossible, is it? Yoo Ji Cheol was a perfect boxer in the past.
But within the rules of DFC, he's still showing many weak points.
Also, it's not easy to be a fighter at his age.
Yes, that's true.
On the other hand, Lee Min Woo is on a roll of his life as a fighter.
He's superb on his feet and on the ground.
He is called as the Perfect Fighter for a good reason.
All right.
I see.
However, as a fan of martial arts, I will wait for the day of these two fighters' match in the future.
We will wrap up here as we play the highlight of the match between Yoo Ji Cheol and Jin Sang Goo.
It's very noisy.
Should I lower the volume? No, leave it.
Actually, noisy fights make profits.
The more I observe, the more interesting he gets.
Goodness, here he goes again.
Hurry inside.
What's gotten into him? Hey, young fighter these days give up so easily.
I already knew that you were strange, but you're stranger than usual today.
What do you mean? You were smiling the whole time while throwing punches as if you wanted to kill them.
Was I? See? You're smiling again.
If you beat up people while smiling, people will call you a psychopath.
It's just that I'm in a good mood.
I'm just happy.
Hey, if you're in a good mood, why are you beating them up? You know what? People should have goals.
Yes, that's right.
- Hey.
- Yes? He didn't drink before coming in today, right? I'm not sure.
What's the matter with him? He's acting like a crazy guy.
Hey, here.
Well - Do you want me to stay tonight? - What? I mean, you're hurt.
You might get depressed if you're alone.
Forget it, you punk.
I'll get more depressed if I'm with you.
It feels like I'm really abandoned.
Come on.
I'm really worried.
Go home.
Call me if you need anything.
Come on.
Surprise! What do you think? Do you remember the house you wanted to live in? Doesn't this house look similar to that one? You remembered that? There's the lawn.
We could plant some chili peppers there.
Right? Answer your phone.
How are you feeling? Are you okay? Anyway, congratulations on your win! Ji Cheol, I cried today.
You jerk.
I knew you could do it.
You're my pride and pride of men in their 40s.
I mean it.
I'm not buttering you up because I borrowed money from you.
Your hospital appointment is at 2pm.
I'll pick you up at 1pm.
Dad, did you eat? You're okay, right? When will you come Why don't you make up with Mom already? Until when will you two drag it out like kids Darn it.
I'm back.
(Episode 18) Goodness.
Gosh! You startled me.
Is it just you here? Yong Dae.
- Anything you want to tell me? - No, there's nothing.
Yong Dae! Gosh, why are you getting all worked up? You're scaring me.
Looks like you've been wanting to spend time with me.
What was that in the water bottle? That - That's for his headache.
- What headache? I did think long and hard why he'd have a pill for that too, - but it is for his headache.
- How do you know that? Did you take the pill to check? Must I take the pill to know what it is? You moron.
Yoo didn't seem happy even though he won today.
Isn't it because of the doping test? Hey.
Forget it.
It's a pill for his headache.
No fighters take pills for that in the middle of a match.
I don't understand it either.
It's his ritual.
I have no choice.
Something is fishy.
What if we get in trouble after the results come out? Why would we get in trouble? We're just losing a fighter.
That's all.
How could you say that? Aren't you even worried about him? What good would my worrying do? He won't even thank me for it.
I'm just going to focus on what's best for me.
So you should do the same.
Tell you what.
Whether it's a happy occasion or a sad occasion, I think truth is the best way to go.
Besides, if they're his family, they have the right to know.
Please tell them the truth now.
If you can't, I'll do it.
I'll tell them.
Wait here for a bit.
Ma'am, are you inside? What is this, Jun Young? My dad brought it home.
It's all right.
A single-parent family isn't that bad.
Hey, what are you talking about? Let me give you an advice as someone who lived for three years in a single-parent family household.
It's not all that bad when your parents get a divorce.
Pro number one.
Don't you get stressed out when your mom and dad nag at you? Your dad repeats the same thing that your mom said.
Doesn't it get annoying? Absolutely.
Being grilled over and over again is the worst thing.
Right? But when your parents get divorced, that gets reduced to half of what's half.
I'd understand if you say that it's reduced by half, but what kind of an expression is half of what's half? My parents used to nag at me all the time.
But after Mom left, my dad stopped nagging at me.
- Why? - No idea.
How would I know? I'm not a parent.
Hey, don't you think that applies only to your parents? Pro number two.
Your pocket money gets quadrupled! Really? Why? No idea.
But my dad began to give me more pocket money more often.
Okay, to summarize, you don't get nagged at as much, and you get more pocket money, right? That's it.
Hey, this is awesome.
Isn't it? Are you two insane? What if her parents really Forget it.
I'm the idiot for asking you guys.
Young Seon.
Don't you think a fight is all up to the judge? - What's that all of a sudden? - Do you remember when we went to watch that fight? Who was between the two fighters? The judge was there.
He kept his eyes on them to see if anyone was trying to cheat, break off the fight and resume the game, right? Are you suggesting that I watch my parents fight then raise the winner's hand when it's over? What I'm saying is that there must be something you can do as a person who's between them.
You can persuade them to make up with one another, or threaten them, saying you'll run away from home if they get divorced.
Go do something instead of just sitting around.
I should go.
Where are you going? (Call by: Pressing 1) 1, 2, 3, 4.
Wrong passcode.
Is it Dad's birthday? 1, 0, 2, 3.
- Wrong passcode.
- Darn it.
0, 9, 1, 5.
Wrong passcode.
0, 7, 0, 5.
The door is opened.
I knew it.
Are you just going to sit around? Aren't you even upset about it? You should have an article up so people know the truth.
It's okay.
It's not even true anyway.
It's okay as long as my conscience is clear.
This is so frustrating.
Who cares if your conscience is clear? Everyone else has a wrong take on this.
Okay, fine.
Let's say you don't say anything to others.
But shouldn't you make this clear to Ji Cheol of all people? Min Woo is our mortal enemy.
And what about you? I get that you wanted to write and that you were in need of money.
Still you shouldn't have stepped up to write his autobiography.
If it was Min Woo's autobiography, he's definitely going to talk about how there was a controversy about how Ji Cheol had the match fixed and all.
Did you have to write that with your own hands? I'd rather write it myself.
What? It's my man's story.
It's better to write it myself than to see it go completely wrong because someone else wrote it.
When she was young, all she had was her dream.
Seon Joo.
Did you realize your dream? I couldn't help you, and I just made you go through a lot of trouble.
(Sun Young) Hey, Sun Young.
Hello? Ji Cheol, where are you? What are you doing? Are you busy? You know what? Seon Joo's heart only goes out to you.
From the first moment she met you to now What are you talking about all of a sudden? She only took Min Woo's autobiography because of you.
It's because of what happened in your match with Min Woo.
She was afraid another writer would make the story go bad.
She thought you might get hurt again.
That's why she took it up.
You should stop writing that darned book! What? I'm not saying that your writing is bad, it's the guy.
Why are you writing a book for a jerk like him? It's better than writing a book about someone like you.
If you're sorry, you should quit now.
This isn't a joke.
How can I quit after I got started? Tell them to get another writer because you can't write anymore due to personal reasons.
(By Choi Seon Joo) ("You Who Came Spilling Blood", by Choi Seon Joo) He kept bleeding as if he could live without any blood in him.
It was as if he thought he must pay the price with his pain.
He looked numb.
It looked like he had no time to think about another matter or feel the pain, as he walked toward his goal.
I, who would stop when I'd feel the slightest pain, felt nothing but shame.
The day he came covered in blood, I finally got the courage to stitch up my dream that already became rags.
(GBC Welterweight Rookie Champion Yoo Ji Cheol) (Title: "You Who Came Spilling Blood") Sometimes I have this thought.
What if he didn't win on that day? If he didn't, would his blood have drawn me deeper into my despair? No.
That wouldn't have happened.
Just by watching him as he held out, my broken and shattered childhood days felt compensated and patched up, and helped me become tougher.
Let's go to our house.
Seon Joo.
Come here.
Here you go.
Did you prepare all of this? Yes.
Do you like it? ("You Who Came Spilling Blood") I'm sorry.
Okay? I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
("Yoo Ji Cheol's match") ("Yoo Ji Cheol beat Jin Sang Goo, The winning streak of a veteran") Get me some water! ("Yoo Ji Cheol beat Jin Sang Goo, The winning streak of a veteran") Are you okay? It means that he took the drug at least four times.
Isn't it too early to make a hasty conclusion? I saw the footage of his match more than dozens of times.
I'm positive about this.
But no one's been able to withstand the toxicity after taking the pills more than four times a day.
That's why we couldn't complete the new drug.
Now, we can.
He's all that we need.
What are they talking about? What do they mean that they lost the drug? And what do they mean that Yoo Ji Cheol is using the drug? Director Park, it seems that you know something about this.
Are you ostracizing me right now? I was going to tell you after confirming a few things.
So what are those few things that you confirmed behind my back? This is the drug that Doctor Cha made.
What about this? Two bottles of this drug got lost.
I collected this bottle among them.
Do they also know about this? Yes.
You're antsy to ruin the company, aren't you? But it seems that the person who pocketed this drug took it several times.
Is that person still alive after taking the drug several times? Yes.
That's interesting.
(Incoming Call) Yes, this is Lee Hyun Soo.
This is Jun Young.
- Yes, Jun Young.
- Hello.
Didn't you find my dad yet? No.
Not yet.
She must have not told her son about his dad's death yet.
Didn't you find my dad's friend yet? No, but I think we will be able to find him soon.
Ji Woo said she would find him for us no matter what.
I see.
I gave Ji Woo the medicine bottle Dad left behind, and she said she might be able to find him.
What medicine bottle? Ji Woo, are you home? Can we have dinner together today? What in the Dad, you're home early.
The National Forensic Service said they've never seen this drug before.
They think it might be a new drug that's still being developed.
I requested for its components to be analyzed.
I brought it just in case you might know it.
Every company has countless new drugs being developed.
Also, the security is heavy for new drug development, so there is no way for me to know it.
Security? I guess that's true.
Where did you get this from? I'm sure you've heard about it in the news.
It's from the case where a dead body with a cut wrist was found from the trunk of an accident vehicle.
Yes, that case? Yes, I'm handling that case.
It seemed like we didn't have a lead for a long time, but we finally just identified the dead body.
His name is Choi Yong Woo.
Before he disappeared, he left this home.
Do you want me to look into it? Really? No, you're busy.
I can't ask you that.
I'll catch the criminal with my own hands.
Okay, ta-da! Take a look.
It's a built-in closet.
Young Seon, do you like it? It's nice.
I read a really good book thanks to you.
That's not a big deal.
What does it feel like to read a book where you're the main character? Well It's nice.
Honestly, it made me cringe a little bit.
- Did it make you cringe? - Yes.
The things that make you cringe are the ones that are really fun.
You don't know anything.
Let's be honest, it's not fun.
- Seon Joo! - Be quiet! - It's fun, right? - It's so fun.
- It's really fun, right? - Yes.
You shouldn't do this to me.
(A Week Later) Yes.
We wrote a correction article stating that it was a false report.
You don't have to worry about it anymore.
Thank you.
You don't have to thank us.
It's my job as the CEO.
Ji Cheol and Seon Joo are okay, right? Of course.
My sister and her husband aren't affected by things like that.
That's good.
Sun Young, - we also won't be affected, right? - Excuse me? You should come back to your senses.
I'm Choi Sun Young, 1 of the 4 prettiest girls in Incheon.
Didn't Min Woo tell you? I'm really famous.
Of course, I know that you're 1 of the 4 prettiest girls in Incheon.
But love isn't about people's looks.
What can you show off then? Do you have something else? I'm Min Woo's CEO.
Other than that, I don't have anything else to show off.
Moreover, how could I date a man who works with someone that made my sister and her husband go through so much trouble? I'm very resolute about the decisions I make.
Sun Young, will you date me if I quit doing business with Min Woo? Quit what? Hey, you're here.
What do you mean, quit? Who? Me? What happened? Did he hang up? What is wrong with him? Gosh, what kind of nonsense is that? What is he saying? To choose my career or my love.
That is the question.
The correction article is up, right? Yes, I took care of that.
I heard they're having some kind of a party today.
I'm guessing they made up too.
Why would they have a party? Min Woo.
Don't cause any more scandals than you need to.
Let's just focus on your training.
Got that? I should go buy a cake.
A cake? For what? You said there was a party.
Happy occasions come with cakes.
Happy occasions come with cakes? Hey! Why would you go to their party? Yes, please give me a bit more time.
Of course, I should pay you back.
Don't worry.
Yes, yes.
Oh, my.
It smells delicious.
Look at that.
It's seaweed soup.
It's Jae Sung's birthday.
- Right.
That was today.
- Yes.
What about his cake? He loves cakes.
My gosh, I forgot about that.
By the way, what was the call about? That was my friend on the phone.
Don't worry about it.
He should get a cake on his birthday.
I'll quickly go and buy one for him.
That's all right.
Cakes are only fattening.
There's no need.
- My sons.
- You're back.
- My son! - We're back.
Go wash your hands.
- There are so many steps.
- Hey, is this really your house? - This is awesome.
- Your yard is like a playground.
- We can play soccer here! - Let's play soccer! - We can play volleyball too.
- Hey! - What is it? - There are fish! No way! - Seriously, who has a pond at home? - This red one - You splashed water on me! - Hey, look at this one.
Ji Cheol, your house is amazing! - Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hello.
- I should call this one Red.
- What about that one? - Can I carry this for you? - No, that's fine.
Have you been well? - Long time no see, right? - This one's cute.
- Yes, I've been well too.
- There's a cute one here.
- I need that one over there.
- That's right.
- Is that the one? - You're here.
- Hello.
- Hey, go run inside.
Bring out the food from inside.
- Bring out the food now.
- Look at this.
All right.
Let's dig in.
- Thank you for the food.
- Thank you for the food.
- Take my photo too.
- This one is delicious.
I guess she's happy.
I got it.
I prepared something.
- What is it? - Here.
This one is for Seul Ki.
Thank you.
- This is for Hye Ji.
- Thank you.
- And this is for Se Jeong.
- Thank you.
He must have ours too.
- Isn't this from that brand? - This is Are you giving us these bags? Of course.
Do you like them? - Yes! - Yes! I'm just thankful to you girls.
For what? You hang out with Young Seon and give her moral support.
I'm thankful for that.
- Of course! Thank you so much.
- We didn't do it for this.
You girls keep being that way, alright? - Yes! - This is awesome.
Gosh, you didn't have to prepare presents.
Where are our presents? Everyone is happy.
Just enjoy your food.
- Thank you for the bag.
- I love you! Hey, he's my dad.
- No, he's my dad! - He can be our dad too! - Dad.
- Dad.
Be it kids or adults.
We all love presents, don't we? It goes for me too.
But why come we don't have - Give him one.
- Okay, here you go.
- What's that? - That's a double-layered cake.
We ought to have dessert after our meal.
Thank you! All right.
Look like a happy family.
Let me take a happy family photo.
- Smile.
- Come here.
- Gather around.
- Go.
- Great, great.
- Put on a big smile.
- Smile.
- You look pretty! Okay.
Here I go.
1, 2, 3.
- It's coming out.
- The photo is coming out.
Let me see.
- The photo came out nice.
- People need to be prepared.
- Gosh.
- It looks great.
- I look weird in the photo.
- Really? - No, no.
We can't have this photo.
- Right? You're terrible at taking photos.
Take another one.
You sure have a happy family.
- 1 more time.
- 1 more time.
Okay then.
Let me take another one.
All right.
1, 2, 3.
This is a good one.
- It's a good photo.
- I agree.
Thank you.
They recognize my skill here.
This is nice.
Jae Sung, for your next birthday, I'll buy you a tablet PC and a bicycle.
- Why? - I didn't get you a present today.
I'll double your present next year.
No, you don't have to do that.
Just get me a bicycle.
- Just the bicycle? - Yes.
You were supposed to attack him here.
He had his guard down.
This was your chance.
Yoo Sung.
I said, no phones during your meals.
- Give it to me.
- I'm done with my food.
- You must brush your teeth now.
- Okay.
No, no.
Put away your phone when you brush your teeth.
But there was no water in there.
Forget it.
Give it to me.
Give me water then.
The water.
Here's your water.
This is Joo Hyun, the actor.
- "You punk.
" - Come on.
That's not how you do his impression.
- "You're unbelievable, punk.
" - "You're unbelievable, punk.
" You have to lower your voice.
How many times must I tell you? That's wrong! They're not laughing.
- "You" - Hey, let's do something else.
Hold on.
This is Lee Sun Kyun.
"One order of vongole pasta.
" I'm serious.
You're laughing! - Hey, you laughed.
- "Hey, this is vongole pasta.
" - It's pasta.
- It's vongole pasta.
- "Vongole".
- You're hilarious.
- "Vongole".
- You try it.
Let go.
Do another one.
A different one.
Is someone here? Yes, but I don't see anyone.
"My gosh, how many times must I" Let me go out and check.
How many times must I do it?" Who is it? You are Mr.
Yoo Ji Cheol, correct? Yes.
May I ask who you are? I'm Dr.
Cha Seung Ho.
What is this regarding? I'm the one who developed the drug you've been taking.
(Bad Papa) - Hey.
- What's going on? - Should I go check? - Stay out of it.
I heard they were supplements.
That can't be right.
They are very toxic.
Why are you telling me this? Speed, energy, and punches.
He didn't tap out even when his arm was broken.
He went crazy that moment.
I realized that he'd never let me beat him.
He meant what he said.
Help me.
- Please, someone help him.
- Oh, no.
- What's going to happen to him? - Poor kid.
My goodness, what should we do?