Bad Papa (2018) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19; Episode 20

1 (Episode 19) Why is Mr.
Joo making us watch him this closely? There must be something if he told us to watch Yoo.
What could that be? How would I know that? After his match, he's been staying at home.
Now, it seems like he made up with his wife too.
And today, he invited over his daughter's friends, Yong Dae, and his sidekicks for a party.
This is totally boring.
Why are we watching him? There's nothing here.
You little runt.
You sure talk a lot.
We just do what he tells us to do.
Why do you talk so much? I never said I wouldn't comply.
I was just curious.
Gosh, anyway, Yoo Ji Cheol.
- He hit the jackpot for sure.
- Right.
If you're jealous, you should get married too.
Pil Doo.
What's going on? Seeing how he's empty-handed, he's not delivering pizza.
Who is he? - Should I go check? - You stay here.
- Don't do anything.
- Gosh.
Where are they going? I think you have the wrong person.
Yes, actually, I was there to get some money.
But I was disqualified as a test subject or something, so I came back right away.
Do you know why we were looking for test subjects? Nutritional supplement.
Yes, I heard it was for nutritional supplement.
The medicine we're developing is a new kind of drug for patients with incurable diseases in muscles and nerves.
However, if a person in a normal condition takes it, it accelerates the performance of their muscles and nerves for about three minutes.
That's an amazing drug.
I had no idea.
Well, I hope you finish making that drug for the sake of those patients.
Okay, then.
We cannot finish making it.
Our new drug is highly poisonous.
Goodness, you don't have to tell me that.
There was no one to this day who coped with the accumulated toxicity when they took over four doses.
If there is someone who does not get poisoned after they take it four times, that is the person who will complete our new drug.
I saw it on the video of your match.
The way you got dizzy right after you took the pill.
How many times have you taken it so far? Goodness.
I have no idea why you're telling me this.
Please cooperate with us and let us conduct a study on the way you can neutralize the poison.
If you do, it will be very helpful in developing the new drug.
- Excuse me.
- We can save countless number of lives with this drug.
I'm going to sleep.
- Great job today, my girl.
- Sure.
Sweet dreams.
- Get a good sleep.
- Okay.
You've done a lot today.
The kids loved it.
How did you come up with such an idea? Well.
It's nothing much.
I'm so thankful, but on the other hand, you worked so hard and spilled blood to make that money.
I thought that you should begin to use that money for yourself instead of for us.
We already know how you feel.
Today, you gave us more love than we can contain.
You were a perfect dad today.
What about as a husband? Well, do I have to say it? Come on.
Thank you.
You've done so much today.
I didn't do much.
You're the one who have done a lot to this day.
Don't be so troubled anymore.
You don't have to lower your voice and sound so serious.
Come on.
Well, as a husband, what should I give you? You get 100 points.
I'll give you 100 points.
Give me 102 points.
That's so little.
- I'll give you 103 points.
- 103? 103 points? What brings you here at this hour? It's Jae Sung's birthday.
You're a busy man.
You didn't have to.
Gosh, it's an honor.
Come in already.
Uncle Min Woo is here.
- Uncle! - Hey, Jae Sung.
- Have you been well? - You're here, Min Woo.
- Hello.
- Uncle, it's - Jae Sung's birthday today.
- I know.
That's why I came.
Jae Sung, happy birthday.
This isn't much, but this is apparently the newest.
My birthday is coming up in three months too.
All right, kid.
Wait a little.
If he pulled on him a bit more, he would have won.
Gosh, you little kid.
Do you even know what's going on? - I'm telling you.
- It's too late.
Let's go and sleep.
Jae Sung, you too.
Uncle, it's my birthday in three months.
Oh, okay.
Goodness, that little rascal.
Why? They're adorable.
If you think they are adorable, you should get married and have about three children.
See if they're still adorable.
- Should I? - Hey, you.
You were so sure that you won't ever get married.
I'm just curious about why everyone lives with a family.
What? What did you say? Nothing.
Gosh, it's really late.
I should go.
I'll go now.
Kids grow up so quickly.
They really do.
And take this.
- What is this? - My belated tuition.
- Come on.
- Why? You taught me jujitsu and other stuff when I first came here.
That's ages ago.
Will you just keep it? I hate owing someone.
- Thanks, Min Woo.
- Forget it.
You've done much more for me.
About Ji Cheol.
- How was it? - How was what? I watched the match, but watching it is different from fighting him yourself.
You're right.
Don't even get me started.
He was one of the best boxers, but honestly speaking, I didn't think I would lose in this one.
He's probably not used to the rules, and he's old too.
But I was wrong.
His agility, strength, and punch were all amazing.
He must have trained hard.
- Really? - But above all, I was frightened.
I've never seen anyone who didn't tap out until his arm became like that, from my judo days to this day.
That's when I had enough of him.
I realized that he wouldn't say that he lost before he dies.
I realized that I cannot win against him before I kill him in the cage.
Did I make him sound too great just because he won against me? But that's how I felt.
Great work.
Thanks! Sure.
Go inside.
Yes, please make it quick.
Let me know as soon as you have the result.
Yes, thank you.
Why are you so busy? I had to look into something.
We shouldn't have any secrets between partners.
Jun Young's dad brought this home.
Oh, really? I looked into it, and it's not on sale.
What does that mean? It must be a new type of drug that is in development.
Oh, that's why.
What is? I thought you were trying to hide the evidence from me.
Hide it, my foot.
My dad works for a pharmaceutical company.
I'm late because I went over to ask him about this.
Then is your dad a doctor? Or is the owner? - I like your hand.
- What's with you? Come on.
Really? What are you looking at? The voting result for Young Seon's main stage comes out today.
Right, the voting ends today.
My gosh.
I wonder who's on your team.
If you're on a team, it's bad to have someone really bad or really good on the same team.
It's better to be on the same team with someone who's good than someone who's bad like you.
Do you have a death wish? If they're too good, they'll compete against Young Seon.
No one is in her league.
- You're right.
- Yes, sure.
Of course.
Congratulations, Yoo Young Seon.
- For what again? - You must have not seen it yet.
- We're on the same team.
- What? Do your best not to cause any harm to me.
- It's true.
- That can't be.
Gosh, they're suspicious that I won't go on time.
You know how important rehabilitation is to an athlete.
Who did you meet outside for so long? It's none of your business.
Is it something like a commercial proposal or a recruitment? Is it something like that? I'm jealous of you.
You're locked up in your own world.
Why? You're a star now.
A lot of people were surprised by this match.
I saw it on the video of your match.
The way you got dizzy right after you took the pill.
There will be more and more people asking for you.
The fighting spirit of a veteran.
This image is quite useful to advertise jade mats and vigor tonics.
Anyway, you should consult me, your manager, if there is anything like that.
I'll take care of it well.
Do you understand? Can't you give me an answer when I'm talking to you? Just sleep.
We're here.
Aren't you going to get out? Yong Dae.
Was it that hard to take care of that? Well I'm sure that I packed it and went inside.
But why was it in the waiting room? I'm not sure about that.
Listen to me carefully.
If you make one more mistake like yesterday, it's going to be the end.
- What do you mean by the end? - It will be the end of you and I.
How could you say it so harshly? I'll take care of it well from now.
Ji Woo, what's wrong with Mom? You said you would find my dad.
Jun Young.
This is so nice.
This is 35 years old.
It's the same age as you.
Are you drinking soju? Drink something classy.
Take a glass of this.
What made you treat us to a place like this? Did something good happen? Do I look good? I don't like alcohol.
- Why are you drinking then? - People who love to drink like you will drink for every sad and happy occasion.
People who don't like to drink like me only drinks for one reason.
It's because I feel terrible.
Why? Who made you feel terrible? There's someone.
He thinks he's the only one high and mighty.
I can't believe who this is! It's busy Yong Dae! I heard you are very successful these days.
It was true.
You're even drinking a drink that is older than you.
Yong Dae, you've become really successful.
Please sit down.
You should have a drink.
How is the gambling place doing these days? It wasn't fun when I went last time because the fighters weren't that good.
I kept thinking that I should go, but I couldn't make any time.
You're too busy to come to such a lowly place.
Anyway, how do you take care of your fighter so that the old man is flying around like that? Tell me if you have any tips.
TIps? I have some.
I feed him something that is really good for his health.
Good for his health? What is that? Wild ginseng.
Wild ginseng? Really? How dare you laugh, punks! - Here.
- Okay.
His agility, strength, and punch were all amazing.
I realized that he wouldn't say that he lost before he dies.
I realized that I cannot win against him before I kill him in the cage.
He's not someone to say empty words.
What does it really feel like? I'm dying to know.
We can save countless number of lives with this drug.
Did you come here to say that you're a savior or something? Don't pretend to be too good.
I know that you're just trying to sell this and make money.
- Listen to me.
- Am I wrong? You gave some money to poor people and tested a dangerous drug that had toxicity, right? You used people like they were laboratory mice.
How could you talk about saving lives? Yes, I also went there because I really needed money.
But you made people write a confidential agreement.
I knew something was suspicious and fishy.
Have you really never taken this? You are really thick and clueless.
I've never seen this before.
So I didn't take it.
I saw this for the first time today.
I knew you would deny.
But the reason why I came here to inform you that your body may fail due to the toxins in the drug one day.
I mean that you also might die from this drug.
I thought that drugs were used to save sick patients.
That's not exactly true then.
You keep talking about life and death.
I live without taking drugs.
I just endure it even when I catch a cold.
So you should just leave now.
Let me warn you one more time.
If you still have the drugs, I strongly suggest that you quit taking them.
- If not - Look.
I told you to just leave.
Otherwise, the police will visit you tomorrow.
I think it was an illegal clinical test when I went there last time.
Don't you think that would put you in big trouble? What's wrong with him? How could he lose the car keys? I knew it when he gave me a ride.
There was no one to this day who coped with the accumulated toxicity when they took over four doses.
If there is someone who does not get poisoned after they take it four times, that is the person who will complete our new drug.
- What should we do? - Gosh.
- What is happening? - He's going to fall.
Where did his mom go? I can't believe this.
- He's going to fall.
- Gosh.
- Gosh.
- What should we do? Poor kid.
Save me! - Help him, please.
- This is crazy.
- What should we do? - Oh, no.
- What are we going to do? - Somebody do something.
- Oh, no.
- What should we do? - Look at that kid.
- Oh, my goodness.
What is he doing? - What? - Goodness.
- What's he going to do? - Who is that guy? Look at him.
What is he doing up there? The door is locked.
I did call an ambulance though.
Look! He's climbing up there.
I should film this.
No way.
Don't worry.
I'm here.
Let me pull you up.
- Mister.
- Don't you worry.
All right.
Don't worry.
Hang onto me.
I got you.
I came here to inform you that your body may fail due to the toxins in the drug one day.
My goodness.
- I can't believe this.
- What happened? Are you all right? Eun Hyuk.
Mom! - Unbelievable! - Thank you.
My son survived thanks to you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you! - He saved the boy! - Exactly.
- Excuse me, are you okay? - I'm fine.
But there's no water in there.
Hey, hey.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Sit down.
Here you go.
I picked out some fighters who could make the transition to this field.
Are there any good fighters? No, the pool of fighters isn't good these days.
So I just picked out a few young fighters.
Anyway, I had no idea that Yoo Ji Cheol could beat Jin Sang Goo.
You think he could even go up against Lee Min Woo? Same here.
I thought it wouldn't be possible, but that might be possible.
I agree.
Given the momentum he has now, raising the standard might not be such a bad idea.
Oh, right.
I met up with that jerk, Yong Dae yesterday.
When I asked what Ji Cheol's secret was, you know what he said? What did he say? He eats wild ginseng.
Wild ginseng! That punk grew up a lot.
He made a joke with me.
Sir, something needs your attention.
The rescue squad was sent right away after getting the call, but the boy was in great danger, not knowing when he would fall, while the squad was setting up the safety measure for the boy.
The good Samaritan in the video climbed 12m of an apartment building in order to save the boy, - Isn't that - hanging onto the banister.
He's our savior.
He rushed over and climbed on the wall.
I guess that's why he's an athlete.
Saving the boy in this amazing story surprised the public, but what surprised the public even more was that this good Samaritan turned out to be Fighter Yoo Ji Cheol from DFC.
- No way.
- Yoo was a former boxer who was expelled from the association.
Recently, he's returned as a mixed martial arts fighter He could have fallen from there.
What was he thinking? He's gone mad.
He has.
He's been on the rise with - his four-match winning streak.
- You're right.
- Meanwhile, the city plans to - He's not normal.
recognize Yoo's good deed and award the fighter with a commendation.
(Episode 20) - My goodness.
- Look! - Oh, no.
- Look at them.
Dad, have you gone mad? - What is it? - You're injured.
Why did you climb up there? What would you have done if you did fall? What was I supposed to do? The boy was about to fall.
Then what about you? And what about Mom and me if something happens to you? I wasn't going to tell you this.
Just look at your last match.
Your arm was broken.
Why didn't you tap out like a stubborn fool? You should stop if you're hurt.
I can endure the pain.
But if I lose If I lose, that's it.
It will be irreversible.
You're ridiculous.
You still think you're in your 20s.
I'm sorry.
Next time, I'll take care of myself.
Okay? Okay? And have Yong Dae drive you around.
He has nothing to do anyway.
My name is Joo Gook Seong.
I work with your husband.
I see.
Hi, I'm pleased to meet you.
Thank you.
What a nice house you have.
He's dropping off our daughter at school.
- He will be back soon.
- I see.
You saw the news yesterday, right? Goodness, I was very surprised too.
I understand that the boy was hanging from the banister.
He could have gotten hurt.
I can't believe he climbed up there.
I can't tell if he's nice or reckless.
It must be both.
He can't turn on a blind eye after seeing something like that.
Didn't you think something was off? - Pardon? - Recently, he defeated young fighters four times in a row.
Then he goes on a winning streak, then he wants to fight someone stronger.
And now he climbs up a building without any safety device.
I mean, he can't do that unless he has something behind him.
You knew about it, right? What? About his special power.
What do you mean? The thing that he carries deep inside right here.
I'm sure you already know.
Don't pretend like you don't.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
Oh, you really didn't know.
Do you want me to tell you? He has a secret right in here.
He has you and your daughter in his heart no matter where he goes.
That is the special power that Mr.
Yoo has.
I see.
It's a special power he has as the head of our household.
But it's not like he is the only player who is a father and a husband.
Not all fathers are the same.
Not all fathers are responsible either.
And not all fathers are good people.
Above all, it's very difficult to become a father who is this competent in this world.
I guess I won't be seeing him today.
I'll stop by again.
You don't have to see me off.
The door is opening.
What brings you here? My gosh.
I couldn't reach you.
How do you feel? I've been really worried.
Yes, right.
I brought some food that will give you energy.
Have some.
You should focus on rehabilitation than training for a while.
I'm fine now.
I should get back on training.
Goodness, your wife is worried.
You can take it easy.
Thank you for the tea.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
He came by right after you and Young Seon left.
He brought a lot of stuff.
You should eat.
Yes, I'm hungry.
What about this one? - This? - Really? - What are you doing? - Stop.
Let's dance to this song.
Give it to me.
You have such a tacky taste.
- Should I stop it? - Leave it.
Let's go with this one.
I think something like this would go with the song.
Don't you think this is better? I'm not sure.
Isn't this better? Is this real? How can they be on the same team? Forget about practicing.
What if they get into a catfight? No way.
Hey, you're too noisy.
Can you leave? Oh, okay.
We were about to leave.
We'll leave.
- Go, Young Seon! - You can do it! And 1, 2, 3, 4.
And 1, 2, 3, back, turn.
And 5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4.
You aren't so bad.
It's been forever since I've seen you in a sweat.
It's the first time after we were in a ballet class together as kids.
You were really nice back then.
You were awful back then and even now.
Why do you hate me so much? Don't you know? You always become the first place without even trying hard.
I was always the second place no matter how much I tried.
But of course, I'm much better now.
So you should watch me and learn.
I thought you hated me.
Why are you suddenly like this? Like what? I mean, you know.
You seem a bit friendly.
My foot.
I need to drag you to the final round to fight against you.
Then I'll win completely against you.
Should we go again? And 5, 6, 7, 8.
1, 2, 3, 4.
1 and 2.
I can't believe I am rooting for Sang A.
This is the worst moment of the 17 years of my life.
Hey, lift these up.
What are your dreams? If you two want to be in an idol group, I think it will be great for you two to remain as a team.
What do you think? When it comes to dancing, you two were as good as any idol stars on this performance.
Make sure you prepare well for the second round.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Wait, Young Seon? I heard your father is very famous.
Your dad is Mr.
Yoo Ji Cheol, right? - Yes.
- Right.
He recently did something really great.
You must be really proud of him.
I'm sure your father is really proud of you too.
- I look forward to - Goodness.
Will you stop watching this? How many times have you watched it? Why? Think about how high your electricity bill will be.
Why are you worried about my electricity bill? You're such a fool for your daughter.
Do you like it that much? Yes.
I love it.
Aren't dreams great? Even if my dream didn't come true, you can be happy by watching the dreams of the people you love come true.
I'm thankful that I can root for her.
Where do you get such awesome lines? Are they written down here? Are you reading off of something? He's our savior.
You're the best! He rushed over and climbed on the wall.
I guess that's why he's an athlete.
- Right? - You're right.
Dad, look at this.
Isn't this part a little weird? This is about the hero, Yoo Ji Cheol who is a fighter of DFC.
Yoo was a former boxer who was expelled from the association.
Recently, he's returned as a mixed martial arts fighter It's a new kind of drug for patients with incurable diseases in muscles and nerves.
There was no one to this day who coped with the accumulated toxicity when they took over four doses.
I mean that this drug can lead you to your death too.
- Ta-da! - Gosh.
What is this? Is it a special day today? Why are you doing this suddenly? No.
I'm going to cook for you like this every meal and every day.
So don't worry and just enjoy the food.
- Really? - Of course, it's true.
This looks so good.
That also looks good.
Try it quickly.
Eat it with the duck.
Why? Aren't you going to eat? No, it's just Do you think it's too good to eat? Of course.
You should leave a photo of how good it is.
Since you mentioned it, let's take a photo of this.
- Really? - Of course.
It's a pity to eat this without taking a photo.
My phone will be in the room.
You should get it for me.
- Okay, I'll get it.
- Okay.
You knew about it, right? About his special power.
- What do you mean? - I'm talking about the thing he secretly keeps deeply in here.
It's the final stage soon.
I'm so nervous.
Are you going to the finals? Why are you making a fuss? This is all because we rooted for you until our arms got exhausted.
You know that, right? You should never forget it.
- Young Seon! - Young Seon! - Are you okay? - Young Seon! I'm okay.
You scraped yourself.
You should put some medicine on.
You should have been careful.
You'll be on the live show soon.
What will you do? It's okay.
It's just a little scrape.
You're not okay.
Wait a minute.
Young Seon will do a good job at DFC like her dad.
I can endure the pain.
But if I lose If I lose, that's it.
It will be irreversible.
- That's it! - Gosh.
- You're so brave.
- Are you okay? She seems okay.
Can you do this for me? Okay.
(Jeong Jae Sik) He beat me and my mom at home so much while acting like a saint outside.
He blabbered about sacrifice and life.
I wanted to rip that filthy mask off in front of the public.
But he died without giving me the chance to do that.
I thought maybe that might not be a mask.
Both of those sides were him.
I thought that maybe I might take after him.
You know they say, "like father like son.
" That thought just came to me.
His petty way of doing business won't remain though.
Who did I kill? You gave Choi Yong Woo an illegal private loan, and he didn't repay it.
I'll be able to get money when he's alive.
I'm also a victim.
I just lost a lot of money to him.
That's why you just killed him like this because you became mad.
I can't do things like this.
You can't do things like this, but you had to receive the money.
Is that why you handed him over to organ trafficking? That's right.
That's right.
That's why you made him get killed like this.
I just introduced a job to him.
What kind of job? (New Drug Development) What is this? I don't know.
I just picked it up from the street.
Where is this location? You know this punk! How would I know? I just picked it up from the street.
Why are you taking my phone suddenly? Just stay still.
"Woodpecker"? Why would you save a number that you don't know, you stupid jerk? That is Yes, why are you calling? Tell us the location when we ask nicely.
Let's do things nicely.
- We'll pull out first.
- Hurry! - Hurry! Leave! - Hurry! Take that with you.
Move quickly, you punks! That's not it.
(Personal Details Report) - Hurry! - Okay.
(Choi Yong Woo) (Kim Yoon Soo) Detective Lee, it must not have been long since they left.
- Go after them quickly! - Okay.
You punk! Stop there! (New Drug Development, Recruiting Test Subjects) New drug development? What happened? Did you miss them? Did you miss them in front of your eyes? - Yes.
- What is this? This is the only evidence that we could get from the scene.
Did you find anything else? We're assuming that this is that new drug.
Also, this person was looking for the drug.
Did Choi Yong Woo die from pocketing this man's drug? We also can't rule out that possibility.
First, you should find pharmaceutical companies that did a clinical when Choi Yong Woo got killed.
And find companies that can pay for clinical tests that costs a large amount of money.
Also, find companies that are affiliated with gangs.
Let's pick out companies that way.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- You! - Yes? You should piece all of this together.
This? - Detective Cha, come here.
- Yes? Yes, Chief.
I told them to make a new drug, but they made a monster.
I should have a face-to-face talk with Dr.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry.
The new drug that you made was so eventful.
I looked away for a little bit.
That's why I prepared a couple of gifts for you to make an apology.
Cha, you should relax your face and we should put all the bad feelings behind us.
I don't have any bad feelings against you.
Of course, you have.
Honestly, I also felt a little hurt.
You made a secret from me when we're partners.
Secrets? Did you think that I wouldn't know that you lost two bottles of drug? You didn't have to be so surprised.
This is the first gift.
Director Park is really capable.
We were about to tell you about this.
I don't care if it's true or not.
Doctor, what do you think the second gift will be? It's good news that you've been waiting for.
They found someone who is still intact and alive after taking your drugs.
What is this? I thought he would be jumping up and down for joy.
He doesn't seem happy.
Are you talking about Yoo Ji Cheol? You knew it all along? I went to meet him a while ago.
You're a public figure.
People might have recognized you.
He has no intention of cooperating with us.
Why would we ask for his cooperation? Do you know how much is at stake? Just drag him in here.
Sir, we're not a crime organization.
We're a pharmaceutical company.
Do you think I don't know that? Besides, why do you keep trying to make me the bad guy? Think about how many people died after taking the drug you developed.
You're in no place to discuss what's crime or not.
Sometimes, you can be so shameless.
Director Park will bring him here quietly.
You should just get things ready.
Okay? (Development of a new drug?) I brought these just in case you might recognize these.
Pharmaceuticals have several projects to develop new drugs.
And this kind of project has tight security.
There's no way of knowing.
(List of Pharmaceuticals Based on Sales, Shingoo Pharmaceutical) Hey, Young Seon.
Good morning.
You're up.
- Are you eating breakfast? - Yes.
Did she cook you something delicious today? Sort of.
What's this? Who did this to you? Is that Sang A? - Is that her again? - Nonsense.
I hurt myself when I was practicing by myself.
Are you stupid? Who on earth practices until they get hurt? Come on, you're the same.
I'm an adult.
Hey, look at that.
That's where your growth plate is.
That's where the cartilage is.
Sit tight.
What? Adults don't feel pain when their bones are broken? Hey.
What if you have a scar there? You didn't even put on a Band-Aid.
- It hurts.
- Stay still.
My gosh, you're upsetting me.
Try not to get hurt, okay? Look at your knee.
Take good care of your body.
Look after yourself.
- Look after myself? - Don't move.
"I can endure the pain.
" "If I lose, that's it.
" Are you listening? Do you know who said that? I said those things because I play a violent sport like MMA.
This is nothing like dancing.
No, they're the same thing.
Hey, you.
Just stay in your seat.
You and I need to have a talk.
Yoo Young Seon, listen to me very carefully.
First place? You don't have to win first place.
You don't have to advance to the next round.
That's not important at all.
Go easy on yourself, so you don't hurt yourself.
Got it? Whether I don't win first place or advance to the next round, I don't care about the result.
I don't want to have regrets.
I just want to give it my all.
I've never given something my all until now.
You know this feels so weird.
When I think to myself that I'm doing my best, that feels rewarding for some reason.
And I feel proud of myself.
And I want to keep trying even if it hurts.
I think I wouldn't have any regrets even if I die today.
You're talking nonsense.
You're not going to die.
If you die, I'm going after you right away.
That was a figure of speech.
Anyway, doing my best for something is quite addicting.
That's why I can understand you too.
What do you mean? Your job is really hard.
You get hurt and injured.
But now, I know a bit why you couldn't give up despite all the injuries.
Just because it's hard, just because you're hurt a little, it's not something you can easily stop.
Right? Goodness.
My treasure.
You're all grown up.
You used to be this big.
You know? I was never that small.
- By the way, where did Mom go? - Mom? Oh, right.
She went out to buy something, so she could you feed you something.
Is that curry? He'll like it, right? Of course.
He's an athlete.
He should drink it.
Goodness, this one will give me trouble.
Young Seon won't like it because it's bitter.
What do you mean? She's a dancer now.
Dancers are athletes too.
She should take care of her health.
I'm so jealous of Ji Cheol and Young Seon.
They have someone who looks after their health.
Come to think of it, I've been feeling weak lately.
I'm not motivated to do anything.
It'd be nice if someone could get me some herbal tonics too.
Was this for me? You don't exercise enough.
Let's walk all the way home.
We'll walk home? - Try to stop him.
- Look.
Ji Cheol.
Can't you rest until your arm heals? This is a request coming from your coaches.
- Hey.
- Yes? Why are you in the game? Is it for the money? What do you do this for? Well because I like it? That's why I'm doing it.
That's why.
Hold this.
Tell me.
Are you feeling better? Yes, it's almost healed.
What is this about? I wanted to inform you of your next opponent.
Already? He still needs more time to recover from You'll go up against Kang Sang Moon next.
Gosh, you're funny.
He beat the fighter in 3rd place.
Time to beat the fighter in 2nd now.
I see.
Lately, you've been overestimating him.
To be honest, it worked out because he got lucky.
He almost died when he fought against Jin Sang Goo.
I don't think he's ready to fight Kang Sang Moon.
Gosh, do you hear yourself? He just said that your win was all luck.
That wasn't the only thing.
I'm certain that Yoo Ji Cheol took drugs.
Was luck the only help you had? (Bad Papa)