Bad Papa (2018) s01e29 Episode Script

Episode 29; Episode 30

1 (Episode 29) Doctor.
That can't be right.
I'm sure something went wrong.
Young Seon is a very healthy girl.
She's healthier than most people.
Can you please do another test on her? We ran electroneuronography and electromyography tests on her, and she has a type of myasthenia gravis disorder.
What? Why does she have that? Honey.
That disorder.
Can it be passed down genetically? It doesn't necessarily get passed down genetically.
But why do you ask? Is there someone in your family who is suffering from a neurological disorder? No, not at all.
Doctor, I'm sure something went wrong.
Can you please check once again? Does a member of your family suffer from a related disorder? Honey, there is no one.
Tell him.
Not at all.
Doctor, something went wrong.
You have a type of a myasthenia gravis disorder.
You will slowly be unable to walk, talk, and even breathe as the disorder progresses.
But thankfully, in your case, the disorder somehow stopped progressing.
What if the disease came by, but stopped progressing, in that case, is there a possibility that it'll stop for Young Seon too? Pardon? Honey.
Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell me that you were ill? Just because I didn't want to make you worried.
If we should worry about something, we should worry about it together.
Am I not your family? Is that so? Did you not tell me about this because you thought I'd be worried? You dropped it as you ran earlier.
It's for my headache.
You once said it's a nutritional supplement.
No, it's Honey.
Honey, please.
Will you please stop lying? Do you think you did me a favor by hiding everything and living in pain and suffering all alone? No.
I lived like a fool not knowing that you were sick.
That's a hundredfold more painful for me.
Don't you get it? Hey.
Young Seon is awake.
- What? - Young Seon? Young Seon.
The doctor said you'll get better soon if you get treated with a positive mind.
- So - Okay.
I can receive treatments.
I'll get better soon.
Don't worry.
I have one healthy body because I took after Dad.
So don't worry about me, and go get prepared for your match.
I'll be here receiving treatments.
Young Seon.
This is nothing.
It's kind of like anemia.
I was just like you before.
But I got back up all healthy again.
It's nothing.
Don't worry about it.
Okay? But thankfully, in your case, the disorder somehow stopped progressing.
Young Seon.
This is nothing.
There is no way I gave you only the bad genes.
You will get back up very soon, just like I did.
There are a lot of new drugs that are being developed, but there is nothing that has been proven to work.
There is always a possibility that a new drug that can help her recover fully may be developed soon.
You should not lose your hope.
The drug that we are developing now is something that will help recover muscular and neurological disorders.
Please help our research so that we can figure out how you break down the toxins.
If you let us do that, that will help us greatly in completing this new drug.
- Hey.
- We can save numerous lives with this drug.
Then among the test subjects, was there a person named Yoo Ji Cheol? He and Choi Yong Woo came to our lab on the same day.
Yoo Ji Cheol stole our drugs that day, and he's still taking them.
(Ji Cheol) Detective Cha.
Yes? What is this? Detective Lee's article.
I've never seen him wear glasses before.
We've found Doctor Cha.
Have you? Where has he been hiding? Detective Cha.
The glasses you gave us had a memory chip inside.
Cha Seung Ho is ("I Offered My Life to Medicine" by Cha Seung Ho) a part of Shingoo Pharmaceutical.
She must be his daughter.
Pharmaceutical companies have a lot of new drugs under development.
And the security is really tight, so there is no way to find out.
I looked into this to help you.
I can't tell for sure by how it looks, but there were a few that looked similar.
This is a list of new drugs in development by foreign-affiliated companies.
Can you stop the investigation? Why do you suddenly say that? It seems too dangerous.
You said you'll find my dad.
I'm sorry.
Yoon Jae, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
(Dongducheon-ro) - What should I do? - Get rid of him.
Ji Woo.
How How did you know I was here? Did you think fleeing would solve anything? I was about to turn myself in.
- Turn yourself in? - I'm telling the truth.
Once the drug was finalized, I was going to tell you the truth.
And if you failed to finalize it? Were you going to continue sacrificing more test subjects? Ji Woo.
I didn't mean for that to happen.
It was an accident.
Whether it was an accident or not, someone lost their life because of you.
I'm sorry.
Once the drug was finalized, I thought that would solve everything.
As long as the drug I made could save a couple hundred thousand No, millions of people.
I thought it would be worth it.
Worth? You said nothing was more valuable than people's lives.
Was anything you told me the truth? - Ji Woo - Because of you, my colleague lost his life.
Your colleague? What do you mean? Forget trying to save countless lives through your drug.
Just think about all the lives that were sacrificed because of that drug.
And receive your much-deserved punishment.
Ji Woo! Ji Woo! You You How could you Thank you for your service thus far.
Drop the knife.
I said, drop it! Get him.
Hey! - Detective Cha.
- Hey! Take him to the station.
- Grab him.
- Let go! - Hurry! - Let go! - Hurry! - Go.
- Open the door.
- Hey.
- Hey! - Just comply.
What are you doing? - Hurry.
- Let me go! Let me go! - Hey! - Come on.
Let me go! What? (Dad) Bring him in.
Come on, you punk.
Where are you? I'm sorry.
I'll gladly receive my punishment.
But it'll have to wait.
Turn yourself in before it's too late.
Don't make me arrest you.
(Inaugural Ceremony of Chairman Jeong Chan Joong) You better start talking.
Where is this? That's you.
Won't you talk? Sir, we're all prepared.
Let's get Joo Gook Seong.
Let's beat him until he confesses that he's responsible for Jong Doo's death.
We don't need his confession.
That scumbag will die in my hands.
Before that, let's dig into everything that he has done.
Will you torture him? I know a better way to do it.
What is it? Money.
He won't even blink his eyes even if he is spewing blood from his throat.
But if his pockets are spewing out money, he'll go insane.
We need to empty his pockets.
Then, we'll kill him.
Sir, where should we go? Honey.
Go eat.
I'll just stay here.
I can go eat after you do.
We shouldn't look worn out.
Young Seon must feel secure to have a dad like you by her side.
You know, apart from being by her side, there's nothing else I can do as her dad.
And I can't even cry.
Because I feel so sorry for her.
That's enough.
Just be with her as you have always been.
They say good parents don't hesitate to spend as much time with their kids as possible.
You're right.
You have a point.
For my Young Seon to become healthy again, I should stay healthy too.
Let's dig in.
What are you plotting with Joo Gook Seong? ("Lee Min Woo And Yoo Ji Cheol To Have Rematch") I'm talking about the match 11 years ago.
Don't tell me you believe you won solely based on your own skills.
Don't you remember? Ji Cheol acted strange that day.
He was playing half-heartedly as if he was letting you win.
Why do you think he did that? ("Lee Min Woo And Yoo Ji Cheol To Have Rematch") ("Fans Are Showing Great Interest in the Rematch") Stop it.
I never did anything I should apologize for.
You want me to believe that after all these years? Come in.
Who are you? There is something I must tell you regarding Joo Gook Seong and Yoo Ji Cheol.
Joo Gook Seong, that piece of trash.
Darn him.
Yoo Ji Cheol doesn't want to fight matches after taking the drug anymore.
It's just that the trap Joo Gook Seong set up is too deep.
It won't be easy to get himself out of it.
Why are you telling me all this now? I don't want to see anyone else getting played by his trickery anymore.
And I owe you and Yoo Ji Cheol as well.
While working under Joo Gook Seong, I made a lot of people suffer.
And karma finally got me too.
Then what do you plan to do? I should make sure no one suffers because of him.
Why don't you report to the police? He doesn't even deserve to be reported to the police.
They say good parents don't hesitate to spend as much time with their kids as possible.
This is Yoo Ji Cheol.
I took the drug.
Multiple times, even.
Then will you help us develop the new drug? Yes.
In return, you must help me.
Of course.
If you cooperate with our research, I can easily get rid of the toxic reactions No.
It's not for me.
It's for my daughter.
Pardon? I don't follow you.
My daughter is very sick right now.
What? A cop came into the lab, disguised as a test subject.
And Mr.
Park whom I trusted is in the lockup.
Cha, the ticking time bomb, got away once again.
This operation is full of risks.
Cha) Doctor, how long has it been? You made things a bit difficult for Mr.
You're more talented than expected.
What did you say? You'll bring in Yoo Ji Cheol? Of course.
We need Yoo Ji Cheol, Mr.
Kim, and you.
We need all three of you for the future of our company.
I ought to escort you safely.
Okay, I got it.
Cha is bringing in Yoo Ji Cheol.
Yoo Ji Cheol.
The sports gambler who called you 11 years ago.
You know that the gambler was Joo Gook Seong, right? Who are you? Jin Sang Goo, Kang Sang Moon, and my younger brother, Jong Doo.
These are the people Joo Gook Seong murdered.
And as for me, I followed his instructions and came this far by getting blood on my hands.
The rematch with Lee Min Woo.
Winning the match after taking the drug Is that what you really want? I can give you what you want.
Why are you making me such an offer? Sir.
Yoo Ji Cheol's daughter is in the hospital.
Why? Was she in a car accident or something? I believe she's ill.
Where are you going? Honey.
Where are you going? Didn't I tell you? Don't suffer all by yourself and hide things from me.
- Seon Joo.
- I have a bad feeling about this.
Young Seon is in the hospital.
Where are you going now? I'm on my way to find ways to get her treated.
What do you mean? There's someone who knows a lot about Young Seon's disease.
I'm going to meet with him.
That's why you should stay by her side.
I'll be quick.
(Detective Cha Is Calling) - Hey.
- Where are you now? I'm going somewhere.
We have to meet right now.
Ji Woo.
My Young Seon She's sick.
So let's talk later.
I have to meet with you anyway.
Okay? You must be Young Seon.
I work with your dad.
I'm not sure if this can console you in any way.
There isn't much I can help you with anyway.
Is it true that my husband took drugs during his match? You knew about it, right? I guess you've just found out about it.
Or you've been pretending to be clueless.
I understand.
He's your family.
You're on his side.
I can understand.
That's why I'm also turning a blind eye.
Yoo and I are on the same side.
My husband won't fight in the match.
No, he will because if he doesn't, he must pay a fortune for a breach of contract.
His one and only daughter is sick.
My husband won't be swayed by something like that.
Because his one and only daughter is sick, - he'll want to fight even more.
- Excuse me.
Didn't I tell you? Mr.
Yoo cares deeply about his family.
Haven't you still figured it out? Why your husband fought matches while taking that drug? Do you not know whom your husband is fighting for? Mr.
Yoo has never fought a match for his own good.
Not even once.
Then I'll get going now.
Young Seon.
Young Seon.
Young Seon.
Hey, Young Seon.
Are you all right? Hey, Young Seon - What's wrong? - Hey, get us a doctor.
- Okay.
- Hurry.
Hurry up.
It's Young Seon.
You should go to her now.
(General Hospital) Young Seon.
- What happened? - She She couldn't breathe for a while all of a sudden.
Young Seon's condition is progressing too quickly.
Please save my daughter, Young Seon.
I have never seen a patient who suffered from breathing within days of its occurrence.
There isn't much we can do.
Even though she's still in an early stage, she's showing symptoms in her arms and legs and having difficulty in breathing.
She's showing multiple symptoms all over her body.
Walking as well as breathing on her own seems difficult.
Her condition is progressing too quickly.
We can delay its progress with medicine for regular cases.
She'll get 2 to 3 months at max.
That's all.
Then are you telling me that my daughter has only 2 to 3 months left to live? At this rate, I can't even be certain about that either.
Doctor, is there a way? Can you help her? Can you please save Young Seon? Doctor.
This way.
Nice to meet you, Mr.
Yoo Ji Cheol.
It's an honor to meet you in person like this.
We were desperate for someone like you to finalize SF-3 which has been Dr.
Cha's long-cherished goal and to bring up Shingoo Pharmaceutical's stock prices.
It seems you're not interested in money.
I don't need money.
Please finalize the drug.
I don't have much time left.
You didn't come here for the money? Then why did you come all the way here? Dr.
It can't be, right, Doctor? Because I upset you, you're not plotting to put one over on me, right? - No, we just want to - Doctor.
Let's run the clinical trial now.
Where should we do it? Sure, let's speed things up.
Actually, I went to meet you in person the other day.
Since you were so busy, I met up with your daughter instead.
Hey, kid.
I don't have time to play with you.
Don't disturb us, and get lost.
Got that? I'm just telling you that I hope you're here with a good intention.
If you plan to do something stupid, just forget about it.
Doctor! Doctor.
Let's begin.
You ruined both Sang Goo and Kang Sang Moon.
I'll get better soon.
Don't worry.
I have one healthy body because I took after Dad.
So don't worry about me, and go get prepared for your match.
Young Seon.
Are you up? Oh, this? The doctor said you should keep it on for just a little while.
Do you want something? Dad? Something suddenly came up, so he just left.
He'll be back soon, so don't worry about him.
My girl.
You had a great sleep.
You slept so well.
You look even prettier.
Can we count on Yoo Ji Cheol? I'll have to see the result of his complete medical examination, but he is able to stand the toxicity of the drug more than anyone else thus far.
Really? I look forward to this.
(Commissioner General) Yes? Chairman Jeong, the things do not look so promising.
Park hasn't spoken up yet, but we have received a lot of strong evidence.
You should slowly clean up your surroundings.
All right.
Let me know when you have the result.
If this succeeds, you will go down in the history of mankind.
Back up all the documents related to Yoo's clinical tests.
And erase all traces of me in the lab on the security footage.
(Coach Jang) Hello, Mr.
It's me, Min Woo.
Is everything all right? - Hey.
- Hello.
It's been a long time.
It has been about 20 years, right? Yes.
I should have visited you from time to time.
I'm sorry.
Why did you suddenly call? Actually, I had a question.
Let's go inside for now.
Young Seon is troubled too, but her mother and father must be heartbroken too.
It goes without saying.
So what's your question? When Ji Cheol fixed up the match 11 years ago Are you still talking about that? You are very persistent.
Back then, I saw something before the match between you two.
Do you want me to tell you? At that time, I told Ji Cheol not to practice.
Do you know why? Because you were not even in his league.
But Ji Cheol began to practice harder and more passionately than the time when he was up against Fugimoto.
Why? Because you're his junior whom he has taught.
He wanted to show you everything that he has.
That way That way, you can see him, learn more from him, and become a better boxer.
That's what he said.
That way, when he retires, you can become the leader of Korean boxing.
That is how much he adored you.
But what did you say? Fixing up the match? Come to your senses.
How did it go? Do you have the result? Can you complete the drug? Will it help Young Seon recover? We cannot finalize the drug at the moment.
What are you talking about? You said you could finish making the drug.
You said you could finalize it only if I cooperate.
The medical examination result shows that you can detoxify the agitation toxins in SF-3 because of a special ingredient found in your liver.
But it'll take at least 3 to 4 years to analyze the ingredient and to put it into the new drug.
Did you just say 3 to 4 years? Young Seon doesn't have that much time.
We don't know what will happen to her tomorrow! Dr.
Cha, let's do another test.
Okay? I will give you blood if I must, and take the drug if I must.
I don't care what you ask me to do.
Let's do the tests again.
We aren't completely sure, but there is a way that can cure her disease.
What is it? Tell me.
Your disease did not progress because of the special ingredient in your liver.
It's the same one that detoxified the toxins.
If we transplant your liver into your daughter's body, there is a possibility that her condition will not progress, just as how yours stopped before.
But this is only a possibility.
I can't say that there is a high chance that it'll succeed.
I don't care.
Please do that.
But the thing is that you have been taking SF-3 for a long time, so there is a lot of accumulated toxins in your body.
If you give your daughter a liver transplant now, because of the remaining toxins in your body, your body will be put in a very dangerous condition.
Either way, you're saying that Young Seon can live, right? That's enough.
I'll do it.
Ji Cheol.
Listen carefully.
Even with the transplant, your daughter has less than a 20-percent chance of living.
But the likelihood of your life being in danger is 80 percent No.
It's more than 90 percent.
Have you ever imagined a tomorrow without Ji Woo? I have never imagined a tomorrow without my daughter.
I am Young Seon's dad.
What's the use of being a parent if you lose your child? How could I be a dad then? Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and for many years ahead, I must live every day with my daughter.
That's it.
That's all I need.
So please do the transplant.
I beg you.
We can't finalize our drug? We should put an end to this project then.
- Detective Cha Ji Woo? - Who is this? I'd like to report my company.
What? At Shingoo Pharmaceutical, a heinous crime is being committed.
I have confirmed it.
I have found out all the individuals involved in it.
I have also prepared all the materials for you.
You just need to come here and take them.
I'm on my way after hearing about it, so I'd appreciate it if you could meet me right now.
I'm Jeong Chan Joong, the one who called.
I see.
I'm Detective Cha Ji Woo.
Here are the materials.
Just in case, you can search the premises as you please.
All right.
Also I was informed on my way here.
All the illegal experiments conducted in this laboratory were led by Dr.
Cha Seung Ho.
They're probably all huddled up and scheming somewhere in here like a bunch of rats in hiding.
What is this? Okay.
Thank you, Dr.
I owe you one.
I have explained it to him.
I hope you can undergo the transplant and successfully save your daughter.
Thank you.
Thank you.
There's no need to thank me.
- It is you who - No.
You're the one who has saved Young Seon.
Thank you.
Go! Ji Woo.
You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions You have the right to have an attorney.
(Bad Papa) Were you going to continue sacrificing more test subjects? Once the drug was finalized, I was going to tell you the truth.
Forget about the match.
Just don't be Gook Seong's puppet.
If you're planning not to take the drug He might get exhausted because of his age.
It could be a disadvantage to Yoo.
Oh, no.
That's a pity.
As you can see, Yoo is bleeding profusely.
Young Seon, you are my daughter.
I heard you're a bad cop.
I don't consider criminals as humans.
He's a bad cop who does anything and everything to catch criminals.
Do you think you're that righteous? Because of that thought, the people around you suffer.
You'll regret provoking me.
He's a psychopath? He's nothing like the criminals you've met so far.
What do you want from me? For you, I can kill all those people.
(Less than Evil)