Bad Papa (2018) s01e31 Episode Script

Episode 31; Episode 32

1 (Episode 31) Young Seon! Let's go home! Young Seon! Let's go home.
Dad! Young Seon! Where are you? Dad, I'm right here.
I'm right here, Dad! Young Seon! Dad! I'll be there soon, so stay there, okay? Don't you worry! Young Seon! Dad! Young Seon! I truly apologize as the chairman.
To investigate the truth behind this incident, Shingoo Pharmaceutical will put together a truth committee and find out who is responsible.
We will especially investigate the responsibilities of Doctor Cha Seung Ho thoroughly, and hand over all related documents to the police.
Do you think it makes any sense that you had no idea what happened at your company as the chairman? That's why I feel even more flustered.
How can he do that without telling the headquarters? It seems impossible for him to put together such a dangerous experiment without the chairman of Shingoo Pharmaceutical's permission.
It's possible for Doctor Cha.
He is blinded with completing that new drug.
He was going nowhere, inches away from completing it.
And nothing was happening.
That's probably why he went crazy, and he probably had to do anything he could.
All his talk about mankind and saving lives.
He thought he was some kind of a savior.
What a poor man.
I guess it's my fault for hiring someone like him with so much money.
Detective Cha.
I'm sorry.
It's true that I took the drug.
Why did you take that drug without knowing what it is? I must have been blinded.
Don't worry.
I will pay for what I have done.
That's what everyone says.
What about Seon Joo and Youg Seon? Did you think about how it'll be for them? I must have been an idiot.
I lived like one.
Right, and I have something to give you.
What is this? It's about Joo Gook Seong, the promoter.
It's a voice recording regarding him.
During that match 11 years ago, most people bet a lot of money on your victory.
But there was one person who bet their entire fortune on your defeat, and took everything on the table.
That's me.
Oh, and I'm sure Find a piece of land that we can use for our new lab.
Somewhere deeper and more desolate.
Yes, sir.
Goodness, Young Seon is fine.
Oh, no one.
I'm sorry.
- Yong Dae.
- Yes? Do you have something to say? What is it? You're going to tell me off again, right? Is my dad not here yet? I'm sure he'll be back soon.
Do you miss him? Please keep staying with my dad and take care of him in the future too.
Keep staying with him? Hey, I have one more match left in my contract with him.
After that, we're on our own.
Just take care of him, will you? You do that.
You should just get better soon and take care of him.
You know I'm sick.
And I might Fine.
Yes, you're sick.
So if you're in pain, just show that you're in pain.
Stop pretending like you're okay and worrying about others.
If you want to cry, just cry.
You're allowed to do that.
I'm really angry right now and scared.
Why did it have to be me? And why now? I want to scream.
I want to blame anyone that I can find.
But what good is that going to do? Nothing is going to change.
Where have you been? I just had to go out for a bit.
(CEO Joo Gook Seong) Hello? Oh, yes.
Go inside.
(Yoo Ji Cheol) Why didn't you tell me that you were sick? A boxer has to be responsible for not managing his condition.
You did your best, fought me, and won.
I held out to the end, but lost.
That's what's important.
So are you all right now? Yes.
Don't worry about the match.
Don't let Joo Gook Seong play around with you anymore.
I'll tell them that I canceled the match.
No, I have to show my daughter that I am perfectly healthy.
That way, Young Seon can hold out too.
I remember what you said to me before.
Everyone is equal when they're on the ring.
On the ring, a true winner is not someone who's strong, but someone who holds out to the end.
A world champion boxer took a hold of a baby boxer and gave him a speech.
I was young, but I had this thought.
"Yes, right.
" "This is him.
" "If I follow his footsteps," "I will become a pretty great boxer.
" I'm sure Young Seon has the same thoughts.
She will carve up more strength when she sees you.
Hey, baby.
You're all grown up.
See you at the match.
The seats are already sold out for this match.
You can tell that the fans have been waiting dearly and looking forward to this match.
We waited for 11 long years to see them fight again.
This time, are we going to see a real match? Just as many fans have waited for them for a long time, we look forward to seeing a fair game Dad.
Yes? Goodness, Young Seon.
How do you feel? You couldn't get ready for the match because of me.
It's all right.
Don't worry about me, and go do well on the match.
A lot of people are looking forward to it.
I couldn't go to the end.
So you have to fight to the end, okay? At least you should finish it.
Okay? Okay.
And you have to win.
Young Seon.
Hang in there.
Okay? Hang in there until the end.
Okay? Of course.
I'm your daughter.
I'm sorry.
For always making you worried.
It's okay.
You can make me worried all you want.
After all, you're my daughter.
Right? Fight well.
At least for this match, don't do it for your family or money.
Just fight for yourself.
- Seon Joo - How could I ever fathom the pain that you have felt? So promise me you will fight this match.
Doing that will help you feel even a bit at ease.
And Young Seon will like that.
Fight fair and square.
No matter how hard or exhausting, or end up bleeding, hold out to the end.
That's how you first came into my life.
- Ji Cheol! - Coach! (Yoo Ji Cheol wins at the GBC Welterweight for Rookies.
) Watching you motivated me to get back on my feet.
I found the hope to live.
This time, you need to show that to our daughter.
Just like back then.
Please hold out for her.
So that she can also hang in there.
Okay? You see, I know that this upcoming match is very important.
But his daughter is sick right now.
I don't think he should fight.
So what if she's ill? She's not the one fighting.
Sir, what do you mean? What is all this? Make sure you shove that pill down his throat for this match.
If you fail to do that, his family will be in grave danger.
After that, it'll be Ji Cheol.
And lastly, I'll kill you.
Do you understand me now? What should we do now? Will you fight? - I must.
- Will you purposely lose and make Gook Seong lose all of his money? No.
- I'll win.
- Does that mean you'll take the pill? No.
But that scumbag told me that he'd kill you if you refused to take it.
It wasn't a simple blackmail.
He can do a lot more than that.
It's okay.
He won't be able to watch the fight anyway.
- Why? - By now, The police should be on their way.
To find Gook Seong.
Then what about you? What will they do about you taking the pills? I should also receive my punishment.
I was walking When I felt like someone Was by my side I broke down into tears You were long gone I was walking all alone Suddenly The wind felt colder (CEO Joo Gook Seong) Yes? What I'm trying to say is, I hope you won't think about not taking the pill.
You know what will happen if you don't, right? You know me well.
I'm sorry for saying these things when it's the morning of your match.
Do understand.
Imagine how nervous I must be to talk about this.
There's a lot of money on the line here.
Just think of it optimistically.
I'm not blackmailing you.
I'm just motivating you in case you get softhearted.
A competent promoter helps his fighter become psychologically prepared.
All right, then.
I should head to the arena.
- All right.
- I'll see you soon.
- Have a good day.
- You too.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Right now, we will be on our way to arrest a scumbag who's guilty of conspiring murders, organizing illegal gambling, fixing matches, and more.
Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
All right.
Make sure you do your job well today.
And let's soon plan out our next project.
What is it? Do you think it's too early to plan out the next one? No, sir.
Gosh, it's been a while since I woke up this early.
I'm so tired.
Wake me up five minutes before arriving.
Yes, sir.
Be on alert.
He'll be here soon.
Where is he? I told him to wake me up.
Darn it.
Choi! Where in the world am I? Mr.
Choi! You little punk.
- You - My brother's waiting.
Let's hurry.
Hey! (Yoo Ji Cheol versus Lee Min Woo) Hello? Okay, hold on.
Ji Cheol.
It's Pil Doo.
Your promoter won't be able to make it to your match today.
So fight your match at ease.
Please be on standby.
- All right.
Let's go.
- Let's go.
It's the champion.
- Let's go beat the champion! - Let's go! You can do this! This is the match the mixed martial arts fans have been waiting for.
It's a match between Lee Min Woo and Yoo Ji Cheol.
Let the match begin! In the blue corner, he's from Team MJ.
He's the troublemaker of the cage.
Current DFC heavyweight champion! Lee Min Woo! He's entering the octagon now.
Usually, the challenger waits for the champion in the octagon.
And the champion enters the octagon after the challenger.
- The order has been reversed today.
- That's right.
It's Lee's act of courtesy towards his senior fighter who's retiring.
He volunteered to enter the cage before him.
Goodness, I didn't think he could be that respectful.
He's very good-natured.
All right.
You're changing your words once again.
I am? No, I always have the same opinions.
Going up against him, from the red corner Yoo Ji Cheol is entering now! The legendary warrior! Yoo Ji Cheol! - Go for it! - Good luck! Best of luck! Go for it! You can beat him! I hope Young Seon's dad wins.
He will.
He will.
Give it your best shot! Beat him! Good luck to both of you.
Hey, old geezer.
Try to hold out until the end.
I'll look forward to it.
Hey, baby.
Clench your teeth and hold out to the end.
To the corners! - Yes! - Yes! 3, 2, 1! They're going at each other from the start.
Both of them are on their feet.
That's great.
Get him! Go get him! - Go for it! - That's it! This is not the way I expected the match to unfold.
Yoo is fighting better than expected given he's up against the champion.
But if this becomes a match of stamina, given his old age, Yoo might be at a disadvantage.
Min Woo, don't get riled up.
Keep your composure! Get him, Min Woo! - Hey! - There you go! - He's not an easy match! - You jerk! Great! Both fighters equally dominated the match without delivering finishing blows to one another.
You did well.
You did a great job.
- You're feeling great today.
- Seriously.
You're doing an excellent job.
Well done.
He didn't tackle you in the first round.
If he tackles you, make sure you squirrel out of it.
Why are you getting so riled up? It's still the first round.
Pace yourself.
I don't need to do that.
- I'll finish him in the next round.
- You jerk.
Don't let your guard down.
- It's in.
- Keep doing what you're doing.
Watch out for his kicks.
- You can do it.
- Good luck.
Yoo can't escape from Lee's attacks.
Otherwise, he'll end up wasting a lot of his energy.
He has to get himself out of the corner.
He's determined to keep Lee away from his body! Yoo has escaped the corner.
This is great! Well done.
Goodness, great.
Lee doesn't seem tired at all.
However, Yoo seems exhausted.
It seems to me that Yoo is having a difficult time, but he's resolute to fight to the end.
How commendable.
Begin! - Min Woo! - What was that? - What just happened here? - Min Woo! Lee is destroyed.
With the rounding punch, it's a great opportunity to defeat the champion.
- Hold on.
- Go after him! Go! What is happening right now? - Yoo stopped fighting.
- Why? It seems like he's waiting for Lee to get up.
- What? - Gosh, what's going on here? Fight! What just happened? This is just like the boxing match they put on 11 years ago.
And they're giving us another match just like that one in this cage.
They're not standing on the ring, but inside the cage! - Yes! - Go for it! Get up! - Keep fighting! - Hurry up! He was doing so well! Why did he - Stay calm.
1, 2.
- Jab.
Jab and put some distance between you and him.
Both fighters are delivering a shower of punches to each other.
If this continues, they'll end up using a lot of their energy.
It's the fourth round now.
Just hang in there a bit more.
(Final Episode) In order to beat Yoo in this match, Lee must keep an eye for a big swing.
- Close in the distance.
Go for it.
- Keep going! - That's it! - There you go! - Push it! Keep pushing.
- Keep your guard up! That's it! Looks like Yoo is in terrible shape.
His head is badly swollen.
Are you all right? No matter how hard or end up bleeding, hold out to the end so that Young Seon can also hold out when she sees you.
Fight! Do not stop and keep punching me, you jerk.
This is This is just the beginning.
That's great.
Keep going.
He has to hit him.
They are both amazing.
Yes, this isn't about their stamina.
That's their fighting spirits up against another! Goodness, they are both exhausted.
Even we are exhausted from watching the match.
Imagine how exhausted the two fighters are.
As you can see, Yoo is bleeding badly.
It's very heartbreaking to see.
Both fighters are fighting - as if this is their last game.
- You're right.
I cannot even continue to speak of this display of sportsmanship.
They keep on punching each other.
My gosh, their punch has to go with their weight.
Goodness, he held out to the end.
My gosh.
That round just made history.
That was the end of round four.
Are you okay? Min Woo, are you okay? Yes, you idiot.
Don't make a huge fuss over some broken ribs.
You idiot.
After the match, you should request a drug check on Ji Cheol.
Why? Because he really seems insane today.
You crazy idiot.
How can you laugh right now? You're a mess, Mr.
Hey, Kim Yong Dae.
Stop crying like a baby.
He's watching us.
Don't make me feel humiliated, you idiot.
It's the final round.
Let's keep this up.
Let's go, champion.
Let's go, champion! I'll be back.
Yoo, this is the best match he can have as his retirement match.
The best match ever is unfolding in this stadium right now.
They are both so exhausted that they do not even know if they are punching or doing anything right now.
Yoo! Oh, my gosh.
- Come on! - Go, Lee Min Woo! - Go! - Keep it up! Mr.
Yoo! Don't get up.
Just stay there.
Young Seon, what do you want to be? All of a sudden? I'm not an elementary school kid.
I don't have anything like that.
I couldn't go to the end.
So you have to fight to the end, okay? Stand up! Young Seon.
I just fell on my buttocks.
I will get back up and have a lot of fun with you again, so don't worry about anything.
He got back up.
Fight! He just has to hold out just a little more.
Just one more punch.
They keep on punching each other, but there is no power in it.
There goes the bell.
My goodness.
That was completely praiseworthy.
I am so proud of them.
- Go, Yoo Ji Cheol! - Go! - Go! - Great work! The featherweight title match! Here is the official judgment.
The winner of this match was decided by the judges with the result of 2 to 1.
On the blue corner, Lee Min Woo! Young Seon.
Young Seon? Young Seon.
Young Seon! - Young Seon.
- Are you okay? - Doctor! Nurses! - Young Seon.
I'll bring the doctor.
I'll be right back.
Young Seon, stay with me.
It's your mom.
Young Seon.
Oh, gosh.
Young Seon.
- Seon Joo.
- Honey.
How is she? Her disease suddenly worsened, so it could be fatal.
Honey, what should we do? Seon Joo.
Don't worry.
I will cure her.
Only I can do it.
So don't worry.
- Ji Woo.
- Don't you have anything to say? I'm sorry.
About what? All I wanted to do was to give hope to those suffering from illnesses.
I wanted to create a better world.
What you did was a massacre.
Had I only finalized the drug, I would've been able to save more people than I'd sacrificed! Ji Woo.
Once I leave this place, everyone in the world will understand me.
Don't forget all the lives you took, and live a life of penance.
Ji Woo.
Ji Woo.
They will understand me! Ji Woo! Ji Woo.
They will understand me.
Hey, my daughter.
I watched it all.
From the start to finish.
Wasn't I great? Didn't I fight well? Yes, you did.
You did well.
I'm really sleepy, so let me sleep a bit more.
Let's talk again soon.
All right.
Sleep well, my daughter.
- Let's go.
- Yes, sir.
Ji Cheol.
What? There's no other way but to undergo surgery, right? Look at this punk.
I was being all determined.
Then should I chicken out? I mean Perhaps, Young Seon wouldn't want you to go to this extent.
Goodness, this punk.
How many times do I need to repeat myself? You need to fix that habit of yours.
You shouldn't look worried or troubled in front of your fighter.
Why is that important right now? What's the use of a coach if he doesn't have a fighter? Of course, you have one.
There's Young Seon.
You need to take good care of her.
Got it? Why isn't this idiot replying? You little punk.
Come on.
Hang in there, my precious child.
Doctor, I'll go in soon.
Please wait for me inside.
Seon Joo.
Young Seon's waiting.
Okay? It won't take long.
Once she fully recovers, let's go on a trip.
Think of the places you want to go.
I already have one.
Good, I'll be back soon.
I'm ready.
If you don't come back, I won't go on the trip.
Okay? We have to go together.
Seon Joo.
Listen to me carefully.
They say good parents don't hesitate to spend as much time with their kids as possible.
But come to think about it, I didn't do that.
I was a terrible dad.
So I must gift her the time she needs.
So you must be a good mom.
Okay? Okay? I'm sorry.
All I do is saying that I'm sorry all the time.
Let's go.
(Operation Room) - Yoo Ji Cheol! - Yoo Ji Cheol! Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday, dear Young Seon - Happy Birthday to you - Happy Birthday to you I got you! Give me a kiss.
That feels great! This is our third one.
What's that? Here we go.
1, 2, 3! One more time.
- 1, 2, 3! - 1, 2, 3! Wow, look at the fish.
They're hopping.
- Give Mommy a kiss.
- Don't.
Young Seon! I love you! Okay? Young Seon! Goodness, I've been looking for you.
Aren't you cold? You'll get better soon.
Okay? Don't worry too much.
Let's go home now.
All right.
Get on my back.
Let's go.
Let's get going.
Dad, how did you find me? When I couldn't find you earlier, I was so scared.
But I knew that you'd come for me.
That's why you must continue to stay by my side.
Goodness, hold on.
Oh, my.
- You've gotten heavier than before.
- Whatever.
I'm going to rest up here.
Your mother is all the way over there.
Go to your mom.
I'll be there soon too.
I'll wait for you.
Let's go to Mom together.
Why? Are you scared to walk there alone? No, I'm not.
As if.
Of course, you are scared.
That's it.
Okay, don't take too long.
Young Seon.
Come here.
My sweetie.
Go to your mom now.
Look at that.
She can walk now.
There you go.
Young Seon, just keep walking like that.
Don't look back.
Don't be anxious either.
Walk confidently and bravely, okay? Goodbye, sweetie.
You know that I love you so much, right? Young Seon.
Young Seon, are you awake? It was tough, wasn't it? I know it was hard.
You braved it through really well.
Well done, sweetie.
Have I been sleeping for long? Yes.
What about Dad? That's Your dad What about Dad? Aunt.
Yong Dae.
Where's Dad? Where is my dad? Young Seon.
Where's Dad? - Where's Dad? - Honey Which ward is he in? - Let me go find him.
- Young Seon.
Where's Dad? Where is he? He's He told me to wait for him.
He told me to wait for him here.
Where's Dad? Dad Why Why Why, Dad? Come back, Dad! (1 year later) Excuse us.
Please make way.
- Young Seon! - Coming through.
(Prettiest Lady Yoo Young Seon) Thank you.
- Mr.
- Thank you.
What is it? Hurry up.
I'm hungry.
Want to get pork belly? I'm in.
I'm in too.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Lee Min Woo, the DFC champion for the Featherweight Class, will enter the MFC, the international arena.
Lee Min Woo signed to fight in four matches with MFC this morning.
He's scheduled to fight a match for the MFC on February 7th.
The fighter shared his determination to do his best in order to win the championship at the MFC as well.
CEO Park Ji Hoon of Team MJ Lee Min Woo's promoter (Yoo Ji Cheol) Look at each other affectionately.
Give a peck on his cheek.
I'm more fragile than her.
Can the bride lift me? Do I turn like this? Is this it? All right.
1, 2, 3.
- Hold on.
- Here.
Goodness, she's flying.
Why didn't you leave me? If you had, it would've been easier for you.
You shouldn't leave someone when things are tough.
Thank you for staying by my side.
I was really here? I don't remember at all.
But this place is really nice.
You said the same thing that time.
I did? Let's go.
Once she fully recovers, let's go on a trip.
Think of the places you want to go.
This is the place I wanted to come back with you and Young Seon.
(We root for the dads of this era who help us go on with our lives.
) (Bad Papa)