Baghdad Central (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

What you provided, I believe, was a cabal.
Sawsan! SAWSAN! I could knock on doors and ask questions that you never could.
Do you know him? I do not.
And this is Temple's trailer.
Let's go! JETS FLY OVER HELICOPTER FLIES OVER Go, go, go! US Army! SOLDIERS SHOU US Army, remain calm! We know this is the house of Sanaa Hussain, she will make herself known.
Fucking now! COCKS GUN Why can't you help my brother? Your son? Why upsetting Mama, who's sick? Sawsan, you should have left for school.
You will be late.
Are you afraid, Baba? Afraid to fight for your son? Sir, this house is in mourning.
She's saying her daughter just died.
Sanaa? Yes.
Then ask her how she died.
I would like you to confirm they are mourning Sanaa Hussain, and ask how she died.
Say it! Picture - the photograph Is this your daughter? Right? Will you take a look? This is your daughter, Sanaa, yes? SHE SPEAKS OWN LANGUAGE And that, I know, is Zahra Boustani.
Who's this girl, here? She doesn't know.
I'm sorry for your loss.
MAN TRANSLATES Give them money to repair the door.
Let's go.
CLATTERING GUN COCKS FUCK! QUIET CONVERSATION Khafaji, may I join you? CHAIR SCRAPES You're looking good, Inspector.
Very official.
Baghdad's feeling safer already.
You have anything to tell me? About Fadhil Al-Bakr? Yes.
The business card belongs to the mercenaries, as you can see.
The address written is the house where Fadhil was killed.
Fadhil Al-Bakr himself was not an insurgent.
He was a criminal who had links to Hamilton Baker.
And, I believe, to Frank Temple.
It's Temple's house.
He should be interrogated, questioned.
Fact - Temple did not kill Kibbert.
But he was responsible, I believe.
Why bring Kibbert to a Coalition safe house? Why hide him inside the house? Why not hang him on a lamppost for the world to see? It was a warning.
A warning to Temple.
Who has arrived and is walking this way.
Your man here is just spending the day with me.
Inspector Khafaji has work to do.
For me, yes.
At his desk.
He's my employee.
He works for my department.
And here I am believing we're all on the same team.
He's with me.
I need him.
Find yourself another secretary.
I'll see you outside in 47 minutes.
You can lose the uniform.
I said nothing.
I did nothing.
He joined me.
You will continue to say nothing and do nothing, apart from the work given to you by my department.
Understood? Not quite.
Do not push it.
I'm not in the mood.
You work for me.
If I refuse Captain Parodi, what will happen to me? To my daughter? SLAMS TABLE You work for me! What were you talking about? Fadhil Al-Bakr.
The Iraqi man found dead in your safe house.
The captain wants to find out who he was, what he did to survive before and after the invasion.
Show a little gratitude.
He was a criminal involved in slavery and prostitution.
I've lost a key.
To my trailer.
Have you seen it at all? No.
It was in my jacket pocket.
It's always in my jacket pocket.
I take my jacket off in the office.
That's it.
You have another key? I believe it was stolen, not lost.
Have you checked the inside of your? STOLEN from my office.
Who would have the guts to do that? I don't know.
This land, Iraq, Baghdad It corrupts.
You will tell Captain Parodi that you cannot assist him with his investigations.
You will tell him that your purpose is higher.
Sir, I believe it would be better coming from you.
In short, you'll tell him to fuck off, Inspector.
Remember what the stakes are.
You do not leave your desk.
Not today.
Not even to take a piss.
Do I make myself understood? Perfectly, sir.
May I ask Why do you believe the key to your trailer was stolen? Was something taken? Something of value? I would report it, sir.
Crimes within the Green Zone should not be tolerated.
Miss Ford, you'll inform the hospital manager that our agreement with Inspector Khafaji no longer stands.
His contract is terminated, and with it, all medical privileges for his daughter.
Sir, he'll be here, I'm sure.
She's only just begun dialysis.
Also draft a letter advising the military police the likelihood of the inspector's involvement with war crimes.
"War crimes"? Information which has only recently come to l Is that true? I just said it, did I not? Yeah, but he's been doing good work.
You chose him personally.
Was there no background checks? Draft the fucking letter, Miss Ford.
Some privacy, please.
Wait outside.
My money's gone.
What? My money.
My dollars.
My fucking future is gone.
Stolen from my trailer.
Did I not tell you to leave it with me? In the safe? Who could have done that? I'm going to this address.
That street.
The person who lives there could have done that.
No, that's no good.
We go in, we get out.
It's no good, Frank, there are guns on every building.
I want my money.
I want control.
I'd like to avoid a firefight with toy soldiers and insurgents.
Every fucking cent I earned! My time here cannot have been for nothing.
How much? All of it.
How much for me and my boys? We're risking our lives getting you there.
Don't be a twat.
20% of all future earnings.
You are being a twat.
For that, you get control.
You get the girl, Zahra, dead on a plate.
Jesus, Frank, don't look so surprised.
We cannot allow her to say one word.
You know that.
I say we execute the bitch.
What I'm interested in are names.
Names of the women who attended these gatherings, women like Zahra - Laura.
English names are fine.
I can cross-reference.
"Cross-reference"? Zahra is Laura, Candy is was Sanaa Hussein.
She's now dead.
She died how? I don't know and, at this moment, I don't care.
All I care about is finding the other members of the cell.
There's a third girl, at least.
I'm pretty sure about that.
Phone call from base.
OVER PHONE: Sir, it's Megan Ford.
BLUES MUSIC PLAYS INTERPRETER: Mr Temple is here quite often.
So, maybe he was.
You were pushing your own agenda, Inspector.
I asked about the names of the young women.
Drew a blank.
Two things.
First, I accept that Fadhil Al-Bakr is not an insurgent.
But there's others still out there.
Second .
you're now my prisoner.
You're serious? It's got to be done.
Your past has caught up with you.
Hands behind your back, please.
My past? Your past.
Your history.
HE SIGHS Is there not one person in the entire United States of America who understands my country? Who has a fucking clue what they are doing in my country?! HANDCUFFS ZIP That would be a no.
Thank you.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
DISTANT SHOUTING We don't want any trouble.
We are here for one man, one man only.
Muhsin al-Khafaji We are peaceful.
SHOUTING CONTINUES ECHOING SHOUTS AND CLAMOUR We are here for Inspector Muhsin al-Khafaji, no-one else.
He lives here, right? He's moved it on.
But to where? SHATTERING GLASS Do nothing.
Do not fire till we know what the fuck's going on.
Why do you want the man that live here? Khafaji.
He's taken something that does not belong to him.
I should never have asked you to go into the Green Zone.
I'm sorry.
You asked us to watch and listen.
That is all.
To gather information.
Everything else we did was our own choice.
How is Zahra? Do you know? No.
I have asked indirectly, but they will not say.
We have seen enough misjudgements, Sawsan.
It was a reckless thing to do, to fire the gun as you did.
I'm only sorry that I missed.
You find your voice and They are not listening.
And they never will.
Did they listen to you? Did they read your letters? No, they did not.
Recklessness is not the answer.
Is it reckless to want to see the guilty punished? And who are the guilty? Temple.
Temple, for one, is guilty.
Frank Temple.
He claims to be building a new Iraq, but all he does is destroy.
Sanaa was as gentle as she was beautiful.
She trusted them to keep her safe.
To respect her.
They did not.
Then that is what we must say to the world.
/fo We leave and we speak out.
Sawsan, you have seen their new laws, you know they cannot work.
The struggle is only just beginning and it will be long.
But we must choose our ground carefully.
The world does not c Then you make them care, you.
You have a choice to make.
Yes, you have a choice.
To present yourself as the intelligent, and vital Iraqi woman that you are, a woman with knowledge, a woman who can speak precisely of the atrocities of this war and occupation.
Or, you can return to Amjad and his soldiers and be looked down upon.
And in all probability, you will die.
Hear me, please.
Come back with me now.
I could not bear to lose you, too.
Close the door behind me, I'll be fine.
We'll be fine.
My money.
I know you have it, and I want it back.
Where is it? What money? I can argue for you or against you.
I can keep your daughter in hospital or I can have her thrown out on the street.
Mr Temple, I have no idea what you are talking about.
If you have misplaced a sum of money, I suggest you report it to the military police.
I believe Captain Parodi to be a reliable man.
You think he's going to save you? Save Mrouj? I know where you live.
I've been there.
Found this.
Yours, I believe.
Not the pass, the girl.
She's a nice-looking girl.
Nice tits, I seem to remember.
How did you earn your money, Mr Temple? How many houses have you acquired with Coalition money? How many women did Fadhil Al-Bakr supply? I assume the houses are protected by the mercenaries? Men far away from home and close to danger will gladly pay for a woman, it is what conquering soldiers do.
And you are the facilitator.
What do you think liberty and freedom looks like? It's not a land of milk and honey and dancing horses, it's a land of business, of market forces, supply and demand.
And abuse of power.
Have fun in Abu Ghraib.
How much money have you lost? Tens of thousands I would guess.
Money earned on the back of women.
You will give me back my money, or I swear to God, you and your daughter will suffer.
Oh, the interpreters at the sports bar? Decoration, I'm guessing.
Publicity, maybe.
There to be seen, but not touched until one of them was taken.
Oh, good fucking work, Inspector.
Well done.
Final and last opportunity.
My money.
I'm wearing a wire.
They've been listening to every word you say.
I must have taken it off already, my mistake.
Welcome to Iraq.
We are to blame for this.
We are not to blame.
We are to blame.
We are to blame, because we allow it.
And now it's going to cost us our son.
This really isn't necessary, you know? I feel like kind of a fraud, here.
I assure you, I can walk.
You stay in the chair.
Your notes say "dizzy and light-headed".
I'll check where we're putting you.
Hello, there.
Sorry for the wait.
No problem, sweetheart.
Mrouj, this is Captain Parodi.
Is it my father? Where is he? He's been arrested, Mrouj.
May I call you Mrouj? Arrested, but not yet charged.
Understand? I would like to see him.
Not possible.
Not just yet.
I need your help, Mrouj, to maybe save the life of a young woman down the hall, there.
Zahra? I think your father would approve, don't you? He has been arrested for what? Can't say, sorry.
I want to see him! You can help him by helping me.
And you can help Zahra.
It's your call, your decision.
No threats, no arm-twisting.
Your decision.
But you need to make it right now.
My name is John Parodi and I'd like you to cooperate with me.
In return, I can try and help you.
Help save you from a whole lot of pain, at the end of which, you will have given up everything you know.
Two men of Western origin have been killed.
Right here on my doorstep.
I'm under a lot of pressure to do something about it, but there's something pretty rotten going on here.
Something these men knew about, something you know about.
You have a friend, I am told, who was taken from the Al-Rasheed Hotel and attacked, am I right? And you have a second friend who was there, too, I think.
I'd like names, both Western and Iraqi.
The only thing I'm interested in here is justice, believe me.
I want you to give up your friends names, where and when the attack took place and the names of the Western men involved.
I'm offering a way forward here.
A way out.
The least worst option.
I'll wait outside.
I bought you some disgusting sweet tea, the way you guys seem to like it.
Thank you.
Where is my daughter?Which one? Mrouj is safe, still at the hospital.
Sawsan, I have no idea.
Tell me something good.
Tell me something you've been keeping from me.
I want you to reassure me, Inspector.
About what?That you actually give a fuck about my investigation, about the attack on coalition personnel, about three girls, Candy, Laura and Susie.
AKA Sawsan al-Khafaji.
All three stop showing up to work on the same day.
They are girls, just that.
Kibbert was a fucking accountant, just that.
He was tortured and executed.
All of this begins with Temple and his safe house.
More likely, houses.
It begins with the rape of an innocent young woman, who could not live with the shame.
Why is that secondary? Why is that not a crime? Because no-one will come forward and say it actually happened.
Because the liberation is no longer a liberation.
All you can see is insurgents.
Because they behave like insurgents.
What happened to your face? Temple.
Really? He's panicking.
Can I see Mrouj? You cannot.
She's fine.
Until I say otherwise.
Tell me something good.
I will bring you Sawsan.
She has done nothing wrong.
I know her, she is my daughter, but I will bring her to you.
Only to you.
And maybe she will stand up and say what actually happened.
Where is she? I will find her.
You don't know? I will find her.
Then Mrouj can't leave until you do.
Or I give up on you.
I will find her.
Let him out.
He's free to go.
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