Baghdad Central (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode Five

1 US Army.
Remain calm! Who is this girl here? Recklessness is not the answer.
Is it reckless to want to see the guilty punished? And who are the guilty? Temple.
He claims to be building a new Iraq, but all he does is destroy.
My money, my dollars, my future is gone, stolen from my trailer.
Welcome to Iraq.
I want to see him.
You can help him by helping me to maybe save the life of a young woman down the hall there, Zahra? Jesus, Frank, we cannot allow her to say one word, you know that.
I will bring you Sawsan.
Where is she? I will find her.
You don't know?! I will find her! Yesterday, she was improving.
That's what I was told.
Yesterday, she was improving.
I'm now and being told something entirely fucking different.
What I'm asking for is an explanation.
She was critically wounded and it's taken it's toll unexpectedly.
Back inside, please.
I want this room shut down.
Every item in this room Back into bed.
What has happened? Nothing that concerns you or me.
Is it Zahra? We'll get you prepped and ready.
What if I refuse dialysis? Why would you want to do that? I can't stay here forever.
Soon I will leave and get sick again.
The idea is to make you stronger for when you do leave.
Does anything appear out of place? It does not.
Captain .
shit happens.
I want everything that went into her body bagged, sealed and tagged.
WHISTLE You have kept the place tidy, I see.
What are you doing here? What do you want? I want to help you save Sawsan.
I fear she is lost, Muhsin.
You sent her to work for the Americans.
You put her in danger.
She was inside your home and you did not say.
She walked from your home shooting a rifle and NOW you fear for her? I will take you to her, I will take you to her now.
That is why I'm here.
But she will not go with you willingly.
Out the door, across the hall and down the stairs.
A car will be waiting at the end of the street.
She has gone.
They know, but they won't say where.
She spoke of Temple.
She blames Frank Temple.
Like they all do.
Good mornin'.
Is it? A good morning? It is.
It's done.
I have a horrible feeling you quite enjoyed it.
It was necessary, I suppose.
You saved her from the terrors of Abu Ghraib.
Maybe we should take out the professor too.
You seem very confident there'll be no fallout.
Of course there'll be no fallout - I guarantee that.
These aren't real people, Frank.
I just want what's mine then I want out of this place.
Your stash is no more.
It's gone.
What you do now is stay afloat long enough to build another stash.
Then we both get out of here.
But he has it, Khafaji.
Who else could've taken it? Frank, there are pallet loads of fucking dollars.
You begin again.
Starting tonight.
I'm hungry.
Read the signs and be ready! Read the signs and be ready! Be prepared.
That way the line will move more quickly.
Read the signs.
Please, be prepared.
This man you saw, did he see you? Yes.
Do you know him? I think so.
Which means the hospital is no longer safe.
It is time for us to leave.
All of us.
When? Tomorrow.
We will get you out tomorrow.
Sawsan? I will find her.
And then .
we will leave as a family.
Inspector Aren't you supposed to be out looking for someone? I went to see Mrouj.
I apologise.
You know she's dead, right? Which means that somebody intervened.
You will keep that thought to yourself.
Why - because it is inconvenient? That somebody could walk into a military hospital and intervene? Because we have yet to establish the facts.
Who has access to the hospital and to Zahra? Doctors, soldiers, patients.
And mercenaries.
I think you know who was responsible.
With me.
Well, if it isn't Captain Parodi and his newly acquired sidekick.
Is this a bail or a presidential pardon? Zahra Bastani's body will be put on ice while I request an autopsy.
Are you telling me she's died? All medical equipment will be preserved and forensically examined.
Forensically examined? Good luck with that.
Mr Evans? Correct.
I heard you bumped your head, which necessitated an overnight stay at the hospital? I was feeling light-headed, actually.
You were seen coming out of Zahra Bastani's room.
Really? By who? A nurse.
Well, I don't remember that happening at all.
Light-headed and disorientated.
Mr Clark Kibbert.
God rest his soul.
He was romantically involved with an Iraqi woman who was working for you, Temple.
EVANS LAUGHS Well, he might well have had a hard on, but romance? Her name was Sanaa Hussain, but she called herself Candy.
Her name was Sanaa Hussain? Are you saying she too is no more? Where's your evidence of this? Temple, your days are fucking numbered.
Am I Are we being accused of something here? Fadel al-Bakr.
You keep saying random names.
He's the guy that was found dead in the house belonging to your department.
He also had links to Hamilton Baker.
Well, never heard of him.
HB employ a shitload of hajis Fadel al-Bakr was a criminal, who dealt in slavery and prostitution.
The war did not change him.
What I want to know is who the fuck is looking for the people who killed my man? That would be me, Mr Evans.
Well, do it, then! We got two men done, actually.
One turns up stiff at your fucking front door, and all you can do is harass me over breakfast! Do your job, Parodi.
I'll be in touch.
Very soon.
Have a nice day.
Do not believe you're in the clear over your war crimes, inspector.
There will be consequences.
There are always consequences, Mr Temple.
KNOCK AT DOOR Miss Ford? Inspector.
Miss Ford, I have decided it is no longer safe for Mrouj to remain at the hospital.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Her treatment was going so well.
She will be travelling to Jordan with her aunt and uncle.
They will meet her at the checkpoint.
You're telling me this why? She is required to be escorted from her bed to the gate, yes? Yes.
Which is why you would not be breaking any rules, if you walked her to the checkpoint, waved goodbye.
I cannot do that.
Unless they think Mrouj is still here, we cannot leave.
You're planning on not being around, inspector? Will you help me, Miss Ford? What's going on? You trust me with your daughter, trust me with the truth.
What's going on? Mr Temple is a criminal.
His safe houses are not safe houses, and his salary is not his only source of income.
But you already knew this.
And he's a threat.
To you? And to Mrouj.
Can you help me, Miss Ford? With Mrouj? I'm not sure.
He's been released.
Did you see? Yes.
Released into the care of Captain Parodi.
At the request of Captain Parodi.
Your evidence has been ignored.
What do you want? Are you not in the slightest bit pissed off? They're not taking you seriously here.
If it's justice you want, I'd suggest you take matters into your own hands.
You must know someone .
who would rid the world of Inspector Khafaji for .
$1,000 US.
He's laughing at us.
He's laughing at your family.
That much? If it was me paying, I wouldn't go higher than two.
That would be my absolute ceiling, because that's all I have.
Who would miss him? Agreed.
DOORS OPEN AND CLOSE Why are we here? To think, Inspector.
To focus.
To remind myself what it is I'm investigating.
To rise above.
They found Fadel al—Bakr there, shot dead.
And up to their point of entry.
They being my primary target.
Two parties come to the house.
One interrupts the other.
Yes? Zahra Boustani was a part of one group.
Who are they? They had already killed Kibbert.
And were in the process of delivering him to the house.
A message, yes, but also an attempt to kill again.
Candy and Zahra Boustani were part of a group who abducted, tortured and killed a US civilian.
An accountant.
An innocent.
That's the very definition of a terrorist cell.
That's all my superiors can see.
And who can blame me for believing your daughter Sawsan is a part of that cell? What is the significance of this house? I would say this is the house where Candy was attacked.
And I would say there are other houses.
And you'd be right.
There are several.
Temple provides the houses, Evans is security, and Fadel al—Bakr, I'd assume, provided the women.
But they're not insurgents.
HE SIGHS Zubeida Rashid, the university professor.
Do you know her? Yes.
She was the go-to person for the recruitment of translators and interpreters.
Including Zahra Boustani, Sanaa Hussain, and Sawsan al-Khafaji.
She has since left her post, taking with her her records and files.
She's erased herself.
She's now a nameplate on a door.
That's it.
I'm thinking she could be more than a teacher.
A mentor, maybe? I've met her.
She's an impressive woman.
And young minds are impressionable.
Zubeida Rashid did not kill Zahra Boustani.
But she's responsible for bringing all three girls into the Green Zone.
Candy, Laura and Susie.
She could be progress.
She could be the head of the snake.
Impressive, you say? Yes.
A leader? Yes, I would say that she is.
A Ba'athist? To hold such a position at the university you would have to be a party member.
Find her.
And if I do find her? Would that mean that Sawsan becomes less important? Possibly.
Find neither and you're useless to me.
I can't help Mrouj and I can't help you.
Temple and Evans have started something that threatens everybody's safety.
If this cell wants revenge, they'll keep going till they get it.
My priority is to identify and eliminate any threat to my own people.
I will not lose sight of that.
Just when I'm standing on this fucking rooftop for a better view.
This morning's roll call.
No flags.
I want you on a leash, Inspector.
I want you on-call.
Keep it charged and switched on at all times.
For the sake of your daughters, bring me Zubeida Rashid.
Sir, phone call from the Palace.
It's the babe from CA.
Sir, it's Megan Ford.
I have the roll call you requested in front of me.
It makes for very interesting reading.
Apparently, Laura, AKA Zahra Boustani, passed through checkpoint three this very morning.
Thank you.
I'll deal with it from here.
We've got an intruder.
Girl number three.
DRAMATIC MUSIC ALARMS RING Thank you for your cooperation.
This is a routine security check.
HE SHOUTS IN ARABIC We'll soon get you back to work.
This is a routine security check.
Everybody please leave your stations.
This won't take long.
Move! Move! ALARMS BLARE All right, everybody.
IDs out.
PHONE BEEPS Douglas, I need an extraction.
Captain, I would like to know why you are protecting a known Ba'athist and friend of the regime.
May I see your ID, please? Your favourite policeman is responsible for the arrest, torture and execution of my father and my brother.
Your ID, please.
With my weapon permit.
Thank you.
I'm sure you have important business to get to.
Identifying those loyal to Saddam is my business.
What now? You have your assignment.
You find Zubeida Rashid and we arrest her.
I would rather be looking for Temple.
The intruder is here for one man only You have your assignment.
What if she finds him? What if he attacks her, huh? What then? She will be unarmed.
This is my domain.
She's my problem.
She's my daughter.
Which is exactly why you need to exit the Green Zone immediately.
You do your job, I'll do mine.
You find me Zubeida Rashid.
HE SIGHS She tried to fucking kill me, like I'm responsible for the fucking war.
I came here to help.
Your certain she's his daughter? Yes, no question.
We need to get her out of here.
And wipe the slate clean.
Gonna reclaim my money.
Resign and get out of this shithole once and for all.
Write a fucking book.
Iraq: After The Bombs Stopped Falling by Francis Paul Temple.
Goodnight, sweetheart.

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