Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e13 Episode Script

Tsubasa Cat, Part Three

1 SIGNS OP REMINISCENCE REMINISCENCE STOP A Hachikuji Mayoi Animation Number 22 Hachikuji! It's been a long time! How cute, how cute! Must touch more, must hug more! Let's check your panties, come on, come on! X-Ray image Even closer Ouch! What the hell are you doing?! It's alright, it's alright! I'm not your enemy! Right, calm down, breathe slowly.
You breathe like some kind of superman robot.
A Araragi's inner thoughts/grumbling Animation Number 47 It's me.
Look closely! Animation Number 52 If it isn't Muraragi-san! Muraragi-san Don't make up names that make people sound like desperate losers! Sorry.
I stuttered.
You did that on purpose.
Not on purpose?! Sanctified.
Ga~n What kind of miracle was that?! Animation number 58 A Red Scene Animation Number 'none' Black Scene Animation Number 'none' I see, studying for a test The first and seventh best students in school are teaching me after all.
It's hard to come up with anything which beats that.
Hanekawa is that other girl I met before, the one with braided cord? Animation Number 'none' White Scene Yup, yup.
And Senjougahara's your girlfriend? Right.
What's wrong? Do you have any complaints? No, I was just thinking that from those two one would naturally choose Hanekawa.
So I'm kind of puzzled with why you chose Senjougahara.
Why, you say Because I just don't see Hanekawa as a girlfriend.
She's more like my patron.
Hanekawa would probably reject me herself too.
Besides, in the first place I liked Senjougahara as she is, her personality included Well, if you're saying you like Senjougahara better, then I guess that's how it is.
Like they say, people's tastes are separately discriminated.
A Separately discriminated Animation Number 77 Maybe distinctively separated after all?! Animation Number 78 A Distinctively separated Back to the topic Animation Number 79 A By the way, Araragi That vampire girl I think her name was Shinobu Oshino, right? Yeah.
She's about eight years old, blonde, and with a helmet and goggles, right? Yeah.
So what? I can't say for sure because I didn't get to take a close look, but I think I saw her yesterday.
She was alone by a donut shop along the highway around five in the evening.
Donut shop? Does Oshino let her wander around alone? Yeah, that's what I thought too.
I decided it's better to report this, so I set up an ambush on you.
Oh, really? You should have said so in the first place.
Well excuse me.
I was so shocked when a certain lolicon grabbed me that I forgot about it.
Oh really? Heh, sorry for letting your imagination run wild.
No, I'm glad I can be of use to you.
Moreover, isn't it time? Oh, yes.
See you later, Hachikuji.
I'm sure we will meet again.
ANGLE FIGURE TRI My love, my passion won't stop koishikute itoshikute tomaranai Yeah After I graduate, I'm going to travel.
At least let my heart semete kono kokoro ha PHOTOGRAPHIC VERSION be at your side kimi no moto he— Planning: Kouichiro Natsume Irie Yoshio Bakemonogatari Tsubasa Cat Animated flick "Bakemonogatari" (Kodansha BOX) Original work: Nishio Ishin Days and months are travellers of eternity.
So are the years that pass by.
United Arab Emirates Character design, chief animation director: Akio Watanabe Character planning: VOFAN Cause I'm not the angel you think I am kimi ga omou hodo tenshi ja nai kara Papua/New Guinea Akiyuki Shinbou Series composition: Fuyashi Tou New Zealand Visual director: Nobuyuki Takeuchi kirameku kimochi ha chimimouryou My radiant feelings are really gremlins.
FIGURE Spirits of mountains and streams Be prudent.
Tsubasa Animation number 12 Argentina Art director: Toshiharu Iijima Color setting: Takizawa Izumi issou no koto mou akuma ni naretara When I finally become a devil Romania Bakemonogatari Photographic OP Portugal Editing: Rie Matsuhara Director of photography: Takayuki Aizu Visual effects: Motoi Sakai the words I mumble tsubuyaku kotoba ha imi mourou FIGURE Meaning unclear will have their meaning obscured Sound director: Yota Tsuruoka Music: Satoru Kousaki Music work: Aniplex I'll forever wait like it was that day ano hi no mama de zutto matteru Opening theme: "Sugar Sweet Nightmare" Lyrics: meg rock Composition/arrangement: Kousaki Satoru Vocals: Hanekawa Tsubasa (Horie Yui) Opening director: Tatsuya Oishi akirameta mama ima mo matteru no Having given up, I'm waiting even now I want to tell you, I can't tell you, iitakute ienakute todokanai it won't come out Superviser: Katsushi Oota.
Producers: Atsuhiro Iwagami, Masayuki Hariu, Mitsutoshi Kubota.
no matter if I'm this close to you konna soba ni ite mo Hey, what should I do? nee dou sureba ii no Be prudent.
Series director: Tatsuya Oishi koishikute itoshikute tomaranai My love, my passion won't stop Akiyuki Shinbo Director semete kono kokoro ha At least let my heart be at your side kimi no moto he— Tsubasa Animation number 24 Hanekawa Tsubasa Animation number 26 Tsubasa BODY Tsubasa Animation number 28 Over Animation production: SHAF Production: Aniplex Koudansha SHAF A They were cat ears.
A From the small head of Hanekawa grew cute cat ears.
I stood silent, biting my lower lip.
A So hard it started bleeding.
A That's fun A I just decided to be serious, so I can't smile A Delivering an appealing speech which moves your partner and then bursting with laughter on him, a typical manga cliche.
A A But I swear that at least I will never do something like that Still, these cat ears A A They suit Hanekawa really well, as if they were specially designed to match her properly brushed forelock.
A I thought that during the Golden Week too: A You can say she was born to have cat ears A If anything.
During the nightmare case that was the Golden Week, A A her ears weren't really Hanekawa-style.
A Thus this immense destructive power.
A Subordinate A Gym Subordinate A A Gym A Subordinate Gym A Ah, I see: this time cat ears are black , the same color as her hair.
A Episode 11 Tsubasa Cat, Part Three Typeface used for images: HGP mincho B Gymnasium Bicycle parking Hanekawa Tsubasa New email 1 new A Oh.
Where're you off to, Araragi? I need to go somewhere for a while.
What for? Humanitarian aid.
I see.
That's fine.
Take care, Araragi.
I'm especially sympathetic to you, so I'll take attendance for you.
Attendance? I'll be fine as long as I use your voice.
Leave it to me.
A Animation Number 79 Born in Saitama Prefecture.
Voices strong-willed women, weak women, lively girls and even boys.
Played animals, non-human characters, eccentric guys speaking in low voice, and other types of characters too.
(Works for Aim Enterprise) Voice Actress/Chiwa Saitou My voice actress has a superior voice.
Voice actress!? Is this world an anime!? "Hitagi, you are so beautiful! You are really my dream woman! I love you!" Didn't that resemble you? Not at all! You got my hopes up, but this didn't come close to my expectation! To begin with, you haven't even heard that from me yet! "Haven't yet", meaning I'm still going to hear it? Yeah! Rouhaku Park Hey, Hanekawa.
Oh, Araragi.
Isn't riding a bike into the park against the rules? There's a proper parking place here.
This isn't the time to be telling me this! Who cares about parking after you made me skip school! This and that are two different issues.
Hurry up and park it.
Animation Number 'none' Black Scene I'm sorry for making you skip school, Araragi.
No, it's nothing.
Did I sound like I'm complaining? I didn't mean to be sarcastic.
You don't have to worry.
I've properly calculated it.
A There's no problem even if you're absent with today's schedule, Araragi.
Naoetsu High School Third Year Timetable Unpleasant calculations Animation Number 157 A But with the class rep and vice class rep missing, what'll happen to the cultural festival preparations? I've left Senjougahara in charge of it after school.
Isn't that a mistake? She skipped school yesterday.
So she's paying me back.
Animation Number 'none' Black Scene Still, no matter how you look at it, those are pajamas.
Hey, Hanekawa.
What? No, Princess Hanekawa.
Princess? May I please take your coat? Araragi.
Don't make me angry.
I'm sorry Well, enough with the jokes.
What's the matter, Hanekawa? Headaches Animation Number 177 A It's those headaches, after all? No, the headaches have gone away for now.
A Headaches Animation Number 179 Umm Araragi That Golden Week I remembered it.
I see No, that's not right, I guess.
It's like I remembered that I'm forgetting something I see.
The cat.
It's the cat.
REMINISCENCE I remembered up to that point.
We buried that cat with you, Araragi.
Yeah I remember that now.
But Hanekawa, calling me out like that I guess there's something else to it Aside from you just remembering something? That's true.
Spirits, right? A Spirits Animation Number 194 Yes That's why I thought I'd ask you to guide me to Oshino's place, Araragi Can I ask you to lead the way? Why of course.
Of course, but before that, may I ask you several questions? Sure, why? You see, we're always relying on Oshino regarding spirits.
Even if we end up passing it to him again, it's better to sort this out between us first.
Ah, you're right.
Well then, ask me anything.
You said you're having headaches recently, when exactly did they start? About a month ago, I guess.
Yesterday and the day before that happened in front of you, and the ones at the bookstore and the school gates were really painful.
Why didn't you say so back then?! Sorry.
I didn't want to worry you.
Well, fine.
Then Have you had any cat-related episodes since Golden Week? A Animation Number 207 CA Cat-related episodes? Like a black cat running in front of you or something along those lines.
Animation Number 155 May twenty-seventh, I was listening to a radio show.
A May twenty-seventh, during the radio show Naoetsu city broadcasting station To radio program "Raido late night show" Nickname "I love big pandas" Postcard picture Animation number 210 A Postcard magnification It may look quite fun in anime and manga, but being a maid is a surprisingly tough job.
It's nothing to go "moe-moe" all over about.
In reality, they don't have time to rest at all.
They were reading a postcard from someone nicknamed "I love big pandas".
Do you think that's related? No, I think it's not.
By the way, this was written in the letter: "It may look quite fun in anime and manga, but being a maid is a surprisingly tough job.
" "They don't have time to rest at all.
" "I've been told that on a group date the other day, there's no mistake.
" No, you didn't have to explain that to me! By the way, Araragi, do you think that postcard is funny? I don't really understand it.
Well, you see The postcard says that maids don't have time to rest at all, but the writer cheekily participates in group dates like it's nothing.
That's supposed be funny.
but why should I comment on that postcard? Oh, now I get it.
But really, it's hard to get it by listening to it only once.
Moreover, now that I think about it, Animation Number 219 Bear cat A "bear cat" isn't really a cat at all, it's a panda.
Animation Number 219 Panda = Bear cat Yes, you're right.
Anything else? Others? Umm, let's see, at the same show there was someone nicknamed "The brandishing personality".
Nickname "The brandishing personality" Animation number 222 To radio program "Raido late night show" Postcard picture "We played the Millionaire card game with three friends some time ago.
" "Once we dealt the cards, one of them said: "In my middle school we had the rule that 4 was the strongest card!" Where is the funny part? No, when I said "anything else" I didn't mean "any other postcards you didnt't get".
By the way, the funny part was that there are lots of local rules in Millionaire such as "8 doesn't play" or "flee the capital".
Their friend was just using that to bring up a rule convenient with the cards he had at hand.
Ah, I see now.
As expected from Araragi-kun.
I'm not glad being appreciated for this.
A The brandishing personality Animation Number 225 And one more, about that "brandishing personality" nickname These two words are written with the same kanji, so it's a bit of a pun too.
THE BRANDISHING PERSONALITY A Animation Number 225 But you know, Araragi-kun, that show isn't only about obscure postcards.
Nickname "Let's walk peeling apples".
Nickname "Let's walk peeling apples" Naoetsu city broadcasting station To radio program "Raido late night show" Animation number 227 Postcard picture "The other day, I went to a video rental shop with my friend.
" "We wanted to take a certain drama show, but from the 13 volumes, the eigth was rented by another person.
" "So we could rent up to the seventh.
" "I feel like waiting for 8 in a Sevens game!" said my friend.
" "The guy who rented the eighth one must be grinning now.
" "But looks like it's him who's going to score the last!" the friend answered.
" That's fun alright, but let's put that radio aside! Well, anyway, Hanekawa.
My next question.
Please take off your hat.
That's That's not a question, is it, Araragi? Yeah.
Princess Hanekawa.
Please allow me to take care of your hat for the time being.
Don't make me angry.
Go ahead.
If you want to be angry then go ahead and be.
To me, repaying the favor is more important than friendship.
Repaying the favor What do you mean by that? I'm talking about the spring vacation.
But that's I mean, in the end Haven't you been saved only through your own efforts? No.
Oshino can say that, but I think that you saved me.
You are my savior.
I'd like to do anything for you.
If only I could do that, I will endure any anger or hatred.
Endure, huh? You sound like a brat.
Am I? You impudent Araragi, how dare you! That line's more suited for a delinquent.
It's not something an honors student would say.
That's true.
Don't laugh.
I-Is this enough? Y-Yeah THANKS Animation Number 280 Thanks.
Why're you thanking me? But Yeah, I've got it.
It really does seem like a continuation of Golden Week.
If that is so, we can deal with that.
I guess so.
Okay, well, let's head to Oshino's.
You're not going to lecture me about riding a bike with two people being illegal, are you? I'd like to, but I'll overlook this for you.
I made you skip school, but with this, we should be even.
Um, isn't that a strange way of being even? Animation Number 246 Both are in your favour A Red Scene Animation Number 'none' Okay, get on.
Well then, let's go.
Animation Number 295 Breasts A So soft! And large! Araragi, we need to talk after we get off the bike.
Animation Number 'none' Okay then, we're departing.
Red Scene By the way, you have it pretty tough, you know.
Having to look after various people's various problems.
Various people? Senjougahara, Mayoi-chan, Kanbaru And yesterday, Sengoku-chan They're all girls! Shut up.
They're all related to spirits, right? I've just remembered.
It's kind of like they're incomplete though That's right.
It's not like Senjougahara could have gotten over her illness so quickly, right? It all started when you were attacked by the vampire during spring break Vampire Everything stems from that.
Weight crab The spirits themselves have been there all along naturally Lost cow Monkey's \h hand It's not like they just popped up all of the sudden one day, right? Jagirinawa You know Araragi? Know what? Vampires have one peculiar ability.
It's called "charm" vampires take humans as love slaves.
"Love slaves"? It must be something like hypnosis, I think.
You gaze into their eyes and the next moment you fall in love with them.
So what? Nothing really.
But I just thought Senjougahara \h\h\h\h\h\hHitagi Maybe that you're popular with girls now is somehow related? Hachikuji \h\hMayoi Kanbaru \hSuruga Sengoku \hNadeko Hanekawa \h Tsubasa Sorry.
I'm being mean right now, am I? I don't really think so.
Rather, I can I understand that.
I get it, charm, huh.
You know everything, don't you? I don't know everything.
I don't know everything.
I know nothing at all.
Animation Number 321 I know nothing at all Animation Number 'none' Black Scene Oh? Is that you, Araragi? And class reppy right? Your hair's a bit different today, but yeah, those glasses are unmistakenably yours.
Long time no see Reppy, one day no see Araragi.
Huh? You're not going to say your usual "I've been waiting for so long" or "I got tired of waiting" today? Animation Number 'none' Black Scene Uhh, oh? Is that so? What's the matter, Reppy? Today's not a weekend.
Araragi's one thing, but it pains me to think that Reppy could skip classes too.
I see, it must be that.
The rumored School Foundation Day.
Oh no.
Hm? That hat Suits you The hat.
So that's how it is, Araragi.
Troubles really follow your wake.
Anyway, come in.
Araragi, to tell the truth, I'm unusually occupied with something now.
I'm busy and don't have much time.
Is that so? But alright.
Araragi's one thing, but if Reppy is in serious trouble, I have to at least help her with something.
Animation Number 'none' Black Scene Meddlesome cat.
Animation Number 348 Meddlesome cat A Talking about spirits, you should have heard about the famous three legendary monster cats I mean, Araragi is one thing, but for Hanekawa it goes without saying.
Hey, stop conveniently inserting "Araragi's one thing" when you talk about Hanekawa! Bit by bit, this is starting to annoy me.
No, it's not like I was saying it on purpose either, but the truth just slips right out of my mouth, y'know? You better watch out on the road at night.
It's pointless to worry, I'm nocturnal.
Speaking of nocturnal, cats are like that too.
H-Hanekawa?! Don't panic, Araragi.
Aren't you lively, did something nice happen? Is it that you got to see her cat ears or that you got to see her in pajamas? Don't add practical conclusions to the lines you say out of habit! This is just asking for misunderstanding! It's no misunderstanding though.
Instead, you could have at least said a word of gratitude to me, who never mentioned how you got Hanekawa to embrace you while riding on your bike.
It seems you have finished questioning the victim already.
The case of a shy girl two days ago was a good punch for you.
Sengoku's a "shy girl"? No, before that - what did you do? You have gathered a bit of info without me, but I had almost no chance of doing that.
I'm just taking shortcuts.
Shortcuts? Told you I have no time, didn't I? Instead of listening to Reppy's story, it's much faster to ask the suspect himself.
Suspect? But Look, it's here already, Araragi.
The sexually twisted cat takes her appearance.
I'm surprised to see you again, human.
Lusting over my master's breasts without any shame, it seems.
Hopeless as usual, aren't you.
Shall I devour you? Bakemonogatari Cat Tsubasa Cat, Part Three TO BE CONTINUED That's Deneb, Altair, Vega are ga denebu arutairu bega あ れ が デ ネ ブ ア ル タ イ ル ベ ガ the summer triangle that you pointed out.
kimi ha yubisasu natsu no daisankaku 君 は 指 差 す 夏 の 大 三 角 覚 え て oboete I remember that 空 を 見 る sora wo miru and look at the sky.
There's Orihime, I've found her at last yatto mitsuketa orihimesama や っ と 見 つ け た 織 姫 様 dakedo doko darou hikoboshisama But where is Hikoboshi, I wonder? だ け ど ど こ だ ろ う 彦 星 様 It's lonely like that.
kore ja hitoribocchi こ れ じ ゃ 一 人 ぼ っ ち makkura no sekai kara miageta 真 っ 暗 の 世 界 か ら 見 上 げ た We looked up from the pitch-dark world, yozora ha hoshi ga furu you de and the stars in the night sky were ready to fall.
夜 空 は 星 が ふ る よ う で い つ か ら だ ろ う itsu kara darou I wonder when it was, 君 の こ と を kimi no koto wo that I started chasing after you.
追 い か け る 私 が い た oikakeru watashi ga ita ど う か お 願 い douka onegai Please, if possible, don't be surprised, odorokanaide 驚 か な い で kiite yo understand them.
聞 い て よ 私 の watashi no These feelings こ の 想 い を kono omoi wo of mine.
I'm Karen! And I'm Tsukihi! Baseball, y'know.
Baseball, y'know? Don't you think it's useless complaining about the ump? Isn't it useless? The ump is absolute!! The ump is absolute!! But there's also "appeal play".
"Appeal play"? It's when you go, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, Blue, that was an out just now! Don't play dumb.
You saw it clearly, right?" and you get an out.
A secret plan, right? If you use it poorly you'll be ejected! Ejected, fail! Preview quiz! Quiz! Preview Squeeze! "Squeeze"? Squeeze is the term for a bunt? A bunt? It's a safety squeeze! I don't understand it! Yeah, I don't understand the meaning at all! The bunter's the sacrifice so why is it "safety"!? He's an absolute sacrifice! It's an all-out contradiction! They're trying some subtle deception! It's like "A sacrificial bunt so you can live too"!! That's not a quiz, but a complaint! Next Time: Next time, Tsubasa Cat Part Four.
A Preview Tsubasa Cat, Part Four The gift of a bunt to the runner.
Bunt fail.