Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e12 Episode Script

Tsubasa Cat, Part Two

1 Cut number 1A Flashback to lunch We're going on a date.
What? Well Umm What's with this situation? I've seen similar intimate conversations before in comics and stuff, but somehow I'm not happy at all.
If anything, I'm scared! What's wrong, Araragi-kun? Say "ah~".
Unnumbered cut Black There.
Unnumbered cut Red Seeing you smile makes me really happy.
Araragi-kun, there's a clump of rice on your cheek.
You put it there! I'll remove it for you.
There you go.
she threw it out Cut number 37 Anyway, we're going on a date.
No, that's wrong.
That's not how it's said.
Shall Shall we go on a date? How How about we go on a date? What? Don't you want to, Araragi-kun? No, it's not that I don't want to.
I see.
Then go on a date with me, Araragi-kun.
So in the end, you're that calm.
Do you have any complaints No, any questions? No.
I see.
Then I'll make up an excuse and go home early after school today.
As soon as you're done with the preparations for the cultural festival, come over to my house.
Fuck yes! This makes today, June 13th, my first date with my lover.
Cut number 59 It was a day to remember, but Cut number 61 It's better to back off now while there's still time Before we misunderstand each other even more Before I knew it, The staple you used to bind your words pierced my heart It's your fault Don't come to me the way I am now Don't look at me wherever I go Don't let go of me with that smile No matter who you are I prayed for an endless eternity In the sky that stretches on forever Like the sea with its harsh love, You dove into my heart to take it I want to deliver these feelings to you That can't be weighed GHO ST ORY bakemono gatari T S U B A S A C A At least I figured this out.
Senjougahara Hitagi She's pretty smart, usually near the top of the class, but incompetent at love.
Completely incompetent.
Even during our conversation when we started dating on Mother's Day.
This girl is so reckless.
She's like an RPG hero who goes straight into a cave without a torch.
Does she think she needs to use that methodology, She's showing all her cards and throwing herself on the mercy of her opponent.
subtly budding relationship? like an aggressive diplomatic doctrine, in this kind of fond, It's horrible.
It's scary.
99 men out of 100 would dump her if she kept pushing it like that.
I can tell even though I'm not experienced in love either.
I guess she's doing it because she's decided I'm that one out of the hundred.
I have to tip my hat.
I'm moeing so damn hard.
Oh no.
I can't even joke about it.
Really, I just wanted to leave it all up to force and embrace Senjougahara, but even I know I'd lose her then.
how I'd describe my relationship with Senjougahara.
Even from the start, I never had many cards to play Is I guess Not that I didn't need them.
Sleep Lying there together looking up at the stars.
We make good lovers like that.
Yellow Unnumbered cut Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Episode 11 Tsubasa Cat Part 1 I spent too much time in front of the school talking to Sengoku and Hanekawa.
Cut number 65 Red Unnumbered cut I'm a little late.
2 0 1 Still sooner than I expected.
Oh well.
All right, let's go.
Follow me.
Hey What's wrong, Araragi-kun? You're being pretty quiet.
Come on, don't you understand the current situation? I don't understand.
What do you mean by "current" and "situation"? Cut number 76 Now Cut number 77 Situation You don't even understand that much!? Man, her dad's coming along on our first date.
This date is like torture.
What kind of hellish memory is it going to be!? It makes sense that you would be nervous on your first date, but don't be, Araragi-kun.
The night is long.
Yeah I'm not nervous because it's my first date! Hitagi line/voice Cut number 84 Hey, Araragi-kun.
Do you love me? Tell me if you love me.
What, aren't you going to answer? Could it be that you don't really love me, Araragi-kun? I I love you.
I see.
I love you too, Araragi-kun.
Thanks a lot.
Don't worry about it.
You're being really quiet, Araragi-kun.
You're not talking at all.
Usually you chat a lot more.
Is something wrong today? No, I'm fine.
Oh, I see.
There's something wrong with your head.
You're just taking advantage of my confusion to say whatever you want! Araragi-kun, you're always so naughty with your retorts.
Very well.
Then I'll kindly start the conversation.
You can just answer me.
What do you love about me? It's pretty obvious what I don't love! Dammit! I was really looking forward to this! It felt like my dreams had come true! Calling it a dream is a hyperbole.
Didn't you know, Araragi-kun? Person If you write "fickle" next to "person" Hmm I wonder what that makes? Cut number 111 Cut number 112 Fickle She probably means me.
Cut number 114 Araragi Cut number 115 The birth of a new kanji Hey, Senjougahara.
Just what are you up to? Senjougahara? Are you talking to me? Or are you talking to my father? Daddy, Araragi-kun is talking to you.
Hitagi-san! I'm talking to you, Hitagi-san! Cut number 119 Where he calls her by first name What, Araragi-kun? But you won't call me by my name.
Oh well, I don't really mind.
Unnumbered cut Black So, Hitagi-san, I'll ask again.
Can you tell me what you're up to? What are you scheming? I'm not scheming up anything.
By the way, Araragi-kun.
There's a famous mystery novelist named Kuroiwa Ruikou, Cut number 123 Kuroiwa Ruikou but you can rearrange his name to mean "wicked, bad child".
Cut number 124 Wicked Bad Cut number 125 Cut number 126 Child Do you think this was intentional? That doesn't matter! You're the wicked, bad kid! Cut number 128 Wicked child Bad child Cut number 129 You're saying horrible things about me in front of my father.
Daddy, it seems that your daughter is a wicked, bad girl.
Oh my, you've gotten quiet again.
Perhaps I teased you a bit too much.
Araragi-kun, you respond so easily that I dig at you even when I shouldn't.
That line cuts the deepest.
So, what do you like about me? Cut number 140 You're nice, cute, and like a prince who would rescue me whenever I'm in trouble.
Cut number 140 Well sorry! By the way, Tras- No, I mean Araragi-kun.
Did you just call your boyfriend "trash"? What are you talking about? Stop putting words in my mouth.
By the way, Araragi-kun.
How did you do on the exams? I went through so much trouble, day and night, to study with you at my place.
Why do you have to put it like that? So, how did you do? Unnumbered cut Black I scored better than I expected.
I've always been pretty good at math, but this time I did better than usual.
It was because of you.
Thanks, Senjougahara.
Daddy, I think Araragi-kun is thanking you.
Are you listening? Thank you, Hitagi-san! I was hoping that you'd do it right after the exams.
Well, expecting that from your current self would be too cruel.
I'm a bit surprised even though I was the one who taught you.
Surprised? Yes, I see that you don't find it funny.
I didn't get your help in order to be laughed at! I was sure that you were going to tell me: "I studied too hard and ended up doing worse than usual.
" So I'm kind of disappointed.
Expecting that to happen is pretty cruel! Araragi line (Naughty)!! Oh, I see.
But really, your results are a big deal.
I'm proud of you.
If you keep it up, Araragi-kun, perhaps you can aim even higher.
Higher? If you'd like, Araragi-san, I can keep helping you with your studies.
Well I honestly wouldn't mind.
I see.
Then let's study at my place every day.
E-Every day!? Do smart people really study that much? No, it's obviously only necessary for you.
Smart people are smart before they even study.
But it seems that Hanekawa studies every day.
Unfortunately, the studying that Hanekawa-san does is on a completely different level from ours.
Hanekawa-san's the real thing.
She's in a completely different world.
But doesn't Hanekawa-san usually ace all her tests? If Hanekawa-san doesn't ace it, there's probably something wrong with the test.
But I wonder.
Just how great is the pressure? I honestly can't say I envy her.
Pressure, huh? Or you could call it stress.
Cut number 181 Stress, eh? You don't even begin to compare to her.
You have to use all your energy just to crawl up out of the mud.
So let's study every day at my place.
Sure, thanks.
We can do it at Kanbaru's place too sometimes.
Why are you talking about Kanbaru now? I have to hang out with her sometime.
I promised.
Didn't you say you wanted to hang out with her too? Well, she is a pretty fun person.
Oh right, about Kanbaru.
What about Kanbaru? Why is she so kinky? Kinky? Kanbaru? Am I wrong? Even Oshino said that Kanbaru was more of a kinky character than an athlete.
I see.
Isn't that just what males see? She's just honest with herself.
I see.
I can't ignore your mistaken "kinky" impression of my cute junior.
If you can't ignore it, what are you going to do? What am I going to do? I'm going to sway the basis for your judgment.
If I do that, you'll think of Kanbaru as a pure and innocent girl.
Cut number 201 Obscene line Do to Cut number 208 Oh Oh crap! Nibble.
Cut number 217 How about that, Araragi-kun? Just do whatever you want, Hitagi-san.
Commercials follow Cut number 126 Parking Silence Cut number 222 Wait here a second, Araragi-kun.
I'm going ahead by myself to get everything ready.
To get everything ready? You should have a chat with my father.
Araragi-kun, right? Yes.
I'm Araragi Koyomi.
I see.
Take good care of my daughter.
Just kidding.
You've probably heard that I'm the very picture of a workaholic.
I have barely any time to spend with Hitagi.
I don't know if you'd believe me, but it's been a long time since I've seen Hitagi this happy.
Cut number 241 You heard what happened to her mother, right? Yes.
Then you heard about her illness too.
Well, that's not all.
Of course, I'm at fault for being so caught up in my work too.
Hitagi completely closed off her heart.
Red Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut But lately, she's been asking me things that she hasn't asked me in ages.
She said she wanted to help with my work.
And this time.
Both of her requests involved you.
Causing that change in her is pretty impressive, Araragi-kun.
I'm thankful that you're that impressed.
But it was by accident.
Really? I heard that you played a big role in curing Hitagi.
I don't think it matters that it was me.
And really, Hitagi was saved by herself.
I was just present at the time.
Cut number 260B Father/line That's good enough.
The most important thing is just being there when you're needed.
I didn't do my job as a father.
When she needed me, I wasn't there for her.
But even if I'm like that, I'm proud of my daughter.
I believe in my daughter's judgment.
If you're the man she chose, you must be the right one.
Take good care of my daughter, Araragi-kun.
Father Sorry to keep you waiting, Araragi-kun.
Father, what comes next is between two young lovers.
Thanks for bringing us here.
We'll be back in around two hours, so go back to work until then.
Cut number 274 Okay.
All right, Araragi-kun.
Thanks, Daddy.
Cut number 286 Where are we, Senjougahara? Didn't I already answer that question, Araragi-kun? Cut number 286 Black Unnumbered cut Hey, Senjougahara.
How much longer do I have to stay like this? You're not allowed to look up yet, Araragi-kun.
Black Unnumbered cut Cut number 297 HITAGI/line Close your eyes and lie down.
Black Unnumbered cut You can open your eyes now.
How is it, Araragi-kun? Amazing.
I honestly don't have any words for it.
Your vocabulary isn't big enough.
Deneb, Altair, Vega.
Those stars make the famous Summer Triangle.
And Ophiuchus is straight to the side.
So Serpens is over there.
That bright star there is Spica.
Meaning Virgo is over there.
Cancer is over there It's a little hard to make out.
Senjougahara HITAGI Cut number 300 HITAGI Cut number 300 Cut number 300 Hitagi Unnumbered cut Black That's all.
Huh? What do you mean? That's all I have.
Cut number 301 Being able to help you study.
A cute junior and a brusque father.
And this starry sky.
That's all I have.
That's all I can give you, Araragi-kun.
That's everything.
Everything Well, to be exact, I can also offer spiteful and abusive words.
I don't want those.
And there's my body.
Do you not want that either? Uh, no That But you know, right? A long time ago, I was nearly raped by a chauvinist pig.
Honestly, I'm afraid to do with you what he did to me.
I'm really afraid that I'll hate you for it, Araragi-kun.
Right now, I'm afraid of losing you.
Although my life hasn't been very fortunate until now, I'm glad if I caught your eye because of that misfortune.
Because of that, I was able to fall for you.
So we'll definitely do something, but I want to wait just a little bit.
So right now, the last thing I can offer you Is this starry sky.
When I was a little girl, my mommy and daddy took me here.
It's my treasure.
Hey, Araragi-kun.
Do you love me? I love you.
I love you too, Araragi-kun.
What do you love about me? Everything.
There's nothing about you I don't love.
I see.
I'm happy.
What do you love about me? You're kind.
You're cute.
You're like a prince who would rescue me whenever I'm in trouble.
I'm happy.
By the way, that chauvinist pig was only interested in my body, so he took nothing from my lips.
So, Araragi-kun.
Kiss me.
No, that's wrong.
That's not how it goes.
Shall Shall we kiss? H-How How about we kiss? Let's kiss, Araragi-kun.
So in the end, you're that calm.
On a day just like any other day That's how this became a day to remember.
You suddenly got up and said, "Let's go watch the stars tonight" For both of us.
Deneb, Altair, and Vega That's the Summer Triangle you pointed at I remember that when I look up at the sky I finally found Vega But where are you, Altair? You'll be alone like this I looked up from the pitch dark world It's like the night sky is filled with raining stars I wonder when I started to chase after you Please, no matter what Don't be surprised Listen to these feelings of mine Unnumbered cut