Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e11 Episode Script

Tsubasa Cat, Part One

1 Reminiscence It was April 29th, the first day of Golden Week.
So now, my stepfather's new wife is my mom, and her new husband is my dad.
So you mean that your current parents aren't your real parents? Aren't they supposed to not tell you that kind of thing? They were frank with me.
I heard about it before I even started school.
It was like I was just a nuisance.
Even if they wanted to give me up for adoption, they had to keep up appearances.
That's why I decided to be a good girl.
Being a "good girl" is just being normal, right? I'd be looked at with prejudice because of my complicated family life, right? I decided I wasn't going to let that affect me.
Hanekawa What are you going to do, Araragi-kun? It's finally Golden Week.
Aren't you going to study? It's finally Golden Week, so why do I have to study? Black Unnumbered cut I go for walks on my days off, since I don't want to be at home.
The thought of spending all day at home It makes me shiver.
Red Unnumbered cut So I go for walks on my days off.
I feel you think too hard about it.
Hey, what's up with your face? Promise you won't tell anyone? I promise.
My dad hit me this morning.
He hit you? That's! Come on, think about it, Araragi-kun.
If a kid you didn't know started acting all familiar with you, don't you think you'd be angry or get rough? Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Black Come on! Should you really be justifying it!? You shouldn't forgive that kind of thing! It's fine.
He only did it once.
Plus, you promised me.
You promised me that you wouldn't tell anyone.
But I can't keep that kind of promise.
Please, Araragi-kun! Don't tell anyone about this! I'll do anything for you if you keep it secret! Please! Fine, I understand.
Unnumbered cut Black Huh? Will you help out? It's better to back off now while there's still time Before we misunderstand each other even more Before I knew it, The staple you used to bind your words pierced my heart It's your fault Don't come to me the way I am now Don't look at me wherever I go Don't let go of me with that smile No matter who you are I prayed for an endless eternity In the sky that stretches on forever Like the sea with its harsh love, You dove into my heart to take it I want to deliver these feelings to you That can't be weighed T S U B A S A C A GHO ST ORY bakemono gatari Hanekawa Tsubasa is, to me, a very important person.
She's irreplacable.
I owe her.
N o , I owe her a lot.
Whatever I do, I don't think it's possible to repay her.
Hanekawa Tsubasa.
A girl with fantastic wings.
reps, chosen by God.
A class rep among class She's well-received by the school, and popular among the class.
she had a helpful personality too.
Not only was she honest, but but I couldn't believe what I learned about This might not be the right way to put it, The nine days between April 29th and Sunday, May 7th.
her family background during Golden Week.
Golden Week---- She was charmed by a cat.
that Hanekawa felt were that reason.
Even still She was charmed by a cat like I was attacked by a demon.
----In this case, it seems like the family discord and twistedness The oddities have their reasons Pressure Hanekawa reached out her hand to me.
She didn't have the time to help me over spring break----but even still, she lifted me up from the deepest depths.
I'll never forget that.
No matter what happens.
Yellow Unnumbered cut Episode 11 Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Tsubasa Cat Part 1 Naoetsu High Unnumbered cut Black Cut number 62 Sengoku Nadeko Koyomi onii-chan, I've been waiting! Hey, Sengoku! What are you doing here? Um, Koyomi onii-chan I wanted to thank you again.
You should go thank Kanbaru instead.
Kanbaru came through here already, right? But before I was able to call out to her, she took off faster than the eye could see.
Perhaps she was on her way to read the rest of all of those BL novels she bought yesterday .
the rest omitted Reprinted from Ghostory vol.
2, published by Kodansha Cut number 73 I'm sure that she was just in a hurry to get somewhere.
Like a delivery worker.
Why are you referring to the special attack of Prince Yamato from Bikkuriman!? It's hard to understand and it takes too long to explain! I didn't think anyone would find it funny either.
You're always so funny, Koyomi onii-chan.
Reprinted from Ghostory vol.
2, published by Kodansha I haven't really thought about it, but has this been my role since elementary school? .
the rest omitted Cut number 81 But what should I do? What's wrong? I had other things to talk to her about too.
Really? I'll do that for you.
I've got to thank her, too.
It'd make me feel bad.
Don't say that.
It's nothing.
Leave it to me.
Really? Can you do it for me? Here! Koyomi Cut number 88 I made her clothes nice and clean, so give them to her if you don't mind, okay? Sure.
Cut number 93 Koyomi What kind of test is this? Yeah, sure.
That's right, Sengoku.
Mind if I ask you something? What would you like to know? It's not a big deal.
I'm just curious about Shinobu.
Shinobu? Remember how after dealing with the Snake Constrictor yesterday, we went and stayed overnight at an abandoned night school since it was so late? Reminiscence Answer the question.
Cut number 107 She was the cute little blonde there.
Answer the question.
Cut number 108 Did she tell you anything while I was gone? Nope.
I see.
She's a vampire, right? Yeah.
Well, she's more like a pseudo-vampire now.
So she's the one who turned you into a vampire? It's not her fault.
It's mine.
Besides, it's wrong to blame the oddities.
That's just how they are.
They have their reasons.
That's all there is.
I see.
Oddity Oh well, don't trouble yourself with it.
You should go back to your everyday life.
Oddity Well, come see me if anything happens.
If you're really in trouble, you'll get help faster going to Oshino.
Ararag i-kun Arara gi-s enpai RA RA RA Koyomi onii-san R-Really? Well, he did warn me about it.
We can't just keep relying on him.
If we leave everything to Doraemon's secret gadgets, we'll be just like Nobita.
That's right.
Oshino-san's charm was really just like one of Doraemon's secret gadgets.
They're like the genius helmet and the craft glove! Why are you referring to the minor stuff that only shows up in the movies? Cut 117 Use the take-copter or the anywhere door as examples! You're really good at references, Koyomi onii-chan.
What is it? What do you mean? You're defending the wrong place in a lot of ways When I do it with you, it feels like you're judging me as a man.
Nah, it's nothing.
By the way, Koyomi onii-chan.
What? I was wondering about Shinobu.
Shinobu? She kept staring at me.
Her eyes are completely different when she looks at you or Oshino-san Cut number 140 Nadeko's line Cut number 141 Nadeko's line than when she looks at me or Kanbaru-san.
Nadeko's line Cut number 140 You mean she looks at men and women differently? I'm pretty sensitive, so I noticed.
Black Is that you, Araragi-kun? Unnumbered cut What are you doing there? Umm Oh, Hanekawa.
This is the girl I was talking about yesterday.
S-S-S-S-S-S-S-S-Sorry! Naoetsu High School Stop Hanekawa's line Cut number 158 That kind of stings, Araragi-kun.
She's Sengoku Nadeko, my sister's friend whom I was telling you about yesterday.
Oh, that's right, Araragi-kun.
Umm What happened to the snake after that? It's been dealt with for now.
Oshino ended up helping us out again.
I don't really get what happened, but I guess you it got cleared up quickly.
Yeah, I guess.
Naoetsu High School Stop She was pretty cute.
That's your middle school's uniform, right? You really do know everything.
I don't know everything, I just happen to know this.
By the way, Araragi-kun.
What? Didn't you say that you were doing something today? Don't tell me it was to talk with a cute middle scho- That's not it.
Silence silence silence silence silence silence Cut number 173 It was about Senjougahara.
I didn't tell you because I was embarrassed.
Senjougahara-san, eh? Unnumbered cut Black I'll tell you some interesting gossip.
What? It sounds pretty dull, but I'll listen.
Senjougahara has been acting funny ever since she got friendly with you.
You're a bad influence on Senjougahara.
That kind of thing.
Hoshina-sensei asked me about it earlier.
"Hanekawa, do you know anything about this?" I don't really understand why you two are into each other.
But I'm sure that people will keep on saying that kind of thing.
Yeah, they will.
And it'll be tough.
You have to prove that it's not like that.
Senjougahara-san won't like it if you ruin her reputation by having people say she's no good as she's hooked up with you.
Yeah, you're right.
But I stood up for you.
I told him "no way.
" Really? Thanks.
But do you really think that? That there's no way? Yeah, of course! I don't lie.
You're the only person I've ever heard say that who isn't lying.
Oh? I'm sure a lot of people do.
It's the other way around.
I think Senjougahara-san is improving.
I don't know whether it's because she's feeling better or it's because of you.
You've got to support this change in her.
You sure don't talk like a high schooler.
Really? I think it's normal.
By the way, I wonder if Hanekawa has anyone like that.
She's kind to everyone, but I wonder if there's someone special.
Hey, Hanekawa.
What? What is it, Araragi-kun? Well, umm How about Doraemon's secret gadgets? Ow! Black Unnumbered cut Cut number 210 Headache Hey, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
But! You worry too much.
Episode 11 Password: Headache Cut number 210 Headache Cut number 210 Headache Hanekawa, don't tell me It's happening again, like it did during Golden Week? Remi Top curtain Unnumbered cut Lower curtain Unnumbered cut niscence niscence Remi Lower curtain Unnumbered cut Top curtain Unnumbered cut Golden Week.
The nine days between April 29th and May 7th.
Reminiscences Next Reminiscences Next Hey, Hanekawa! It hurts! Hanekawa! Hanekawa! She was charmed by a cat.
Cut number 242 Meddlesome Cat A meddlesome cat.
Meddlesome cat? Yes.
Perhaps a whitecat.
No, it's usually a meddlesome cat.
A tailless cat.
A cat whose tail you can't pull.
What does that mean, Oshino? Putting it realistically, a multiple personality disorder.
It's a form given to the Class Rep's hidden personality.
A dark, evil Hanekawa Tsubasa.
Let's call it Black Hanekawa.
Unnumbered cut White But she's so white.
It's not about how she looks, it's about what's inside.
What's wrong, Araragi-kun? You're more impatient than you usually are.
You weren't this irritated when you were attacked by a demon over spring break.
RAGE So how do I return Hanekawa back to normal? Don't sweat it.
I'll explain the whole thing.
There's a reason for the Black Class Rep, the meddlesome cat, appearing.
That reason is stress.
Cut number 248 Stress? It's gotta be some pretty serious stress.
Pretty major stress that's added up over the years.
Araragi-kun, is there anything the Class Rep has been stressing about? Love? Schoolwork? Or maybe family.
Cut number 251 Writhing in the darkness Cut number 253 Meowahaha Cut number 254 Meowahaha Meowahaha Black Hanekawa attacked the townspeople indiscriminately, night after night.
By doing so, she relieved Hanekawa's stress.
Palm Drain Cut number 267 The meddlesome cat's special ability as an oddity is to drain energy.
Like what you see in video games.
It completely sucks away the touched person's strength and vitality.
That energy drain was enough to put people in the hospital.
Man x Woman Cut number 278 Two patients entered the hospital.
The two who became most ill were the first afflicted.
And these two were the reason for Hanekawa's stress.
Palm Palm Black Unnumbered cut Her parents.
Cut number 281 Her parents.
Cut number 281 And on the last day of Golden Week, May 7th.
Cut number 292 Dead End Hey human, I've caught you.
I don't know what you're trying to do following me around, but you're wasting your time, meow~ Danger Do Not Enter As long as the Mistress is still stressed, I'm not going anywhere.
By the way, meow~ If you don't deal with it within a year Shinobu.
No, back then her name wasn't Shinobu yet.
Her special ability as a vampire is to drain energy, the same as a meddlesome cat.
But meddlesome cats and vampires are completely different kinds of oddities.
Danger Do Not Enter The incarnation of Hanekawa's stress was a meddlesome cat.
It was removed thanks to Shinobu's energy drain.
Hanekawa's stress was dealt with for the moment.
Danger Do Not Enter End of Reminiscence That solved the problem.
It's not the same as how she was complaining about strange pains during Golden Week.
But! Hey, Hanekawa! I told you, I'm fine.
The nurse's office No, he wouldn't be there now.
How about the hospital? I told you, I'm fine.
Stop exaggerating things, Araragi-kun.
But hasn't this been happening to you a lot? I told you, you worry too much.
You're pretty timid, Araragi-kun.
But you're! Well, I guess you're kind.
Black Unnumbered cut More importantly, do you understand Senjougahara-san better? And you've got to put it into practice too.
Sure, got it.
Sorry for making you worry about my problems.
I don't mind.
Anyway, you should show me that you understand what I'm saying.
What? The bloomers and the school swimsuit that you're clutching like they're your treasure.
Bloomers Convulsive motion Cut number 337 Cut number 337 School swimsuit You should probably put them in your bag.
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