Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e10 Episode Script

Nadeko Snake, Part Two

1 Under Construction We appreciate your cooperation Do Not Cut 3 Snake Constrictor Snake Constrictor.
It has to be a Snake Constrictor, Araragi-kun.
Adder Shackle, Serpent Braid, Snake Constrictor.
Some even call it the Viper.
Cut 6 Viper Viper? So it's a snake.
Oshino, what kind of oddity is a Snake Constrictor? An oddity born from a person's spite.
Well it's not limited to spite.
But since it's a Snake Constrictor, it has to be spite.
Sengoku told me about it.
Unnumbered cut Black She was cursed by a friend from her class.
Well, it was something like a hocus pocus spell.
Red Unnumbered cut Snake Constrictors aren't something an amateur could handle.
Unnumbered cut Black First of all, why did her friend curse her? It was caused by some kind of love affair.
The guy her friend liked confessed to Sengoku, but she unknowingly rejected him.
Then her friend ended up resenting her for it Something like that.
Cut 16 Resentment Sengoku knew Cut 17 After Sengoku found out she was cursed, she went on to read "The Encyclopedia of Snake Curses".
she was Cut 16 caught in Cut 16 a curse Cut 16 Then she figured out how to lift the curse, and performed the ritual.
Killing snakes to lift a snake curse sounds pretty dumb.
Actually, it got worse after she started killing the snakes.
No, Araragi-kun.
Cut 21 Araragi-kun Chopping up snakes to repel the Snake Constrictor isn't wrong.
Actually, you can call it the correct method.
Then why The procedure wasn't carried out correctly.
Unnumbered cut Black Lifting a curse is harder than placing a curse.
Of course it's going to get worse if done by someone with half-assed knowledge.
Unnumbered cut Silence / Thought And it seems that she was pretty unlucky.
One, two But that's no good.
Look, it won't work.
Our hearts will keep on evolving, more and more.
GHO ST ORY N A D E K O S N A K E gatari bakemono If words will ruin our relationship, then we won't need them.
Don't you think so? Are you scared? But wait.
Something's not right.
A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.
So I'll go on with a resolution as firm as stone.
If I do my best I'll be your ideal girl.
Going to try my best.
I'll give it all I've got! Fluffy and fluttering, fluttery and fluffy.
I can fly to the moon if you call my name.
Fluttery and fluffy, fluffy and fluttering.
When you smile, I'll be affected by it.
Thank you, God.
Even if our fateful encounter was just a prank by fate, I feel blessed by it.
But that's no good.
Look, it won't work.
Our hearts will keep on evolving, more and more.
Yup, I don't want it like that.
Hey, that's not enough.
I just want you to look at me forever and ever.
The general name for reptiles of class Reptilia, order Squamata, suborder Serpentes.
They are distinguished by their long, thin, cylindrical body and coat of scales.
Having hundreds of vertebrae, they can curve their body at will.
Demons, cats, crabs, snails, monkeys-- and now snakes? Leaving out demons, snakes have the worst image of them all.
They feel so unlucky.
The creepiness of cats, crabs, snails, and monkeys doesn't begin to compare to them.
"No-- That image of them is correct, Araragi-kun.
" "Since long ago, snakes have often been considered as such.
" "On the other hand, there have been more than a few instances when they've been considered the opposite, and snake cults have been founded --These have occurred all over the world.
Something with an image of both holiness and wickedness--That's snakes.
" "Say what you will, I don't have anything but bad images of snakes.
" "Even if you mention snake cults, I don't really get it.
" "How about the tsuchinoko as an image that's not negative?" "Well, for me, the fear of snakes is instinctual rather than logical.
" "Just looking at them makes me twitch.
" "Well, there aren't many land animals that look like that.
" Struggle "They look almost like fish swimming on land, so it's impossible to not find them odd.
" "And they're unusually good survivors.
They don't die easily, even if you try hard at killing them.
" Unnumbered cut Yellow Nadeko Snake Part 2 Episode 10 Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Black Unnumbered cut I'm home.
Welcome home, Koyomi onii-chan.
How did it go, Araragi-senpai? It seems her curse will be lifted if we use this.
Really? Yeah, those scale marks will be gone too.
But to lift the curse, we have to carry out the ritual at that shrine.
It'd be best if we carry it out tonight Sengoku, is it okay for you to go home late tonight? Yeah, it's okay.
I'll call my mom and tell her I'll be staying over at my friend's tonight.
Ritual Cut 39 We need to prepare a few things for the ritual.
I'll go gather those.
Meanwhile, go call your mom.
Oh, the stuff we need might be a little heavy Kanbaru, I want you to come and help me.
Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances All right.
Sengoku is in danger.
Her life will be in danger if we don't do something by tonight.
The Snake Constrictor is an invisible snake, which is constricting Sengoku's body.
The scale marks prove that.
According to Oshino, it'll be too late to do anything once the scale marks reach her face.
Shouldn't being constricted feel painful? Oshino said it should be painful.
But she's probably just holding it in.
But Sengoku's classmate didn't have to go this far just because Sengoku rejected the guy she likes Well, curses themselves aren't a big deal.
Well, it shouldn't have activated since it was placed by an amateur.
Then why The procedure to lift the curse wasn't carried out correctly.
Black Unnumbered cut And also, she was unlucky.
Unnumbered cut Black The shrine where the young lady chopped up snakes isn't a special place.
But you see, Shinobu-chan came to this city.
A legendary vampire with royal blood flowing inside her.
Not to mention, vampires are the king of all oddities.
Because of her, a lot of unwelcome guests began gathering at that shrine.
That's also the reason why you didn't feel well.
Then Black Unnumbered cut Yeah, the curse was activated because she was killing snakes in that shrine.
Nothing would've happened if she did it somewhere else.
That's like putting salt on your own wound Then Araragi-senpai Wouldn't it be dangerous to carry out the ritual at the shrine? Not really.
If we follow the procedure carefully, that place should make its existence stand out.
So it's actually to our advantage.
Black Unnumbered cut Hey, Sengoku Unnumbered cut Black What is it, Koyomi onii-chan? Those scale marks actually hurt, right? Are you okay? Road Closed W-Well Please don't be mad at me, Koyomi onii-chan.
No, I'm not blaming you.
I'm just wondering if you're okay.
No bikes It feels like I'm being constricted, but I can hold in the pain.
It's weird that you have to hold it in.
A bright future Lot houses 4km ahead Model house It's okay to say it hurts when it hurts.
Yup, he's right.
A bright future 4km ahead Model house Restraining yourself for a little while is fine, but restraining yourself for a long time isn't because it'll put a lot of stress on your body.
I don't understand why you thought restraining yourself is fine and why you ignored the psychological effects of it, Kanbaru.
Let's go.
Unnumbered cut Red By the way, Sengoku Yes? I was wondering why you rejected the guy who confessed to you.
Well I like someone else.
Hey, how much do you remember about our childhood, Koyomi onii-chan? To be honest, not too much.
My memory isn't really that good.
Oh, I see I'm surprised that you remembered me at all.
I didn't really play with others back then.
Unnumbered cut Black Rara-chan was the only friend who I could play with after school.
You mean Tsukihi-chan? But then, Rara-chan went to a different middle school.
I still cherish those memories of us playing together.
I see.
Not to mention, I'm an only child.
I really wanted an older brother.
(Not really.
The encoder didn't leave one in this week.
) Cut 139 Commercial Next Kanbaru, do you feel okay? Episode 10 Password: Shrine I came prepared.
I'm feeling better than I expected.
Then let's start the preparations.
Kanbaru, I did ask you to get her clothes that would leave enough skin exposed so we could see the scale marks go away But why a school swimsuit of all things?! I was trying to go along with your fetishes.
Don't do that! So you admit it's a fetish of yours? Unnumbered cut Black Sit right in the middle of the sheet.
Then grip this charm with all your might, close your eyes, regulate your breathing and start praying.
Pray to what? Whatever you want.
But in this kind of situation, you should All right.
I'll try my best.
Koyomi onii-chan, look at me.
All right.
Please look at me.
Yeah, no problem.
Unnumbered cut Black Look at me, Koyomi onii-chan! Araragi household, Koyomi's room Reminiscence Reminiscence Part Koyomi Elementary Student Um, you're Sengoku, right? Reminiscence Part Sorry Koyomi Elementary Student Koyomi Elementary Student Reminiscence Part It's tough to do with an upperclassman around, isn't it? Tsukihi's so pushy.
T-That's That's not true.
Even though you're a sixth grader, you're not scary at all.
And you're not mean Besides Koyomi Elementary Student Reminiscence Part Besides? You're really kind And you fixed my bike! Oh, the chain just came off, don't worry Koyomi Elementary Student Reminiscence Part That's Not true Rara-chan, I'm so envious that you have such a nice older brother.
U-Umm Reminiscence Part Koyomi Elementary Student Hm? C-Can I call you "Koyomi onii-chan"? Black Unnumbered cut Cut due to circumstances Voice / Line Huh? Unnumbered cut Black Black Unnumbered cut Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances Seems like it's turning out okay.
But think about it, Araragi-senpai.
You owe Oshino-san another favor.
It's gonna be a big one too, since the oddity this time was so strong.
Nah, I don't owe him for this.
Kanbaru, I told you this was a gathering place for unwelcome guests, right? Well, it might've turned into a full-scale war between monsters, so it's very dangerous.
We've prevented it by placing an ofuda on this shrine.
Was it really that big of a deal? Yeah.
He said that charm was a thank you gift.
Cut due to circumstances Voice / Line Black Unnumbered cut Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Black Black Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut The ritual sure takes a long time.
Yeah, but we can only wait.
Araragi-senpai, Sengoku-chan must be really tired.
Can't we just pull off that Snake Constrictor in one go? Oshino said I could touch the Snake Constrictor and pull it off.
Black Unnumbered cut You better not do that.
If you do that, the Snake Constrictor will obviously try to bind to you.
And Unnumbered cut Red Even if I can avoid that, the Snake Constrictor will go back to the classmate who placed the curse.
"Curses, like chickens, come home to roost," huh? Unnumbered cut Yeah.
Black Curses, like chickens, come home to roost Cut 217 "Curses, like chickens, come home to roost.
" Araragi-kun, I'm repeating myself, but remember this phrase and think about its meaning.
I don't know what goes on in your mind.
But one day, I'll leave this city.
When that happens, I won't be able to help you anymore.
You know, oddities aren't things you should get involved with on purpose.
But you have a tendency to stick your nose into the business of others.
But I can't just ignore them! I just can't.
Red Unnumbered cut Then why don't you just forget everything like Class Rep-chan.
Unnumbered cut Forget about everything Black I guess that's a bit too hard for you.
Do not enter Danger Well, just relax.
We're like brothers now, so I won't just disappear without telling you.
Emergency Call I'm an adult, so I at least know to do that.
Cut 231 But But give some thought to that when you think about your future.
Black Unnumbered cut Are you saying I'm an irresponsible person for helping whoever I can? Black Unnumbered cut But you know, I can't become someone like you.
I'm a tenth of a vampire, thus I'm an oddity myself.
Unnumbered cut Red I can't become someone who exorcises oddities.
Araragi-kun, you just have to abandon Shinobu-chan and you'll revert back to being entirely human.
I don't want you to forget about that.
Unnumbered cut Black Araragi-senpai! Black Unnumbered cut Red Unnumbered cut Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances Black Unnumbered cut Wh-What happened? I-I don't know, but she suddenly Did it fail? Is that what happened, Araragi-senpai? Black Unnumbered cut No, that can't be scale snake Cut 259 I see! Kanbaru, I made a mistake.
If we could actually see the Snake Constrictors, we would've understood right away.
What do you mean? There isn't just one Cut 266 One snake Cut 266 Two snakes There are two! Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances Dammit! Cut 268 One by one, Cut 268 the Snake Constrictors wrapped around her.
Cut 268 Like they were going to constrict Sengoku, two snakes Kanbaru, stay back! Sengoku's friend wasn't the only one who resented her Sengoku! The guy who Sengoku rejected also began to hate her.
Unnumbered cut Black Even though I can't see it I should be able to touch it! Don't flinch.
Cut 294 Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Red Danger Cut 306 Unnumbered cut White Red Unnumbered cut White Unnumbered cut Unnumbered cut White Red Unnumbered cut Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Red Unnumbered cut Red Unnumbered cut Red Black Unnumbered cut This might work.
Even though I can't see the Snake Constrictor, I can see its movement path clearly.
Cut due to circumstances Voice / Line Using the traces on the ground and the movement of the grass, Unnumbered cut Red I can predict where it is.
Huh? Red Unnumbered cut Araragi-senpai, forgive me! Cut due to circumstances Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances Voice / Line Unnumbered cut Black K-Kanbaru Stay calm! Don't get excited! The poison will spread if you become excited! Snakes are violent creatures, but they're also cowards! If we stay calm and wait, it'll run away.
But Kanbaru! Then the snake will go back to the guy whom Sengoku rejected! Araragi-senpai, I'm begging you! Black Unnumbered cut Cut due to circumstances Voice / Line Don't be mistaken with whom you're supposed to save Red Unnumbered cut Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances It's too late.
Even if I wanted to go after it, chasing an invisible snake is impossible.
Araragi-senpai I'm sorry for making you play such a harsh role.
Don't apologize, it'll embarrass me.
I'm sorry.
Voice / Line Cut due to circumstances I'm sorry, Kanbaru I'm really sorry.
Black Unnumbered cut The snake went back to the one who placed the curse.
In order to take the curse back.
Koyomi onii-chan Kanbaru's conclusion was correct.
As a mock oddity myself, I couldn't handle real oddities.
But I couldn't give up.
But I couldn't give up.
Cut 384 Koyomi onii-chan, thanks for saving me.
Please don't say that, Sengoku.
Don't thank me.
I don't have the right to be thanked.
Because I tried to save the person who cursed you.
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