Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e09 Episode Script

Nadeko Snake, Part One

1 I had last met Sengoku Nadeko more than six years ago.
Thus, I didn't recognize her at first when we met again.
If I had only realized sooner that it was her, perhaps the story wouldn't have ended like this.
Koyomi onii-chan Cut 25 Cut 26 Cut 27 But those regrets don't mean anything to her or the oddity.
Cut 27 I let out a belated shout at the state of Sengoku Nadeko's skin.
All of her skin was covered with scale marks.
From the tips of her toes up to her collarbone.
For a moment, I thought they were growing from her skin, but upon closer inspection, they weren't.
They were simply pressed on, like a woodcut-- It looked as though her skin had been pressed into a pattern.
bleeding internally here and there.
It looked like she was even Those painful-looking scars made her look like she had been bound with rope.
No-- Bondage scars? Seriously, it was from the tips of her toes, up her legs, and along her body-- It was like something was coiling itself around her.
Something invisible.
Scale marks, all over her body.
around her.
Coiled Coiled as if she were possessed.
Coil At best, the only areas without the scale marks were both her arms, and from her neck up.
No need to get her to show me what her waist and lower abdomen look like underneath those bloomers.
Unnumbered cut Yellow Episode 9 Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Nadeko Snake Part 1 That girl just now I didn't expect to run into anyone up here.
Especially not a girl that cute.
Whatever, let's keep climbing.
Oh, and watch your step.
Don't mind the bug bites, but this mountain is full of snakes.
By the way, Araragi-senpai I know I asked you about it yesterday, but just what are you doing up here? Oshino gave me a job.
Look out above Danger Do not enter Under construction Do not enter Do not enter It seems that there's an abandoned shrine up here.
He wanted me to stick an ofuda on its altar.
Can't he do it himself? He's got plenty of free time.
Well, it's my job to do it.
He helped me out, so I owe him.
Don't you owe him too, Kanbaru? Unnumbered cut Black He is a specialist.
He doesn't just lend a hand for free.
Black Unnumbered cut Black Unnumbered cut Oh, I see.
By the way, did Senjougahara-senpai say anything to you about today, Araragi-senpai? Not really.
Did she say anything to you? Black Unnumbered cut She told me to try my hardest to act cute.
Cut 63-A Oh, and she told me this: Unnumbered cut Black "If Araragi-kun gives you any trouble, give me all the details.
" "I'll let you pick which is worse for him: being buried in the mountains or sunk beneath the sea.
" Cut 65 As usual.
She'll let you pick the worse one?! Cut 66-B She's merciless Oh, that's right, Kanbaru.
Talking about Senjougahara reminded me that it's almost her birthday.
It's July 7th.
I've been thinking about the type of party to have.
It's our first time, so I figured something lively would be nice.
Perhaps we should invite all our friends and have a small birthday party.
No, I think Senjougahara-senpai wants to spend it alone with you.
She's that fine of a woman? Black Unnumbered cut Hey, Kanbaru.
What, Araragi-senpai? How's your left arm doing? According to Oshino-san, it'll heal by the time I become twenty.
That's great.
When you turn 20, you can play basketball again.
I guess.
Unnumbered cut Black What's wrong, Kanbaru? I'm a little worn out.
Unnumbered cut Red Worn out? Why don't we find somewhere to rest? There's gotta be somewhere we can sit down.
Never mind that, Araragi-senpai.
Why don't we eat? Eat? When I'm feeling down, I normally cheer right up when my tummy's full.
She's like a comic book character Cut 109 Got it.
Okay, Kanbaru.
Find somewhere where we have room to unpack the lunch box.
Unnumbered cut Black While you're doing that, I'll go place this ofuda.
Black Unnumbered cut Sure.
Sorry for making you do all the work.
All right.
Cut 121 Reminiscence Reminiscence I feel like I've met that girl somewhere before.
Black Unnumbered cut But where would I have met a middle-school girl? Through my sisters? Little sister? This is the altar? That should do it.
Hey, Kanbaru! Kanbaru! Black Unnumbered cut Kanbaru? Kanbaru! Kanbaru? Unnumbered cut Black Oh, it's you, Araragi-senpai.
Come on, what kind of reaction is that? Sorry.
I just lost my head for a second.
You don't look that good.
Are you okay? If you're feeling that sick, I'll clean off the porch around the altar so you can lie down.
No, that's not it.
Look at that.
Black Unnumbered cut Huh? Unnumbered cut Black Reminiscence Sengoku Nadeko Cut 164 That was Sengoku Nadeko? Cut 167 Hanekawa, let's meet up after school.
If you don't mind, there's something I'd like you to do.
These two.
This one might be useful.
If you're looking for efficiency, you should try that one.
Big Book store Cut 178 Cut 178 Search, search New Clarified College Exam Prep Physics Math Governance Logic Civics Modern Lit College Exam Prep Physics Civics Foreign Languages English Logic Governance Math New Clarified Modern Lit New Clarified College Exam Prep Physics Math Logic Governance Modern Lit Foreign Languages English Civics Logic Math College Exam Prep Physics Modern Lit Civics New Clarified Governance Foreign Languages English Modern Lit Math Governance Civics Logic College Exam Prep Physics Foreign Languages English New Clarified Logic College Exam Prep Physics Civics Math Governance New Clarified Foreign Languages English Civics Math Logic College Exam Prep Physics Governance Foreign Languages English New Clarified Math Governance College Exam Prep Physics Foreign Languages English Civics New Clarified Governance Foreign Languages English Math College Exam Prep Physics Civics New Clarified Governance Civics College Exam Prep Physics Math Foreign Languages English Reference Books Cut 178 Five Books Cut 178 I'm surprised you asked me to help you pick reference books.
Meeting People Gateway to Truth Dance of Awakening I figured it was about time to focus on my future.
Your future? Cut 183 Future Lately, I've been talking about it with Senjougahara.
When I found out about her first choice Oh Senjougahara-san is going to the local national university, right? Doesn't she already have a recommendation? You know everything.
Black Unnumbered cut I don't know everything; I just happen to know this.
So you're aiming for the same university as her? Don't tell her yet.
I don't want her to get any weird ideas.
Science and Technology Escalator Business/Society Medicine South Information Computer North Spiritual Self-Defense Summoning Magic Flashy Story Speaking with the Dead Numerology Easy-to- understand Modern Magic By the way, Araragi-kun.
What's with the sudden formality? Weren't you talking about that ruined shrine at school yesterday? Mathematics for Exams Foreign Languages English College Exam Physi I'm curious about it.
What happened after you found that chopped-up snake there? Snake Cut 196 Snake Snake Snake Cut 196 SNAKE Cut 196 Black Unnumbered cut Snake corpses Cut 196 Oh, that? Kanbaru and I dug a hole and buried it, just in case.
Reminiscence Reminiscence Unnumbered cut Black But when we took a walk around, we found that the whole place was full of snake corpses.
Reminiscence Full of corpses? Yeah.
Full of dismembered corpses.
So we left right away, and ate the lunch she made at a nearby park.
Reference I was amazed at how tasty it was.
She said her grandma helped to make it.
Taste minutes 01 in made be can Recipes Well, it must have been pretty tough, Araragi-kun.
Now that I think about it, I'm sure someone was holding some kind of ritual and killing the snakes like that.
After all, it was at a shrine.
Reference Did you know there was a shrine there, Hanekawa? Yeah, the Kita-Shirahebi Shrine.
Black Unnumbered cut Snake, huh.
That means Yeah, it seems that it's there to worship a snake god.
I don't really know that much about it, either.
Society / Logic / Civics Modern Lit College Exam Prep Physics English Mathematics Killing snakes at a shrine for a snake god It's gotta be some kind of ritual.
I guess I'd better tell Oshino about it.
That's not what I was talking about, Araragi-kun.
I meant it was tough for Kanbaru-san.
A-b-o-u-t K-a-n-b-a-r-u-s-a-n.
I said it must have been tough for her.
Floor Information 1F Occult/Magic Black Unnumbered cut For Kanbaru? Yeah, I guess.
After all, she did get sick all of a sudden.
I wonder why.
Oh well, I'm glad it was nothing serious.
That's not what I meant.
Should you be getting that friendly with your girlfriend's junior? It's nice to get along, but walking hand-in-hand is pushing it.
I had to.
She's touchy-feely.
You think she'll take that for an excuse? Well, uh Cut 237 Come on, Senjougahara said it herself.
Cut 238 "I won't let you be rude to my junior.
" Senjougahara told me to help her out too.
I see.
Kind of like this? Unnumbered cut Red Unnumbered cut Black Here you go.
Cut 248 Hanekawa's scent Cut 249 Hanekawa's breath Like that, right? Like you were just a breadth away.
Right, Araragi-kun? What are you talking about? You're pretty waffly, Araragi-kun.
Cut 255 You're kind to everyone, aren't you? That has to be kind of disturbing to Senjougahara-san.
Disturbing? She doesn't want you getting along too well with Kanbaru-san, does she? Am I right? Getting along is fine.
If anything, she wants the two of you to get along, but she wants a clear line to be drawn.
It seems that she wants to be sure you'd pick her out of the two of them.
I don't get it.
It's a dilemma for her too, isn't it? You're her dear boyfriend, but Kanbaru-san is her dear junior.
Cut 263 Cut 263 And Kanbaru's into yuri, too, isn't she Oh well, she's a tsundere, so I don't think you should try to understand everything she does.
Cut 263 媒体は非直結です Cut 263 You've got to figure out what she really means.
College Exam Prep Physics English Society / Logic / Civics Mathematics Modern Lit If she's that dear to you, you've got to resist your temptations too.
Being kind to everyone is a bit irresponsible.
I'll take those words to heart.
Book Specials Anthologies of Ancient Japanese Literature Japanese Literature Historical Fiction By the way, Hanekawa.
Where are you going to college? Tokyo, right? Or are you studying overseas? I'm not going to college.
You're not going to college?! After I graduate, I'm going on a trip.
Naoe A trip?! I figure I'll take a couple years off and see the world.
Book Specials I've got plenty of knowledge.
Anthologies of Ancient Japanese Literature Japanese Literature Historical Fiction I think I should get some real-life experience too.
Don't tell the teachers yet, okay? If you do, they'll be shocked.
I think they'll be more than just shocked.
Cut 285 Ow! Headache What's wrong? College Exam Prep Physics I just have a little headache.
Headache? Yeah, I'm fine.
Lately, I've just been getting headaches suddenly.
Hey, that's not fine.
I'll walk you home.
No, I'm fine.
I'm not going home.
Red Unnumbered cut Oh, right.
College Exam Prep Physics Anyway, sorry, but I'm leaving.
Later then.
Cut 292 Nadeko Sengoku? Entrance Magic Cut 296 Magic Occult Cut 298 Suwa Grand Shrine Mysterious Philosophy Encyclopedia of Snake Curses Unnumbered cut Red This is Black Unnumbered cut Hey, Kanbaru? Mind giving me a hand? So what do you need? Do you remember the girl we saw on these stairs yesterday? Yeah, she was a cute little thing.
I think I recognize her from somewhere.
I figured it out when I saw her at the bookstore earlier.
I think she's an old friend of my youngest sister.
What?! So she's at the shrine again today? Yeah, I think.
I need you to, uh It's tough to go up to an old acquaintance and say hi.
She might not remember me, so it'll seem like a creepy pickup line.
The self-defense instincts of an adolescent girl are pretty fearsome.
You sound like you know that from experience.
Can't deny that.
And you seem like you're pretty good with younger girls, Kanbaru.
After all, you're the school's top star.
I see.
I get what you mean.
I guess I am pretty good with younger girls.
You sure are.
I'm glad I asked you.
If you put it that way, of course I'm glad to help.
But you've taken what happened yesterday into account, haven't you? Reminiscence Cut 318 Snake Well, I guess.
So that's how it is.
Black Unnumbered cut Well, well.
Sengoku! Black Unnumbered cut Stop it, Sengoku! Koyomi Onii-chan Reminiscence Friends.
Sengoku Nadeko, class 2-1.
I don't have many friends.
But Bara-chan plays with me.
Reminiscence When Bara-chan asked me to play, I was really happy.
Bara-chan has an older brother in sixth grade.
Her big brother's name is Koyomi.
The rest is omitted Come right in.
Black Unnumbered cut This room's changed.
Yeah, it's set up for single person now.
My sisters are in the same room as before.
I think they'll be home soon.
Want to see them? Unnumbered cut Black So this is Araragi-senpai's room? This is the first time I've been in a boy's room.
All right, time to look for the porno mags.
Unnumbered cut Black That kind of thing only happens when a guy goes over to another guy's place! Just sit over there, okay?! It's useful to know your fetishes.
It's not just useless for me, it's actually harmful.
Yeah, that's what I mean.
Harmful books.
You're a live specimen of a harmful book! Either sit there, or jump out the window.
Make a choice, Kanbaru! I figured out your fetishes when I was stalking you before.
I know exactly what kind of porn you've been buying lately.
Black Unnumbered cut What? No way?! Cut 374 Cut 375A There was no one at all in the store back then! Cut 375B Cut 376 I made sure of it! Cut 377 Cut 377 Suruga You've got pretty pervy kinks! Cut 379 You've made your choice.
Out the window with you! Dammit! I'm gonna kill you! Koyomi Cut 380 Suruga Most girls would rather jump out the window than do that ! But of course, I can do it easily and casually.
Cut 381 Do you, the viewer, have a secret fetish? You're showing off! Koyomi Onii-chan.
And Kanbaru-san.
Can you turn around for a second? It's fine now.
You can turn back around.
Black Unnumbered cut Bloomers? I gave her those.
I keep them around to wear from time to time.
Oh, you wear bloomers from time to time? It's only natural for a lady to have this kind of interest.
No, it's just like a pervert.
Cut 400 A middle-school girl's underwear It's not like I don't understand why Sengoku doesn't want to stand there in her panties, but bloomers ? Cut 400 Embarrassment Cut 400 A maiden's heart Black Unnumbered cut What's she doing? They look like scars from bondage.
There are scale marks.
A fish? No, these are reptilian A snake! Koyomi Onii-chan.
You're all grown up, so you won't feel dirty looking at my body, right? Of course! Right, Kanbaru? You're forgetting something, Araragi-senpai.
In a situation like this, it's even ruder to tell a girl you're not interested in her body at all.
I see.
Black Unnumbered cut Let me correct myself.
I feel a little bit dirty looking at your body.
Come on, Kanbaru! I did what you said, and it made her cry! Who do you think you are, playing it straight like that? Hey, Sengoku.
I I hate my body! Sengoku A Cut 498 E K N S I hate it! Please save me, Koyomi Onii-chan! chan Koyomi onii Unnumbered cut Black Deneb, Altair, and Vega That's the Summer Triangle you pointed at I remember that when I look up at the sky I finally found Vega But where are you, Altair? You'll be alone like this I looked up from the pitch dark world It's like the night sky is filled with raining stars I wonder when I started to chase after you Please, no matter what Don't be surprised Listen to These feelings Of mine Now streaming an extended preview at our website! Haritama Hiroki Cartoon Nisioisin Dialog Preview I'm Karen! I'm Tsukihi! Suruga Catch her! Avenge Koyomi! Modern? Modern quiz! Damn, she's fast I can't see! We're in a once-in-a-century recession! This is my last resort That was quick How serious! Next episode, Nadeko Snake, part 2! Nadeko Snake Part 2 Next Time Squeeee! She's turned on! That's good So in every century, 99 years are boom years! How optimistic!