Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e08 Episode Script

Suruga Monkey, Part Three

1 Red In that paulownia wood case was a mummified left hand.
Reminiscence Suruga in elementary school It was given to Kanbaru by her late mother.
The first time she used it was in the fourth grade.
Wants to run fast I want to run fast.
Kanbaru, who recently transferred following her parents' deaths, wasn't fitting in with her new class.
And she was teased a lot for running slowly.
Then she thought that maybe, if she came first at a race in a nearby athletics competition, everyone would look at her differently.
It seems like she made her wish with that in mind.
That night, Kanbaru had a horrible dream.
Fixed-point camera Black A monster assaulted four other students who were in the race with Kanbaru.
Classroom Overview The next day, all four of them were absent from school.
Black Kanbaru soon stumbled upon Jacobs' 'The Monkey's Paw', and its contents made her tremble.
If unlucky, those four could've died.
Death Thinking of it normally, in order to cancel the first wish, she'd have to wish on the mummified paw.
But she became scared while researching mummies, because she didn't know how the second wish would be fulfilled.
At the practice for the next day's race, Kanbaru ran with five others, all different from the previous four.
The next day So I ran.
I put effort into getting faster.
It was as plain as day that if I didn't do anything, something else would happen.
Black Reminiscence Kanbaru didn't join the track team.
Suruga in middle school Voice / Line Not knowing how long her wish on the Monkey's Paw would remain in effect, she couldn't place herself in situations where there were people faster than her.
Thus, Kanbaru joined the basketball team Voice / Line On the field known as the court, Voice / Line no one could keep up with Kanbaru.
Soon, Kanbaru became the basketball team's ace.
One day, after hearing of my reputation, Senjougahara-sempai came to a game.
She was the track team's ace, so she came to see me since I had a reputation for being fast.
And she challenged me to a hundred-meter race, saying it was fine since it wasn't official.
It was really hard, but I couldn't help but turn her down.
She was such a wonderful upperclassman.
It wasn't love at first sight, but after being on speaking terms for three days, I began to like her.
Red Red Senjougahara-sempai healed me.
Red From then on, Kanbaru put the mummified paw out of her mind.
Red But, even still But there were still moments when she felt an urge to use it.
When she played against a strong rival in basketball.
When she had fierce arguments with friends.
And When I was rejected by Senjougahara-sempai.
Black In the end, I didn't use it.
At that point, I understood that my mother gave me the mummified paw because she wanted me to become a person who could overcome any trial with my own strength.
Black That's why Kanbaru remained silent and hid herself from Senjougahara.
She may have been able to solve Senjougahara's problem by wishing on the paw, but she didn't.
But a year later, Kanbaru learned of me.
She saw me by Senjougahara's side.
Black Black Kanbaru no longer knew when she took the paw out of that paulownia wood box.
She didn't even think about why the paw, which extended no further than the wrist, grew all the way to her elbow.
And when she realized-- Kanbaru's left arm had become an oddity.
Black New theme song next End of reminiscence The view I grabbed hold of while I was unconscious isn't the future I was waiting for.
That's the smile I don't know & never saw.
I stood still, as if stapled to the spot.
It's a complete wreck.
Our two worlds are overflowing.
I'm a total wreck.
I can't hold back my paradoxical emotions anymore.
With my reckless heart, someday I'll get over you & move on.
At some point, a shadowy heart overtook me with these entangled feelings.
Run, run.
That's always the only thing I can do.
So I'll run quickly, quickly, quickly to that destination.
The Rainy Devil seems to be quite a violent devil.
--More than anything, it enjoys the feelings of malice and hostility, grudges and remorse, envy and jealousy; put as a whole, negativity.
It sees, causes, draws out, completes peoples' dark sides.
It hears people's wishes malevolently, and fulfills them malevolently.
as a contract-- The contract itself is, In exchange for one's soul, it grants three wishes.
wishes are granted-- When the three it seems that it will take that human's life and body.
Meaning, in the end, that human becomes a devil.
That's how it works.
If Kanbaru had wished to solve Senjougahara's problem a year ago when she first learned of it that wish probably wouldn't have been granted.
Because the only wishes that a Rainy Devil can grant are wishes that are violent and negative.
Devils read the hidden side of wishes.
If there's a side you show, there's a hidden side too.
Destroy She wanted to run fast because she hated her classmates.
She wanted to be with Senjougahara because she hated Araragi Koyomi.
Yes, it read the hidden side.
Yes, it sees the hidden side.
It sees her subconscious wish.
I see it--the devil.
Red Episode 8 Suruga Monkey Part 3 Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Araragi-kun.
Young lady.
Now that you understand what's going on, what do you plan to do? Meaning? C'mon, Araragi-kun, I'm a competent enough specialist.
As a half-baked, comedic kind of authority, I don't mind lending a hand in this kind of situation.
W-Will you save me? I won't save you.
I'll simply lend a hand.
You're the only one who'll be saving yourself, young lady.
By the way, Araragi-kun.
What am I supposed to do? Oshino I mean, what am I supposed to help out with this time? First of all, there are two ways to handle this phenomenon.
One way is to let the Rainy Devil kill you, Araragi-kun.
Araragi Koyomi The other way is The second is to lop off that beastly left arm.
Cut Off Cut Off Cut Off Cut Off Cut Off Left Arm Cut Off Left Arm Left Arm Cut Off Cut Off Left Arm Left Arm Cut Off Left Arm Cut Off Left Arm Cut Off Left Arm Left Arm Left Arm Left Arm L-Lop it off? Can you only remove the devil part? After that, will her normal arm grow back? It's not like a lizard's tail or something.
There's no way it'd be that convenient.
Paying just an arm to settle this is a very cheap price.
Say what you like, but that'd be pretty inconvenient for me.
You tried to kill someone.
Isn't that a fair price? I understand what you're trying to say, but hold it, Oshino.
Killing someone isn't what Kanbaru wants.
She just wants to be with Senjougahara.
'She just wants to be with her?' Don't make me laugh.
You're really too kind.
So kind it makes me sick.
Can you really believe those sugar-coated words about 'just wanting to be with her'? Am I wrong? Don't you think it's strange, Araragi-kun? Rather than make her faster, why do you think that left hand beat up those around her when she was in elementary school? Well, doesn't the Monkey's Paw fulfill wishes in a way its owner doesn't intend? But it's not the Monkey's Paw.
Oshino's Line A Rainy Devil is a lesser devil, but a contract is still a contract.
If she wished to be faster, it'd normally just make her faster.
Does beating down her classmates make her faster? Don't you think that's kind of funny? Then why? Why did a monster in a raincoat come after her classmates? Because the young lady wanted them beaten up.
She was having a hard time just after her parents died, and she was being persecuted by her classmates, so it's not at all strange for her to have thoughts of revenge.
I Of course, you think you were unconscious when you wished for that.
In your own consciousness, you're sure you wished to run faster.
But that's just on the surface.
What lies beneath is different.
Underneath that wish lurked a dark desire to beat up your classmates.
Though it was unconscious, you know what really happened, young lady.
But you didn't want to admit it to yourself, so you went looking for a different explanation for that phenomenon, the Monkey's Paw.
Monkey's Paw It's your own rationalization, saying the assault on your classmates was the result of the Monkey's Paw twisting your wish, rather than it being your own intent.
But, Oshino Are you wondering what kind of proof I have, Araragi-kun? If you listen to her, isn't it obvious? What happened with that arm of yours in elementary school, young lady? You didn't realize it until the next day, when you went to class and the seats around you were empty, right? If your left arm had ended up like it is right now, you would've realized something had happened.
But you didn't say anything about that earlier.
Which means the oddity came one night, and without you noticing, it grafted onto your arm, beat up your classmates, and fulfilled your wish.
And without you noticing, it separated you from your left arm.
It probably grew from a hand to an arm using the portion of your soul taken in exchange for granting that wish.
Hey, Oshino, that means- Araragi-kun, you're really soft-hearted, believing in the assailant's excuse and all.
It wouldn't be surprising for her to be jealous of the man who swept away her beloved upperclassman enough to want to kill him.
When she attacked you, it wasn't her wish being twisted.
Attacking you was what she really wanted.
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Red It's about time.
Episode 8 Password: Vampire Red I've been waiting.
Took you longer than expected.
Yeah, it's because I didn't quite understand my limits.
It may not be quite enough, but it's better than being drunk from too often.
For me, and for Shinobu.
It's because you've gotta have a big fight with a devil soon.
This is no time to let your imagination run away with itself.
You're close to your limit, but I still don't think you have a good chance of winning this fight.
Even if your opponent will only be using her left arm.
A contract, huh.
So with that, the devil will quietly go back to hell or the spirit world or wherever? It'll be fine.
I can guarantee you that at the very least.
If a contract can't be fulfilled, it will be dissolved, got it? If the devil can't fulfill the young lady's wish, then the wish loses its effect.
So, if I'm not killed by the devil, huh? Exactly.
Of course, even if you power up by giving Shinobu-chan as much of your blood as you can, I don't think you can manifest more than a tenth of the power you had during spring break when you were a vampire.
Red That's quite a number.
Even so, you can't borrow power from Shinobu-chan herself.
If you do, it'll be more than just a bluff.
We'll have to cut off the young lady's arm.
You eliminating it yourself means something.
I'll keep an eye on your bag and valuables, Araragi-kun.
If you're carrying them, it'll be hard to move.
Okay, hold on a moment.
Red Then, Can you tell me one thing? What? Why do you want to save someone who's tried to kill you? Even if it's subconsciously, the young lady's taken you as an enemy in love.
When you realised that it was her in the raincoat, why did you decide to listen to what she had to say? At that point, you should've blown her off and come straight to me.
Black Hating people is a part of life.
I'll pass on getting killed, but if looking up to Senjougahara is the reason Kanbaru hates me, it's forgivable.
I see.
Well, if that's what you've decided, that's fine.
I don't care, it's none of my business.
Anyway, Araragi-kun.
Go give the young lady some of your strength.
Just to tell you, once you go in, you can't get out until everything's over.
The door absolutely can't be opened from the inside.
And of course, if anything happens, neither I nor Shinobu-chan will show up to save you.
Don't forget that.
Sorry to bother you.
It's fine.
Black Hey.
Voice / Line Breaking wrist Sorry, Kanbaru! It's working! Red She can use her legs? Not just her left arm? Not only does the Rainy Devil's left arm want to attack me, but Kanbaru too? Subconsciously, Kanbaru is rejecting it.
Rejecting the fact that her second wish won't be granted.
Kill That I won't be killed.
Kanbaru has no intention of giving up on Senjougahara.
Red Red Cut it off.
Destroy I don't need this kind of left arm.
What are you saying, silly? There's no way I can do that.
What about basketball? I tried to kill someone! That should compensate for it a little bit.
Come on, Kanbaru.
I'm not worried about that at all.
If you're gonna cut it off, there's a good way to do it.
If you use Shinobu-chan's blade, it's possible to take off that left arm so fast she won't even have time to feel pain.
Suruga Kanbaru Even with Shinobu-chan as she is now, she could cut off a skinny arm like that before breakfast.
Shut up, Oshino! Hey, Kanbaru! It's not anything to dwell upon, is it? There's no reason at all for you to feel responsible.
This is all due to the Monkey's Paw! No, that oddity called the Rainy Devil is the culprit! The oddity only granted her wish.
Black She wanted it, so it gave it to her.
Wasn't it the same with Tsundere-chan? Red I don't care, Araragi-sempai.
You have to care! There's no way you can't! What are you saying?! And what are you going to do about Senjougahara? I want you and Senjougahara to- I don't care anymore.
I don't care anymore, even about Senjougahara-sempai.
I don't care, so I give up, so Uwaaaaaaaaaaahhh Living hell RAGE You can't.
bludgeon-to-death Kanbaru Suruga! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate! smash smash smash smash smash Voice / Line Voice / Line Red Voice / Line Can't anymore Can't anymore Red Looks like you've been enjoying yourself.
Having fun without me, are you? How unpleasant, Araragi-kun.
S-Senjougahara Did Oshino use my phone? You lied to me, Araragi-kun.
You deceived me by saying you hit a telephone pole, and hid everything about Kanbaru from me.
Didn't we promise not to do that kind of thing when we started going out? Not to keep any secrets about oddities, no matter how small, from each other? It's not that.
I shall certainly deliver ten thousand deaths unto you.
But, Araragi-kun, it seems like you've already died about ten thousand times.
Voice / Line Perhaps I'll forgive you just this once.
Araragi-kun, why are you so silly that you think just by dying, you can solve the whole problem? Voice / Line It's not a joke.
If you died, I'd kill Kanbaru no matter what it takes, right? Araragi-kun, are you trying to make a murderer out of me? She saw right through it.
Wow, she's so understanding.
What's hardest for me to swallow is that even if you weren't in that body, I know you'd subject yourself to the same kind of hardships.
If you did these stupid things because you could rely on your immortal body, I'd tell you to do as you like.
But Araragi-kun, you do it by just going with the flow of things.
I don't get it.
Oh well, whether it's being difficult, meddling too much, or unwelcome favors, if it's you doing it, maybe it's not that bad.
If one plan was for me to defeat the devil and make Kanbaru's hidden wish impossible to fulfill, another plan was to reveal to Senjougahara that Kanbaru really wanted to kill me, making it impossible for the side of the wish that she showed to be fulfilled.
What's more, Senjougahara swore before the devil's eyes that she'd kill Kanbaru if I were killed.
Without the devil knowing, it wouldn't have worked.
For the Rainy Devil the situation was settled.
Man, you saw right through her, Oshino.
You Even compared to a devil, you're such a magnificent bastard.
Long time no see, Kanbaru.
I'm glad you're well.
I love you, Senjougahara-sempai.
I know.
I don't like you to that degree.
But even still, you'll stay by my side? Sorry I kept you waiting.
Man, even being the foil has its good points.
It's like playing a comedic character designed specifically for myself.
Even though I of all people should know how greedy and how much of a sore loser Senjougahara Hitagi is.
If it's something really precious, there's no way she'll give up on it.
Being difficult.
Meddling too much.
Unwelcome favors.
But, c'mon Even so, how shall I put it? As a matter of fact, all of them are hard to deal with.
Bro! C'mon, it's morning! Come on, you've got to get up! Come on! Come on! Red Black 'Morning, Araragi-sempai.
Good morning, Kanbaru-san.
Do you need something? Senjougahara-sempai called and said to go get you at your place.
Let me grab your bag.
All right, let's go.
Hey, what about the team? Don't you have practice on Sundays? The break before exams is coming up.
You've got to get serious.
Nah, I can't play basketball anymore.
It may be a bit soon, but I'm retiring since everything was done halfway.
The devil's gone, but my arm isn't back to normal.
There's no way I can keep playing basketball with my arm like this.
But it's powerful and easy to use in and of itself.
Give me my bag back now.
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