Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e07 Episode Script

Suruga Monkey, Part Two

1 Forgetting what someone just gave you is an act worthy of death, Araragi-kun.
Oh, sorry.
Even if you apologize, I won't forgive you.
So I came to give you a good ass kicking But it looks like you got hit by a car.
Something that looks like your beloved bike is wrecked over there.
It's stuck in a telephone pole.
You'd have to be hit by a tractor-trailer or something for that to happen.
No, I just stumbled.
I was trying to talk on the phone and pedal at the same time, and I slammed right into the telephone post.
I see.
But you slammed into it hard enough to smash that block wall and got away with so few injuries I'm impressed.
Hm, you don't need an ambulance, do you? Naw.
If I rest for a little bit, I should be able to move.
I see.
Then I'll do something for you.
Lie there and be happy until you can move.
It's better to back off now while there's still time Before we misunderstand each other even more Before I knew it, The staple you used to bind your words pierced my heart It's your fault Don't come to me the way I am now Don't look at me wherever I go Don't let go of me with that smile No matter who you are I prayed for an endless eternity In the sky that stretches on forever Like the sea with its harsh love, You dove into my heart to take it I want to deliver these feelings to you That can't be weighed gatari S U R U G A M O N K E Y GHO ST ORY bakemono As a ghost story, or a horror, it was well done.
A textbook tale of terror.
A truly historic, seemingly antique legend-- it's a classic.
I guess If I asked Kanbaru for her opinion, she'd say that it's not on the level of a vampire, and that a monkey's paw is something pretty major that's been remixed in various ways by various media.
The biggest thing that makes the monkey's paw the monkey's paw is-- It is said that the monkey's paw fulfills its owner's wishes.
However, it is said to do so in a way that does not suit the owner.
It seems to have those two points.
It's that kind of item with an interesting history.
It seems that that they must live within the constricts of fate, and that to contradict it invites disaster.
the monkey's paw was produced in India by a miracle-working sage in order to teach men When I think about things that grant three wishes, my first thought is the magic lamp from Arabian Nights, but that had many different conclusions in many different stories.
Beyond that, around the world, stories like those are well-known.
Tumult someone is an archetypal story for those who possess unfulfillable huge desires.
Perhaps the type of story where something that can grant any wish appears before Red Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Suruga Monkey Part 2 Episode 7 Black Black Here you go, Araragi-senpai.
Sorry about the clutter.
Make yourself at home.
Honestly, you have an impressive level of sensitivity if you're hesitant to enter the room of a girl you don't know.
But that's not the case right now, is it? Yeah.
What? Can I have an hour-no, just thirty minutes-to clean this room? Cleaning Red So, where shall we begin, Araragi-senpai? Actually, let's start with last night.
I thought I'd apologize.
So it was you? Beast Saying "it was you" makes you sound irritated, Araragi-senpai.
You saw through it? If you didn't, you wouldn't have visited me.
Not really.
It was just guesswork.
I judged by your build, outline, and silhouette.
Reminiscence And by people who knew I'd gone to Senjougahara's place to study.
By breaking it down to those points, and thinking about it that way Reminiscence Body I see.
That was a great idea.
Does this have anything to do with the rumor that some guys can identify girls by their hips? Sorry, I didn't mean it like that.
Uh, apologies aside, what I'd really like to know is the reason.
Anyway, about the reason, I'd like to ask about that power.
That supernatural power.
Just what are you- Black Red Black I guess that's the best place to begin.
That's right.
But First I want to ask if you're the kind of person who can believe in extraordinary things.
Extraordinary things? You don't get it, huh.
What I meant was, can you believe what you see with your own eyes? I don't believe anything I don't see.
Black So I believe everything I see.
Senjougahara Of course, it was the same with Senjougahara.
Crab You even knew about that? You on the basketball team and Senjougahara on track made the Valhalla Combo, right? That's right! You really do know a lot! Sorry I overlooked that.
I heard the reason too.
It's a well thought out nickname.
Isn't it? I'm the one who came up with it.
Red She came up with it herself? Black It's been a while since I've felt so hopelessly sad for someone.
Well, that's about it.
The Valhalla Combo was us in middle school- No.
Before we talk about that, there's something I want to show you.
To be honest, it's not really something I want people to see.
Girl I know I may not act like it, but I'm still a girl.
Black Well, it's like this.
Oddity Reminiscence It's like a monkey's paw Reminiscence Araragi-senpai, you have such unfathomably quick insight.
I'm impressed! I didn't think you'd be able to identify it with just a glance! Don't come to that conclusion ahead of time! I'm just saying what I see.
I didn't detect anything.
Really? "The Monkey's Paw" was the title of a short story by William Wymark Jacobs.
It's an item said to fulfill its owner's wishes in twisted ways.
I didn't know about it at all.
You stated the truth without knowing anything! Araragi-senpai, you must have been selected by someone up above.
Black C-Can I touch it? Sure, it should be fine now.
I-I see.
Living oddity It's living I knew it, this is a living-type oddity Don't make weird sounds! It's because you touched me in a weird way! I didn't touch you in a weird way or anything! I'm ticklish.
So there's no reason to make a noise that breaks down how your character's been established up until now! Oh well.
Black Just like this, I can move it at will.
But there's times when I can't.
No, times when it moves against my will.
Against your will? No, by will I mean- It's hard to explain, but I'm the one who assaulted you last night.
But I don't really have any memory of it.
It was as if I was hallucinating, or dreaming.
It's not like I don't remember at all, but A trance.
That's a trance.
The kind of oddity that possesses humans violates both the body and mind.
You know a lot.
I see.
These kinds of things are called oddities.
Well, I don't particularly know that much.
I've just had a lot of experience with them recently for some reason.
And there's someone I know who does know.
I see.
I'm glad you're such a great person.
If you had run away when I showed you this arm, we wouldn't have been able to talk.
And I think I would've been pretty hurt.
Putting it that way, I was a little bit surprised.
But since you showed me that first, I'm confident I won't be shocked no matter what follows.
I see! Yeah, that's why I showed you this arm first.
Have to get the tough things out of the way first.
Now let's get to the point.
I'm a lesbian.
You're a guy, so that may have been a bit blunt.
Um, lemme rephrase that.
I'm into yuri.
That's the same damn thing! What? Why? You and Senjougahara were called the "Valhalla Combo" in middle school, right? Just as fellow students? Or were you "that girl" for her? When she said yesterday that she'd never broken up with a guy, could she possibly have meant that? Wrong.
Senjougahara-senpai was my unrequited love.
To me, Senjougahara-senpai was my pure and perfect ideal upperclassman.
Reminiscence Memory I was happy just being by her side.
She was popular with everyone, but you can draw a line between that and my feelings for her.
I have pride in that.
I would have been willing to die for her back then.
But she changed.
She changed completely.
I'd heard she contracted a severe illness when she entered high school.
And due to its length, she quit track.
But I didn't think she had changed that much.
I thought it was just a bad rumor.
But I was wrong.
It wasn't just a rumor.
Something even worse happened inside Senjougahara-senpai's body.
When I realized that, I thought I had to do something.
I thought I had to save her.
Didn't I? In middle school, even though we were in different grades and on different teams, she was so kind to me.
Black So this time, I thought I'd save her.
I thought I could do something about what Senjougahara-senpai had.
Even if I couldn't do that, I thought I could heal her heart just by being with her.
Heavy Memory I really thought so.
But I was rejected with no consideration.
"I don't think of you as a friend or even as an underclassman.
Not now, not then.
" Red She said that straight-up.
[Soliloquy] So since then, I haven't gotten close to her.
After all, that's the only thing she wanted from me.
Of course, there was no way that I could forget about her.
But That's If forgetting her could help her even a little bit, I'd accept it.
You But then a year passed.
Reminiscence I learned about you.
Reminiscence I saw you two billing and cooing in a classroom one morning.
She had a happy smile she'd never shown me even once in middle school.
Reminiscence Reminiscence Reminiscence Don't you understand? You did what I wanted to for so long, but never could and gave up on, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.
Kanbaru No, that's-! Love [Complete change, silence] At first, I was jealous.
I tried to reconsider.
But in the end, I was still jealous.
Why not me? I figured that if I was a man, it'd have worked.
That it only didn't because I'm a woman.
Even if I couldn't be a friend or an underclassman, that didn't rule out being a lover.
So So wouldn't it be okay if it was me? Red I have already become completely inhuman.
I became jealous of you and disappointed in her.
And I was dumbfounded.
So what about healing Senjougahara-senpai? So what about backing off? Do you really think she'll praise you if you do that? You're such an idiot.
A hypocrite! But Even still I just wanted her to be kind to me like the old days.
It doesn't matter if it's ego or whatever, I just want to be by her side So So that's why I wished on this paw.
Girl Left Hand To be by Senjougahara-senpai's side Beast Monkey Gho st ory Commercial Next Is this a transformation? Are you an alien? That's a secret.
CENCOROLL Director - Script - Key Animation Uki Atsuya Music Opens 8.
22 Ikeda Theatre Diamond (Tokyo) Theatre Umeda (Osaka) So he's named Oshino Meme? Meme in katakana? Yeah, but he's not as cute as his name implies.
Episode 7 Password: Yuri If we don't hurry up, the sun's gonna set.
Your left arm gets bad at night, right? Look at it the other way.
As long as the sun's up there's no problem.
We'll definitely be fine for at least a few more hours.
Red Araragi-senpai, there's something I want to ask you.
What? What about Senjougahara-senpai caught your eye? You spent two years as just classmates, not even really speaking.
Why are you asking that? Well.
If you just want her for her body, maybe I can take her place.
I think I'm pretty cute.
She said so herself I can grow my hair longer and look a bit more girlish, and improve my complexion.
And I've played sports since way back, so I've got a nice slim waist.
I'm seriously up for it.
If you want it, I'll be the uke to your seme anywhere, anytime.
Seme? Uke? Why do I have to want that?! It swelled Oh, I see.
Araragi-senpai, you're not into BL? That's surprising.
I don't wanna talk BL with a girl from a younger class! BL is an abbreviation for "boys' love".
I know! That wasn't the misunderstanding! I just realized that when I cleaned Kanbaru's room- Reminiscence You really didn't misunderstand? Then just what are you so angry about? Don't tell me you're an uke? Shut up! This conversation is over! I'm afraid I'm going to say something intrusive, Araragi-senpai.
If you can't even enjoy talking dirty with a younger girl, how are you going to survive once you get out into society? That's exactly the kind of thing I don't want a younger girl trying to convince me of.
Say what you want.
If you cling onto that cheap fantasy of womanhood, you'll be so insistent on purity that you can't even say hello.
There's no way around it.
Even girls like to talk dirty.
Gossip Topic So let's get back to talking about whether you prefer boxers or briefs.
We never talked about that to begin with.
Oh? Then were we talking about whether I wear panties under my bike shorts? [Far more magnificent] You're not wearing any panties, Kanbaru-san?! S-So underneath those bike shorts you've got peeking out from under your skirt is- secret honey A maiden's Even if I wasn't, would it really be that surprising? Bike shorts have always been a type of underwear.
[Meaning] Underpants which fit the body sheerly That makes it even worse! Showing off your panties all the time is no way to go through life! When you put it that way, you're right, but for now, it's just a stylish gift from a sporty girl.
Wrong! It's perverted exhibitionism! Oh, that's right, now I remember.
We weren't talking about that.
We were talking about whether I could be a replacement for Senjougahara.
Red Hold it, don't change the topic back to avoid getting to the truth of matters! Give a definite answer as to whether you're wearing any or not! Why don't we leave out that little vulgar bit of information? It's trivial.
Dumbass! Koyomi It's not trivial! It's the divide between my underclassman being a sporty girl and an exhibitionist! My [Sporty Girl] Koyomi [It's the divide!] I suppose so Then why don't you think of it like this? Kanbaru Suruga Araragi Koyomi [Sporty Girl] I'm a sporty girl, and an exhibitionist.
Koyomi Black Exhibitionist [And also a] [Sporty Girl] A sporty girl to those who think of me as one, Koyomi Hurrr [Sporty Girl] Black and an exhibitionist to those who think of me as one.
Exhibitionist For those who think Exhibitionist Cogito, ergo sum [With words] Stop with the wordplay! Koyomi Saying "I'm xx to those who think of me as xx, and to those who think of me as " [I am ] I am also xx Black Suruga are Black are xx Kanbaru Suruga Araragi Koyomi [Only impressive] is only impressive through middle school! [through middle school!] Koyomi What are you, my little sister?! Good grief Koyomi Araragi Black But seriously, Kanbaru.
No matter how hard you try, you can't take Senjougahara's place.
After all, you're not Senjougahara.
No one can become anyone else's replacement.
No one can become anyone else.
No matter how much you like her or look up to her.
That's right.
It's just as you say.
Black Yeah.
Anyway, let's stop wasting time chatting and get going.
Black Oshino Shinobu Black H-Hey, Araragi-senpai.
Wasn't that kid so damn cute? Red Why are you saying that with the biggest grin you've had today on your face? I want to embrace her.
No, I want to be embraced by her! But it's best not to get drawn in by her.
Black Emergency Exit You're late, Araragi-kun.
I was about to fall asleep waiting for you.
What's up? You brought a different girl today too.
Every time we meet, it's a different one.
I offer my sincere congratulations.
Shut up.
Don't just keep using that line.
Oh, that's right, I saw Shinobu on the stairs.
What's she doing there? She's been sulking ever since I brought a box back from Mister Donut and ate one more donut than her.
She's been like that since yesterday.
What the hell kind of vampire is she? Oshino, this is Kanbaru Suruga, from one grade below me.
Kanbaru's written with the "kami" from "god" and the "hara" from "fields".
God Field Even though it's normally "hara", it's "baru" here.
Suruga, umm It's the "suruga" from "bondage torture".
Bondage Torture Oh, bondage torture.
I get it.
Aaah I'm Araragi-senpai's underclassman.
Pleased to meet you.
Pleased to meet you, young lady.
I'm Oshino Meme.
If you're his underclassman, you're also Tsundere-chan's, right? Anyway, Oshino.
First off, take this.
It's from "Tsundere-chan"-Senjougahara.
Akasegawa Oh, money, money! That's great! I was about to have to cut down my standard of living.
And what's up with the young lady? That bandage, huh? Oshino-san, I'm- Wait your turn.
It doesn't seem that interesting.
Stories about how one's arm got bandaged are never interesting.
Especially to me.
Even worse, it's your left arm.
Red Take off the bandage and let me take a look, young lady.
Gaze Black Is this enough? Yeah, that's enough.
I see.
I figured.
Young lady.
Let me set your initial mistaken impression straight.
The young lady's left arm isn't a monkey's paw.
I've never heard of a monkey's paw binding onto its owner.
Young lady, that hand once belonged to a mummy.
It binded onto you, sucked your life force, and now it's a rainy devil.
Rainy? Yeah, a lesser devil.
Among them, the amount of devils with a monkey's paw and a raincoat are certainly limited.
If it binds with its owner, it has to be a rainy devil.
It's not a monkey's paw, it's a devil's arm.
It can make anything come true.
But it takes your soul in exchange.
Her soul? In exchange for your soul, it grants three wishes In exchange for your soul, it grants three wishes.
Isn't that obvious? Since it's a devil.
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