Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e06 Episode Script

Suruga Monkey, Part One

1 Girl Left Hand Beast Photo Aryaryagi-san! It's "Araragi".
Sorry, I stuttered.
Don't say people's names like Airhead Hachibei does.
I think it's cute.
And isn't it strangely appropriate? By the way, Araragi-san, where are you going? Back home for a minute.
Are you going out again after that? Yeah, to Senjougahara's.
Our midterms are coming up.
I got her to help me study.
Hey, you remember Senjougahara, don't you? That tsundere, right? But the two of you are doing that man-woman thing, right? I guess.
So you say you're gonna study, but you're just gonna flirt instead, right? Going to see your lover right before the exams that can hold you back a year? That's just suicidal, Araragi-san.
You're asking me whether I can graduate or not? And don't say it's suicidal! Well, I think it's just plain suicide.
Looks like I have to go wherever I have to in order to settle things with you! Go wherever you have to? Like my breasts, or my butt? Araragi-san, just what are you looking for in a grade-schooler's body? Don't trail one's coat tails! Red Other Trash Cans, plastic, glass Hey, Hachikuji.
You're- Black Hey, Araragi-senpai! What a coincidence.
Danger! It's better to back off now while there's still time Before we misunderstand each other even more Before I knew it, The staple you used to bind your words pierced my heart It's your fault Don't come to me the way I am now Don't look at me wherever I go Don't let go of me with that smile No matter who you are I prayed for an endless eternity In the sky that stretches on forever Like the sea with its harsh love, You dove into my heart to take it I want to deliver these feelings to you That can't be weighed S U R U G A M O N K E Y bakemono gatari GHO ST ORY Kanbaru Suruga stands out so much that there's no one on campus who hasn't heard of her, so of course I've heard her name many times.
No, for Kanbaru Suruga No, perhaps describing her as "a star" captures the nuance better than "famous".
Kanbaru Suruga is the ace of the basketball team.
round of tournaments, suddenly started making the nationals.
Perhaps it's because she built up a legend of being a monster on the court that she became such a star.
As a freshman, she made varsity right away after enrolling.
Maybe it's because the girls' basketball team, which was shameful and always lost in the first particularly tall.
It's not that she's She has the build of a normal high school girl.
If anything, she's a bit small and slim.
The image that comes to mind when you think "willowy".
But Kanbaru Suruga--leaps.
Last year, just once, I went with an acquaintance to a game that Suruga Kanbaru played in.
It was just an exhibition match, but--She fabulously avoided, no, slipped through the other team's defense.
And she finished with a dunk like in that boys' comic that swept Japan.
Easily, calmly, with the easily satisfied grin of a sporty girl, she seemed so happy.
No matter how many times, no matter how many tens of times.
Of course, she doesn't know me.
There's no reason for her to.
Bandage Is what I thought.
That's the assumption I made.
Red Episode 6 Suruga Monkey Part 1 Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Do you really think a staged coincidence like this is believable?! Danger! Hachikuji ran away? What's been up with you lately? "Do you really think a staged coincidence like this is believable", huh? I didn't think you'd think that.
It was the perfect line for this situation.
I guess this is what they mean by "witty"! Witty Yeah, that's it.
To be honest, I came after you.
I know.
Really, you knew?! I knew you would.
You see right through everything novices like me do.
It makes me feel awkward and embarrassed.
But honestly, I admire you.
Annoying to do Don't you have a club to be at? Should you be here? My hand's messed up right now.
So, Kanbaru.
Hand What did you want today? Oh, right.
Left Hand Did you read the world news section of the paper this morning? I want to hear your perspective on the political situation in Russia.
Girl Body Is this a current affairs gag?! Ah, you're more interested in India's IT industry? Limb Black I didn't read the paper this morning.
Oh, by the way, Araragi-senpai.
You didn't notice anything strange today, did you? Not really.
Other than you It was just normal.
I'm a bit stressed because exams are coming up.
I'm headed to a study group today too.
Study group? Well, I call it that, but it's one-on-one and one-sided, so it's more like tutoring.
There's someone in my class with great grades, so I got her to help me.
Senjougahara Hitagi Is it Senjougahara-senpai? How did you know? If you're talking about someone in your class with good grades, it has to be Senjougahara-senpai.
I've heard the rumors for a while.
Well, I guess.
All right, then I'll stay out of your way.
Gonna ask you to let me go for today.
I see.
S O P Good luck, Araragi-senpai.
Rararagi-san! Hachikuji.
Don't sing my name like something from a musical.
My name's Araragi.
I stuttered.
No, it was intentional.
I stuttuted! It wasn't intentional?! Black By the way, who was that? An underclassman.
She's the ace of the basketball club.
I don't really know why, but to be completely blunt, she's been tailing me for the past few days.
Honestly, it seems like she's up to something.
Perhaps she's fallen for you.
Huh? No way.
I'm not the main character in some galge.
There's no way I'd just wake up one day and be popular with the girls.
The woman in me tells me I'm right.
She might confess to you soon! Manga Cafe What will you do? What will you do?! Come on.
I don't like this trend of explaining anything and everything about my love life.
It's impossible.
And I've already captured the toughest character.
Black I feel like I've been described unpleasantly.
Nevertheless Teaching is such a hard thing to do.
Oral Breast Buttocks Why do you think I'm studying? Because you're dumb, right? I've never had a hard time studying in my whole life, so I don't understand what it is you don't understand.
Really? If I work with you on getting ready for the upcoming exams, I think you'll be able to pass.
But just what are you thinking about doing from here on? Be wary of fire From here on? It only takes one match to start a fire Your ambitions.
My ambitions? That came out of the blue.
You're already in your second month of your senior year.
You said before you're fine as long as you graduate, but does that mean you're getting a job as soon as you graduate? Well Or will you be a freeter for a while? Or perhaps a NEET? Or perhaps you'll choose to enroll in a trade school? Who are you, my mom? Mom? What do you mean? I'm your lover, right? Ambitions, huh.
That's right, I've gotta decide soon.
Senjougahara, what are you gonna do? Go to college.
If I can get a recommendation, at least.
Oh But if I can, I'd like to walk the same path as you.
Well, my grades are a bit too- Then what shall we do? Shall we live together after graduation? If we did that, even though our paths split, we'd have more time together than we do now.
Well, it wouldn't be that bad.
It wouldn't be that bad? What do you mean by that? I want to.
Please let me.
Red What kind of relationship is this? You sigh a lot, Araragi-kun.
Did you know that every time you sigh, a little bit of happiness escapes? I've already done it a thousand times or so and let my happiness escape.
I don't care how much happiness you let escape, but I'd prefer if you didn't sigh in front of me.
Troublesome It's troublesome.
You say some really mean things.
I'm just saying you're troublesome due to lovesickness.
Lovesickness I don't even know how to reply to that.
By the way, Araragi-kun, did you know? I've never broken up with a man.
So I don't plan on breaking up with you.
Black So neither of us know how to attract others? It only takes one match Hey, Senjougahara.
What? Do you still have a stapler on you? Now that you mention it, I haven't been carrying any lately.
It only takes one match I'm such a silly-dilly.
Silly, huh.
Black Come to think of it, you were the ace of the track team in middle school, right? Red Correct.
But you don't do track anymore? Correct.
I don't have any reason to.
I don't want to relive the past.
Black Oh, right.
Hey, Senjougahara.
Answer the question What? Kanbaru Did you know Kanbaru Suruga? Oh, Kanbaru Suruga, huh? Kanbaru Suruga That's a nostalgic name to hear.
to start a fire Be wary of fire I see.
I knew it.
An old acquaintance.
Koyomi, prudently contemplating When I said I was going to a study group, Thinking for a long time Kanbaru thought of Senjougahara rather than Hanekawa first when I mentioned the best in the class.
Hanekawa Kanbaru Top in the class Association Is this why? She was my junior in middle school.
Isn't Kanbaru still your junior? After all, you go to the same school.
"Kanbaru"? You refer to her like you know her well.
Black Black Just what did she do, Araragi-kun? Black Araragi-kun, your wounds heal very quickly, don't they? So I bet it'd be okay if I just took out an eyeball.
Red Seven Two Five One Eight Four Three Six Nine Stop it, stop it! Not my eyeball! Cramp There's nothing guilty about it! I didn't mean it like I knew her well! I'm devoted to you, Senjougahara! Flame Be wary of fire It only takes one match to start a fire Oh, you're saying things to make me feel good.
Be wary of fire It only takes one match to start a fire Black I may have gotten a little too enthusiastic.
Did I shock you? You look ready to kill someone when you do that.
When I kill someone, it'll be you.
I'll make you my first victim.
I won't pick anyone but you.
I promise.
I don't want that kind of twisted love! Isn't it nice? Try to be understanding.
If I kill you, that means I'll be the one closest to you when you're on your deathbed.
Isn't it romantic? No way.
If someone's going to kill me, I want it to be anyone but you.
I'd rather be killed any way than how you'd kill me.
What, you hate me that much? If anyone else kills you, I'll kill that person.
I have to keep my promise.
Anyway, we were talking about Kanbaru.
Past bonds I was the track ace and she was the basketball ace.
So even though we were in different grades, we were drawn together.
And And? Black Black Even outside of team activities, in private, we looked after each other.
Black By the way, Araragi-kun.
It only takes one match to start a fire Why don't you tell me why you even mentioned her name? If there's anything to feel guilty about, I'm sure you'll be able to explain.
Flame Time skip I see.
Hey, Araragi-kun.
What? What's flooded above and on fire below? A bath heater, right? Bzzzt.
The answer is Kanbaru Suruga's household.
What are you planning on doing to the school star's house?! Well, enough joking around.
Red Araragi-kun, Kanbaru realized my secret a year before you did.
Really? It was right when I became a junior.
Meaning it was right when Kanbaru came to Naoetsu High.
Given her personality, she must have tried to help you.
Even though I turned her down.
I dealt with it like I did when you offered.
Red In spite of that, you tried to get involved.
Kanbaru didn't come back after that.
That's as far as that got.
But weren't you friends? In middle school, yes.
Not now.
She's a total stranger.
Well, I understand your relationship with Kanbaru, but why's she following me around? She probably found out that you were my lover.
What? So she's interested in what kind of guy could win over Senjougahara Hitagi and decided to check me out? I think that's it.
She must be annoying you, Araragi-kun.
Oh well, I can't offer an explanation.
Even though it's my fault for not being able to settle my accounts with people.
But didn't you fiercely turn her down a year ago? And it's been like that since then? But now she's interested just because you got a boyfriend? Tamikura Apts.
Hoshinomiya 2-4-101 This is just me talking, but for Kanbaru, Senjougahara Hitagi was her upperclassman crush.
Thus, when I refused her help, even though she was going to listen to me and not cause any more trouble Red She still hasn't been able to forget about me.
You don't have to call it annoying.
It's not like she means any harm by it.
It's annoying, whether she means harm or not.
Red Hanekawa speaking.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Ho What's wrong? You don't call me that often, Araragi-kun.
Nah, not really.
have something to ask minute, Hanekawa? No, it's fine.
I was just doing some light studying.
Red same middle school Senjougahara, right? That's right.
underclassman Kanbaru Suruga? Of course I know about that.
Black Really? about Kanbaru and Senjougahara when they were in middle school.
The "Baruhara Combo".
Valhalla Combo They were called the "Baruhara Combo".
Senjougahara-san from the track team, and Kanbaru-san from the basketball team.
The "Baruhara Combo".
"Baruhara Combo"? What do you mean, "Baruhara"? The baru from Kanbaru and the hara from Senjougahara make Baruhara.
And "Valhalla" is the heavenly palace of the chief god in Norse mythology, Odin.
So it means the holy place of the god of battle, whence to the spirits of heroes who fell in battle were invited.
That works with the "god" in Kanbaru's name and the "battlefield" in Senjougahara's name, huh.
Thus, "Baruhara Combo".
That's a pretty clever way of putting it.
Well, they called them a combo, so at least it wasn't like they didn't get along or were on bad terms.
I see.
And Senjougahara-san stayed on the team right up until graduation, so they must have at least known each other as athletes.
You know everything.
I don't know everything, just what I know.
ey, Hanekawa.
Senjougahara was in middle school than she is now.
Maybe she was underclassmen? Oh, yeah.
She was popular among both boys and girls.
She had a good reputation among upperclassmen and people of her grade, but I guess she was most popular among younger girls.
That's what you asked me about, and that's how it was.
Black But you're not interested in how Senjougahara-san used to be, you're interested in her now, right? ah It's great that you like each other, but try to keep proper male-female relations in mind, Araragi-kun.
Senjougahara-san seems serious, so I don't think you can let this become a relationship where you're always irritated at each other.
Senjougahara-san is difficult.
Black So because of that, well I don't want to talk like I really know all that well, but Senjougahara has built an impregnable self field around herself.
Black Just like the one you have.
Everyone has a self field they call "privacy" or whatever, but for you and her, it goes beyond that and turns into a siege mentality.
And for people like you, just interacting with other people is often unpleasant.
Am I right? Black About both of you? Black But think of it this way, Araragi-kun.
Even if you're not social, that's different from being misanthropic.
Receiving guests is the most difficult thing for me, but not if you're the guest.
You get what it means, right? And you understand what I want to say? ks.
Sothe you, ted toask uew th.
No, I get it.
Wanting to know about your dear girlfriend is normal.
But it's best not to peer too deep into a lover's past.
It won't be all fun and games, so try not to dig too deep too quick.
Black All right, bye-bye.
If I could, I'd like to give Senjougahara back what she lost and what she threw away.
It might be none of my business, and an unwanted gift.
But I can't help thinking about it.
After all, there's no way I could do it.
Could you give this to Oshino-san? Reflection What's this-? Payment for Oshino? You got it ready quicker than I thought.
Did you work part-time? I helped my dad out with his work for a little bit.
Well, I guess it's more like, "I overdid helping him", but that's the money I earned doing it.
Black I was gonna hand it over, but I forgot it at her place.
Certainly This one is an oddity Why is this oddity attacking me? Red Black Red Araragi-kun.
Hey, long time no see.
I came to bring the thing you forgot.
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