Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e05 Episode Script

Mayoi Snail, Part Three

1 Ghostory Anyway, Araragi-san.
What? I'm hungry.
Then why don't we get something to eat somewhere when Senjougahara gets back? Do you have a favorite food? As long as it's food, I like it.
Araragi-san, your hand was pretty tasty.
My hand isn't food.
Stop being so humble.
It really was tasty.
You did get a little taste of my flesh, so I'm not sure you're kidding.
"By the way, Hachikuji.
Have you really been to your mom's house like you say you have?" "I really have.
I'm not lying.
" "I see" But it's been a while, so I got lost.
No, that's not it.
Since she met a snail, if it isn't the first place-- No, wait.
Why would Hachikuji meet a snail? Reason.
There was a reason I was assaulted by a vampire.
And there was one for Hanekawa, and for Senjougahara.
Thus--There must be a reason for Hachikuji too.
"Hey, this is a simple way of putting it, but your goal is to meet your mom, not reach your objective, right?" "That's a horrible way to say it, but yeah, I guess" "So why not have her come visit you? Even if you can't reach Tsunade-san's house, it's not like your mom is stuck in there and can't come out.
" "It's impossible.
I can't meet her.
" answered swiftly.
Hachikuji If she could do that, she would.
spirit "I can't do anything but try to visit mommy like this.
Even though I know I can absolutely never get there.
" But she can't.
I can't even call her on the phone.
Red Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Mayoi Snail Part 3 Episode 5 Hachikuji, I don't really get it, but you wanna go see your mom, right? Black Isn't it normal for a child to want to go see their mommy? Am I wrong? Black Well, I guess you're right.
Araragi-san, you live with your parents, right? That's why you don't get it.
If you didn't live with them, you'd really want to go see them.
I guess it's like that.
From how you've been talking, I get the impression that you don't like your parents.
It's not really like that, I just- I was a good boy up until middle school.
I didn't get all rebellious for no reason.
DAD Thanks Mommy and Dabby.
- Koyomi I was thankful to them for raising me.
But in high school, I couldn't keep up with studying.
Naoetsu High School Textbook The ape gave the grab a persimmon seed.
The crap gave the ape a riceball.
Hurry and sprout, persimmon seed.
If you don't, I'll cut you with my claws.
And therefore, the good-boy image I had up until then backfired.
There was a kind of awkwardness I couldn't really put into words.
Red Bro, if you're gonna be like that-! Black "If I'm gonna be like that, no matter how much time passes, I'll never grow up.
" Like I'll never grow up, so I'll always be a kid.
A kid? Then you're just like me.
I don't think I'm like you.
I think she meant that no matter how much my body grows, what's inside wouldn't keep up.
Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Touch Araragi-san, I'm one of the better-developed in my class.
Well, your chest was pretty respectable.
You touched me there?! When did you touch it?! Um, when we fought.
Black You stole my first touch! First touch? Bee I had my first touch before my first kiss! I'm such a dirty girl! Black Oh, that's right, Hachikuji-chan.
I forgot all about this.
Just like I promised, here's your allowance.
Now's a horrible time for that! Black Here! Good girl! Araragi-san, you don't look like you're properly reflecting on your actions! After touching a girl's delicate chest, you should say something! Thanks? Wrong! I'm telling you to apologize! Anyway, isn't it okay? It's not like you lost anything.
If anything, rubbing them makes them grow.
What, you've been hiding behind that superstition in order to rub other womens' chests? You're horrible.
Unfortunately, I haven't had that opportunity.
You're a virgin, aren't you? As if you know, you gradeschooler That's really, really dangerous! A virgin touched me! He dirtied me! It doesn't matter who touches you! The guilt that had just started to sprout is fading away! Fight Are you rabid or something?! If you're gonna be like this, I'm gonna grope you until you don't care about "firsts" or "kisses"! Black There stood a high school boy who, forgetting himself, forcefully sexually harassed an elementary school girl with all his might.
But I at least want to believe that wasn't me.
Black 5mins Later I'm sorry.
Wound Don't worry about it.
I should be the one apologizing.
Hey, Hachikuji.
You're a pretty experienced fighter.
I do it plenty at school.
You too, Araragi-san! Araragi-san I fight like that with my sisters all the time.
Well, fights like that end when one side apologizes.
Is something wrong, Ararararagi-san? This time you had two too many "ra"s.
Sorry, I stuttered.
Ararararagi-san Arararagi-san Araragi-san No, you did it on purpose.
I stuttered.
Wasn't it on purpose?! I couldn't help it.
Everyone stutters from time to time.
Or have you never stuttered in your whole life, Araragi-san? I can't say that I haven't, but I don't often do it with people's names.
Very well.
Say "namamumi namamome namamamamo" three times.
Not like you can say it.
Saying namamome is icky! blush You're the one who thought of it.
Saying namamamo is icky too! blush I don't get what's so icky about them.
Well, isn't namamamamo harder to say intentionally? Namamamama! stutter.
Stutter, You sure are in a hurry.
three times (lie) So, what's wrong, Araragi-san? Nothing.
I just got a bit melancholic contemplating how to apologize to my sister.
Apologize for what, rubbing her chest? Like I'd rub my sister's chest.
I argued with her while leaving home today.
My mommy and daddy fought a lot too.
Not physically or anything, just argued.
As their only daughter, I'm not sure I should say this They seemed like they were a loving couple.
But I never saw them get along.
They didn't do anything but fight.
You love your mom, don't you? Yeah, I love her.
I love daddy too, of course.
Mommy and daddy fought.
And because of that, they broke up.
But I really love both of them.
I see.
That That's why I'm so uneasy.
It seems like daddy really started to hate mommy, so he wouldn't let me see her.
Like I'd eventually forget all about her.
Like if I couldn't go see her, I'd stop loving her.
It made me really uneasy.
You smell like another woman.
Red Hey, Senjougahara.
The smell of this shampoo Hanekawa-san, isn't it.
You can tell?! To a degree.
Think of it like how you can tell women apart by the shape of their hips.
I don't recall saying that I have that special power! Oh, you can't? Don't react like you're surprised! "You've got nice solid childbearing hips, so I think you're sure to have healthy babies.
" Didn't you tell me that just recently? That just makes me sound like a perv! So Hanekawa-san did come here.
Well, she came, but she already left.
She just wandered by.
So, Oshino told you something, right, Senjougahara? Araragi-kun, I have to apologize to you.
Oshino-san told me so.
You have to apologize for something? Different conclusions are reached when one fact is looked at from two separate points of view.
When that happens, there's essentially no way to judge which point of view is correct.
There's no way to prove that one's own conclusion is correct.
But for that exact reason, it's also wrong to decide that you're wrong.
He really says things that see right through you.
I hate it.
What are you saying? Or is it Oshino rather than you? It doesn't seem like that has much to do with this situation.
The method for release from a snail - from a lost cow - is very simple, Araragi-kun.
You strayed because you're with a snail.
Separate you from the snail, and you won't get lost Is what he said.
They follow them astray? In the case of snails, it's like the targeted person is being drawn to the oddity.
So if you get away from the snail, that should be enough.
No, it's not me, it's Hachikuji.
Isn't that strange?! Hachikuji isn't being led away by a snail- There's no way she wants that! That's why I have to apologize to you, Araragi-kun.
But let me explain myself.
I meant no harm, and I didn't do it on purpose.
I'm sure I was wrong.
Senjougahara But it seemed like that.
For over two years, I wasn't normal.
So whenever something happened, I had to think that it was because I was wrong.
Hey, Senjougahara.
Hachikuji-chan, huh.
To summarize, Araragi-kun.
The reason why you feel awkward on Mother's Day, why you fought with your sister, and why you don't want to go home May 5 6 7 8 9 (10) 11 12 13 is her.
I can't see her.
It happened about ten years ago.
In a certain place, a certain husband and wife decided to end their relationship.
The couple's only daughter was taken by the father.
All memories fade.
All memories decay.
As time passed, that only daughter was shocked.
She could no longer remember her mother's face.
You are You're You-- When she looked at a photograph of her mother, she could no longer tell if it was really her mother's face.
Chapter 2 Bakemonogatari So, that year, the only daughter decided to go visit her mother on Mother's Day.
Become hated? Become forgotten? Be difficult? You are You're You-- But she didn't arrive.
She didn't arrive at her mother's house.
Why? Why? Really, why? Even though the crossing light really said walk That only daughter was me.
And since then, you've been wandering? "Those who do not reach their destinations will interfere with the return of others.
" A wandering pilgrimage Thus, Hachikuji.
But-! You really can't see Hachikuji?! I can't see her, or hear her speak.
But you normally-! Red I can't see that kind of thing.
All I saw was you arguing with yourself in front of that sign.
Then at the end, you mimed a fight.
Red I didn't understand what you were doing at all.
Then why didn't you tell me? Because I couldn't say it.
I just couldn't say it.
If something like that happens, and you can see something I can't, I'm the one who's strange for not being able to see it.
Is what I would normally think.
I see.
Black Senjougahara didn't want to think she'd become strange again.
Didn't want to think she'd become strange.
Didn't want to make me think she'd become strange again.
So she pretended to be able to see Hachikuji even though she couldn't.
I see.
I'm the one who met a snail.
Oshino-san said this, Araragi-kun.
"The condition for meeting a lost cow is a desire not to return home.
" Black Black But everyone thinks that sometimes.
Everyone's situation at home is like that sometimes.
Red She was like that too.
Caught up in the strain and discord of her household.
But that's exactly why the countermeasures for a lost cow are so simple.
Black Like I said in the beginning, just don't follow it, separate from it.
That's all it takes.
It's not that malignant or that powerful of an oddity.
There's no great harm.
That's what he said.
So Black "So" So what, Senjougahara? What I wanted to hear was just how to get her - Hachikuji - to her mother's.
Parting Separation Bereavement Don't you understand, Araragi? She isn't there.
She's not there, she's not anywhere.
Hachikuji Hachikuji Mayoi-chan.
She's Already dead.
So it's not like she was possessed by an oddity.
She is the oddity.
So what? It hurts, Araragi-san.
It's just like she - Senjougahara-san - says, Araragi-san.
I I'm Red Shut up! You couldn't hear her, could you, Senjougahara? Right off the bat, she was saying horrible things to Hanekawa and I.
Don't talk to me.
I hate you.
Hachikuji Mayoi Class 5-3 Black Don't you understand, Senjougahara? Don't you understand how she felt? Having to say those kinds of things to everyone she met to keep them from following her? I don't understand it at all.
But even if I don't understand, when I've lost my way, when I'm alone-! We feel like we have to say that! You and I both! We've felt it different ways, but haven't we still felt it?! You can't see her, can't hear her, may not even be able to smell her, but even so No, because of that, it's my duty to get her safely to her mother's! I thought you'd say that.
I've finally realized something about you, Araragi-kun.
Hey, Araragi-kun.
Black You came calling for me the same day you found out about my problem.
Why? Perhaps you saved me because it was me? But it wasn't like that.
It didn't seem like that.
Instead, you'd simply save anyone.
Saving you wasn't that outrageous.
Don't exaggerate it.
But I had been possessed for over two years.
There were plenty of people who figured out my problem, but you were the only one who reacted like you did.
Well, I'm the only me.
That's right.
Hachikuji Mayoi I have one last message from Oshino-san, Araragi-kun.
It's to teach you a cheat code you can only use this time.
Cheat code? Okay, let's go.
Go? Go where? To Tsunade-san's house, of course.
And Araragi-kun What? I love you.
If a lost cow is a ghost-type oddity, Halted Under Construction then it doesn't assimilate new information.
Information - that is, knowledge.
We're here.
It's a given for someone like me who doesn't know the area, But even Senjougahara, who can't see the snail, can get lost.
But it doesn't know what it doesn't know.
No, even if it knows, it can't deal with it.
Private Property But This is In example, urban renewal.
If you use a route based on the new roads, a lost cow can't handle it.
After taking an hour to get somewhere that should have been no more than ten minutes on foot, we arrived at the objective.
But Private Unauthorized entry -try is forbid- Private property Unauthorized entry is forbidden Development Construction Group It was just an empty lot Senjougahara.
Are you sure this is the place? Yes, I'm sure.
Should it be like this? Sobbing Sobbing Sobbing I'm home! I made it back! Unauthorized entry is forbidden Private property Good work, Araragi-kun.
You were pretty impressive.
But you're the one who did the work this time.
I guess, maybe.
But it's not like that, is it.
By the way, Araragi-kun.
You haven't answered me yet.
What will you do? I think you got the wrong impression.
Come on, didn't I say you didn't have to do anything big to pay me back? That was just an excuse.
I thought I'd get you to confess to me.
But don't worry.
I don't really feel that indebted to you.
After all, Araragi-kun, you'd rescue anyone.
But even if you hadn't saved me, and I observed you save Hanekawa-san or someone instead, I think I'd still have felt you were something special.
Oh well.
I may be overexaggerating it, but to put it bluntly, I just enjoy talking to you.
But we haven't even talked that much, have we? I guess.
So I want to talk with you more.
How do I say it I don't know if it's like I'm just trying to make myself like you.
I see.
I don't mind if you think about it like this.
Unluckily, you were fallen for by a crazy virgin so starved for love that she'd fall for anyone who showed a little kindness.
I see.
Luck wasn't on your side.
Curse your usual behavior.
If you tell me you want to think about it like a coward, I'm gonna despise you, Araragi-kun.
You shouldn't make women feel embarrassed.
I get it, I just don't really quite accept it at the moment.
But, Senjougahara, can I set a condition too? A condition, or, well, something like a promise.
A promise? What? Don't ever pretend you can see something you can't, or that you can't see something you can.
If our viewpoints are inconsistent, let's talk it over.
Promise me.
All right, let's get going.
It's getting pretty dark.
Can we put it into words? Into words? I don't like that kind of unclear relationship.
Oh, you mean that.
It'd be great if it came into fashion.
Huh? Senjougahara fascination.
Black Namishiro Park Bro, it's morning! Get up! Come on, you've got to get up! I promised not to leave home next Mother's Day, I won't go out! I'll be sure to stay home - Koyomi Stay home on Mother's Day next year - Your little sis but I don't know if it was a good idea.
Mom said she's gonna wash the sheets today! Bro, you've gotta get up so she can start the laundry! That morning, I safely defused my sisters' rage.
Bike Wheel Black Black Hey, you-! Aragi-san! That's not enough "ra"s.
Sorry, I stuttered.
What are you doing? Well, how do I put it.
Well, um.
I graduated from being a haunting spirit to a wandering spirit! Think of it like a special two-rank promotion.
Um, Araragi-san? I think I'm going to loiter around here for a while.
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