Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e04 Episode Script

Mayoi Snail, Part Two

1 Lost cow.
It's gotta be "lost cow".
The kanji for "cow" is part of how you write "snail", right? Take the "whirl" out of "whirlpool", replace the radical for "water" with the one for "bug", then follow it with "cow".
Snail Cow And you get "snail".
There's a large numbers of oddities that lead humans astray.
But if it's that type and she calls it a snail, it has to be a lost cow.
Here right, next left, I can't go anywhere from here Right and left, rift and leght Ah, don't put your hands or feet out the window! Left here, right away right No matter which way I go I end up in the same place Whether it's sunny or cloudy, depending on the place Sometimes there's something like rain If I make too many stops, The sunset will come sometime, it'll come absurdly! My tummy's rumbling, let's go back Let's go back home right away When my heart wanders, your smile will be my signpost Let's go back together, hand in hand Let's go back home together You're always there, you'll find me Even if it's roundabout, it's not a detour GHO ST ORY bakemono gatari Here, gradually, is the story of spring break.
spring break.
It was I was assaulted by a vampire.
By a beautiful beast.
I was assaulted--By a beast beautiful enough to chill one's blood.
All the blood in my body--was wrung out.
As a result, I became a vampire.
The one who rescued me from that hell was an older guy who was passing by, Oshino Meme.
And I became human again.
Well, it's not that big of a deal.
all that wonderful.
And it's nothing Since that's more like a trait, I have superhuman vision.
The only remaining problem is that, if I continue to have my blood drunk monthly, It's over and done with.
I don't mind facing it for the rest of my life.
And-- I'm still lucky.
After all, it all happened during spring break.
For example, Senjougahara was different.
For two years, she held something inconvenient within her.
An inconvenience that obstructed most of her free will.
Two years of that hell--I wonder how it felt.
Leaving the inconvenience in her body aside The fact that she was able to get rid of the inconvenience in her heart was, perhaps, a very difficult result to obtain.
Perhaps that's why Senjougahara uncharacteristically felt such a debt to me, or perhaps she had to-- Red Episode 4 Mayoi Snail Part 2 Font used in video: HGP Mincho B Stop It was right here.
The house I lived in was right here.
"House" That's a street.
Urban renewal, huh.
And to think that it's been less than a year.
We sold it, so I didn't really expect it to still be here But it still leaves me feeling pretty blue.
Yeah, I guess.
I'm wasting your time crying over spilt milk.
Let's go, Araragi-kun.
You okay? I'm fine.
Oh, okay.
Let's go, Hachikuji.
Come on, Hachikuji, back off a little.
You're making it hard to walk.
Come on, say something.
Don't just stand there.
It's not like I'm firmly attached to your leg! You're horrible! I'm telling the PTA on you! The PTA? The PTA is an amazing organization! Araragi-san, you're just an underage civilian with no authority! They'll lay you flat with a fingertip! With just a fingertip? Sounds scary.
By the way, Hachikuji, what does PTA stand for? Question: What's a PTA? Well, umm Name: Hachikuji Mayoi Class 5-3 PTA is an abbreviation for "Parent-Teacher Association".
means It means a group formed between parents and teachers.
It's also an abbreviation for the medical term "percutaneous transluminal angioplasty".
In medical terminology, Percutaneal Transluminal Angioplasty I don't think that's what you need, so it must be Parent-Teacher Association.
You know everything, don't you, Senjougahara? It seems that way because you're unlearned and incapable.
I don't mind being called unlearned, it has a nice ring to it.
But isn't it uncalled for to say I'm incapable over that? Is it? Then I'll call you miserable instead.
By the way, Hachikuji.
What, Araragi-san? Just what's at this address? I'm not talking! I plead the Fifth! If you don't tell me, I ain't gonna take you there.
It's not like I asked you to! I can go alone! But you're lost, aren't you? So what?! Well Uh, Hachikuji? For future reference, it's best to ask someone for help when that happens.
Maybe I'd do that if I was like you and didn't believe in myself.
You can ask people for things until you feel satisfied.
But I feel no need to do that.
For me, this is just like using an everyday vending machine! Sale at a fixed price, huh.
Understood, young lady.
Please, inform me if there is anything I should know about this address.
You don't sound very sincere.
Black ARARAGI That would've been good enough to coax the truth out of either of my sisters.
I can't treat Hachikuji like she's just a stupid kid.
Man, what do I do.
Young lady, I'll give you an allowance.
I'll tell you anything! She's just a stupid kid.
Black Someone named Tsunade-san lives there.
How do you know them? She's a relative.
Shouldn't you be at home showing some respect for your family on Mother's Day? If you're gonna be like that, bro-! If you're gonna be like that, no matter how much time passes- I don't wanna hear that from you.
Just what do you know about me?! It's just a feeling.
You've been wasting time on a park bench all Sunday.
That's nothing a decent person would do.
I was just- I was touring.
Touring? Awesome! Well, it was just on a bike.
Really? Touring has to be on a motorcycle.
What a pity.
School rules say that I can't get a license.
Anyway, motorcycles are pretty dangerous.
I'd rather have a car.
Really? But if you do it that way, you're fouring.
She's making a pretty funny mistake about what "touring" means.
But the roads here are really complex.
I can't believe you wanted to come here by yourself.
It's not my first time or anything.
Really? Then why are you lost? It's just been a while.
Speaking of which, Arararagi-san- That's one too many! Sorry, I stuttered.
Stop stuttering and making things sound bad.
I can't help it! Everyone stutters.
Or have you never stuttered in your life? I can't say I haven't.
But I almost never do it with people's names.
Say "bus gas explosion" three times.
That's not someone's name.
No, it is! I have like three friends named that! So if anything, it's a common name! Red Bus gas explosion bus gas explosion bus gas explosion! What animal eats dreams? The tapir? Bzzzt, wrong answer.
The animal that eats dreams is Mankind.
That's not very clever! Black Hey, Araragi-kun.
Can you give me the address again? Fine, uhh.
Black Seems like we went a little too far.
Really? If you want to blame me, go ahead and do it.
No, there's nothing to blame you for.
I see.
Why are you so scared of Senjougahara? I feel like she hates me.
It feels like she thinks I'm in the way and she wants me to disappear.
I don't really think it's that extreme.
Hey, Senjougahara.
What? Do you hate kids? I hate them.
I loathe them.
Red I'd like it if they all died.
I don't understand how to connect with them.
It must have been back in middle school.
I went shopping at a department store, and ran into a kid who must have been around seven.
And the kid started crying? No, that's not it.
Then I said to the seven-year-old: "Are you okay? Are you hurt at all? I'm sorry, I'm so sorry.
" Not knowing what to do with a kid, I lost my head.
But because of that, because I handled it so poorly It left me shocked.
From then on, whether they're human or not, I've hated kids.
I understand the reasoning, but not the emotion Anyway, Araragi-kun.
What? I think we've gone too far again.
The address? Come on, this has happened twice now.
If you want to blame me, you can keep on blaming me.
There's still nothing to blame you for.
Wait, huh.
Senjougahara, isn't that line a little different from before? Huh, I guess.
What's up with that? Oh, that's right.
You mentioned urban renewal.
Maybe it's because of that? No, that's not it.
It's not like the old roads are completely gone.
I'm not actually lost.
What are you doing? I think I'm gonna try using my GPS.
Black What is it? It suddenly went out of range.
This is I guess it's impossible.
Because we can't get there no matter how many times we try.
Hachikuji? I'll never find my way there.
I'll never make it to where mommy is.
Because I'm a lost snail.
First half of Bakemonogatari ep 4 - "Mayoi Snail Part 2" - is over Next, an ad Together, or not together.
Those are the last traces of those dreamlike days.
Unable to reach our destination no matter what, we consulted Oshino.
Do you know where it is? Maybe I should go.
It doesn't make me happy that you're worried about my memory being as poor as yours.
If anything, it's enough to make me sad.
I see.
And I mean Don't leave me alone with some kid.
Based on my conversation with Senjougahara, it seems like she has her guard up again.
You mentioned your mom earlier, right? Didn't you say Tsunade was a relative? Hachikuji-chan, I'll buy you ice cream later, so won't you come a little closer? Okay! So, about before.
About your mom.
Well, mommy is a relative, right? Well, I guess.
And even if I call her mommy, it's sad because she's not mommy anymore.
Tsunade was my last name until third grade.
When daddy took me, I changed it to Hachikuji.
Oh man, and to think I told you to go visit your mom Naw, I'm not going just because it's Mother's Day.
I can go to mommy's whenever I want.
I see.
But no matter how much I search, I never make it there.
And then you met the snail? I don't know if we met, but You must have had a lot of trouble.
Red Owww! What the hell are you doing, you brat! Ow! Ow! Ow, oww! Smack! Blue fruit Smack! No, it's nothing to laugh about.
From the second time on, victory is just hollow.
There stood a nihilistic high school boy who, for the second time, smacked around a grade school girl until she blacked out.
By which I mean me.
Black You look scary, Araragi-kun.
Hanekawa? Now you look surprised.
Well, I guess that's an improvement.
What's up? Why are you here? I'm just killing a little time.
Oh really? I'm killing time too.
I don't like staying at home, so I go out for walks on Sunday.
I think you're being too anxious.
Oh, by the way, Araragi.
Is that girl your little sister? Um, she's a kid who got lost.
Her name is Hachikuji Mayoi.
Hachikuji? That's pretty common in Kansai.
Now that I think of it, wasn't the temple in "Shinonome Monogatari" Black Sononome Monogatari, by Sonda Hideharu No, wait, that was written differently.
You know everything, don't you.
I don't know everything, I just happen to know this.
Hi there, Mayoi-chan.
I'm this guy's friend, Hanekawa Tsubasa.
Don't talk to me! I hate you! Oh my, I did something she hates.
There, there.
You're so cute, Mayoi-chan! I just want to eat you up! But you shouldn't suddenly bite his hand, okay? Come on, say sorry.
I-I'm sorry, Araragi-san.
And Araragi-kun, you shouldn't do that.
By "that", you mean get violent, huh.
Of course, you shouldn't be violent.
And if you're going to spank a child, you need to tell them why so they understand.
Talking to you is really like studying.
So she's lost? Around here? If you'd like, I can show you around.
Nah, I sent Senjougahara to find someone.
Oh, you were with her? You were asking me a lot about her before, weren't you.
Oh, that's it! That's how it is! Man, you can fantasize about those things even better than yaoi fangirls.
Yaoi? What's that? It stands for "no climax, no conclusion, deep meaning".
That sounds like a lie.
I'll check it out later.
You're so serious.
Anyway, I'll just be in the way, so I'll get going now.
Sorry to bother you.
Say hi to Senjougahara-san for me.
Look, that's a misunderstanding! Oh, that's right, Hanekawa.
Can I ask you something? Do you know where someone named Tsunade-san lives around here? Tsunade-san? Umm Black I don't.
There's something even you don't know? Didn't I tell you? I only know what I know.
Anything else, not at all.
Oh, right.
Sorry I couldn't live up to your expectations.
No problem.
Okay, bye-bye for real.
Sunday, May 14th, at 14:15:30.
The moment I got Senjougahara's phone number.
Oh man, she's screwing up my Sunday morning slacking.
Tsundere-chan's such a mean girl.
Tsundere-chan? Oh, you mean Senjougahara.
You sure have been running into a lot of oddities, Araragi-kun.
I'm not the one who met it.
Really? The one who met it is a girl named Hachikuji Mayoi.
Oh, Hachikuji Mayoi? Oh, that's how it is? I see, I see.
If you say Hachikuji, you have to think of the fifth paragraph of "Shinonome Monogatari".
Sononome Monogatari, paragraph 5 Hanekawa said the same thing.
Huh? What? What is it, Oshino? You're so unresourceful.
What're you talking about now? Making Tsundere-chan take responsibility for this.
Well, I'm sorry for dragging Senjougahara into this.
Man, I didn't mean it like that.
Aren't you being a bit optimistic thinking you can keep solving these oddities between you, her, and Class Rep-chan? That's not what I'm trying to do.
And I can't normally be by your side when you encounter oddities.
And it's inconceivable that you could solve an incident over the phone.
Well, I thought it'd be nothing.
And I don't admire you sending a girl your age alone to the place where a weird guy lives.
But you're not gonna do anything, are you? I'm happy you trust me that much, but she doesn't.
I won't do anything! I won't do anything at all! Put down the stapler, Tsundere-chan! Stapler? That scared me.
Tsundere-chan is pretty scary.
Well, uh.
I suck at the phone.
It's hard to talk about.
Hard to talk about You mean All right, we'll do this.
I'll tell Tsundere-chan how to handle the lost cow.
You hang out there for a little bit, Araragi-kun.
Handle? Is it okay to send the message through a person? Uh There won't be a ritual required like there was for Senjougahara? Nope.
Snails aren't as troublesome as crabs.
After all, it's not a god, more like a spirit or ghost.
Spirit? Well, Araragi-kun, you know.
The Shikoku Pilgrimage, and the Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage.
Yeah, of course I know those.
Hachikuji is one of those too.
Ya But, you see, you can read "Hachiku" as "Yaku".
Ku Hachi So it can become misfortune.
Hachikuji was abandoned as that interpretation spread.
So, now that you've been given the details and understand the history, what do you think when you look at the name Hachikuji Mayoi? Normally you'd think it's an inconvenient name to have because of how much meaning it seems to carry.
How much meaning it seems to have? It would've been better if you had felt that at the beginning.
What would have been better about that? All right, I'm gonna tell Tsundere-chan the details.
I don't know if she'll tell you exactly what I said, but Red What does he mean? Anyway, Hachikuji, looks like something or other is going to happen.
That conversation didn't give me the impression that anything was going to happen at all.
Anyway, Araragi-san.
What? I'm hungry.
Ghostory Snail Mayoi Snail Part 2 Next Episode Continued Deneb, Altair, and Vega That's the Summer Triangle you pointed at I remember that when I look up at the sky I finally found Vega But where are you, Altair? You'll be alone like this I looked up from the pitch dark world It's like the night sky is filled with raining stars I wonder when I started to chase after you Please, no matter what Don't be surprised Listen to these feelings Listen to these feelings Of mine Preview I'm Karen! I'm Tsukihi! All right, time for the preview quiz! Quiz! If you mention catering- Delivery! It's like a cell phone! You're not supposed to get catering on the train! You're not supposed to! Next Episode Mayoi Snail Part 3 Next time! Mayoi Snail, part 3! You can watch while catering, can't you? 1seg, I guess.