Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e03 Episode Script

Mayoi Snail, Part One

1 Ghostory Namishiro Today is a national holiday, Mother's Day.
Park Whether you love or hate your mom, whether you get along with her or not, you were given Mother's Day to enjoy as a Japanese person.
May 5 6 7 8 9 (10) 11 12 13 I didn't come to this park for any particular reason.
I arrived here by just riding my mountain bike randomly, going wherever my feet carried me.
But, as the only one in a park on a Sunday, it felt like I was the only one in the world.
Perhaps it's an exaggeration, but it felt as if perhaps the park belonged to me.
As if it would be perfectly all right to never go back home.
I felt like that.
Since it's only me.
Since I'm alone.
Alone again? I thought so.
If you're gonna be like that-! If you're gonna be like that, bro! A dark mood, like the waves, washes over me.
As I look at the sky, my pettiness still disgusts me after so long even though I've calmed down quite a bit.
they call self-loathing? Is this feeling what I am not the type to usually concern myself with such things.
In fact, the word "worry" doesn't apply to me.
But occasionally, yes.
On days like 5/10 which are dedicated to events, I will typically get in that kind of "condition" for some reason.
A special situation.
A peculiar setup.
I am particularly vulnerable to such things.
I fail to calm down.
Instead, I flee.
Yes, day-to-day life is the best.
Be tomorrow already.
Follow Due to that strange condition- The episode about the snail followed.
Turned the other way, perhaps the episode would not have occurred were I not in that condition.
Mayoi Snail Part 1 Font used in video: HGP Minchou B Episode 3 Oh, my.
Well, well.
I thought someone left a dead dog here.
But it turns out it's just you, Araragi-kun.
What? I was just saying hello.
It was a joke.
No, uh.
What, then? Araragi-kun, you little boy.
Were you just fascinated by my charming street clothes? Bliss Street Clothes A moment of bliss? That may have just been a bad pun, but I really was fascinated.
Anyway, the second kanji in "fascinating" is an amazing kanji, isn't it? Don't you know? The second kanji is written with the grass radical over a bath.
To me, its sensitivity is a step beyond the bright and happy "moe" that uses the grass radical.
I'm waiting for it to be introduced and used in the next generation.
Hades Then we can have "maid fascination" or "cat ears fascination".
Cat Ears Things like that.
I was just surprised because those clothes give a completely different impression than what I saw you in before.
That's it.
I guess.
I guess it's because I was wearing mellower clothes then.
Really? Speaking of which, I bought this whole outfit yesterday.
But I'm happy.
I wanted you to see these clothes first if possible, Araragi-kun.
Hey, if you wanted to show them to me first Well, uh That makes it sound like a stroke of luck or an honor.
I didn't want to show you them, Araragi-kun.
I wanted you to see them.
The nuance is completely different.
By the way, Araragi-kun.
Just what are you doing here? Just a little touring.
I felt like going out on my bike.
Then I found this park, so I figured I'd take a rest.
How about you, Senjougahara? Do you come here often? This used to be my place.
"Your place"? That's right, you said you used to live around here.
Well, yes.
But then it all changed.
It's not like I'm too sentimental about it, but For some reason, seeing how where I used to live has changed makes my motivation slip away.
Isn't it unavoidable? That's right.
It's unavoidable.
Hey, Araragi-kun.
You don't care if I sit next to you, do you? Next to me? There's something I want to discuss with you.
Having a whole bench to myself made me feel a little uneasy.
Then I'll go right ahead.
Crab Touch Touch I thought I'd try thanking you again for these recent events.
I don't really care about that.
Go thank Oshino instead.
That'll be more than enough.
I have to pay Oshino the fee.
I want to thank you in a different way than Oshino.
Well, uh.
Stop thinking that you owe me something.
It's going to make it tough to get along with you.
To get along, huh? Araragi-kun.
Can I think of you as someone dear? Of course.
But you're not the type of person who makes friends easily, are you? I was like that until last year, but I had a paradigm shift over spring break.
How about you, Senjougahara? I was like that until just recently.
More specifically, until I met you.
What's she saying?! What's this situation? This situation It's like she's about to tell me she loves me.
What I mean to say, Araragi-kun.
Is that no matter what you say, I have to pay you back.
Once that's over, we'll be able to become friends on an even footing.
Friends Friends! So, Araragi-kun, perhaps there's something you want me to do? Just this once, I'll do anything.
Anything? Anything at all.
Just this once, I'll fulfill whatever your wish is.
Whether it's world conquest, or eternal life, or to defeat the Saiyans that are coming to earth.
Are you saying you're more powerful than Shen Long?! Of course.
She went along with it.
But to be honest, it's easier for me to help with something more personal.
After all, it's simpler.
Sure is.
I told you, anything's okay.
Like saying you want me to end all my sentences with "nyu" for a week.
Or that you want me not to wear underwear to school for a week.
Or that you want me to wake you up every morning for a week, wearing nothing but an apron.
Or that you want me to help out with colon cleansing for a week.
You have to have plenty of kinks.
You think I'm that kind of a pervert!? Isn't that really rude?! Well, uh, sorry, but I'm not sure if I can go along with them for a lifetime.
No! Wrong, wrong, wrong! I'm not pissed off because you think I'm less of a perv! Really? If I may suggest, I recommend my waking you up every morning wearing nothing but an apron.
Then I can cook you breakfast.
Isn't it a man's fantasy to watch that from behind? Come on, Senjougahara.
If we make that deal, I don't think we'll be able to think of each other as just friends after.
Oh my.
Now that you mention it, it does seem like that.
That's right.
Then nothing sexual.
But I guess I figured you wouldn't want anything sexual.
Oh, so you do have faith in me.
After all, you're a virgin.
She's said that before.
Virgins aren't picky, so it's easy on the other person.
Hey, Senjougahara.
It's not like you've done that much either.
What are you saying? I'm plenty experienced.
Really? I do it all the time.
Um, if that were really true, Senjougahara, what would you gain by telling me? Understood.
I'll correct myself.
I have no experience.
I'm a virgin.
I mean, the only kind of girl who would talk to an unappealing virgin like you are late-bloomer crazy virgins like me! We've kind of gotten onto a tangent, but is there anything you want to talk about? To put it more simply, maybe something you're troubled by? Something that I'm troubled by I don't really have a way with words, so I can't say it, Episode 3 Password: Park but I really do want to help you.
I guess, if I have to say it What is it? Talk to me about it.
If you just talk about it, it'll be easier.
I guess.
Umm Koyomi sighs I had a fight with my little sister.
I can't really help you with that.
But I'll listen to the whole thing just in case.
"Just in case" So which sister did you fight with? I mean, you do have two of them.
You know? The older of the two.
But really, it's a problem with both of them.
No matter when, where, or what they're doing, they're always asking the five Ws and one H.
Because they hang out together so much.
Well, they are the Tsuganoki Second Junior High Fire Sisters.
You even know their nickname? Hey, today's Mother's Day, right? That's right, it is.
They're both attached to Mom.
And Mom fusses over them like a mother cat over kittens.
So I see.
For a bad son, it's like your own house isn't your home today on Mother's Day.
Pretty much.
I got up early in the morning so I could sneak out of the house.
My sister caught me getting on my bike.
And we argued.
Argued? She said that, as my sister, she wanted me to stay and celebrate Mother's Day together.
But, hey, I can't do that.
Angry Karen If you're gonna be like that, bro-! If you're like that, no matter how much time passes- So, basically.
I can't even celebrate on Mother's Day, and get pissed off at what my four years younger sister says.
That's what I call smallness as a human being, No matter how much I'm irritated by it, I can't do anything about it.
That's a complex issue.
It's not complex, just stunted.
Because as a human being I'm small, or something.
But even still, when I think that I'm gonna have to apologize to my sister, I definitely don't wanna go home.
You don't want to go home? I'm sorry, but there's nothing I'm capable of doing about your smallness as a human being.
Come on, at least put some effort in.
Of course, but there's nothing I'm capable of doing about your smallness as a human being.
I'm pretty boring, huh.
My worries are this tiny.
I hate it.
You can call it dull if you want.
Like the dullness of only ever pulling "a little luck" at omikuji.
You shouldn't deny your charm, Araragi-kun.
Charm? My charm is like only ever pulling "a little luck"?! I was joking.
And Araragi-kun, your dullness isn't like pulling "a little luck".
Do you want to say it's like pulling "bad luck"? Oh my.
Isn't that amazing? Or shall I say, something great? Araragi-kun, your dullness It's like pulling "great luck", but when you read the contents, it's not all that good.
It's that kind of dullness.
But little sisters are there to be loved.
We do nothing but fight.
They must be eyesores, rather than cute.
It's not like they're eyesores either! Or maybe you're someone who shows your love in reverse.
I didn't expect you to be into incest.
That's not it.
Liking little sisters is a fantasy of guys who don't have any.
So you're not into incest.
You're not interested in your real little sisters.
Like I ever would be! That's right.
Araragi-kun, you look like you'd be into soro.
Into soro? An abbreviation of "sororate marriage".
It's like levirate marriage, but for sisters.
It's where, when your wife dies, you marry her sister.
Why do you think I'd do that sororate thing? For you, Araragi-kun, it'd be her little sister rather than her big sister.
First your wife's sister would call you "big bro", and then you'd marry her.
Explanation of sororate marriage Big (Step)brother Sister Wife Koyomi Karen Tsukihi Mother Father Koyomi Sister Father Dead Mother Even after marrying, she'd still call you "big bro".
Thus, by the proper meaning, you'd become a real- Doesn't that mean I'd have killed my first wife?! So, you're into soro.
Please, just say I'm into incest! But you said you wouldn't want your real sister.
I wouldn't want my sister-in-law either! Then what if you came to like someone you took as a lover out of a sense of duty? That's-! You can get a lover out of duty? You really are small to be shocked by mild jokes like this.
Your words aren't mild! I was testing you.
Why am I being tested? Hey, wait, you weren't being serious?! When I get serious, I transform.
Transform?! Awesome, I wanna see! That's a big reaction for a small human being.
But no matter how small of a human being you are, I'm never gonna desert you.
I'll follow along with your smallness as a human being.
That's a pretty strange way of putting it.
So is there anything troubling you besides your smallness as a human? What kind of abuse am I in for now? You have a wonderfully large tolerance.
Don't overdo it with the flattery! Isn't there anything? Maybe helping you study.
I've given up on that.
As long as I graduate, I'm fine.
So, helping you graduate.
I can do that fine myself! So you want to do it yourself? Are you trying to pick a fight? Well, I guess.
Or maybe you want a girlfriend.
If I say I do What would you do? You can have a girlfriend.
That's all.
No, not really.
Get me a can of juice or something next time.
Do that and we're even.
You're unselfish, aren't you.
You really do have large tolerance.
I saw that girl before.
Name Class 5-3 Hachiku- Hey, Senjougahara.
-kuji Ma- Mayoi How do you pronounce what's written on that grade-schooler's backpack? I can't see.
You can't normally read at this range? Uh, there's single digit kanji numbers, eight and nine, and a temple.
Hachik- -uji So "Hachi-kyu-dera" all in a row.
That's Hachikuji, isn't it? Hachikuji? So it's Hachikuji Mayoi? No matter how I look at it, she isn't the type that likes kids.
Hey, mind waiting here for a minute? Okay, but where are you going? I'm gonna go talk to that grade-schooler.
Give it a rest.
You're just gonna get shot down.
Damn, she really has no problem being a bitch.
Hey, what's up? You lost? Don't talk to me.
I hate you.
What's up? Did something happen? I got shot down.
In flames.
I'm gonna try again! But what are you doing, and where are you going? Watch and you'll see! Hey, you.
Are you lost? Where do you want to go? Why don't you let me see that note? Okay? Hey What, did something happen? She ignored me I got shunned by a grade-school girl.
This time I'm really going for it! I don't understand what you're doing or what you want to do.
Leave me alone! What are you doing?! So I've finally got your attention.
You can get anyone's attention by smacking them from behind! Well, you look troubled, so I thought I could help you out.
There's nothing that someone who'd smack a grade schooler in the head could ever help with! Nothing at all! Well, I'm sorry.
Umm My name is Araragi Koyomi.
Koyomi? That sounds like a girl's name.
Eww, it's girly! Stay away from me! So, what's your name? I'm Hachikuji Mayoi.
My name is Hachikuji Mayoi! It's the precious name that Mom and Dad gave me! Anyway, stop talking to me! I hate you! Why? I'm not going to hurt you anymore.
I'm the most harmless man in town! I wouldn't hurt man or beast! Understood.
I'll let down my guard.
So, Mr.
Man-Beast?! Who the hell are you talking about?! You yelled at me! You're scary! I'm sorry for yelling.
But "Mr.
Man-Beast" is mean! Anyone would yell! Then what should I call you? Why not just my name? Okay, Araragi-san.
By name is great! The best! I hate you, Araragi-san.
Hurry up and go somewhere else! Come on, aren't you lost? I'm perfectly fine in this situation! Stop being so stubborn! I'm not stubborn at all! You are! Eat this! I got caught! What an idiot.
A grade-schooler picking a fight with a high-schooler! There stood a high school boy who had seriously taken on a grade-school girl, seriously fought her, seriously won with a judo throw, and seriously felt proud of himself.
Wait, that's me.
Let me explain myself.
Go right ahead.
Well, we should let bygones be bygones.
She looks like she's lost.
I was thinking we could help.
Really? Oh, I see.
I understand the situation.
Oh, that's right, Senjougahara.
If I asked about an address around here, you'd kinda know it, right? Well.
I guess as much as anyone.
Hey, Hachikuji.
Why don't you show this girl the note you were carrying before? I had a dream that I was abused by a heinous high school boy.
Must've been a false dream.
I see.
A false dream.
What's wrong? Go ahead and take it.
For some reason, I don't even want to touch you.
It's just to take a note! I don't want to touch anything you've touched.
Fine, I get it.
How about I read it to you? Umm You know where it is? Yeah, I know that address.
That's great.
I can't pinpoint it, but if we head over there, I'll be able to get it by feeling.
So, shall we go? Let's go, Hachikuji! Where to? Like I said, the address on this note.
That girl should know where it is.
We'll guide you there.
Isn't that great? You'll guide me there? Aren't you lost? Yeah, I'm lost.
I'm a lost snail.
Snail? No, I It's nothing! Ghostory Mayoi Snail Part 1 Snail Continued Next Episode are ga DENEB ALTAIR VEGA Deneb, Altair, and Vega kimi wa yubisasu natsu no daisankaku That's the Summer Triangle you pointed at oboete sora wo miru I remember that when I look up at the sky yatto misuketa orihimesama I finally found Vega dakedo dokodarou hikoboshisama But where are you, Altair? kore ja hitori bocchi You'll be alone like this makkura no sekai kara miageta I looked up from the pitch dark world yozora wa hoshi ga furuyoude It's like the night sky is filled with raining stars itsukara darou I wonder when kimi no koto wo oikakeru watashi ga ita I started to chase after you douka onegai Please, no matter what odorokanaide Don't be surprised kiiteyo watashi no kono omoi wo Listen to these feelings of mine I'm Karen! I'm Tsukihi! Time for the preview quiz! Quiz! If you're talking about twin stars in the Zodiac- You must be talking about Gemini! No, Pisces is twins.
Pisces! Pisces! Mayoi Snail Part 2 Next Episode Next episode, Mayoi Snail, part 2.
Well, maybe they aren't twins.
Just like us.