Bakemonogatari (2009) s01e02 Episode Script

Hitagi Crab, Part Two

1 Even though Hanekawa said Senjougahara lives in a mansion My mother was deceived by some weird cult.
She paid her entire fortune as tribute and she racked up a large debt.
As a result, my parents divorced at the end of last year, and I went with my dad.
Now I live here with him.
ima nara mada maniau kara tettaishita hou ga ii yo It's better to back off now while there's still time Before we misunderstand each other even more motto kanchigai shiteshimau mae ni STAPLE STABLE Before I knew it, kimi wo tojita kotoba no hari The staple you used to bind your words pierced my heart itsunomanika kono mune ni sasatteshimateta itai kimi no sei dayo It's your fault Don't come to me the way I am now konai de konna konna watashi wo minai de sonna sonna doko made Don't look at me wherever I go hanasanai de anna anna egao de Don't let go of me with that smile donna dare ni mo No matter who you are doko made mo tsuzuku kono sora no you na I prayed for an endless eternity owari no nai eien wo chikatte In the sky that stretches on forever ijiwaru de yasashii sonna umi no you na Like the sea with its harsh love, kokoro ni tobikondara uketomete You dove into my heart to take it omosa ja hakarenai konna omoi I want to deliver these feelings to you kimi dake ni ima tsutaeru kara That can't be weighed GHO ST ORY gatari H I T A G I C R A B bakemono Hitagi Crab Part 2 Can you save me? I can't save you, but I can help you.
Well, please go home first.
Clean your body with cold water and change into some clean clothes.
We'll meet here again at midnight.
Is that okay with you? Okay.
But what do you want? Huh? Please don't play dumb with me.
It's not like you're volunteering to help me.
Well, if that makes you feel better, I'll charge a little.
How does 100,000 yen sound? 100,000 yen That's awfully different from what I got charged.
Really? I remember charging Class Rep-chan 100,000 yen too- You asked me for five fricken' million! You became a vampire, I didn't have a choice.
Don't blame it on vampires! Can you afford it? Of course.
I'll pay it no matter what.
100,000 yen, huh? I finished showering.
Please move or I won't be able to get my clothes.
Put on your damn clothes! Like I said, I'm going to put them on now.
You should've put them on before you came out! I forgot to take them in with me.
You should at least use a towel to cover your body! No, that's what poor people do.
This is the first time I've seen a girl's naked body Clean clothes Do you think white would be better? I don't know.
I only have patterned underwear and bras.
I said I don't know! Araragi-kun.
Don't tell me you had dirty thoughts after seeing me nude? Even if I did, it's not my fault! All right, you can turn around now.
Really? Seriously What do you want?! What? This is just some special service to thank you for today.
Appreciate it.
I told you to appreciate it.
Now she's mad at me instead! Telling me what you think would be the polite thing to do, wouldn't it? W-What I think S-Something like "You have a great body"? You're disgusting.
This is why you're going to be a virgin for the rest of your life.
For the rest of my life? What are you, a time traveler? Could you not spit while you talk? Virginity is contagious.
How can male virginity be transmitted to a female?! Wait, it can't be transmitted to a male either Wait a second.
This topic is based on the assumption that I'm a virgin.
It's true I'm being biased.
Good to know.
Could you not spit while you talk? STDs from hookers are contagious.
Fine I admit it, I'm a virgin! Don't worry, I'll keep it a secret from Hanekawa-san.
Why Hanekawa? Isn't she the person who you have a crush on? I see you two talk a lot together.
You're wrong, that's just because Hanekawa is very helpful.
"The most useless person is the most pitiful, they always have unreasonable losses.
" That's the type of pleasant misunderstanding she has.
The most useless person is the most foolish.
That's truly a pleasant misunderstanding.
No, I never said that.
It's written on your face.
It's not.
I thought you'd say that, so I wrote it on your face.
Yeah, like you could really set that up! Hanekawa-san received help from Oshino-san before, right? Yeah, I guess.
That's why I'm saying he's trustworthy.
It's not only me who can prove that, but Hanekawa can too.
I see.
But you see, Araragi-kun.
If I trust a person so easily, I don't know how many times I would've been tricked.
That's why I can't think so optimistically no matter what.
You just put it on.
Why are you taking it off? I forgot to dry my hair.
Are you an idiot or what? Please don't say such rude things.
The consequences will be severe if you hurt me.
You mentioned "optimistic" just then, right? Did I not? Perhaps.
But isn't being more optimistic better? It's not like you're doing something bad or tricking yourself.
Not doing something bad, huh? Don't you think so? Perhaps.
But Perhaps I am tricking myself.
What? Never mind.
Hey, Araragi-kun.
Can I ask you a question? What does "having a pattern the same as the moon" mean? Huh? What are you talking about? Didn't you say that to Oshino-san? Well, you see.
From Japan, the pattern on the moon looks like a rabbit making rice cake.
But in foreign countries, it looks like a crab or the side of a beauty's face.
Oh, really? I'm surprised you know such worthless things.
This is first time since I was born that I've been impressed with you.
It's nothing, I'm just good at astronomy and space science.
There's no point in acting cool in front of me.
You probably don't know anything else apart from that.
Do you know about "verbal abuse"? Then call the verbal abuse police.
You just want to show off the body that you're proud of, don't you? The body that I'm proud of? I'm not that conceited.
I'm just not good at wearing clothes.
They're too heavy.
However, you surprisingly know quite a lot, Araragi-kun.
I was surprised.
Perhaps there might even be a brain inside your head.
Of course there is.
Of course? You could say it's a miracle that a creature like yourself has a brain under that skull.
You must think that I'm extremely dumb, don't you? How did you know? It seems like she just wants to hide it You look genuinely surprised! It's all because of me that Araragi-kun discovered how poorly made his brain is.
I can feel the responsibility.
Hey, wait! Am I really that hopeless? Academic performance rating check.
Mine is 74.
Mine is 46 That would be zero if you round that.
Huh?! You're kidding! The unit value is 6, so- Wait, you rounded using the tens! What did you do to my academic performance rating?! I won't feel a sense of victory if we aren't 100 apart.
You rounded yours using the tens too I've made a decision.
If everything goes well, I'll go to Hokkaido to eat crab.
Sure, good for you.
You're coming too.
Why? Oh, you don't know? Crabs taste very good.
Episode 2 Password: Keep Off! Oshino-san, are you a priest? Nope, I'm not.
That's what I picked for my major in university, but I don't work at a shrine.
Because there was a lot to think about.
Young lady, your clothes give off a sense of honesty.
Just making sure.
You didn't put on make-up, did you? I thought it'd be better not to, so I didn't.
Yeah, your decision was correct.
Araragi-kun, you took a shower too, right? Yeah, I took one at her house.
There shouldn't be a problem.
You're still as stubborn as ever.
Cut the pointless talk.
By the way, Oshino.
Is it really so simple to exterminate that crab thing? You think too reckless, Araragi-kun.
Did something nice happen? Shinobu-chan and the Perverted Cat attacked you and Class Rep-chan with malicious intentions, but this crab is different.
Different? Didn't I tell you? It's a God.
That's why we're going to pray to it instead of exterminating it.
Modestly pray.
If we pray to it, will it give back Senjougahara's weight? Her mass? Probably.
They're not stubborn enough to refuse the sincere requests of humans.
Those Gods are just a sketchy bunch.
Sketchy? They don't really care about humans.
To those Gods, our age, gender, and weight are no different.
Is that crab beside me right now? Yeah, it's by your side, it's everywhere.
However, in order to make it descend here, there are procedures we must follow.
Both of you, bow down your head and look at the floor.
We're before an altar.
What is this? It seems like drinking alcohol can shorten your distance with God.
I'm still a minor.
Just a little, it's not enough to get you drunk.
Now, let's start by relaxing.
This is your own spot.
The spot where it's only natural for you to be.
Keep the position with your head down and close your eyes.
Start counting.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 Have you calmed down? Yes.
Great, now answer my questions.
Young lady, what's your name? Senjougahara Hitagi.
What's the school you go to? Naoetsu Private High School.
When's your birthday? July 7th.
Who's your favorite author? Yumeno Kyuusaku.
Can you tell me stories about how you screwed up as a kid? No, I don't want to.
What classical music do you like? I'm not that interested in music.
How did you feel when you graduated elementary school? I just wanted to get into middle school.
After all, it was just transferring from one public school to another.
What kind of guy did you have your first crush on? I don't want to say.
What was the most painful memory in your life up until now? What's wrong? I'm asking about the most painful memory in your life.
My My mother being Mother? deceived by an evil cult.
Answer my question Is that all? What do you mean? Answer my question Continue.
What happened? S-Some higher up from that cult came to our house My mother brought him there What happened next? It was some ritual He H-He tried to assault He tried to rape me.
I see.
But by "tried", you mean it was just an attempt, right? I hit him with a spiked shoe that was next to me.
But my mother didn't save me Mother And then? Since the higher up was injured, my mother was Your mother was punished, right? Yes.
But I thought about it If I didn't resist back then, at least my family wouldn't have become like this.
It wouldn't have become so broken.
Note: 思い (feelings) and 重い (weight) are both pronounced omoi.
Then those are your feelings.
No matter how heavy it is, it's something you need to shoulder.
You can't transfer it to someone else.
But I didn't- Don't turn away, open your eyes and look.
Can you see something? I-I can see it.
It's the same as that time.
It's the same as that time A huge crab.
I can see the crab.
Really? I can't see it at all.
What about you, Araragi-kun? I can't see anything.
B-But I can see it clearly.
I can see it Really? So So isn't there something you need to say? Something I need to say S-Senjougahara! It's hopeless.
My my, what an impatient God.
He's just so friendly.
Did something nice happen? H-Hey, Oshino! Yeah, I know, change of plan.
There's no other choice.
Take this! In the end, it's just about your mental state.
If you can't make a request and if words don't work, there can only be war.
But Well, you can say the problem is solved now that I've crushed it.
I figured I could let it pass for now.
P-Pass? I hate crabs with a passion.
They're hard to eat.
Wait Please wait, Oshino-san.
Wait? Wait for what, young lady? Just now, I was just surprised.
I'll really do it now.
I can do it by myself.
Go ahead then.
Give it a shot.
I'm sorry.
And also, thank you very much.
But this is enough.
Those are my feelings, my thoughts, and my memories.
I'll shoulder them by myself.
They're something that I can't lose.
Please Please give me back my weight.
Please give me back my mother Flashback Senjougahara's mother began participating in the cult when she was in fifth grade.
Back then, Senjougahara had a serious disease.
Due to her daughter's illness, her mother needed a place for her heart to be at ease.
Operating And then Senjougahara barely made it out of the operation alive.
But because of that, her mother fell deeper into the cult.
Senjougahara's relationship with her mother plunged.
It seems like she stopped talking to her mother at the beginning of middle school.
And then Beast-like eyes When she was about to graduate from middle school, that happened.
Lust for a young girl's body Abnormality and Sexual Desires The result was a broken family.
It became a catastrophe.
And then, Senjougahara met it.
She met a crab.
End of Flashback Araragi-kun, you know, heavy crabs In other words, heavy stone gods.
Their name can also be read as "feelings and ties".
Ties of obligation, that is.
In other words, when Senjougahara met the crab, she cut the ties between herself and her mother.
It erased her thoughts about her mother as worries.
It stopped her from feeling.
And her weight was taken away from her.
She tricked herself.
This isn't all that bad, but In this case, even though you got your feelings back, your mother isn't going to come back, and your broken family can't be repaired.
Even she knew that.
Even so.
Those nostalgic happy memories Because of this, Senjougahara Hitagi wanted them back.
She really wanted them back.
Those helpless feelings about her mother.
Those memories and troubles.
Although it could just turn out like Oshino said, and nothing will change There's nothing that won't change.
And plus, this wasn't a waste of effort.
At the very least, I made a precious friend.
Who are you talking about? You.
Thank you, Araragi-kun.
I offer you all my gratitude.
I apologize for what I've done to you up until now.
This might be shameless for me to say But I'll be very happy if we can continue getting along well together.
Bro, it's morning! Hey! You have to wake up or else! I just fell asleep Huh? So you stayed up all night.
Gosh! You're the only one who hasn't eaten breakfast! Yeah, yeah! My body is heavy It seems like I've got a fever.
By the way, I weigh 55 kg.
But Come on I see.
Gods really are just a sketchy bunch.
oikakeru watashi ga ita chasing after you douka onegai Please, no matter what odorokanaide Don't be surprised kiite yo watashi no kono omoi wo Listen to these feelings of mine I'm Karen! Tsukihi here! It's time for the preview quiz! Quiz! You're a bus driver.
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