Baki (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME The first ones who noticed the cause What's going on? were the delinquent students.
Why am I shaking? May I go to the infirmary? - Me, too.
- Yeah, me, too.
I can't stop shaking.
What? You, too? Why? - Ever since I walked into this classroom.
- And it's not like I'm cold either.
All those who can't stop shaking raise your hands.
Everyone? No.
He seems fine.
He's sleeping, though.
Hanma? The ability to survive as a delinquent is similar to living in the wild.
It's not like we are delinquents just to be cool, you know? Yet you say you fell down the stairs? Those injuries don't look like they came from a fall, do they? Ryo, are you scared or something? What? Scared? Well, you've been shaking for a while.
Look who's talking.
That's enough.
We're done with this guy.
They were not fit to be delinquents.
Rather it wasn't in their DNA.
Never never mind.
If we're done here, I'll be going.
He was like a deadly explosive never encountered before.
Hey! You No, who Who the hell are you? I've got nothing interesting to say.
Getting involved wouldn't be worth your time.
Delinquents are able to instantly assess an opponent's fighting abilities.
Just stick to your delinquent ways.
As long as you don't interfere, I won't come after you.
Sometimes, that can be more important than the ability to fight.
Jeez, that was scary! - Hey, hey! - It's a limo! Is it the CIA? MITSUNARI TOKUGAWA This is the 11th-generation head of the Tokugawa family and ruler of the underground fight arena, the sacred ground of combat.
A man with deep respect and love for the martial arts and its fighters.
So, what did you do? Nothing really.
Do you even know what kind of man he is? Well, how can I put it? PRINCIPAL'S OFFICE Well, am the principal, but this is such a surprise.
To think that someone like Mr.
Tokugawa would come to our school Hey, champion! I'm not a champion.
What do you want, old man? Don't be angry.
Principal, will you leave us alone for a moment? Of course, sir! How's the injury? They said the cast can come off in a few days.
But you aren't here to ask me that.
are you? Do you know what this is, Baki? I guess it's not red bean jam, is it? Nitroglycerin.
In other words, explosives.
I can't eat that, can I? It is crystallized glycerin, but 100 years ago, this was a liquid that would not crystallize with either heat or cold.
In the beginning of the 20th century, a large amount of glycerin was being transported from Vienna to London.
At that moment, the most intense typhoon on record hit Biscay Bay.
Mind you, this shipment of glycerin couldn't withstand a mere tremor.
Miraculously, the ship reached its destination safely.
The crew rushed to open the barrels to check the cargo.
What they discovered was something they'd never seen before: completely crystallized glycerin.
But this wasn't the only occurrence.
From that day on, it's said that glycerin all around the world began to crystallize.
Seemingly unrelated materials and living organisms can undergo simultaneous changes on a global scale.
That's what these phenomenons are called.
In the next few days, men with great power will arrive here in Japan I mean, in Tokyo.
ARGATHOS PRISON TACOMA, WA - UNITED STATES Be careful! Don't get too close.
Maintain a one meter distance at all times.
Keep your weapons unlocked! He's a deadly beast that can kill you in a second.
- This was the one job I didn't want.
- Don't try to talk to him! Halt! Officer Henry and five other guards are here to report that the transport of prisoner #777 is complete! Good work.
Dorian, any last words? I want to taste defeat.
What happened next should've never happened.
- Get the doctor.
- Yes, sir! State Law, Article 29, Section 3.
After an execution by hanging, the prisoner must remain on the gallows for ten minutes.
Confirmation of death by a physician marks the end of the execution.
It's always the same.
You always make it too easy for me.
TOKYO GENTLEMEN, I SHALL SEE YOU IN TOKYO Amazing! Baki, this is just the beginning of the problem.
KARIOS PRISON OUTSKIRTS OF GLASGOW, SCOTLAND What? You want to taste defeat? Are those your last words? Then let me ask you, Doyle.
Are you saying this end is a victory for you? From what I see, your final moments certainly seem to be the image of defeat.
In any case, before you die, if only for a moment, your wish will come true.
whether you like it or not.
What's the matter? The alarm went off, you know? Draw your gun.
I'll let you use that modern weapon on your hip.
With the advantage of a gun, they say humans and beasts are on equal terms.
But the difference between our capabilities are insurmountable.
That's why I didn't even take off this blindfold.
If you had waited ten more seconds to turn off the switch my wish would've come true.
MILLBENFOSS AIR FORCE BASE When I received the last letter from you, I couldn't believe it.
Yet, here you are in person.
And on time, too.
Shall we go then, to the east? You're saying he climbed out? A man who weighs over 100 kg? So, he climbed a wall that is 100 meters high? Evans prison was originally an intercontinental ballistic missile base.
EVANS PRISON RUSSIA This silo has gone through it's share of harsh weather and launch accidents.
The walls may not be perfectly smooth anymore.
There are small scratches and rust.
Are you saying he used that to climb out? The wall is 100 meters high! Sikorsky's physical abilities are beyond extraordinary.
If he hadn't turned to crime, he could have won countless gold medals for Mother Russia.
With Sikorsky, maybe we could've Begin the search immediately! He will be executed! Director, up ahead is Yes.
If Sikorsky made a stop there Exactly.
Garland is in danger! Director! Take a look at this! Garland Russia's hero! The great Russian hero is It's exactly as I feared.
This isn't a wrestling match.
There's no way he could've beaten Sikorsky in a real battle.
Director! HEADING EAS I WANT TO TASTE DEFEA Oh, no! Even Garland? There are two more.
A fountain pen, a lighter, and a wristwatch.
I feel like I've lost a gambling match.
Am I good to go? I'm sorry, but your tie pin and cuff links, too.
I know he's an atrocious criminal, but he's in a special, bullet-proof acrylic enclosure.
And have you forgotten? I am a black belt in karate.
This is the counselor who came to see Spec two years ago.
During the interview, Spec started coughing blood, the counselor got closer.
Of course, with the acrylic barrier between them.
By the time we yelled to warn him, Spec was already done with him.
The blood was just ketchup from the rolled cabbage served at lunch.
He grabbed the counselor through the meal tray opening and punched him.
This was the result.
He forced open the lock by using bridges used for dental work.
You said "cuff links," right? Just in case, I'll take off my belt, too.
Of course, that goes without saying.
I'm sure you understand, but do not get close to the acrylic.
Just stick to the questions you have for him.
Naturally, if Spec asks any questions or challenges you, ignore him.
He's back there, on the left.
Don't step away from the wall during the interview.
By the way, forget you're a black belt in karate.
The previous counselor was a national wrestling champion.
Professor, is something wrong? He's not here.
What? Spec! Spec! Hey, guards, thank you for your hospitality! - I'll be heading to Tokyo now.
- This can't be! We are Do you understand, guards? I want to taste defeat! We are LEVEL 5 UNDERWATER PRISON UNITED STATES We are 200 meters underwater! Spec's got off the ship! He broke the lock and escaped! We found a piece of metal in the key hole! It's from the professor's tooth.
It's impossible to swim to the surface from here! Swimming at full speed, it'd still take five minutes! Let him go.
He'll be dead in 30 seconds! In any case, notify the coast guard immediately! How unfortunate, gentlemen.
There are many things you still don't know about me.
For example I can hold my breath for five minutes.
Almost a dozen men died instantly.
He's a convict, he won't be able to avoid the death penalty.
Still, to be able to kill more than ten convicts? Do you think he used martial arts? No.
He apparently used gas.
Gas? I hear he used poisonous gas or something of the sorts that he had hidden.
How? Come on, a short, middle-aged man? He's only about 160cm tall! Will this glass barrier be enough? We got it from the Ministry of Defense.
It can withstand a rocket missile.
SOMEWHERE IN JAPAN Ryuukou Yanagi, the poisoner.
Hey, there.
Don't move! I have a question for you.
What is the most poisonous gas on earth? I said don't move! Stop! Why are you pointing your gun at this bullet-proof glass? Although for me, it's no different than a regular glass window.
For example, this spot here.
Even if this glass can withstand a rocket missile, I can create a super tiny vacuum right here Don't touch the glass! and mysteriously turn it Don't! into a normal glass window.
See? You can shoot me now.
Don't forget to release the safety pin.
Sir! The most poisonous gas is this one.
Red alert! Red alert! "IN MY DESIRE TO TASTE DEFEAT, I AM HEADING TO THE CAPITAL HUMBLY, RYUUKOU YANAGI" All personnel, move out! Five unrelated criminals on death row left the same message behind and are now headed to Tokyo Baki do you know what this means? Subtitle Translation By: