Baki (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Dark Martial Arts

Five completely unrelated criminals all left behind the same message behind and are headed to Tokyo.
Baki do you know what this means? So why are they coming to Tokyo? They all escaped prison, right? They "want to know defeat"? Well, Baki, these guys killed many men in prison.
The strongest of the strong.
Do you understand what that means? They don't need weapons to kill, which means they are all combat fighters! Then Exactly! They're coming after you.
What? In other words, martial arts from the Underground Arena and martial arts from the criminal underworld.
Two opposing sides! Or dare I say, black versus white martial arts.
There will be an all out war! Old man that sounds a bit far-fetched.
No, it's only natural! It's Robinson.
Rob Robinson, the kickboxer! I don't believe it.
Are you challenging me to a fight? Don't get too close! I don't fight with amateurs.
Do you want to die? Razors in his collar? Steel? I guess it was just a sport for you.
Like this.
See? See? Oh, where did the knife go? Here, in my right hand.
Where'd it go now? It was in my left hand.
So, where is he, this Baki guy? Wow, Mr.
Harashima! That's impressive! Don't move or you'll lose your head.
Only idiots fight with their bare hands.
You're right.
Well then, shall we go see Baki? So, here's the deal It's just a matter of whether you have the balls to really chop them down.
If you're prepared to really swing down on their head, of course you'll win.
It' doesn't matter if it's a fight or not.
Take me to him.
To this really strong kid called Baki.
You want me to come with you? We're not gonna back off just because you tell us to.
I'm gonna say it again, you're coming with me! Sure.
Let's go.
Well, well.
You're not so bad-looking, kinda small though.
You'd be strong If this were a one-on-one bare-fisted fight! Baki! Get down on your knees! What's so funny, you bastard? No need to pull out a gun.
Youngsters today doesn't appreciate the appeal of a fight.
What? He's really planning on killing me.
Well, then if that's the case I'll do this.
You've got the balls to slash me with a knife, but you're not prepared to have your face smashed in.
Oh, my! You bought this weight online, right? Come on, I'll play with you.
Is he a monster? See? You're too slow.
Stab! Here.
What now? What are you gonna do, Hanma? Tell me, what are you gonna do? METROPOLITAN POLICE DEPARTMEN Dorian, Sikorsky, Doyle, Spec, and Ryuukou Yanagi.
These five men, one of whom is Japanese, have simultaneously escaped.
Currently, we have found no connection between the five.
However, strange enough, all five have hinted they are coming to Tokyo.
Pardon me! Inspector! What did you say? Headquarters, please respond! Headquarters! He destroyed it with his bare hands? It looks like it crashed full speed into a dump-truck.
According to witnesses, the perpetrator is a westerner.
Well, I didn't see him very well.
Do any of these faces look familiar? 1 It's this guy! What are you gonna do now, huh? Tell me! I'm scared.
Okay, then, and what are you gonna do? The five prisoners headed to Tokyo does this mean you're the first? Who the hell are you? Hand that to me.
You know that won't work on me, right? Now I wouldn't beat him even with a machine gun.
I heard the strongest man is in Tokyo.
They say he's only a 17-year-old boy.
Baki Hanma.
That's you.
If I am to experience defeat, shake my hand.
Don't drop it! It's the hand of someone you know! You shouldn't drop the hand of someone you love! What are you waiting for? It's the hand of someone you love.
You're gonna pick it up, put it close to your cheek, then scream and cry.
This is too much for me! Right? - He smiled! - The police, call the police! - You're Spec, is that right? - Headquarters, please respond! We've apprehended a man believed to be Spec! - Are you all right, son? - Yes Inspector, it's a hand! We believe it's Officer Kaneda's, who was attacked earlier.
- Baki Hanma - Wh Don't move! Today was just an introduction.
- I'm going to shoot! - Stand back, son! This feeling We"ll meet again soon.
Let's shake for real this time.
Don't disappoint me.
I've felt it before.
Oh, also See you, boy! He's just like him! After killing his counselor, the suspect Spec, escaped from an underwater, 200m-deep prison.
He escaped after killing five members of the coast guard.
The question is, why are the five convicts here in Tokyo? Is it even possible that unrelated men who've been in jail for ten years would one day have a unified goal? Whatever the case, the police is trying to deal with this drastic situation with the help of the FBI.
What will happen now? Former Police Chief, Mr.
Motohashi, do you have any idea of what's going on? Let's see, I can't know for sure until the motives of the convicts are clear.
However, the Japanese Police excel in managing crisis, and the FBI are forming a plan to deal with They wouldn't figure it out even if it took them 100 years.
Not the FBI.
YUJIRO HANMA Baki's father was known as the World's Strongest Creature.
He is capable of decimating an entire army with his bare hands.
STRONGES He is feared by fighters, politicians, and armed forces around the world.
Who would have believed we'd meet again? Whatever the case, I'm glad you sought me out, Mr.
You've grown haggard, Shibukawa.
You've lost your appeal.
You've lost, haven't you? Most recently, at least.
If it meant seeing you like this I should have ended you back then.
GOKI SHIBUKAWA Founder of the Shibukawa style Jujitsu.
Despite being just over 70 years old and his small frame, using a technique called "Aiki," he can throw anyone, no matter how strong.
He is a living legend.
Why don't we fight? It's been awhile.
Martial arts fighters are extremely naive.
If you want to fight, you should just attack.
Like this! Will he splash or hit me with that? What? He threw it to me? Your second defeat or is this your third? DETENTION ROOM ONE This is nice.
Warm meals and clean air.
I guess this can be my base for awhile.
But they don't serve a lot of food.
DETENTION MANAGEMEN CONFERENCE ROOM TWO This is an exceptional circumstance.
Past data does not apply at all.
I need you to all be aware of this fact.
Don't think of him as human.
He's different from any type we've encountered.
Consider him a highly intelligent beast.
We will work with pride, until the moment we finish filing charges.
I want three times the normal security for his transportation.
That is all.
Dismissed! Inspector! Will you practice with me for next week's match? You think you'll become stronger if you practice with someone? That's not how judo works.
But let me give you some advice.
Once you know you can win, at least injure your opponent.
Even if it's against the rules it will connect to your future.
You're a monster.
Spec Oops! Spec! Yo! How Why are you here? Everyone needs to use the bathroom.
But here you go.
Chinese buns.
They had them at the supermarket nearby.
They're still warm.
Hey, hey you should accept kindness with gratitude, before they get cold.
When did this happen? I didn't hear a sound.
DETENTION ROOM ONE - Contact headquarters! - Yes, sir! That's not right.
You shouldn't go into someone's room without permission.
I can't take you anywhere.
Now, get out.
Man, what should I do? Customers aren't supposed to just grab the Chinese buns.
Bow to the spirits! SHIN SHIN KAI KAN THE WAY OF KARATE Bow to each other! Assume stances! Begin! KATSUMI OROCHI The founder of Shin Shin Kai combat karate and Doppo Orochi's adopted son.
He succeeded the Shin Shin Kai from Doppo, and is currently n charge.
A talent known in the karate world as a "lethal weapon.
" KAIOH RETSU He is a genius rumored to be the best in the history of Chinese Kenpo.
He nearly defeated the champion Baki in the Maximum Tournament.
Three minutes.
I'm sure all of you already know, but I lost in a match against him.
With just one punch.
My old man, Doppo, said if modern karate falls behind Kenpo, we have no right to teach.
He banned himself and left the Shin Shin Kai.
But I have a different philosophy.
We're going to imitate what we can from 4000 years of Chinese history, which is why I decided to take the plunge with Kaioh Retsu.
Four thousand years Since the beginning of the Jomon period, the Chinese have been polishing their skills.
Can you believe it? Since the Kantou Plains have been underwater, all they've done is fight.
From now on, Shin Shin Kai will follow the principles of Chinese Kenpo, and complete a new form of karate as soon as we can.
That is my way of karate.
Pardon me.
I'd like to see Master Doppo Orochi.
Subtitle Translation By Emily Noguchi