Baki (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

They’re Finally Here!!

That's fine, but at least take off your shoes, westener.
Oh, my apologies.
I'm sorry.
Are you all right? By the way why are you wearing something so hazardous? Why, you Clench your teeth! - The Quadruple Median Line Strike! - There it is! It that all you got, you bastard? That's the floorboard Sensei Retsu broke! Instructor! Sensei Katsumi! I see.
If that boy's master is Doppo Orochi, then I have hopes for him.
Did you think you could just leave? Go back to the middle of the dojo.
Thank you! - Sensei Retsu initiated the attack.
- No, he didn't, most likely That was a good match.
You're an excellent fighter.
It's not over yet! From the looks of it, you must be in charge here.
A battle on enemy lines is far from clever.
Let's do it properly next time.
I look forward to the day we meet again.
Good luck.
He's gone! - Get the extinguisher! - Go after him, you idiot! Gather round! Like I said last class, we're doing a fitness test.
- What? - How tiring.
We'll be doing the 100m dash, softball throw, long jump, chin ups and the 1500m run, all in that order.
Is this guy serious? This sucks.
Now that I think about it this is the first time I ever do a fitness test.
Why aren't you wearing shorts, Baki? Run over there, huh? On your mark! - Like this? - Get set Run, Baki! - What did you do? - What just happened? What the heck? It's a hole! Maybe the dirt was loose.
Did the track team not pave it? It was the beginning of a legend.
Look how high it went.
That was a one-hopper! It's so high! I can barely see it.
Twenty-one meters.
No, that was a one-hopper! You just set the record for worst.
Why're you stopping? It's the long jump.
So jump! Why did you jump over the course! I can't get a measurement if you don't land on the sand! - But wasn't that pretty impressive? - Absolutely.
Who can jump over the course without a running start? - I can't.
- Okay, next! These guys will never be able to do 15 and get a perfect score.
Can you do 15? Does it look like I can? Did you get a girlfriend? Does it look like I did? Who said you could come down, Baki? But I did 15 already.
Who counted your chin-ups for you? Well, no one, but Were you guys watching? No, but he was hanging.
I'm not sure if he did 15, though.
See? Do it over.
What's the matter? Cut that out, already! What's the matter with you? You break the bars, you jump over the course, you dig up holes in the ground You didn't complete one test properly! Baki's fitness remains unmeasured and entirely abnormal.
Next up, the 1500m! I'll blow past everyone! Hanma at this rate, you're not going to pass.
What are you going to do, huh? Well what's the world record for the 1500m? - Way to go, Baki! - You can do it! What's the point in asking me that? Please, tell me.
Three minutes and 26 seconds.
Are you going to try and beat it? If I break the record, will you pass me in all the categories? Not only that, I'll give you full points in all subjects.
- Congrats, Baki! - I want to try to beat it, too! All right, stand on the starting line! Three minutes, 26 seconds.
Is that all? Hey.
How'd he get those muscles! Does he do drugs or something? Eight, seven, six five, four, three two, one Huh? Did I miscount a lap? This would be a world-record for the 400m.
If If I didn't miscount his time is faster than the 800m world record! This is good.
My muscles are warming up.
His speed is getting faster! It happened just as he passed the 1000m mark.
Muscle cramps.
The young man spent his days doing roadwork training for strength, not for speed.
Habitually imagining a heavy load, helps in developing muscles.
On this day, Baki imagined this for his muscles.
- Right on.
- You're dead last, Baki! All right, you're dismissed! You started out too fast! Baki fails! No, you pass.
Maybe I'm not very fit after all.
What an appetite! Besides his exceptional appetite, he considers himself a gourmand.
It can get quite expensive.
KANJI IGARI This wrestling star faced Baki in the third round of the Maximum Tournament, but was defeated.
You've acquired a nice toy, Igari.
Got a smoke, chief? Here.
You lack manners for a former judo world champion.
As expected.
Youth is arrogance.
Strength is arrogance.
Until the day you're defeated and covered in dust That's all fine and dandy, but when's the match, old man? When would you like it to be, Tateoka? If there's a ring, prize money, and an opponent, I'm always ready.
It could even be right now.
You just have to say so.
You know that there is no prize money for my tournaments, right? Your tournaments are legendary.
Participating in them means status.
Plenty of money will follow.
That's big talk for a recent amateur.
That's the Igari philosophy, right, chief? I say when.
Whoever needs to be told when to battle can't be called a martial arts fighter.
A match is, at best, only a rehearsal.
No matter how much you fight in one, it's still just a rehearsal.
It's not the real deal.
Call an ambulance! We have all the players now.
You're Sikorsky, correct? Let's talk somewhere else.
It hurts! - It hurts! - Careful, he's heavy! Hey.
What an impressive punch.
Who will accompany him? That would be you.
Sikorsky, this meeting is one you're never going to forg Headquarters! Contact the police! Without an audience or gong, pro-wrestlers are weak creatures.
You haven't told me where we're going, but I have a good feeling about it.
Spec has disappeared again! How does he do that? I WILL BE BACK SOON It still smells like blood that is yet to dry.
Since a few days ago, my Tokugawa blood has been making my body hum.
I should know the reason for it tonight.
This is the place to find the strong! Welcome! Did you call them? No, not me.
What brought them here is the vast amount of blood in this arena and their own blood! Welcome! First, I have a question for you.
Why are you all here? Why ask us that a question? This is my first time meeting the four of them, but what gives you the right to ask? This colosseum is mine.
I see, so we are intruders.
Then we must answer your question.
Please, let me hear your answer.
You didn't bring me here, I chose to come.
I can only say I ended up here in my search for a place of solace.
The smell, I think.
I was attracted to the smell here.
Here in Japan, anyone who loves martial arts knows of this place.
To find warriors, not competitors.
I do as I please.
Wonderful! You truly have exceptional reasons.
As a reward, I shall gift you with defeat.
We don't need a gift from you.
There are lovely ones, right here.
Wait, wait Hey, stop! Stop! Old man! Baki! So, can we just hurry and finish whatever you wanted with me? I've got school tomorrow.
What did you want? You even sent a messenger out to get me.
Doppo! I brought them like you asked.
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