Baki (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

The Battle Begins

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME DOPPO OROCHI The founder of the Shin Shin Kai combat karate, he is also known as the God of War.
He currently trains outside the Shin Shin Kai.
KAORU HANAYAMA At 15, he was named boss of the Hanayama gang.
His creed is training without weapons, and he is Japan's best street fighter.
Recently, 38 fighters fought in a tournament held in this colosseum.
It may have been the largest, most competitive, most cutting-edge tournament in the world.
In fact, I believe it was the greatest in the history of martial arts.
The winner of the tournament was none other than this 17-year-old young man here, Baki Hanma.
However, I have grave doubts as to the value the five of you place upon the tournament.
Sikorsky, you said, "Matches are merely testing the waters in order to prepare for the real deal.
" Is that right? I brought the five of you here even though you didn't place in the top five.
Sikorsky was right when he spoke of real combat over tournament matches.
You never know what is going to happen at any moment in your daily lives.
That element of uncertainty in combat will allow you to show off your abilities.
That is why I selected the five of you.
From what I've heard, it seems like you all wish to taste defeat.
And I believe any one of these five opponents has the strength to grant your wish.
What say you? What exactly are you talking about? You mentioned real combat and daily life, but when did I agree to fight? - Besides - How about right now? No, not in the ring.
It should be somewhere in our daily lives, like a kitchen where there's boiling water.
Just say when.
I'm ready whenever.
Even now.
The rules are The rules don't really matter, do they? One of us tries to take down one of them.
To hell with the place, time, or rules.
and rules mean shit.
Whether you're eating, sleeping, or with a woman, they'll be no complaints.
We'll start now.
Isn't that how a real fight works? Anyone out of the five from either group can target anyone from the opposing group.
And if that's the case, does that mean it's already That's exactly right.
It means it's already begun! Time, anytime.
Place, anywhere.
Opponent, anyone.
Rules, absolutely none.
Okay then, I'm going home.
I've got an early day tomorrow.
Good night.
Let's just say the battle has begun and call it a day.
I get to fight anyone out of those lovely five.
Devouring all five sounds nice, too.
In either case, the fact remains he came back.
We just have to report, the facts as they are.
I could tell by your eyes.
It felt electric.
You've fallen for me.
Thank you for approaching me so immediately.
I hear you caused a ruckus at our main dojo.
Where should we start? Oh, but I guess it's already begun.
Thank you for earlier.
I see.
You were involved in the incident, too.
There's no reason why we can't begin here.
My, oh my That kick, wow.
Sorry Retsu, I went ahead of you.
Is that for real? Rotation Defense.
You bet.
The Hand Rotation Defense has elements of every defensive technique.
It's the ultimate defense.
Arrows, guns, missles? It doesn't matter.
Bring it on! Huh? Thanks for earlier.
That was a nice punch.
With this part of the fist.
Slash, slash.
Slash! Was it? It cut well.
So, what would you like me to do? Shall I do it again? Is this the guy that cut your face, Chief? I hear you're a death row inmate.
What a joke.
Experiencing defeat was apparently your life purpose.
Looks like it came true for you pretty easy.
We'll transport him to the dojo for now.
You can do what you want with him there, Chief.
Take him.
Hey, bring the car around! Doppo! I used a wire.
Since the dawn of history, mankind has advanced by seeking for something "better.
" We make, and ultimately create Something stronger, faster, heavier, or lighter.
Something bigger, or smaller.
One that goes further.
What science sought for this wire is something thinner, nearly invisible as well as tougher, nearly unbreakable.
It's often thought that after the scientists, it's the magicians that get ahold of the newest information on thin and strong wires.
But in fact, this is far from the truth.
In reality, we outlaws, complete black market deals with the scientists, long before the magicians.
At a market price of several hundred dollars per meter.
Currently, this baby here sintered with titanium is the most cutting edge.
It's a masterpiece, used as a lifeline for astronauts as well as in bullet-proof vests.
It's four thousandths of a millimeter thin.
At four microns, it has a tensile strength of 200kg.
The wire around Mr.
Orochi's wrist should have felt like less than a spider's web.
It was that time.
So, it was that time.
No wonder he let me get a kick in so easily.
Man, I don't like it.
This day and age martial artists have to study science, too.
Right, Retsu? Impressive, as expected.
By applying pressure on the artery in your inner upper arm, you've already stopped the bleeding.
Do you still want to continue, Grandmaster? I used to hate spear-hand training.
We had to do spear-hand strikes into bundled bamboo.
Man, did it hurt.
My fingers went through countless dislocations and fractures.
I used to think, I might as well get rid of all my fingers.
Then I could strike all out My dream just came true.
The bald guy just attacked! Call the police! - The bald guy's gone.
- Where'd he go? He disappeared How fantastic! Hey, that's pretty impressive.
An amateur would fracture their bones between the ropes.
You must train somewhat.
What should we do with him? In situations like this, it's good he's a death row inmate.
We could kill him and there'd be no problem.
Damn sly fox! How long do you plan on putting on this act? I figured you had a bullet-proof vest on.
I lose, you win.
Here in the East, this pose means 100 percent surrender.
Yes, it's called Dogeza! It's the ultimate surrender! You've won.
Your speed, your power, your stamina.
I can't win in any single area! I realize I'm pushing my luck, but please, let me go! Do-ge-ne? It's all about you, isn't it? You had no intention at all of avenging your comrade.
You'd do anything to catch me off guard.
You'd lick my ass if no one was looking.
I'll unmask your true nature for you.
Don't worry about it.
You don't have to hide it from me! Guess he croaked before he could show his true character.
You dumbass! KOZUE MATSUMOTO Baki's landlady's daughter and his schoolmate.
She knows Baki participated in the Maximum Tournament.
I was surprised that you'd ask me on a date.
It's a little hard to ask when we live next to each other.
Does that mean you've been wanting to ask me out? Yeah.
I've been wanting to for a long time.
You're so good at fighting, and knowing how to make a girl happy.
Hold up, there.
Hey there, you two.
We're talking to you, why are you being so cold? Sorry to bother you, can you answer some questions for our survey on young people in the city? Hey, you're pretty yoked.
Hey, brother, it its not too much trouble, will you tell us what's in your wallet? Even if it's too much trouble, do tell us.
Bro they We're going.
That's okay, right? Huh? Ow.
Oh, sorry.
Subtitle Translation By: Emily Noguchi