Baki (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

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1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME Baki I've been thinking about what you did in the hallway of the arena.
The second round of the Maximum Tournament is about to begin! Kozue! I still don't understand.
Every guy, at least once in their life, dreams of being the world's strongest man.
After watching fighters battling so fiercely, I could see how much the tile is worth to them.
But none of you seem to understand.
Every wounded fighter has a parent, a wife, a child, a lover, or a friend.
Maybe the ones you're hurting the most is them, not your opponents.
Have you ever thought about that, Baki? This is my only move, - the one I have to make.
- What are you talking about? - What I'm saying is - Just answer my ques I might die.
But this is the path I chose.
So, win or lose, this is the only move I can make right now.
After 17 years of little consequences, this is what I must do with my life.
I never stop worrying about you.
I wonder why that happened.
You said you might die.
Then you took me in your arms and kissed me.
Was it just a special circumstance? I didn't do it because of that.
You are the first girl I feel I can trust, aside from my mom.
It's so quiet, isn't it? Yeah.
It's you.
This is great.
This is right up your alley, isn't it? I've never gotten anything you could call a formal education, but I always had a sense for things.
You may look young, but out of the five, you're the most like us.
Oh, by the way, you're Are you angry? Is it because I attacked first? So, you mean you don't mind a sucker punch? The Hanayama family runs gambling rackets.
The head of the family traditionally gets "Otokodachi" tattoed on their back.
When the founder of the Hanayama family, Yakichi Hanayama, was still young, a nameless samaritan protected Yakichi from bandits that attacked the family.
He died carrying the temple bell with Yakichi inside of it.
The tattoo immortalizes his story.
However This isn't the Otokodachi.
What are you saying, boss? It's not finished.
What? The boss stormed the Tomizawa Clan headquarters? The pricks that killed our former boss? TOMIZAWA GROUP Boss! It's perfect now, don't you think? An Otokodachi with no scars isn't an Otokodachi at all.
This was the true completed Otokodachi by the hands of Kaoru Hanayama.
CHIHARU SHIBA Leader of a biker gang this amateur street fighter advanced to the second round of Tournament Maximus on sheer grit.
And he idolizes Hanayama.
Why don't you put those knives away, boys? Back off! Mind your own business! I mean, I'm sorry.
Things haven't changed.
Real men fight with their fists.
Right? With all due respect what's the point in fighting fair if you end up losing? I mean, we're not you, but we put our lives on the line, too.
You need an attitude adjustment.
A disadvantage can help you win.
When you know you're not indebted to anything in the fight, it's a man's fight and pride that powers his fists to victory.
But when you use a knife, that's no disadvantage! Got it.
All right! Now that we understand each other, it's time to fight! - It's like he's not human! - He's fighting some monster in a thong! Are you awake now, boy? Are you ready to fight? You gonna throw a punch? Sorry, boy, but I won't be using this.
Do you understand what I'm saying, boy? Using a weapon only means I'd be going easy on an opponent.
I'm surprised, boy.
We have the same stance.
I've heard of a legendary karate fighter in Japan called God's Hand.
But I'm no legend, boy.
My arms and legs are destroying a god as we speak.
Did they do some maintenance work? Looks like someone's trying to hide something.
Jesus! HQ! HQ, we've got an emergency! Inform someone ASAP! The statue is collapsing! Time for my Apnea Rush attack.
Let's see if I can lay it on you full force.
Why don't you try? Hurry, the structure's starting to give! Don't wait for my orders.
Start tightening the cables as soon as you're ready! Roger that! - We're ready to pull! - Same here! Gentlemen, I'd like to thank you.
In one sense, this may have been more important to this nation than fighting a war.
If you proud marines hadn't been here, the Statue of Liberty would have been destroyed.
But I wonder.
What kind of monster could do this with no weapons? How's that, boy? There's no chance for you to attack.
This is my Apnea Rush! There's no chance for a counterattack! The Apnea Rush, an attack that far exceeds an athlete's anaerobic training.
Runners who do anaerobic training breathe while they run.
Boxers take a quick breath in between swift jabs.
They can't keep attacking without breathing.
But it's the shortest of times in between breaths, the tiniest of gaps, that leaves them open to counterattacks.
However, Spec can keep attacking for five minutes without ever taking a breath.
Spec's Apnea Rush is a viscous atack that doesn't allow a single counterattack.
His hail of blows doesn't stop until his opponent is reduced to a corpse.
When you know you're not indebted to anything in the fight, it's a man's fight and pride that powers his fists to victory.
What you see here is the official body armor and gear used by the Metropolitan Police Department's anti-terror task force.
All 20 members are elite cops handpicked from across Japan and must be at least 5 feet 8 inches tall and weigh a minimum of 176 pounds.
Anyone who falls below 176 pounds during the 400 days of required training is sent back to their former unit.
There special FRP helmets have been verified through extensive testing to be five times stronger than what's normally worn, while still being a third of the weight.
The reinforced acrylic face shield has passed extensive ballistic testing, and provides protection from physical blows and projectiles from straight ahead.
The neck brace shields the brain from damage by preventing whiplash in response to blows to the head.
The arm and leg armor has passed extensive durability tests, and all vital spots are protected with the same material.
All members have the latest steel ball launchers capable of firing six 800-gram rounds at an initial velocity of 154 feet per second.
In layman's terms, the impact is similar to getting hit point-blank by a Major League line drive Enough! The problem here is six members of your elite force could not even subdue one man.
This is the third time he's broken out! He comes and goes as he pleases, as if it's his own home! This is the prison facility of one of the world's top police departments! Why don't you show me how this special anti-terrorism unit fared against Spec? Yes, sir! Even a barrage from the steel ball launchers Was useless.
If he comes back again we'll have to respond with more deadly weapons.
That was some punch.
In that moment, Kaoru Hanayama had transcended the gods! Had enough yet? I I still got plenty of fight left in me.
Had enough yet? And now? Stop, enough! Subtitle translation by: