Baki (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

Sergeant Katahira’s Report

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME What's that? - An explosion? - Did you hear that? Was it a gunshot? Wonder if it was fireworks.
Do you still want to continue? This is a disgrace! Your ammo was stolen? Now I have ti report that! Inspector! Spec Is he back? You have to see this.
Here, a gift for you.
Kaoru Hanayama! Hana yama Don't tell me the stolen ammo was used against Hanayama? I'm outta here.
Don't you need medical care? We'll give you VIP treatment.
- See him off! - Yes, sir! Katahira, get the car! I'm on it! Hanayama.
We owe you big time.
Here we go.
What? That's strange.
The car's driver, Tsuneo Katahira, age 34, had this to say about what happened.
The incident? Yes, I remember everything, every detail, as if it just happened.
How could I forget? How long 'til Kaoru Hanayama got in the car? Well, it was really only two or three minutes.
That means Spec gathered the various weapons he used within that same time frame.
Yes, that incident is the reason I support arming the police with machine guns, but only as an exception and with certain conditions.
Yes, the car flipped over in an instant as if it were nothing.
You are so soft.
After all, you're still just a boy.
You had a good chance of winning if you'd just kept wailing on me.
This isn't a fight.
It's a death match.
You see, boy, this isn't the laid back world of fighting you're used to.
For someone who lives in a world like mine, a match, for example means you and I put everything on the line in a fight to the death.
Ambushes, sucker punches, weapons It's all fair game.
He created a gap about this big.
Between the asphalt and Hanayama's head, about four inches wide.
It's a trick used sometimes when breaking rocks with a karate chop.
You leave a small gap between the rock and a hard metal surface below.
Even an amateur can snap it in two because it's like you're slamming it against a metal anvil.
But in this case, it was Spec's head slamming into asphalt.
The sound was shocking.
It was like a crunch or maybe more like a splat.
Did I think he would die? Do you mean Hanayama? You guys still don't understand.
This is Kaoru Hanayama we're talking about.
I mean, if you or I ended up like that, normally, it would be game over.
However, there's nothing normal about Kaoru Hanayama.
Good luck! Hanayama made him fire like this, right into his cheek.
It was crazy.
He got on top of him, like two kids in a street fight.
Not that Spec didn't try to resist.
But the worst was yet to come.
I mean, that stone-breaking karate trick.
This time, Spec was on the receiving end.
There isn't a cop alive who hasn't heard about the legendary brawler Kaoru Hanayama.
But hearing about him and seeing him in action are two separate things.
It was a truly ghastly scene.
I shouldn't say this, since I'm a cop and all, but I can't help but admire him, as a man.
It was simply incredible.
It made me think that being a good fighter is something amazing.
Even though I'm a cop, I feel like that's a man's true instinct.
I can't even remember how many punches he landed.
It really looked like the fight was over.
That's when Spec did something strange.
He covered his eyes with his left hand.
Hanayama had stopped punching for just a second or two.
In that instant I knew right away what had happened.
It was that fierce flash of light we cops know all too well.
You might have heard of it, too.
It's been used in bus hijacking cases.
It's a an explosive device that uses light and sound to immobilize the suspect.
I believe they're officially known as stun grenades.
Sometimes we call them flash-bang grenades.
They emit a blinding flash and an incredibly loud bang.
Anyone who sees and hears that intense flash and bang are completely immobilized.
They can't even think straight for a moment.
Whether the suspect's armed with a knife or a gun, they only react one way when exposed to such an intense assault on the senses.
They curl up.
It was no different here.
It's just human instinct.
However, we're talking about Kaoru Hanayama here.
He remained standing.
He didn't even flinch.
But he must have not been able to see, because his punch missed his target.
Spec, who loves to use weapons, must have felt cornered.
In the end, he used his most trusted weapon.
His own body.
And I'm qualified to speak about this because we do judo training on the force.
There is absolutely no escape from a perfectly executed rear naked choke.
Or maybe I should say there is no technique capable of countering it.
But I say technique in the loosest sense.
Because that was no technique.
They say Hanayama's grip can't even be measured with a dynamometer.
Rumor has it, he can tear a chunk out of a deck of cards.
We're talking about playing cards, not a piece of sponge cake! I've heard that instantaneous force is a natural-born gift, but the gods sure gave him some extra help.
There's an anecdote about Hanayama that's been going around the police for a while now.
Do you remember the World Junior Welterweight Champion Yuri Chakovsky? That's right, the boxer who converted into a heavyweight, but then suddenly retired before making it into the heavyweight rankings.
The official story is that he retired after he was injured in an attack just before his scheduled match.
But the EMTs who rushed him to the hospital provided more details.
They claim Yuri's arm looked like it had exploded.
Yes, it's exactly what you think.
The attacker was Kaoru Hanayama.
For Hanayama, even a punch from a heavyweight boxer has no effect, once he knows it's coming.
To be able to smash an arm like that says a lot about the extraordinary strength of his grip.
I doubt you could call that a technique, but I later heard that it's called the Vice Grip.
Spec looked like he couldn't comprehend what just happened.
Of course, it must've really hurt.
After all, he just had a piece of his inner thigh ripped out by hand.
No, I don’t think you could call that a technique, either.
He went for the ear with the middle finger like this, in to the second knuckle.
It probably reached his brain.
But even that couldn't stop Kaoru Hanayama's attack.
Next up was the throat.
No surgery that could fix that.
Apparently, it was completely crushed.
I hear he continued standing, even though both his knees took damage.
That is Kaoru Hanayama for you.
METROPOLITAN POLICE HOSPITAL How are we supposed to explain this? Upon his arrival, he appeared to be around 50 years old, at most, But in reality he must be around 97.
Within a few days, he has visibly deteriorated.
In less than a week, his apparent age has caught up with this chronological age.
Director is there no precedent for this? None.
Nothing to this degree, no.
At least not in any official records, but But what? In 1976, on the shores of California, treasure hunter Jack Lee Biondi discovered a sunken ship he'd been searching 30 years for.
The ship was called Sun Crane and thought to have sunken in 1844.
It was a British cargo ship.
Over 200 boxes of gold, silver, jewels and antiques were recovered and were valued at over $16.
4 billion at the time.
In a newspaper interview conducted after the discovery, Biondi was quoted as saying,"The moment I saw the treasure, I ejaculated.
" At the time, it was laughed off as a bad joke, but soon after, his words strangely gained credibility.
Biondi died.
At the time, everyone who heard the story assumed he had been killed.
After all, a man who found a treasure worth billions had suddenly died.
That was until the team of doctors who treated him announced the official cause of death was old age.
Only 14 days had passed since the treasure had been discovered.
Everyone involved was shocked.
Even Belinda, his wife of 20 years, couldn't believe it.
Later, a shocking truth discovered based on his ID and records made headlines around the world.
Jack Lee Biondi, a healthy middle-aged man who loved the sea was, in fact, 88 years old.
However, this finding was never made official, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.
But But it's true, right, Director? When his cherished dream finally came true, he lost the only thing keeping him alive, his will to live.
I can't think of any other way to explain this phenomenon? His dream? But he was brought here after being defeated.
Tired, Baki? No.
You've only written your name.
You must be pretty confident.
I heard from Coach Nakamura that you got a perfect score on your fitness test.
Why don't you quit school and train for the Olympics? Keep your eyes on your desk! Say, Baki what do think built this school building? The power inside the old noggin.
You see, Baki, the world doesn't run on muscle power.
It runs on brain power.
No matter how fast you run, you'll never outrun a motorcycle.
No matter how strong you are, you can't lift a car off the ground.
I can't do it! No matter how fast you swim, you'll never have even one-tenth the speed of a motorboat.
Wait for me! No matter how high you jump, you'll never be able to fly like a hang glider.
I can't fly.
Or am I wrong, Baki? Well, I know a number of people who have beaten wild beasts.
Where are these people you speak of? There's nobody like that where I live.
Maybe you're talking about your father? For example even if Usain Bolt sprinted at full speed from the very edge of the field, he wouldn't be able to jump up to this classroom on the second floor.
Even Bolt would need to use the stairs Jeez, enough already.
What a jerk.
But the human intellect can help us overcome such limits! I saw you being chewed out by your teacher from down there.
Didn't want to waste any time, so I came up the fastest way.
Excuse me.
As simple as that.
How rude of me.
I'm sorry.
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