Baki (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

A Formidable Team

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME You make me happy.
You're still young, but you understand the difference between fighting in an arena and in private.
There are plenty of usable things even in a place like this.
I can't believe he came to my school.
If we start things up there, everyone will be shocked.
They'd all find out who I am, too Huh? H-Hello! Oh, uh, hey This This is kind of tough.
Thanks for your hard work.
I can't go back to class You're Baki Hanma.
Correct? You're H-Hold up You're not going to say this is unfair, are you? He's fast.
I can't see it.
The huge sickle that should be attached at the tip I can't see it at all! You have good eyes.
For weapons that use string or chains, the speed of the tip is beyond what the eye can see.
But all of its movement corresponds to the guidance of the user's hands.
The motion of the actual weapon, all of it is revealed by the user ahead of time.
That depends on how it's used of course.
Perhaps I'll play with you a little longer.
It's faster than before! Yanagi Boiling water! Huh? It's cold It's just water! it's cold! You were narrowly able to defend it in time.
Yanagi, you have the wrong opponent, wouldn't you say? Director of the Japan Dental Association, Professor of motor praxeology, and Professor of dentistry, Mitsuomi Hasegawa, 71-years-old.
His written works include, "The Differentiation and Dynamism of the Body System," and others.
It's not difficult to understand.
You would understand if you gave it a try.
With your mouth open and jaw relaxed, try lifting something heavy.
You would never be able to lift it.
High level of physical ability and the strength of bite, are directly proportional.
This is from the result of a study in the past, that examined the teeth of several thousand athletes.
It's probably due to their bite that's several times stronger than the norm.
Top athletes have severely worn molars.
Whose teeth were the most worn? I'm not certain if this is something I should show you or not.
This is from two years ago.
This is a sample from a dental exam done on a convict from some prison.
Would you like to take a look? Here are the gums Can you tell? He had no molars.
They'd been worn down.
I have never seen anything like it.
What kind of training would turn it this way? Perhaps I should say "lifestyle" rather than "training.
" It's safe to say the person's life itself, must have been equivalent to a training.
The Way of the Void I believe he was a practitioner of a martial art by that name, if I recall.
What What happened? Come now This is a place of learning.
You shouldn't bring hidden weapons into a school.
Hidden weapon? It's an Indian hidden weapon, the Bagh Nakh.
It can be translated as "The Tiger's Claw.
" It's a nice toy.
Do you want to play a little more? Yanagi, you have quite the bold attitude.
Huh? There are two of us.
I see.
You're not going to say it's unfair, are you? Interesting.
Fool! Work with me, Baki! He went into a defensive position.
"Out the frying pan and into the fire" you could say.
We're the ultimate tag team! Excellent.
Didn't believe it when I heard you claimed the crown of unarmed combat at age 17.
How's that possible? Have you forgotten already? Give it to him good, Baki! Too slow! Mr.
Baki, this man's specialty isn't using armaments such as sickles and hidden weapons.
He is known as "Yanagi the Poisoner.
" The Way of the Void That is the name of the technique he uses.
Let me ask you a question Do you know what is the most poisonous gas in this world? Mr.
Baki, don't let down your guard! The most toxic gas on this earth Be careful, Mr.
Baki! It's true that sarin and carbon monoxide are toxic gases.
Hydrogen cyanide gas can also kill people.
What? Is this his fighting stance? But when you die from these gases Humans He's completely relaxed.
may cough violently, or experience dizziness, and slowly, very slowly Attack! will lead to death.
CENTRAL POLICE HOSPITAL I hear it's nerve damage due to anoxia.
Apparently the cause was a fight within prison facilities.
How is he doing? He's recovering.
He's huge.
It's a custom bed made of three beds combined.
He's Arashi Kita, a former sekiwake ranked Grand Sumo wrestler.
Are you saying this man lost in a fight? The reports say his opponent was not even a third of his size.
Who was his opponent? He is currently on the run.
How dangerous The needle won't go in.
He's like an animal.
Where did it get in from? The answer is oxygen.
By the time you know, it's already too late.
This is the Way of the Void.
The poisonous gas from "Yanagi the Poisoner" is one we continually breathe in, and have no choice but to breathe.
So the answer is oxygen.
He won't get up for half a day at least.
A KO in boxing doesn't even compare.
It's beyond comprehension The move completely belies the ideas of martial arts and combat.
It seems an explanation is necessary.
Take it with you to the other world.
The air that surrounds us is 21 percent oxygen.
As this percentage decreases, so does body function proportionately.
Dizziness, chills, nausea, emesis, then unconsciousness.
These symptoms will appear, from just a drop to below 15 percent.
However, with only that level of impact, it's useless in a battle where victory can be decided in a moment.
Six percent.
When it drops below this number, just one breath and humans will lose consciousness.
It's a technique that can stagger the gods! Humans were designed to be able to hold their breath for a bout five minutes.
But if you breathe in air with less than six percent oxygen, the reality is that with one breath, you would lose all function.
A clear design flaw.
This is what I've used to my advantage.
I've made it my own, this air with less than six percent oxygen, within my palms.
Glass, wood, concrete I repeatedly experimented and trained with various materials.
Finally, I am able to create a vacuum with the palm of my hands.
Just like this! My hands created it The world's most poisonous gas.
Neither Sarin nor hydrogen cyanide can even compare.
It's a gas that can defeat a person with a single breath.
The fact I was in a prison was fortunate for me.
It was the perfect environment for me to modify it for use on humans.
Soon, my legend will be crowned with the word "poison.
" Have they arrived? They took their time.
Baki You've lost.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi