Baki (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

A Match vs. A True Fight

1 A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME So in other words, you lost before you could do anything.
And with two of you, at that.
In a fight in a bustling area, a combat professional suffers an embarrassing defeat to a cocky amateur.
It's a common enough story.
But it's usually an athlete above ground, protected by rules.
You can say it happens because they're still amateurs when it comes to fighting.
Warriors of the Underground Arena pride themselves at being number one at bare-knuckle battles.
And you're at the pinnacle, Baki Surely you haven't become the same as those spoiled fighters above ground? There are drawbacks to match regulations.
No matter how big the tournament, if you're going back to the origins of combat, your true goal is certainly not the spotlight of the arena! The suppression of the unjust violence that happens unbeknownst to the public in everyday life is the true root.
No matter what acknowledgement or praise you may gain, a fighter that blunders in a fight can be considered worthless.
You keep going on about the obvious Let go of me, you fool! I'm the one that's saddest about this! More than you More than you More than anyone! I'm the one who believed the Underground Arena fighters were the strongest, more than anyone! In Baki, Doppo, Hanayama, Shibukawa, and Retsu! I believed in you more than anyone! You can't understand my mortification! Where are you going, Baki? I'm sorry old man You're right.
Good evening, gentlemen.
I see you're all here.
Where are my guards? You mean those useless ones? Do you like gasoline? I've been looking for you.
How do you like gasoline? Thanks for the other day.
Kazumi He's like a different person.
I've learned a lot from you.
I didn't understand the difference between a match and the real deal.
I was a karate competitor but not a karate fighter.
You're the one who taught me that, so I'd like to thank you.
If I lit a fire here, I'd no longer be a karate fighter.
And I don't care if I'm not a karate fighter! Hey, old man am I wrong? You aren't wrong.
A warrior's desire isn't to skillfully bring down an enemy.
It's to win, no matter how disgraceful.
If you don't win, there's nothing to talk about.
I see.
You look like you have more to say.
Sense of beauty.
Sense of beauty.
Meaning you don't come with weapons.
Karate fighters constantly train to fight.
We make time to knock people down.
This is, in essence, a surprise attack.
We're already equipped with a weapon.
Which is why we shouldn't carry anything.
A bag we happen to be carrying, or a fan we happen to have a belt we happen to be wearing shoes we happen to have on and to top it off, the weapon in the opponent's hand.
Those are about the only things that we should be allowed to use.
That's about where I'd draw the line.
Whether it's a handful of sand or a pencil, If you have it in your hand before you fight, your pride as a martial artist will crumble.
By the way What should we do with this BBQ? I guess we should call an ambulance.
He's in critical condition I won't need a cigar for a while.
Now Is my opponent Retsu or Doppo? Of course it's me.
I've got a huge debt to pay.
Before that, hold on will you? My master wanted to participate in this, too.
Pardon me.
Osu! It's been awhile.
KIYOSUMI KATO Member of Shin Shin Kai combat karate.
Preferring to train in fights rather than in the dojo, his is an "actual fighting" style.
Kato! What happened to your hand? Oh, this? Seems like you did it, Mr.
Into the philtrum! Do you realize what you've done? Mr.
Dorian, was it? You see, Director Doppo Orochi's fists are stronger than a diamond and more valuable.
No remorse? If you're not going to listen then you don't need your ear! Kato, you Oh, this? It's a ring of nylon with a rubber tube over half of it.
You hook it on your thumb and pinky like this.
If you use the slack, and hook it around just right, the ears and nose come off real quick.
I happened to have the nylon because I like to fish.
Does that work? He's your master, Katsumi? He does things like this unhindered by pride or ego, he immediately carries it out without any hesitation.
This man's ideology when it comes to fighting, is more in line with the Shin Shin Kai than yours.
This is a good opportunity for you both.
You should learn from it.
The Shin Shin Kai's philosophy is something like this! A sudden attack on an opponent that's already defeated? I can't believe you'd do that, old man! Come on, the fight is already over.
If you're just raging because Katsumi gave me praise, that's a bit cheap, director.
Piano strings? Do you understand? As you can see, in karate we turn our hands and feet into weapons.
We go through days of training over a mind-numbing length of time with a persistence you westerners could never understand.
Your fist eventually becomes a hardened weapon, and will gain the ability to cut.
Until finally it becomes a blade.
Your 4 micron aramid fiber with 200kg tensile strength, is surprisingly disappointing.
The characters in the word "karate" changed from "China" to "empty.
" The principle of having nothing in your hands is its way, this is why it's called "karate.
" Soon you won't need the nylon.
A blitz attack Yes, someone threw me aside.
When I saw the pin come off the grenade, I was already thrown in the courtyard.
I see.
And so, you're safe.
Where is the assailant and everyone else? That's what I'd like to know! When I came to, no one was here.
E-Excuse me! Hmm? Found you! Looks like you knew you were being followed.
Oh, it's you.
Seems that I've disappointed you.
It will be impossible for you.
You'd hardly be able to gift me with defeat.
I'm not that hopeless.
But man, how did you find this place? The place screams "hideout.
" More than 50 years ago I used this place.
The war This was a Japanese military facility.
After the war, the Americans used it.
It was back when I was still a teen.
I was a private they used for errands.
Since you're so senior to me in life, I need to gift you with something Right? Kung Fu? If you're banking on what you saw at the Tokugawa house as my ability, I can only say that it's unfortunate for you.
This is grease.
If I had fought against that many masters, even if I didn't lose I wouldn't have walked away safe.
Camouflaging your abilities is necessary to enjoy an even sweeter defeat.
In the early 1900s, it was invented before the Prohibition in America.
During a time when Al Capone was still a small fry Gangs came up with this fighting method in order to thoroughly destroy their enemies.
Deadly weapon? Done.
You can do the same.
If you want to settle this completely.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi