Baki (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Shaken Shinshinkai

Put grease on your fists and cover it with the glass.
Ha! Why would I believe what a death row inmate says? I'll do things my own way! What a monster! It seems you are a bad pupil.
No wonder Doppo Orochi laments about you.
Righto! The director used to get mad at me the most.
Which is why I'm the most well-tempered! I wonder why Even though this is happening to me It feels like I wanted this to happen Like it's what I've always wished for Ah That feels good.
Oh, you're waiting for me? Perhaps you are a better warrior than I had thought.
Let's do this.
I feel embarrassed.
Fair and square I'm going to get the jump on you! You're more caring than I expected.
If you had gone for my neck instead of my face, it would have been all over for me! L'amour de ma vie! No matter how small No matter how foolish When I grasp my dream in my hands I will never let it go No home to go back to in sight I continue to stand alone But someone, somewhere is waiting for me To release me from my pain Ma vie Ma vie Ma vie Ma vie! Never in my life I've never been praised for anything! But the one thing someone like me was praised for is my karate! According to the master, karate is when you hold nothing in your hands.
Karate for Doppo Orochi is "The way.
" Karate for me is a tool! It's impossible This is my chance! You cannot win.
I'm not listening to you! I can win This is my best chance! A bluff this late in the game? That's just sad, convict! Are you serious? A monster of this caliber but I'm dominating him! It's crushed! It's my win, it's a done deal! This giant is begging for my forgiveness! F-For Forgive me.
Kato No way, moron! Huh? Huh? He disappe Just as I thought.
His eyes Aren't crushed Huh? It's hypnosis.
Hypnosis is a technique to manipulate a person's consciousness by controlling it in some way.
"I want to win.
" Kiyosumi Kato's mind which single-mindedly desired to win, fell easily to the technique.
And then He created his desired image of the enemy.
One far weaker than in reality.
Then striked as he pleased.
He crushed his weak point, took his sight, and beat him to his heart's content.
However It was all an imaginary scene created by your brain and only temporary.
Unfortunately for you, in reality, I'm right here.
Me, with the abilities to make things hopeless for you.
Well Thanks to you I got to see a nice dream Dorian Director I'm sorry SHIN SHIN KAI HEADQUARTERS Ka Kato! Damn it! Senpai Kato-senpai! Kato! Enragement erupts at Shin Shin Kai Headquarters.
Skull fracture and cerebral contusions.
Broken nose, with molars four to seven missing.
Molars one and two also missing.
Sprained cervical vertebrae, incomplete fracture of the left clavicle.
Incomplete fracture of the right humerus.
Complete and incomplete fractures of the carpals and metacarpals.
Incomplete fracture of the left humerus.
Incomplete fractures of the metacarpals and middle phalanx.
Complete fracture of the proximal phalanx.
Complex fractures in ribs four and five on the right.
Complete fracture of left rib seven.
The left femur and That's only the half his injuries.
You should get it by now.
He was brutully beaten brutully! Currently, Kiyoshi Kato is in a hopeless situation but he's fighting for his life.
What we need to do now, isn't to pray for his health in front of his room in the ICU! We aren't educators nor are we a religious group! We're a group of martial artists! We're a group of fighters! Send this out to all 600 of our nationwide branches! We 10,000 of the Shin Shin Kai will find him with our own hands.
The Shin Shin Kai will never turn it's back on an enemy! We will avenge Kato-senpai! Got that? Osu! How was everything, sir? I enjoyed it.
You should enjoy it as much as you can Mr.
How do you know my name? Kiyosumi Kato is my junior.
You worked him over quite a bit.
Do you understand now? You've made an enemy of the Shin Shin Kai style karate and its 10,000 members nationwide.
Shin Shin Kai members, just as is this restaurant, are a a part of various organizations across the country.
A disguise will be of no use.
Going forward, all of your movement in this country, will be monitored by the Shin Shin Kai.
Please be prepared.
Thank you for your patronage.
To Shinjuku.
Got it Mr.
Driver Are you with the Shin Shin Kai as well? Mr.
Dorian, I am.
As well as everyone around us.
Around us? Everyone is a Shin Shin Kai pupil.
Would you like to take a look, Mr.
Dorian? Passenger cars, trucks both large and small.
Police cars, fire trucks, and even an ambulance.
All of them are Shin Shin Kai pupils.
Some are still on their shifts while others made use of their time off.
They all gathered here for the same purpose.
For revenge against you.
That is probably a wise move.
This isn't a number you can breakthrough by using your tricks.
All 10,000 members of the Shin Shin Kai want retribution from you.
Of course, that includes me too.
It looks like I won't be reaching my intended destination, Shinjuku.
I'm sorry, but right now you'll do what we tell you.
Where are we headed? Please be patient.
No need to pay the fare.
Is this an amusement park? We'd like you to enter.
This amusement park is run by a Shin Shin Kai affliliate.
They welcome your presence.
What is waiting for me inside? Who knows? This is as far as our orders go.
We were ordered to escort you here.
You seem to have a mistaken idea.
Most probably, someone will be waiting for me inside.
Someone I've been wanting to see the most.
Meaning, this amusement park is where I wanted to go.
You went out of your way to bring me here.
Some of you are still on your shift and some of you are on your day off.
I'd like to thank you.
You wanted to do kumite with me, right? - What? - What did you say? Don't tell me you were planning on attacking me with this number? This is my way of showing you respect.
It's a present.
Let's begin, shall we? With your forte, the Shin Shin Kai rules.
He's on a different level! You had no complaints about the kumite.
I thought you had no complaints with the rules of the Shin Shin Kai.
It doesn't matter how many thousands of you gather.
You can only fight with me one on one.
And if that is the case, it will be impossible for you to better me.
I wanted to make that clear.
Now, if you don't mind I will enter Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi