Baki (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Air Duel

It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.
I am the director of this park.
My name is Ashida.
Do you like amusement parks? I plan on enjoying my time today.
I am a Shin Shin Kai, third rank.
The name's Atsushi Suedo.
Kiyosumi Kato and I were graduates of the same class.
We went through tough times together.
I don't care if I die today.
Since coming to this country, this is the first time I met someone my size.
Hey is this all you've got? Is this all a death row convict has to give? Huh? I'm not letting you escape dumbass! You think you can escape? ROLLER COASTER ENTRANCE I can run 100m in 11 seconds barefoot! I told you! I'm not letting you escape! Suedo "I don't care if I die today.
" You did say that, right? Your resolve will be tested here.
Let's see this resolve of yours.
Suedo This determination you have for your friend, Kato I can understand it.
But how about this for reality? Caring for a friend is a human emotion.
But compared to this emotion ingrained in you at some point in your life Height! If you fall, you will die.
The reality is all too basic and all too real.
And This ride will go even higher and move at top speed.
To the right, left, bottom and top.
Under these conditions, we will fight while standing.
We've reached the top.
All right! He's gone It's almost time for the climax.
You look like you're doing all you can just to stay standing.
On a high-speed roller coaster, there is a strong G-force.
The force works to push you down.
But if you stand on the coaster without a seatbelt The body will feel, more strongly than the G-force, the wind and sway.
However, even in this extreme situation, Suedo was feeling a different sensation I have an advantage.
I'm not being cocky.
I've got the advantage! Let's begin.
You're not getting it.
This is called the Sanchin stance.
It excels at both attack and defense, but most of all, it keeps a good balance.
Balance? It was created on a boat.
Uh boat? In old Okinawa, many of the battles were on sea.
Most of the fights were on unsteady ships.
After the sacrifice of many lives, this is what was left.
The "Sanchin.
" This is the sanchin stance.
It's a stance that's now only used for basic training, but if you get in a fight on a train, you should give it a try.
I see what you meant.
You were right this is good.
"I don't care if I die today.
" That's what you said, right? What? "I don't care if I die today.
" That's what you said, right? Are you an idiot? Are you still conscious, Suedo? It wasn't because of how strong my body is but rather that I outwitted you.
You made direct impact with the ground.
While I put on my brakes just before I landed.
Good evening, Mr.
It makes me sick.
I didn't really think you'd commit a double suicide.
You're dirty to the core.
You know you're not going home alive.
You shouldn't exist in this world! You're not someone who should be alive! Retsu, do you feel the same way too? Huh? Do you also think that I am worthless? You Ryubu! Puka! Zen master.
We have concluded all of this season's tests.
Ten have made the challenge but none passed.
Only one has completed 60 percent.
All of your actions you have dedicated it all to your training.
And yet, I feel a discrepancy in your spiritual devotion.
Those who reach 20 percent, will achieve 20 percent.
Those who believe 60 percent, will reach only 60 percent.
But of course To even to believe 60 percent requires considerable work.
It caused no waves.
Retsu! I thought he was confined.
Pui! Zen master! Why did you not let me take the test? Why do you not give me the opportunity? Standback greenhorn! How dare you speak to the Zen master that way? Greenhorn? Do you mean in comparison to those here? Zen master! Please give me an answer.
Why will you not give me a chance? Follow me.
So you broke the thick door with your bare hands, and defeated the six guards equipped with weapons.
Very impressive, Retsu Shaoron.
I didn't know there was a place like this in the temple It's been 40 years since I've been here.
Retsu Shaoron.
The reason I block your path to become Kaioh lies beyond this door.
A tunnel! These caves were made 40 years ago from now, There was a man who dug through, without any tools and using only his fists.
In one night.
The word "Dagan" is written with the characters for "Rock" and "Strike.
" It is one of the training methods of Chinese Kenpo.
Using only your body as a tool, to strike, thrust, hit, and kick You aim to turn a huge rock into a sphere.
However For someone who has perfected all the techniques of Kenpo "Dagan" can no longer be considered training.
Do you remember, Retsu Shaoron? The Room of Dagan? Take a look, Retsu Shaoron.
This is the Dagan made by past Kaiohs.
This? These were all made by human hands? These were all made by men considered to be "Kaiohs.
" But for those with the capacity to take on this title This is not a result of their training, but a work of art.
Here Zen master! Where is this Kaioh's work? That one? That was too large for this room.
Too big for the room? I see This is the work that didn't fit in that room.
The reason you cannot become a Kaioh, is not because of your rough nature, but your skills.
Your skills are simply not good enough.
Not good enough? Me? This man He is a westerner and yet, he has gained the title of Kaioh.
Kai oh Where is this man now? He is no longer Did he die? No He is scheduled to be executed.
Executed? My question has been answered.
It is an honor to meet you.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi