Baki (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Tiger Slayer

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME My question has been answered.
Huh? It is an honor to meet you.
What? I left the Bailin Temple forty-something years ago.
Ten years later I had heard that a genius had been born in those lands.
And that also, this man had later succeeded the title of Kaioh.
Retsu I didn't expect to meet him in Japan.
Would you like to fight once again? Even if you have committed a crime that worthy of the death penalty the teachings are absolute.
We, practitioners of Kung fu are not allowed to fight against a fellow pupil.
You guys come from the same school? What is it? I would like you to understand our history.
You shouldn't feel bothered.
You were an outsider to begin with.
I just have to be the one to do it.
Come on, now If you disregard the master, your talk doesn't matter.
I represent the Shin Shin Kai, old man I created the Shin Shin Kai! You said you were going to quit.
Not only that He's taken what's crucial to karate from me.
Right? Let me have this one.
Kaioh It's me.
Fights should be fought shirtless! That outfit Doppo Orochi, also known as "The Tiger Killer.
" This is from more than 20 years ago When I fought with a 2.
5m, 260kg siberian tiger in that underground arena.
I thought that was only a legend.
"The Tiger Killer"! That story was true? The siberian tiger is the largest tiger and an endangered species.
With the animal rights activists, and with my role as an educator, it wasn't something I could talk openly about.
But the biggest reason I didn't talk about it is because no one would believe it! First here's payback! Huh? What? His left hand? That feels good! I'm grateful for the study of medicine.
UMESAWA GENERAL MEDICINE Well haven't seen you in awhile.
It was lucky for me you were close by.
This wasn't from a blade.
Piano strings? Where's the hand? You put in in ice, huh? You came prepared.
You're not getting any anesthesia.
You'll experience hell, but I'll make sure you can use a toothbrush in three days.
First, we'll connect the bones.
We'll connect the vessels, nerves, muscle, then skin.
In that order.
The second artery There we go.
UMESAWA GENERAL MEDICINE I can feel it I can feel it moving! I feel like I can punch someone right now! If you want to punch someone you'll have to wait at least three weeks.
It's too bad for you, Mr.
Kaioh but I'm back.
If you're going to fight me as a karate practitioner then it's only right that I agree as a practitioner of Kenpo.
Huh? Bodhisattva Fist? Ha! Look at that.
Practitioner of Kenpo my ass.
Huh? Acid? That was good! Hey.
We're together all the time, lately.
Did you not want to be? No, it's not that.
You've been hanging out with me almost everyday I was afraid maybe you'd get tired of me.
What about you? What? I wouldn't get tire of you.
I don't know What do you mean? You don't know when you'll stop liking me? No.
I already liked you before I even knew it.
So I can't imagine not liking you anymore.
I'm out of breath from holding it.
Sorry about that.
Let's go home.
Baki, you're old enough to know love, eh? Man I have to hand it to you.
You took a hit to your upper body but you can immediately counterattack? I see.
You haven't devoted everything to karate for nothing.
And that is why you'll never beat me.
Some one who has devoted everything to karate could never beat me.
That's an interesting thing to say, old man.
He turned away and started performing.
Is he trying to show his guard is down? Everything he does is shady.
Oy! What kind of test was that, old man? What? Are you comparing me to your son? The test by the legendary Doppo Orochi I wonder which of us passed.
It's impossible.
None of you will be able to bea What are you thinking? You're a Kenpo master with the Kaioh title.
There's no way you could be so weak.
Huh? Forgive me! What an unoriginal bastard.
What are you doing, old man? Hey! Which way are you looking? Old man! Pull yourself together old man! What are you doing? He can't hear you.
Even if you were to scream in his ear.
Orochi is fighting the enemy his brain created.
A version of me the he can do with what he wants.
Retsu, you guys do stuff like that? Not in Chinese Kenpo.
This is most likely hypnosis.
That can't be "I want to win skillfully.
" "I want an overwhelming win.
" He takes advantage of a fighter's psychological weakness and unleashes his trap.
The fighter under his spell, creates an easy enemy of his own desire, and can't help but envision a battle that unfolds the way he wants it to.
But his opponent Yes He has no form.
It's just a false image of a convenient opponent.
Right now, Orochi is within Dorian's trap, completely overpowering a temporary enemy.
Most likely just like this! He is fighting fervently.
The man hailed as the "God of War" is almost endearing like this.
Let's pull the curtains on the dream he's in now.
So that it can become eternal.
Now go.
To a never-ending dream world.
He was never under the hypnosis? No he's still under it.
He just knows.
With all of his battle experience, he knows all too well that a battle is never easy.
Battles are by nature inconvenient.
A battle doesn't always go the way you want.
For Orochi that is what a battle means! He's gonna end this tonight.
There is beauty in his karate.
And to think he's still under hypnosis.
I will break the spell.
The rotation defense! Nothing seems changed.
This is incredible.
If the movement of the phantom in Orochi's dream, is no different than the enemy in real life, there will be no change.
To put in in simpler terms For Orochi, the fact he was under hypnosis is not even in his memory.
I had heard there was a fighting god in Japan.
That his iron fist could cut through wood and even slaughter a tiger.
His nails have been sharpened! You may be able to If it's you, it's possible that you can make my dream come true With none of the, "I should have done this.
" Or, "I could have won if I'd used this.
" With absolutely no room for doubt and nothing to cloud my heart He may be able to show me true defeat.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi