Baki (2018) s01e12 Episode Script


A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME A bare-handed sword catch! This is the first time I've seen it used in a real fight.
You're strong, Doppo Orochi It's almost moving.
Sounds like you're scared of someone like me, who's devoted his life to karate.
How'd that feel? To have your fist kicked right after it's been crushed.
His Seiken punch is special.
Even if it's protected by thick muscle, his sternum won't withstand it.
How's that? It's the punch from a man who's devoted everything to karate.
It's a feat you can't achieve.
Not you, who hasn't given your all to martial arts.
Instead you mistakenly think that martial arts has given you its all.
You will never achieve such a feat! He's gonna break him now.
You can't stop him when he's like this.
The god of martial art is a stingy miser.
This move and that move All of it He only gives to those who offer themselves.
Am I going to lose? Me? We've reached the climax.
Now the final blow.
I'm trembling After devoting everything to martial arts for 50 years, I finally mastered the jewel of the Seiken punch.
I-I feel fear Now it's your turn.
Huh? Kato! Are you serious? What are you thinking? You can't bring a critical patient to a place like this! Are you trying to kill him? Are you? Oh, it just the doc.
Are you the one responsible? That's right.
One of the employees was your pupil, so I forced him to bring me here.
Osu! What you're trying to do could turn into a murder case.
If I don't get a reasonable explanation, I will be reporting this to the police.
I'm going to let him fight.
Excuse me? That huge white man that's down over there, Kato is going to deliver the final blow.
The final blow? You do understand that Kato's entire body has sustained injuries? Many areas are broken and in critical condition.
To top it off he's unconscious due to major blood loss It's beyond the question of whether he can fight or not.
Do you mind clearing the path? Kai The unconscious patient is coming through.
You both have about equal damage, Kato.
Blow him away! I surrender! Worried you, didn't I doc? This isn't something a doctor who can only describe the human body with words like protein and calcium, could ever understand.
It's been settled.
What's this? It's Mr.
Dorian's upper right arm but it surprised me as well.
Perhaps it was some medical device for an injury? No, that's not it.
Let me zoom in.
A battery? It could be a small explosive.
Which means, the detonator's on the bottom in the wrist.
For example, like this Then it would explode.
Well um you seem a bit tired tonight.
I've seen too many outrageous things tonight.
I understand how you feel.
All his other limbs have been destroyed, but only his right arm was fine.
It's as if he was saving it as a final weapon.
KIYOSUMI KATO This is your weakness.
You're allowing me to stand by your bedside as you sleep.
Will you survive by pretending to ask for mercy, like me? But that's not even possible for you in dreamland from sedated sleep.
You've already received your final blow, Mr.
Kato DOPPO OROCHI Osu! My old lady's gonna be surprised when she sees my left hand.
If you'll excuse me Osu! I'm home! Natsue! Dorian! Amour de ma vie.
No matter how small No matter how foolish When I hold my dream in my hands.
I will never let it go! There is nowhere for me to go home I stand alone But somewhere, someone is waiting for me! To release me from my pain! Ma vie Ma vie Ma vie Ma vie! Forever Huh? I wish we could be together forever.
- Baki - Kozu You go first Baki Co Co? Come to my room tonight.
Co C-Consider the time It's late Baki, you're not wearing a watch That's not what you really meant to say.
His tongue I'm going to head home first.
Then Yeah.
Come home in 10 minutes like usual.
I couldn't say it "Can I go to your room tonight?" I'm glad that you came.
I want to ask you a question.
Strength What is strength? The power to carry out one's will.
The power to push through your selfish wishes.
That is what strength means to me.
Which means You hunger for defeat and yet currently remain undefeated.
You have never really won.
What a tragedy! Since wishing for defeat, I thought I had been satiating myself with victories.
But in reality, I have never once won? Can anything be more tragic? Well, how about that? Retsu.
I would like to defeat you.
I can't grant your wish.
This small dream of yours that was just born This fist will end it.
Kaioh! I already knew, Retsu Kaioh That I am the defeated.
This life of mine, supposedly colored by victory was in fact a path to darkness.
Hm? Will we be okay? What do you mean? Well we've got so many police cars escorting us but considering who the patient is Um I heard that this person is an escaped death row inmate from America We'll be fine.
I swear it on our pride as policemen.
Um But if something happens, you'll take care of it, right? With these? That won't be necessary.
Huh? Right now, Mr.
Dorian here won't need a single steel bar around him.
dy Candy See? It's candy The Tokyo Tower? Daddy will only give me two pieces of candy.
But I want lots! It's always like this.
But I want lots His psyche had been sustained by winning.
But after realizing that he had never actually won I don't have a mommy.
Dorian's brain had chosen to breakdown his psyche.
Candy Dorian I'll buy you a mountain of candy.
Really? Will you really? I'll buy you as much as you want.
I'm home.
Welcome home.
Huh? Have you had dinner? I ate I see.
It's been about 10 minutes See? 10 minutes.
Should I just go? To Baki's room? Should I really just go? I was going to come too to your room.
Baki Baki? Baki? You mom is safe, I promise you that.
But if you make a sound right now I will kill you and your mom.
Do you understand? So keep quiet for awhile.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi