Baki (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

Mr. Oliva

A NETFLIX ORIGINAL ANIME Keep quiet for awhile.
Do you understand me? If you scream, your mom will die.
You know I can make that happen.
Quietly close your eyes if you understand.
Good girl.
I've never met you before but I believe you.
That you would kill me if I scream for help That you would kill my mom.
Your expression Your shape and form All of it tells me you're not lying.
But There's something else I believe just as much.
You want to bet on that, then? Baki! Help! Step outside! Kozue! Didn't realize you were a peeping tom.
I came after you because I heard you were the strongest.
But in reality You You've crossed a line you shouldn't have, bastard! I'll give you what you want.
We'll settle it all here.
Baki Wait for me.
I'll finish it quick.
No way! Ma'am! Are you all right? Ma'am! He's taken her Kozue OKAZAKI FOODS So I've crossed a line, huh? Don't make me laugh.
He may be a champ, but he's still a kid.
At the Japanese police department Six men are currently gathered to deal with the most powerful death row inmates who've arrived to this far east island nation.
The Commissioner of the Japanese Police Department, Morio Sonoda and his First Deputy, Hidenobu Nago.
Secretary of the United States Ministry of Justice, John Spencer and FBI Director, Bart Allen.
Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, Julius Norton.
Former KGB official of Russia, Valentine Sokorov.
We've currently arrested two people as you know from the reports in front of you.
The police department is currently doing everything it can to capture the remaining three.
Our police department prides itself on having the best arrest rate in the world.
But for this case we continue to waste time for naught in our present state.
We've already lost six officers since their arrival.
I am not saying you are at fault for allowing them to escape But we ask for your cooperation! In Japan I believe there is an expression similar to "fight fire with fire.
" Director Bart.
I hear you have a convict in your Arizon prison that's quite the handful.
Although a convict, he freely goes in and out the prison.
In fact, the only way to keep him under surveillance is to rely on a recon satellite, 24 hours a day.
And his lifestyle within the prison Mr.
Sokorov! You seem quite familiar with our country's secrets.
And what you're suggesting may indeed be a silver bullet.
But for the police to entreat the help of a convict? No matter what the circumstances, we couldn't possibly Tsk Tsk Tsk Tsk You just admitted that he could be an effective silver bullet.
Is this the time to be worrying about appearances? You don't know this monster! That monster, Oliva! Oliva? Lord have mercy What's going to happen? UNITED STATES: PHOENIX SKY HARBOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPOR I spotted you right away, Mr.
Are you Michael? Indeed, I'm Michael Halls.
Chief Warden of Arizona State Prison.
I'm sure you'd like to take a shower at the hotel and kick back with a beer but I'm afraid I'm taking you directly to the prison.
I'm not exactly here on vacation.
No need to worry about me.
I've heard Americans don't like to work overtime but I guess you like to work hard.
I realize this isn't easy to understand but tonight's overtime work was at the orders of Mr.
He knew I'd be coming? There's nothing he doesn't know.
Is he really a convict? According to the state, at least.
Your sunglasses, please.
Your name and department, please.
This seems like a proper prison.
At this point, at least.
A man who comes and goes as he pleases from this place What kind of monster is he? This is what you'd normally see at any prison You'll go alone from here.
Huh? Those are his wishes.
The air feels cool There's an air conditioner in here! Is he beyond that door? Expensive carpet Not that I'd know, but the paintings and sculptures seem famous Are these Mr.
Oliva's tastes? Come in.
Japanese? Thank you for coming so far to see me, Commissioner Sonoda.
He's obese? No, he's not overweight.
He has well-developed incredibly huge muscles! I'm Oliva.
Tomorrow would have been fine but I'm an impatient man.
Your Japanese is very good.
This man is the convinct who comes and goes as he pleases.
The champagne is chilled, but would you prefer beer? I've got ones from Japan, too.
Uh No It's cheap but pretty good.
A convict drinking alcohol? A convict with hand-rolled cigars? Why don't you sit, Sonoda? Besides, how does he know my name? This luxurious interior It's as if it's a hotel suite.
Why don't you relax? Those unbelievably huge arms are bigger than a woman's waist! You seem like you've got a lot of questions.
I don't even know where to start.
Why do I have such freedom? Yes, I'd like know.
It's because I'm an accomplished hunter.
Huh? I can capture any criminal.
Most of the convicts here at Arizona State Prison are ones that I've captured.
I'd say that's ridiculous but after witnessing this VIP treatment Using me as a bounty hunter rather than keeping me locked up is much wiser.
That's already been proven.
Why capture them? If you had to choose wouldn't you side with the criminals? A cellphone? What is it? Can you even call him a convict? It's your lucky day, Sonoda.
We've got a case.
Huh? Where are we going? Straight to the site.
This is Mr.
Oliva! What is that? Oh, that? I scared the convicts into painting it.
Captures my likeness, right? I made them give me a bit more hair though.
A huge mural of a convict on the wall of a prison? There it is.
What is going on here? We estimate at least 15 victims.
Most of them were hurt by the blast in the first floor lobby.
How many perpetrators? One.
One? You're telling me that just one person took control of this building? It seems to have been thoroughly planned.
What weapons were used? Explosives, guns and blades, we believe.
The survivors? Over 20 of them seem to be confined on the top floor.
It seems those who tried to escape were ruthlessly They were killed? It seems so.
What was the motive? Well He asked for me Isn't that right? Mr.
Oliva! Are you involved with this case? Hey, wait Where are you going? You can all go home.
I've been wanting to see you, Mr.
Remember me? Former NYPD, Jeff Markson.
It was summer, 24 years ago on Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.
At the time, I was actively pursuing a secret side hustle with hippies.
Then one day you came up behind me.
I lashed out, but you deflected my move.
You wrecked terrifying destruction on me.
You destroyed my face destroyed my arms destroyed my legs.
You destroyed my body to the point that I was barely alive.
Can you imagine my life after that day? I had no arms or legs to speak of.
I've been wanting to see you! I've been preparing a long time For this day For today.
There's no point in regrets now.
You should have finished me off then.
You've got the wrong idea.
A wine casked 24 years ago It's as if it's been uncorked and about to be poured I feel happy and excited.
Take off what you're wearing.
Top and bottom.
All of it.
I see It's no wonder an ordinary cop didn't stand a chance against you.
You've got guts.
Tonight was worth waiting for.
Let's enjoy our reunion Jeff That gun's too small, don't you think, Jeff? A shotgun won't work on me.
Just like it wouldn't work on a huge beast.
I expected that.
I see.
You have something else prepared.
You're not going to give up now, are you? A samurai sword, huh? I expected you to move like that, too! My heart's covered by a plate.
It won't come out! You're boring me.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi