Baki (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Unforgivable Freedom

It seems he was dead before he hit the ground.
Taken out in one hit.
Take a look at this.
This impression in his chest.
How much power would it take to do this? No need to worry.
He was just hit by a shotgun.
Thank you, Mr.
You've helped us once again.
Feel free to give me a call anytime.
Let's head back, Sonoda.
Yeah All's well, that ends well.
It seems he sustained injuries.
It's always the same when he gets injured.
His entire menu changes to steak.
Meat and wine.
That's all he eats in order to heal his wounds.
He's like a lizard.
Shh! He'll hear you.
Sir, I believe that's the optimal amount.
How many kilos of food did he consume? The wounds from when he was shot just a few hours ago There's already a thin layer of skin forming and beginning to heal.
He can't be human! Is this a library? It's my personal collection.
Huh? Personal collection? You read all of these while in prison? Sonoda Let's help each other out.
His wounds have healed! You asked me Why a guy like me, a criminal, is hunting other criminals? The three of them that are left I will not allow them to have more freedom than me! HANEDA AIRPOR INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL TOKYO Sonoda.
Hm? Will you give me some time alone? What? I've got a hunch.
Wh- Stop the car! He's gone What's the point of this? Why is this necessary just to fight? For now, I'm doing what you told me.
But this isn't my style.
What? You're sure about this? Yeah.
We found Kozue's location.
Are you serious? You being such a doting parent Who would've thought? What a disappointment.
A concerned father and a spineless son.
Even if Baki came raging in here now, do you really think he could satisfy me? There's no need for me to wait for your pathetic son.
I've got here, in front of me, the man everyone agrees to be the world's strongest being.
Come at me.
I think I've lost interest.
You tried to get my guard down, then kicked the table in front of you to try to get the advantage.
The Russian fighting style is behind the times.
Long time no see, you Ogre.
You're late, Mr.
I was about to be bullied.
- Osu! - Yeah.
- I'll take you there.
- Yeah.
What are you up to Dad? Glad to see you're doing well.
Yeah, you too.
Now I remember.
Hanma greeted you as "Unchained.
" You're the man who uses his extraordinary strength and knowledge to dominate beyond the confines of the law.
You live and operate with more freedom than anyone on Earth.
Thus they call you the "Unchained.
" An American born in Cuba, Biscuit Oliva.
I'm honored to meet you.
I thought Russia was a country closed off from information, but I guess not so much for the criminal underworld.
This is my lucky day.
The world's "strongest" and the world's "most free.
" There will never be another opportunity to fight the both of you.
- Baki! - Kozue! I'm sorry being like this.
No one move! Congratulations, boy.
You've popped your cherry.
He won't survive a fall from this height.
Can you accept the reality, you just ended someone's life with your own hands? Baki Reality? So what? All you are is Who Who the hell is this guy? Too bad.
I had high hopes for Ogre's son, too.
Round two! You didn't fall? Let me tell you how I escaped Evans Prison.
Sikorsky once climbed out a missile silo, the only way out of Evans Prison.
Compared to those smooth steel walls, climbing a hotel wall full of grooves, was like climbing the stairs for him.
I see.
Then I'll just keep dropping you.
Glass? Nails? Enough!! Everyone don't move! Oh, dear.
Hey! One of them jumped out the window! What? Contact the team downstairs! Yes, sir! HQ, please respond.
One has escaped.
I repeat Are you all right, miss? Yes.
Hey, you there! You're hurt! You Huh? Are you okay? i Call an ambulance! No I'm fine.
I've seen you before somewhere HQ, please respond.
We have a suspect on the run.
He broke past our barrier and is currently no where to be found Round three right? I see how it is.
Who said you could put on your pants? Hey, now.
You want me to fight like this? That's right.
With your tool out.
Sounds like something you'd think of, boy.
You think there's no way you'd lose in a bare-fist match.
It's already started.
Don't carelessly step into my area.
Do you think I'm weak when I'm bare You took that hit while talking.
Did you bite your tongue? It's stuck, huh? That serves you right! Bravo, Baki! Bravo, champ! Why are you here? What are you looking for? I just need that guy on the floor.
I've made a promise to hunt this guy.
Who said you can interfere? Are you fucking with me? You say you're hunting me? You underestimate me.
What the hell is with his body? I kicked him with everything I had.
It should've been instant death or at the very least he should've gone down.
It's that That huge neck absorbs the impact! Done analyzing my capabilities? You should know then that you have no chance.
It's just as you think.
I am far beyond your level.
I can't cut him There's coarse salt rubbed into my skin.
That's how the old bare-knuckle boxers used to attain tough skin, resistant to cuts.
My turn to attack.
Don't think you can climb back this time.