Baki (2018) s02e02 Episode Script

Tremendous Muscle Power

He won't be able to climb back this time.
It's Sikorsky.
- What's going on? - His arms are huge! Don't be shy.
Take him with you.
You work fast.
Two more left, right? Regardless what you do, we plan on doing the best we can.
No need for airs.
Why don't you have a beer and wait for my call? There's no time for that, unfortunately.
Oh, I have to thank you too.
You made my work easy.
You're strong.
And those weren't martial arts moves.
What do you have to eat to get a body like that? A foolish question.
Only love makes people stronger.
DATA PROCESSING ROOM TWO Come in! Please, excuse me.
I've brought you your coffee.
Blue Mountain? I hope it pleases you.
HECTOR DOYLE Ooh, what a scary face.
Indeed, a scary man.
Is he hiding somewhere in Tokyo? Yeah, maybe closer than we think.
Maybe right behind you.
Hello, Mr.
I have a question for you, Mr.
Hector Doyle is currently in the precinct of the Police Department.
Is he captured? Or isn't he? Biscuit Oliva.
You aren't the only one who can't be pinned.
I am truly truly happy you've showed up.
Now we won't be interrupted.
Man I'm so happy.
Back in the states, brave souls who'd dare to stand before me have long disappeared.
The bleeding stopped? Adrenaline is pumping in me.
I can't wait to fight.
Let's begin.
Thanks to that absurd mass of muscle, it took several minutes longer to work than usual.
I had a relaxant prepped in my elbow.
Death row convicts like me we use it on the day of the execution, to dampen the fear of death.
Worked perfectly.
Thanks to you I'm wide awake now.
He's swinging me around with one hand though I'm over 80 kg! What was that? An earthquake? That was a crazy sound.
I believe it came from here.
Excuse me, sir.
Is something wrong? Ah, sorry about that! I knocked over a chair by mistake.
A chair? No way.
Should we open the door? No, don't open the door! I'm at an important part right now.
What should we do? Well maybe the next time something happens.
Are you sure? Looks like they've gone.
Now that there's no one to bother us, I have a question for you, Mr.
In this situation where the police have left have you been saved? Or have you not been saved? Seems like it's the latter! Razor blades in his collar? Do y le I'm sorry to interrupt your training.
Don't worry about it.
He's such a handful.
Oliva Yo, Sonoda! Hey your face! You'd better have a good explanation for this, Unchained! Hear me out, Sonoda.
What kind of training do your policewomen go through? Police women? It was just a little bit.
I flirted with her just a little bit.
But she hit, kicked, cut, and stabbed me.
Stabbed you? You See? Are Are you all right? I have the thickest muscles in the world.
This tiny little knife would never reach my organs.
And then that policewoman escaped through that ceiling vent.
Is that what you're saying? See? You get me, Sonoda.
Right? Mr.
Shibukawa? You know Shibukawa-sensei? Goki Shibukawa.
The founder of Shibukawa-style Jiujitsu, based on the mysterious power, Aiki.
It's part of the official curriculum of the police department and he instructs them in arrest techniques.
Where does he get his information? By the way, Sensei√ā¬†Shibukawa I hear you can't fight against the Shibukawa-style with force.
But what about with my muscles? Oliva! Sure thing.
Why don't you give it a try, fatty? Um, well It's not that I doubt your skills Sensei, His body may look obese at first glance, but it's actually all muscle.
It's the same, either way.
Red meat, white meat It's all the same.
You win.
I expected no less, from Goki Shibukawa.
Oh, Mr.
Sonoda You're taking this man with you, right? Impressive This is Aiki? Unchained Who knew he was so skilled? Everyone's like that at first, I was too.
You're allowed to make mistakes when you're young.
Hey, are you listening? Huh? No! Okay, I got it! I'll walk! I'll behave! Be gentle with me! JUDO TRAINING AREA Oh, judo! Do you practice it as well? No, never tried it.
But if I did, I could probably win a gold medal today.
So you say.
Many of them here are Olympic-level.
What a nice opportunity for me, then.
Oliva here wants to learn judo.
Someone give him a uniform.
Are you sure about this, Sonoda? Isn't he a criminal? We've confirmed the safety of all members of the police earlier.
We should be fine until someone files a complaint.
And besides I'm curious as to what kind of judo he'll do.
Sonoda! This is way too small! It's tight.
That's the biggest size we've got.
Oh! Now it's good.
I didn't know judo uniforms could be ripped I wanna get up to the fifth dan today.
Yeah Sure, that sounds good Sonoda-shihan, is he being serious? Um, sir Unfortunately, you won't be able to get to fifth rank today.
Why? I'll do my best! I'll work really hard! That's not how the judo black belt works.
You must pass an official test.
It's not just about power.
Your skills, your spirit, all of it is judged before you are allowed to wear the belt.
Soft methods can get the better of brute force.
You can't win judo with muscle alone.
Judo requires timing, technique, and the ability to read your opponent.
But you say you want to skip to the fifth dan? But you should give it a try.
Come! Now Let's begin.
Come at me! No, no.
Not like that.
This guy Just with With brute force alone No way! Was that a technique? Huh? Was that it? The giant of the police department Tawaraya! He has countless wins from big and small competitions.
Be cautious Huh? Sonoda! If I beat everybody Will you give me a black belt? Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi