Baki (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


Why not? What do you say, Sonoda? If I beat everyone, I should get a black belt! One hand? He's swinging130kgwith one hand How's that, Sonoda? Impressive, right? No.
That doesn't count as an Ippon win.
Hey! Is your head on straight? What do you mean it doesn't count? When you let go, you lost control of your opponent.
Furthermore, dropping your opponent on his back is Judo's basic principle.
All right, then.
Let's do it again, Mr.
Don't let your guard down! Lower your center of gravity! Ippon.
Begin! Next! Next! Next! Give it up, Sonoda.
Just give him a black belt.
Hey, Sonoda.
How many guys do I have to throw before you give me a black belt? Isn't this enough? For you to give me one? What say you, Sonoda? I don't see any point in continuing.
You fools.
Hey there! Your next opponent is waiting.
Shibukawa-sensei! Is he really doing it? Wow, when did you change? I just took off my hakama.
You've done judo before? It was what I started with.
Of course, it was before the war, though.
Thanks, gramps.
This is an ideal situation for me.
I won't grab you so quick.
Gotcha! That's amazing! Damn it.
I'm giving up on the black belt, Sonoda.
Why the sudden change of mind? See? He dislocated my wrist.
What? Take it.
It's endorsed by Goki Shibukawa.
SHINOGI KOSHO User of Shinogi-style, Zangeki karate.
He was a warrior in the underground arena.
He uses a technique called "Cord Cutter" which can cut nerves.
Wow, that was seriously impressive.
Did you guys see that? Human hands, when trained, can become a blunt weapon or hammer.
You all know that already.
But that? That was a blade! This round thing can become a blade or a razor.
You seem like you've improved, Mr.
If I am to describe it In comparison to kickboxing, Muay Thai, or Karate and Kung Fu, the biggest difference is the use of the tips of your limbs.
By creatively using what's beyond your wrists and ankles, the possibilities become limitless.
We can learn a lot from you, as a special instructor.
Line up! We're looking forward to your instructions, SHIN SHIN KAI HEADQUARTERS I don't require any payment.
However You will tell me their whereabouts.
That is all I ask.
I'm surprised that you want to be involved in this.
The underground arena warriors versus death row inmates The fact I was not included as a member is indeed a disgrace, but it's true I was defeated in the tournament.
I've accepted it.
But the current me, can beat even Retsu Kaioh! We have him under 24-hr surveillance.
We know exactly where he is.
His room number is 701.
We don't have an appointment, but I'm sure it's fine.
Those are strong weapons indeed.
But that body must be a hindrance to daily life.
GARY STRYDOM Captain of the US Navy.
He is an old friend of Yujiro Hanma.
I have a switch built into my hand.
As long as I don't turn it on with my finger, the weapons will not activate.
It never fails to surprise me, the human tenacity for strength.
This is commonplace for professional magicians.
A hand placed over a glass cup on a table.
In one moment the glass is filled with beer.
A finger that acts like a pipe.
When sucked on as if it's a tobacco pipe, it begins to smoke from his mouth Yes, I've seen that as well.
It's very simple.
They all have pipes embedded in their bodies.
Pipes? That can't be.
It's true it's beyond common sense.
You'd think no one would go so far.
Which is exactly why it's worth doing.
They invest an inordinate amount of money and undergo surgery to embed pipes into the body.
It's nothing to be surprised about.
The heart, joints, respiratory organs There are countless numbers of normal people, with such artificial replacements in their bodies.
I see.
And you're a hunted criminal at that.
If you can gain strength through surgery, you'd do it Is that it? Seems to me, you have even more tricks.
I'll get that.
You're Pardon me.
I am Shinogi Kosho, warrior of the underground arena.
I hear you're looking "to taste defeat.
" Don't move.
This is not a match.
You were lax.
Staying seated right until an enemy was in front of you.
He hasn't let up his guard.
Even after getting a critical hit in.
His weapon He's aiming for it He's aiming to hit the same spot.
Just stay there.
As long as you keep getting up, I'll knock you down.
It went so far.
Watch this! I can't get it to skip at all.
Why aren't you mad? After what happened to you! Mr.
Hanayama Do you want her? Or Do you just want a woman? Which is it? What do you mean? I don't get what you're asking.
If it doesn't have to be her, then the answer is simple.
If It's a woman you want, I can take care of you.
You'd have your choice of beauties.
That's great.
- What a wonderful - Stay quiet! Is that what you came here to say? If so you should stop talking.
I see.
You can't answer in front of her That's fine, Hanayama.
Bring it on! As a karate practitioner, I won't attack while you're down.
As long as you keep getting up, I'll knock you down.
But, it looks like that's come to an end.
Your body no longer has the energy to fight back.
What's your secret weapon? Blades? Or is it explosives? He's within range Ko Kozue I'm not there.
From what you just said, I'm not part of the equation.
It's rude for you to talk like that in front of his girlfriend.
Who do you take me for? It's always like this.
"Be stronger.
" "Win.
" "I can't lose.
" Women are always outside the ring! You're gonna get killed! Seriously.
I can't lose anymore.
The instinct to strive for strength, will only take you so far when compared to true love.
You're at a crossroad.
Do you want a future with her? This is your issue.
It's my issue as well.
You're right.
You should decide together.
Ouch He's put his dislocated jaw back in.
Is he going to do it? You finally brought them out.
Subtitle translation by Emily Noguchi